book of mysterious deaths (epi 34)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for your comments and support…I m so happy seeing ur sweets comments and feeling more excited about this even it crossed 30 episodes..thnq guyzz for making this ff very special to me and guyzz ur eagerly waiting for arshi’s scenes I can understand that don’t worry within 2 episodes they will be back till then be patient and enjoy the way how they will reach arshi…so coming to the story…

Pragya scratches with pen on that page. She thinks now nothing will happen to my abhi even he see this page. All are thinking this book is leading to death but no this book is not responsible except this page. This page is ruining everyone’s life. It’s making many lives miserable. I have to make this article come on TV even they scare me or kill me. I have to be strong and create awareness about this book so that at least some people will save their lives.

On other side
Abhi reaches to hospital. He goes to megha’s cabin. He sees her busy with patient so waits for her. She observes him and asks to get inside.
Abhi: tell me megha why you did call me suddenly?
Megha: ha bhai! Did you read that book?
Abhi: yes megha.
Megha: what was there inside the book?
Abhi: I felt there is nothing like serious in that book and even I m normal.
Megha: first tell me what u have read?
Abhi starts narrating the story. Megha listens to him carefully. He finishes the story.
Megha: what happened next?
Abhi: there is only that much story in that book.
Megha: what?
Abhi: yes. After that all pages are empty.
Megha: did you see that book properly?
Abhi: yes megha. I turned all pages but all are empty after that story.
Megha: it’s so strange. This means book is not responsible for deaths and I feel like there is some trap in that book.
Abhi: what?
Megha: bhai! If u don’t mind can I see that book once?
Abhi: ya sure megha. Don’t ask like that.
Megha: ok bhai! Then after coming to mm I will see that and discuss with u.
Abhi: ok sure.
Megha: ok bhai! Take care of bhabi. I will talk to her later.
He says ok and leaves from there.

In bhalla’s house
Ishita is in deep thoughts. Raman comes to room and searches for his file.
Raman: ishu where is my file?
She is still in thoughts and doesn’t observe raman. He again asks her but she didn’t respond. He goes near her and places hand on her shoulder. Ishu comes out of thoughts.
Ishu: ha raman. Tell me
Raman: oo Jhansi ki rani what are you thinking deeply?
Ishu: ramaaannnnn!!!!
Raman: ok ok tell me.
Ishu: about abhi and pragya.
Raman: even I am also feeling bad for them.
Ishu: we have to help them at any cost.
Raman: yes ishu I was thinking about that only because abhi helped us a lot for our love.
Ishu: yes raman but how can we help them?
Raman: first of all we have to know what’s there in that book. Later we can find a way to solve their problem.
Ishu: but raman if we read that book then I think it will harm us.
Raman: stop it ishu! If everyone will think like that then how will this problem solve?
Ishu: u r right raman. Ok then let’s go to abhi’s house tomorrow and read that book.
Raman: yes once we read that book then surely we can find a way to solve them.
Ishu: thanks raman.
Raman: arey Jhansi ki rani!! They are my friends too and pragya is like my sister.
Ishu smiles and hugs him.

Its evening
Abhi and pragya get ready to movie. They both leave to movie.
Pragya: which movie we are going abhi?
Abhi: thriller movie.
Pragya: wowww thnq so much abhi. I really love thriller movies.
Abhi: I know pragya that’s why I m taking you to that movie.
She smiles and hugs him. They reach the theatre.

Movie begins. Pragya watches the movie interestingly. Abhi observes this and thinks at least today she will enjoy peacefully without any disturbance. He too watches the movie. Meanwhile abhi movie rings. It’s megha. He attempts her call but due to disturbance he cuts the call. He asks pragya to watch the movie and comes out to talk.

Abhi: ha megha tell me?
Megha: bhai! How is bhabi?
Abhi: she is fine.
Megha: I called u to inform that I m not coming today night as I m going to pune due to some work. Tomorrow I’ll come and see that book.
Abhi: that’s ok megha.
Megha: ok bhai! But where are you? There is a disturbance in the background.
Abhi: I and pragya came to movie. U know na since so many days she is in depression so I took her to movie so that she will get relief.
Megha: is she beside u?
Abhi: no megha. I came out to talk to u.
Megha: omg bhai! I said na don’t leave her alone. Even u leave her for a second then her life may be at risk and at least anyone who she knows very well have to stay with her. First of all go inside. Bye

Other side
Pragya watches the movie. Inside movie a girl sits in the theatre and starts watching movie. She smiles at the joke but suddenly power goes off. She looks around and thinks why this power went off at this time. Again power comes then she gets shocked as there is no one in the hall. She alone is watching the movie. Pragya at once jerked seeing that scene. She starts shivering. She observes the audience at once she is shocked as all turns towards her. She identifies them as the people who are haunting her. She stands up. They too stand up and starts coming towards her. She runs and tries to open the door. But door gets closed. She asks them to go away. They say her that soon she is going to die. She gets shocked but pretends to be strong as she is ready for anything.

Abhi cuts the call and gets shocked to see pragya near the door. All people gather and see her. He understands the situation what happened? Pragya sees abhi and feels relief. She hugs abhi and asks him to take from there. They both leave.

Epi ends here…I know guyzz you will feel this episode little bit drag but I wrote this epi for horror fans as from few epi I didn’t keep any horror scenes so I planned like this…I wish u like it and guyzz arshi will be back in the story not in next epi but after next epi ur going to enjoy some more twists in this ff till then be patient and support me…thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…really happy to see comments from silent readers…plzz do comment like this and share ur opinions with me…I hope u guyzz continue supporting me like this…byee guyzzz…

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