book of mysterious deaths (epi 33)


Haiii friends…thnqqq so for ur comments and support…I m really happy seeing ur sweet comments…I know some of you guyzzz are waiting for arshi’s scenes…they will come back soon be patient…ok coming to the story…

Abhi reaches bhalla’s house. He enters inside and gets shocked seeing ishita and raman. They both too stare at him.
Abhi: hey u???????
Ishu: yeah its me. ishita bhalla!!!
Abhi: bhalla???? When did you change ur name from iyer to bhalla?
Pragya: do you both know each other before?
Raman: don’t ask them like that? Both will beat u.
Pragya: why?
Ishu: because we both are best friends in college days.
Abhi: stop it ishu!!! Don’t lie in front of pragya.
Ishu: why are you saying like that?
Abhi: if u treat me as ur best friend then u wouldn’t have go to us without intimating me. Even you did invite me for ur marriage.
Ishu: sorry abhi! You know about appa na he don’t encourage this kind of marriage. So we both went to us and married there. Everything happened all of sudden.
Abhi: ok but still u forgot me.
Ishu: again what happened?
Abhi: you came to India but didn’t come to meet me. Even no contact from u is this much u give importance to ur friend?
Ishu: no abhi just week days back I have arrived and today raman landed. We both thought to meet u after raman’s arrival meanwhile this incident happened.
Abhi: raman…at least u didn’t intimate me. This is not fair yar.
Pragya: abhi do you know raman bhayya?
Abhi: bhayya?
Raman: yes she is my sweet sis. Ma and sarla aunty are friends since childhood so pragya used to call me bhayya since childhood.
Abhi: so at least we met like this. I’m happy for you both ishu.
Ishu: what happened pragya? Where are you going in hurry?
Pragya smile disappears and remains silent. Abhi too remains silent. Ishu and raman look at each other seeing their faces.
Ishu: tell me na. What happened?
Abhi: actually…ishu…
Raman goes near abhi and says don’t hesitate. I will help u whatever problem u r going through.
Pragya: no one has solution for that problem bhayya.
Ishu: what is that problem pragya?
Pragya: I m going to die.
Ishu and raman gets shocked at her answer. Abhi gets anger and goes near to pragya.
Abhi: stop talking like that. Nothing will happen. I m still there so I have trust that I can save my wife.
Pragya: abhi!!!
Abhi: don’t talk pragya.
Pragya: sorry abhi!!! Please
Ishu and raman look at each other in confusion.
Raman: you both are talking to each other but not sharing anything with us.
Pragya: sorry bhayya!!
Abhi shares everything with raman since beginning. Ishu gets shocked hearing that.
Raman: yeah I have read the news about those mysterious deaths in net but I thought it’s some other but after listening ur words. It’s unbelievable.
Ishu: did you really see them pragya?
Pragya: I swear bhabi. I really saw them.
Ishu: so did you read that book abhi?
Abhi: yes ishu. But it’s very strange story left in the middle. I didn’t understand why it left like that.
Pragya gets shocked that abhi read that book.
Pragya: why did you read that? did you know how much dangerous it is?
Abhi: relax pragya. there is nothing serious in that book just a story left in the middle.
Pragya thinks why is abhi saying like this? Didn’t he see that page? Thank god I m sure he didn’t see that. I have to go home immediately and tear that page.
Raman: don’t worry abhi. me and ishu will help u in this. Take care of pragya.
Abhi and pragya invites them for mehra mansion. They say ok. Both pragya and abhi leave.

In car
Abhi: what is this pragya? why are you going like that?
Pragya: they are haunting me abhi and trying to kill me so I tried to escape from them.
Abhi: see pragya nothing will happen to u. I m there na to take care of u. forget about them.
Pragya: yes abhi I m trying but
Abhi: ok leave all those today let’s go out.
Pragya: where?
Abhi: movie.
Pragya: after a long time. I’m really excited.
Abhi smiles. He gets a call from megha.
Abhi: ha tell me megha.
Megha: bhai! Did you find bhabi?
Abhi: yes I forgot to inform u.
Megha: that’s ok. Where are you now?
Abhi: on the way to house.
Megha: ok drop bhabi at mm and come to hospital. I need to talk to you.
He says ok and cuts the call. They both reach mm. they enter inside dadi and aaliya come to her. dadi hugs and cries. Pragya consoles her as nothing happened. Aaliya too worries for pragya. abhi asks aaliya and dadi to take care of pragya.
Aaliya: where are you going bhai at this time?
Abhi: I have some work so going out and will come back soon.
Abhi leaves from there. Pragya thinks yes its good time abhi went out so I will tear that page now.

Pragya leaves to her room. Aaliya too follows her. pragya lies I m feeling hungry aaliya so please make something for me. aaliya leaves from there. Pragya goes inside and searches for the book. at last she finds it and opens that page. She thinks everything is happening because of this page I’ll tear it. She tries to tear but it didn’t. She again tries but didn’t. at last she takes a pen and scratches it.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag and I know this epi is small but I was little bit busy so I m posting small updates. Hope u ppl understand…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment whether its going on track or not…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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