book of mysterious deaths (epi 32)


Haiii friends…happy weekend…thnqqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support gyyzz…I am really happy to see ur lovely comments and sorry guyzz I was not able to update yesterday due to some issues. Don’t mind guyzz…hope u understand…

Blossom in 18th epi khushi mentions about her new book in the party and in 20th epi lav asks khushi about reading her book which she sent through mail. Khushi’s book and lav’s book both stories are similar. That’s what khushi thinks. I hope u understand.

And guyzz some of u are asking my name. I’ll surely tell that on the last day of this ff. so coming to the story…

Abhi gets a call from megha. he immediately leaves to hospital. Aaliya and megha gets tensed and search for pragya. abhi reaches hospital and finds megha.
Abhi: hey megha! what happened? Where is pragya?
Megha: I went to see patients. Meanwhile bhabi woke up from sleep and started imagining again. She left from the room.
Abhi: oh shit! Did anyone see her? I mean did she leave hospital?
Megha: security said they didn’t notice her. I asked to stop her once they find her.
Abhi: ok come let’s search.

They both leave. They all start searching. Abhi finds pragya going on one direction. He sees her and tries to follow her but he suddenly hits a lady. He says sorry and gets up. But he misses pragya. Meanwhile she reaches downstairs. Aaliya sees her and calls her but she feels aaliya as ghost and runs from there. Abhi comes there and asks aaliya about pragya. she shows the direction where pragya went. He follows and call her. she without turning back runs but security tries to stop then she takes out a knife and threatens them. They leave. She goes out of hospital. Abhi misses her. pragya in hurry crosses the road but suddenly a car hits her. she fell on the road.

A lady gets down the car and sees pragya injured. She is ishita bhalla!!! She makes her stand and takes her to hospital. In hospital, she gets tensed and thinks who is she? What will happen to her? no nothing should happen. She thinks to call raman and inform about accident.
ishu: hello!!
raman: hey my sweety!! Where are you? I’m waiting for u since one hour in airport. But still u didn’t come. This is not fair.
ishu: ha actually…i…i…
raman: what happened ishu? Why are you tensed?
Ishu: raman while I m on the way to hospital a lady in a hurry came in front of my car. I made accident. I admitted her in hospital and I m so worried about her condition.
Raman: don’t worry ishu. I will come there and take care of that.
He cuts the call and takes the taxi to hospital.

On other side, abhi gets worried for pragya and goes out of hospital. He asks everyone about pragya but no one says about her. abhi gets sad and thinks where are you pragya? megha calls abhi and asks about pragya?
Abhi: I didn’t find her. I’m searching for her.
Megha: her condition is not good bhai. Its not safe to her going out alone. We have to find her.
Abhi: I will search and find her however.
She says ok and cuts the call. She gets worried for her.

In hospital,
Raman comes there. Ishu sees him and hugs. He asks her what happened? She explains everything and starts worrying. He asks her not to worry.
Raman: what did doctor say?
Ishu: treatment is going on.
Raman: ok
Doctor comes out. They go near to him.
Raman: what was her condition?
Doctor: she is absolutely safe but seems like she is in depression. Don’t leave her alone. Take care of her.
Ishu and raman feels relief listening to that.
Ishu: can I see her doctor?
Doctor agrees. They enter inside. Raman sees pragya.
Raman: pragya!!!!
Ishu: do you know her raman?
Raman: sarla aunty’s daughter.
Ishu: who is she?
Raman: do you forget ishu? I said na ma’s childhood friend. She even attended our marriage.
Ishu: oh yes!! I remember her. So let’s inform sarla aunty then
Raman: yes wait!! I will call ma and take her number.
Ishu says ok.
Raman calls Mrs. Bhalla and takes sarla’s number. He calls her but it doesn’t reach as she was out of city.
Ishu: what happened raman?
Raman: it’s not reaching.
Ishu: ok then let’s take her to home.
He agrees. They take her to house.

Abhi calls aaliya and ask her to go home as he will search for pragya. he again starts searching for her near hospital surroundings. But there is no use. He feels sad and goes to temple. he folds his hands and starts praying for pragya. He left in tears.

In bhalla house
Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing pragya. They take her inside the house.
Mrs bhalla: what happened to her? She is pragya na.
Ishu shares about the incident what happened. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked listening to her.
Toshi: raman did you inform about pragya to sarla?
Raman: I tried to call her but didn’t connect.
Toshi: she is recently married but I don’t know about her husband.
Ishu: leave that mummy ji we will intimate him once she gains conscious.
Toshi: ok I will bring milk for her.
Raman and ishu sit near pragya. Meanwhile pragya slowly gains conscious keeping her hand on head. She slowly wakes up. She calls abhi’s name. ishu observes this.
Ishu: how are you feeling now pragya?
Pragya: I m ok but who are you? How do you know my name? Where is I am?
Raman: do you remember me?
Pragya: raman bhayya!!!!!!
Raman: yes its ur raman bhayya’s house and she is ur bhabi.
Pragya: sorry bhabi!!! I know raman bhayya since childhood but I didn’t attend ur marriage so I didn’t recognize u.
Ishu: that’s ok pragya.
Toshi comes there with milk. She hugs her and greets her. pragya remembers about abhi and asks raman for mobile. He gives her.

She calls abhi. Abhi sees the mobile and finds it a new number.
Abhi: who is this?
Pragya: abhi its me pragya.
Abhi: pragya!!!! Where are you? Why u went like that? I m searching for u since long time.
Pragya: sorry abhi!!!
Abhi: are you ok?
Pragya: I m absolutely fine.
She tells him address. He says ok I m coming and cuts the call. He feels happy and thanks god as pragya is safe. He leaves.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz enjoy ishra’s entry in abhigya’s story…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…I’ll try to make this story more interesting in upcoming episodes…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. silent reader

    hey i m a silent read but now cannot stop myself from commenting and yaa i m vry excited fr arshi’s part, y is arnav doing all this, is he dead, or is it lav n y is d stry till thr n d buk really excited plz cont soon

    1. Haha thnq so much silent reader..will reveal everything soon be patient..keep supporting..

  2. superb ya………….keep going.

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  3. Di… was spectaculous……..I loved it di…..but no Arshi moments??

    1. Thnq so much varsha and dont worry about arshi they will be back again but have patience..keep supporting..

  4. May i know if abhi read it fully..or disturbed in b/w

    1. Abhi read it till the end of story but there is only half story in the book…hope u understand..thnq so much sunaina..keep supporting

  5. Awesome ……. just loving it

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  6. Wow di…i love ishra also. Thank u for keeping them in this ff

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  12. Omg such a nic epi but bit short , can u tell me who is rahul and riya . Becoz i hv read on ly ur past 5 epis . Plz arshi fan tell me . And also i was waiting 4 ur epi from last morning . Plz answer my question in ur next epi .

    Love ur ff

    1. Rahul loves lav and lav shows interest on him meanwhile riya loves rahul but he doesnt love her both rahul and riya were dead due to some circumstances which are to be revealed. Hope its clear if not u can further question me and thnq so much for commenting..keep supporting..

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