book of mysterious deaths (epi 29)


Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support…I am happy that even some guyzz are feeling bore but they are commenting special thanks to them…I don’t know whether u like this epi or not but for next epi some secrets are going to be revealed clearly…I hope u’ll maintain the same patience till next epi…ok coming to the story…

Abhi picks the book and observes the book. he thinks what might be this book. he again gets a call from producer. He keeps the book in the same place and searches for disc. He finds it. He leaves from there.

Megha takes pragya to hospital. Aaliya too leaves with them. She calls another doctor. They go inside the room. She makes pragya to rest on the couch. He starts hypnotherapy. He makes pragya to see waving watches. She slows goes into the trance.

At first he asks some basic questions. Slowly he starts asking the questions related to the problem.
Doc: why are you scaring?
Pragya: they are trying to kill me.
Doc: who are they?
Pragya: they are victims of that book
Doc: how do you know that they came to kill u?
Pragya: they said they want to take me with them and they will kill me.
Doc: relax..relax..
Megha: what is that book? where did you get that?
Pragya: it’s a book that kills whoever read that. someone gifted me on my b’day.
Abhi finishes his work and reaches the hospital. He goes to pragya’s room and stands near her.
Megha: what was there in that book?
Pragya even in trance says no I won’t say…I won’t say…
All are shocked at her answer.
Megha: ok relax…is that book that much scary?
Pragya: no…but it’s scary
They all get surprised listening to her answers. Megha understands however they ask pragya is not ready to answer anything even in trance.
Megha: ok what things are visible to ur eyes right now?
Pragya: they all are coming towards them and asking me to come.
Megha: don’t get scare. Be brave.
Pragya: someone from the middle among them is coming near to me.
Megha: how is their face?
Pragya: no its not clear I can’t see properly.
Megha: ok just observe them clearly and tell me something about them.
Pragya: no I can’t…….wait!!!! It’s wearing “R” locket. It’s coming near to me plzzz save me.
Megha and abhi thinks who is that with R locket?
They both make her come to conscious. Aaliya sits near pragya. megha and other doctor leaves to cabin. Abhi follows them.

Megha says bhayya! Bhabi’s position is very bad. Now it’s not possible to separate her ideas from that book. Even medicines or hypnotism can’t save her. abhi gets shocked.
Abhi: oh my god! Then how can I say my wife?
Megha: I’ll continue my treatment with some other techniques but I m not sure that she will recover by them.
Abhi: then what to do? Is there any other chance?
Megha: only one solution. We should know what’s there in that book.
Abhi: means I have to read that book.
Megha: yes bhayya.
Abhi says ok and about to leave. Megha says apart from doctor as treating u like my bro be careful. I know bhabi is brave but after reading that book. she became like this so I m worried about u. if u feel it scary or dangerous at any point just stop reading that book. no need of complete just content is also enough. Abhi says don’t worry I m ready to go at any extent for pragya. Take care of her. he leaves from there.

He reaches mehra mansion and leaves to his room. He at first takes the book and reads it which pragya showed him then he understands that pragya gave him wrong book. he searches for other book and does not find them suspicious. Then he remembers that book which fell down. he picks that and opens it. He starts reading. Story begins…
In raizada mansion
He sees khushi and leaves from there. He sits in balcony and starts thinking about khushi. other side. Khushi brings ladder to arrange the books. she starts arranging them but suddenly she loses her grip and fell down. she shouts. Arnav runs to her. he sees her and starts scolding. Khushi feels happy that arnav is talking to her. he lifts her in his arms and takes her to bed. He gives her pain killer.
Khushi: arnav ji I m ok. Even I m not feeling any pain because I m so happy that ur talking to me.
Arnav comes to his sense and about to leave but khushi holds his hands and stands up. She hugs him from back and starts crying. She says I m sorry arnav ji I did a mistake hiding such a big thing from u but I didn’t do that intentionally. Lav is my best friend since childhood if u ask me suddenly then without thinking how can I avoid her? I just tried to prove her innocent and bring back to home but I lost every chance. But from now I wont go against u arnav ji. Trust me. he hugs her back and tells sorry khushi! I hurted u but its only for ur safety I don’t want you to get into problem. So please try to maintain distance with that lavanya and when you want to do anything. Tell me clearly. She agrees. He leaves from there.

She feels happy and rests on the bed. Suddenly she gets a call. She sees the mobile. Its lav. khushi thinks just now only arnav ji started talking to me if I talk to her then it will be a problem. She cuts the call. Lav again calls her but she doesn’t lift the call. Lav messages her. hey khushi! I want to talk you immediately so plz lift the call.
She again calls her. khushi finally lifts the call.
Khushi: ha lav! tell me.
Lav: what happened khushi? why are you like that?
Khushi: nothing lav. u tell me what happened?
Lav: ok today I came to know that ghost is riya. She is trying to seek revenge for rahul’s death.
Khushi: what?
Lav: yes riya has become ghost.
Khushi: how can you say that?
Lav: because she is haunting me plz come to my room.
Khushi: sorry lav its not possible for me to come now. Hope u understand.
Lav feels bad and says ok. Khushi asks her to take care.

Khushi slowly gets down and stands up. She feels little relief so she goes to washroom to wash her face. She applies soap but suddenly tap got stuck so water stops flowing. She moves the tap in all directions. She removes soap near her eyes and sees the tap but suddenly power goes off. She looks around and thinks why this power gone at this time. suddenly water starts flowing. She washes her face then power comes. She gets scared seeing her face in mirror because that’s not the water but blood. she screams at once. Arnav comes to her and asks what happened? Arnav ji my face. He says what happened to ur face. She sees her face in mirror and it looks normal. She says nothing. He leaves from there. She starts thinking what’s happening? Why is riya doing all these? What I did her? Why the need to take revenge for rahul when its natural death? There is something mystery behind this. I have to go and meet rahul’s parents tomorrow.

What will be there in that book? will abhi try to save pragya or he will enter into his own risk? Why is riya haunting khushi and lav? is that riya or some other? Will khushi gets succeed in finding rahul’s truth?

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…this epi is also little bit drag but tomorrow ur going to enjoy the twist and so many things are going to be revealed so be patient and get ready for the twist…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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