book of mysterious deaths (epi 3)

Haiii guyzzz…happy Sunday…thnqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I felt happy seeing ur comments so I’ll continue this track for some episodes…hope u guyzz support me like this…later I’ll start thriller…ok lets go to the story…

Khushi and lav leave from there. Fb ends. Khushi smiles. She finds another note inside dress. In that it is written that “I know khushi u remember our first meet and smiles”. She blushes reading that then continues reading that “now u blushes reading this but u know what khushi when I saw u in white dress. I felt like angel came from heaven and fighting with me. U look gorgeous in white dress”. She smiles and sees that white dress lovingly.

In abhi’s room
Aaliya: bhai! Tell me na.
Abhi: aaliya now only u heard na what dadi said. There is only one hour left. So I’ll tell about this later.
Aaliya: no bhai! Still one hour left na so plz continue ur love story.
Abhi: aaliya…….
Aaliya: plzzz bhai!
Abhi: ok. After seeing her in tv I gathered her details then I came to know that her name is pragya and she is working as news reporter so I thought to go her office and meet her to convey my feelings. One day I went to her office in disguise so that no one will identify me. I was about to go her room but she was discussing something seriously with her asst and at once she got hyper and started shouting at him in anger. Then I thought that was not right time to talk with her so I left from there sadly.
Aaliya: bhai! I never thought u’ll follow like this for a girl.
Abhi: even I never thought that. All girls try to talk with me but I tried to talk with her.
Aaliya: so what happened next?
Abhi: that night I didn’t sleep. I lost in her thoughts. Her beautiful face, sharp looks, cute smile. Even she looks beautiful in anger. Wowww!!! Her expressions in anger are just mind blowing. but I thought I should not approach her directly because if she doesn’t understand my feelings I can’t bare that so next day I thought to introduce myself indirectly. I have sent her a beautiful rose bouquet. She entered into cabin and stared at that bouquet with a strange expression. Later she called her asst and asked about it. He said he didn’t know about that and left from there. She looked in confusion. From that day I sent her rose bouquets daily.
Aaliya: wait wait! How did you know her actions?
Abhi: (laughs) what you think of ur brother? He is just a rockstar or what? That night I went to her office secretly and placed secret camera. Hahaha…!
Aaliya: bhaiiii!!!!!! She is a news reporter not an ordinary person then how did you take such a big step? What if she sees that camera?
Abhi: relax aaliya!!! She didn’t see that camera.
Aaliya: whatever bhai she changed you a lot.
Abhi: yes she changed me.
Aaliya: ok what happened next?
Abhi: one day I sent her bouquet same like rest of the days but I observed that she stared at them and started laughing. I enjoyed her smile. So the next day I have sent her a greeting along with a note that thanks for smiling. She again got confused. Then
Aaliya gets a call. She says bhai excuse me. I’ll be back. She goes a side. Abhi is left in thoughts.

In raizada mansion
Anjali stitches design on saree. Shyam comes from court and greets her. She smiles at him and shows him the design. He compliments her. She blushes. He asks anjali to spend some time with khushi as she feels bored in arnav’s absence. Anjali feels the same and says ok then let’s plan something and take khushi out but shyam says tomorrow lav will come so after her arrival you plan something. Anjali says ok.

Khushi gets bored and thinks to read a book. She goes to books rack and picks one book. She opens it and finds a note inside the book. She reads it “I know khushi when u get bored you’ll read this because this book reminds you our second meet.” She remembers.
On that night lav thinks about arnav. Khushi comes and asks lav to come for dinner but she didn’t respond then khushi again calls her bit louder. Lav comes to her senses.
Lav: what happened? Why are you shouting?
Khushi: I m calling u for dinner but you are thinking about something seriously. What is that?
Lav: nothing khushi.
Khushi: don’t try to hide from me. Tell me what ur thinking?
Lav: khushi actually I m thinking about that guy?
Khushi: who?
Lav: that guy…today morning accident…
Khushi: what lav? Have u gone mad?
Lav: no khushi he didn’t do that intentionally…I can understand that…he is very handsome…
Khushi: lav plz don’t support him yar and what if he is handsome?
Lav: I think I love him.
Khushi: what? Ur really mad without knowing anything about him ur saying that u love him.
Lav: what’s wrong in that? This is only love at first sight. I will find him again.
Khushi: god should save u. ok come for dinner.

On other side
Arnav thinks about khushi. He recalls her expressions while scolding him and smiles. Anjali comes there to give him milk. She sees him smiling and thinks what happened to chote. She goes near him.
Anjali: chote I have never seen u like this.
Arnav: what happened di?
Anjali: you are smiling yourself thinking about something.
Arnav: nothing like that di.
Anjali: something is there.
arnav mobile rings. He makes excuses and leave from there. His friend asks him to come for book exhibition with him the next day but arnav says he has some work in office. Then his friend requests him at last arnav agrees to go with him.

Its morning
Khushi gets up early and gets ready. She sees lav sleeping and makes her wake up but she doesn’t wake up. She forces her to wake up as they should leave to book exhibition then she immediately wakes up remembering that and gets ready. They both leave.

Epi ends here…guyzzz I wish u don’t feel bore or any kind of drag in today’s epi if so forgive me…hope u like it…I will try to give a better update tomorrow…first of all thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too… plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u feel worth keep commenting…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

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    Wow that was so cute
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  7. Arnav loves khushi this much … Wow your way of writing was so nice…. I really enjoyed this episode….waiting for their second meet…..

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  8. Sry I forget to mention about abhi…. what a character??? He followed pragya to get her attention.. I really like it… is aaliya positive role in ur ff??? If it is so, I want to see pragya n aaliya relationship…

    1. See in this ff even a rock star he will keep ego a side and try for pragya till his best and aaliya will be a postv character in this ff..i will try to show a pleasant relatn betwn aaliya and pragya

  9. sana (abhigya)

    Nice pls give more abigya scenes

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  10. Cute romantic track playing around ur ff… well going arshi… good luck dear..

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