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Haiiiii guyzzzz…its my 30th epi…finally I reached it…so as a treat I m going to give u one more epi…yes its combined epi 30 & 31…thnqqq so much guyzzz this is all because of ur support without u this can’t be possible. Especially I’m happy to see comments from silent readers. I m happy that I didn’t make u feel bore today. Ok let’s go to the story.

In raizada mansion
Khushi goes to arnav and sees him doing some work in laptop.
Khushi: arnav ji! I want to talk to u something important.
Arnav: I have an important work khushi. We can talk later.
Khushi: no arnav ji. Its very important than that.
Arnav: ok tell me what u wanted to tell?
Khushi: arnav ji…vo…actually…we should go to rahul’s house.
Arnav: what? Have you gone mad khushi? what’s the need to go to his house?
Khushi: arnav ji first listen to me what actually happened.
Arnav: ok tell me.
She shares every incident which she faced and now what she wanted to do.
Arnav: how did u hide such a big things? And even I can’t trust that lav so stay away from her and here after I’ll come with u. don’t go with anyone like that.
Khushi: ok arnav ji but if lav is proved innocent u should bring her back.
Arnav: I m not ready to trust her but if she is innocent then I will think about that.
Khushi: thank you arnav ji.
Arnav: ok leave that tell me who is trying to scare u?
Khushi: lav is saying its riya and I m not sure but still I can clearly say that someone is haunting me.
Arnav: I can’t believe whatever I’ll take you to rahul’s house tomorrow.

Abhi turns the next page…
Inside book….

Its morning
Khushi wakes up and gets ready. she goes downstairs and starts pooja. Everyone reach there and gives aarati. Later shyam comes near her.
Shyam: I m happy that arnav is talking to u but don’t make him angry again going against.
Khushi: no bhayya! I have explained him everything. He said he is not ready to bring lav back but he assured that he will help me.
Shyam: that’s great so what you are going to do now?
Khushi: I’ll go and talk to rahul’s parents.
Shyam says ok. Arnav and khushi leaves to rahul’s house.

In hospital
Pragya is in sleep. Aaliya sits beside her. Suddenly she remembers the incidents which were happening past few days. She wakes up from sleep and sees aaliya beside her.
Pragya: aaliya they are coming and asking me to come.
Aaliya: no bhabi! Nothing will happen. They can’t take u anywhere.
Pragya: no aaliya they are trying to kill me.
Aaliya: I m there na bhabi no one can do anything. U don’t worry.
Pragya: no aaliya. They will not leave me.
Meanwhile nurse comes there. Aaliya asks nurse to take care of her as she will go to megha and bring her.

Other side abhi continues reading….
Khushi and arnav reach rahul’s house. They ring the door bell. A lady opens the door.
Lady: who are you?
Arnav: we are rahul’s friends.
She asks them to come inside. She makes them sit. A man comes downstairs. He introduces himself as rahul’s dad.
Arnav: we are feeling sorry that ur son passed away.
They both weep. Khushi tries to console them but in vain.
Rahul’s dad: even we didn’t expect this will happen. I can’t digest the truth that he is no more.
Khushi: sorry uncle!! We came here and reminded u about him.
Man: that’s ok beti. U don’t be sorry it’s the truth that we can never forget.
Arnav: uncle we came to know that rahul loves a girl. Do you know about her?
Man: I don’t know about this. Did he love a girl?
Lady: sorry he doesn’t know about that but rahul shared with me that he loves a girl and he is going to confess her.
Khushi: aunty ji! Do u know what happened on that day? I mean before his death.
Lady: I don’t know anything because we both were out of city.
Khushi: ok
Lady: but he made a call before few hours of his death. He said someone knocking the door so he will call me again. That’s the last I have talked to him.
She again starts crying. They all console her. later arnav and khushi comes out of his house.

Arnav: see khushi! you can’t find any clue to prove lav innocent because she is only culprit.
Khushi: no arnav ji! Just think once rahul’s mother said someone entered into house. Maybe they did all this. I guess its riya.
Arnav: of course khushi. Now she is also no more and till now u didn’t prove lav innocent so forget about lav.
Khushi: I will continue my trials to prove lav innocent but as I don’t want to go against u I wont talk to lav.
Arnav: ok khushi.

On other side
Megha was busy in her cabin with some other patient. Aaliya goes to her.
Aaliya: megha!!!
Megha: what happened aaliya? Why are you tensed?
Aaliya: bhabi woke up from sleep and started behaving like before. Come fast.
They both leave to pragya’s room and doesn’t find pragya there. They see nurse lying down on floor. They make her wake up.
Aaliya: where is my bhabi? I asked u to take care of her na till I come.
Nurse: I sat near her and asked to take care of but she started saying don’t come near to me I will not come. I tried to control her but suddenly she took a scissor from the tray and started coming towards me. I didn’t understand what to do so I stood without saying anything. She pushed me and ran away.
Megha: oh shit! No her condition is not good. It’s not safe if she go out at this condition. Come let’s stop her.
Aaliya and megha leaves from that room. Megha calls security and shows pragya’s photo whether she went out of hospital. They say that they didn’t notice. She asks them to stop her when they notice her. They say ok and leave from there. Aaliya and megha starts searching.

Other side
Abhi turns the next page
Khushi and arnav reach raizada mansion. Meanwhile khushi gets a call from editor.
Khushi: hello! Good morning sir.
Editor: how much part have you completed ur story?
Khushi: sir I have completed most of the part but at some places I have to modify the story as I m not clear about the story.
Editor: please complete it soon. So many distributors are asking me about ur book only.
Khushi: ok sir.
She cuts the call. Arnav asks her about the call. She says what editor talked to her.
Arnav: ok khushi. it’s better to concentrate at ur work rather than proving lav innocent because as a writer u have do justice to readers so first finish that work.
Khushi: ha arnav ji. I have to concentrate on that now.
She leaves to her room. She opens her lappy and starts doing her work. Meanwhile shyam comes there and asks about her plan.
Khushi: no bhayya! It didn’t work. They don’t know anything about him. But they said someone entered into the house on that when rahul was on call.
Shyam: this means there is some other. Ok let’s find that.
Khushi: yes bhayya. We have to.
Shyam: ok khushi did u tell this to lav?
Khushi: no bhayya! Actually arnav ji permitted me only to continue my trials proving lav innocent but not to talk with her. This time I m not ready to go against him.
Shyam: that’s better. After proving her innocent u can talk to her.
Khushi: but I lost hope that I will find the truth.
Shyam: don’t worry khushi. I m there to help u even arnav is helping u so u’ll succeed in finding the truth.
She says ok. He asks her to do her work and leaves from there.
She starts doing some modifications and continues writing remaining part. It gets completed. She starts reading the story from the beginning.

She thinks wowww!!! Khushi this story is perfect thriller with horror. You again proved urself. Readers are going to addict ur story. She then remembers about lav’s story. She opens the mail and view the soft copy of her story. She starts reading the story. After some pages she gets shocked feeling it the similar storyline with different characters. She further continues and completes reading half story. Then she stops it reading as she is clear that both stories are same.

She is in thoughts. How can this be possible? What’s happening around me? It’s not possible for two persons to right the same story at least a little bit story line should change. Is it because of riya? No no she is a software employee. Then how can this possible? Is lav doing all these intentionally? Suddenly a shadow appears at her back. She gets shocked seeing the shadow and turns back. It’s ASR. She left in shock.

Abhi turns next page but it’s empty. He thinks why it’s empty. He further turns the pages but didn’t find anything written. All are empty but he is about to turn one more page but suddenly he gets a call from megha. He closes the book. Megha intimates about pragya. He gets shocked and keeps the book in shelf. He leaves to hospital.

(Guys in this story arnav, khushi and lav are book characters. Not only are they till now ipkknd characters who I narrated imaginary characters in that mysterious book. I hope u understood today’s epi)

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzzz I wish you enjoy this twist in my story and further there are some more twists awaiting get ready for them too but meanwhile be patient when its little bit drag or some kind of bore…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…sorry guyzz I was little bit busy so that’s why I was not able to give reply to each and everyone but once I get free I’ll try to reply everyone…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…if u feel this epi is good just leave a comment…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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