book of mysterious deaths (epi 28)

Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…I m really happy that u guyzz are bearing my ff patiently.

I know some of u are feeling it little bit drag in abhigya’s part but in this ff abhigya’s part should be slow compared to arshi’s part as I didn’t complete arshi’s part its little bit lag once arshi’s part goes to lead then I can make little bit forward in abhigya’s part that’s the reason I m introducing some new characters in abhigya’s story. Hope u understand. So coming to the story.

Pragya gets shocked seeing samrat’s scary face. She says u…ur dead. He laughs and tries to come close to her. she screams. They all run to kitchen. She sits in shock.
Abhi: what happened pragya? Why did u scream?
Pragya: why did you tell lie abhi?
Abhi: what pragya? What lie?
Pragya: don’t try to cover up. Why didn’t u inform me about samrat’s death when u went to see his body?
All get shocked listening to this.
Abhi: no pragya nothing like that.
Pragya: don’t try to lie again abhi I know he is dead because he came here and said that he will take me with him.

Abhi: what?
Megha: pragya bhabi! Abhi bhayya is worried about ur condition and if he says this news suddenly then again u will get into depression so that’s why he didn’t inform u.
Pragya: if u try to hide also it can’t be hidden as they will appear in front of me.
Megha thinks that the best time and takes her to room.
Megha: who are they bhabi? What were they telling?
Pragya starts sharing her experiences and the incidents to megha.
Megha: ok bhabi tell me what was there in that book?
Pragya is about to tell but thinks no I shouldn’t tell the story.
Pragya: actually..there is nothing interesting in that story.
Megha thinks may be bhabi don’t want to share the story. I will try to ask her in another way.
Megha: ok bhabi..but tell me is there any connection to the victims with the story? I mean like there is any relation for them with the book.
Pragya: no
Megha: what kind of genre is it?
Pragya: mixed
Megha: means I didn’t get u?
Pragya: way to death.
Megha: ok ok leave that. I will give some medicines. You take rest.

On other side
Abhi sits in sofa and left in thoughts. What’s happening to pragya? how did she know about samrat’s death. No one informed her about his death. Then how can she know that. This means pragya imaginations are not fake. What she was telling is truth. But how can this be possible? There are no ghosts like that then how can all these happen? I think its all because of that book but pragya gave me that book and even I read it. There is nothing like that serious in that book. meanwhile megha comes to abhi and calls him. He comes out of his thoughts.

Megha: bhayya! I wanted to tell u one thing.
Abhi: what megha? how is she? Is she ok?
Megha: she was completely in depression. Her thoughts were completely immersed in that book. she will not be cured until she comes out of her thoughts about that book. I think she needs a psychotherapy if u permit me then I will proceed.
Abhi gets sad listening to this. He says ok.

Abhi gets a call from producer. He lifts it and starts talking about the new album. Producer asks him that did he complete that album. Abhi says it’s completed. He asks him to bring that disc immediately as he leaves to Malaysia next day. Abhi says ok and cuts the call. He goes to his room and opens the shelf but he didn’t find it. He searches everywhere but he didn’t find it. He again searches it. He brings a stool and opens the cupboards. He searches there suddenly a book fell down. He picks the book.

In raizada mansion
Khushi is left in tears hearing this. She goes to her room and cries badly recalling arnav’s words. She thinks to stop thinking about lav for few days as arnav stopped talking to her. arnav comes to room and searches for some file. Khushi thinks to talk to him.
Khushi: arnav ji
Arnav looks at her and turns his face as he don’t care. Khushi feels bad but thinks to talk further.
Khushi: I want…
He leaves from there as he is not interested in listening to her. She gets sad.

Khushi leaves to kitchen to prepare food. She sees anjali preparing poori and aloo curry.
Khushi: wow di! Its my favorite. Thank u so much.
Anjali smiles at her but didn’t speak anything.

Khushi: di! I really like ur cooking. I want to learn it from u to cook better.
Anjali doesn’t respond to her but smiles.
Khushi: what happened di? Why are you not talking with me? r u angry with me like arnav ji?
Anjali: khushi…
Arnav comes there and stops her.
Arnav: di! I said everyone in this house not to talk to her but what ur doing?
Anjali: chote! I..
Arnav: don’t try to say anything di. I know u want to talk to her but u don’t want to listen ur chote that’s it na di?
Anjali: no chote! It’s not like that.

Arnav: then why did you prepare that dish knowing that she loves it?
Khushi: why are you scolding di? Its not her mistake I only talked to her. don’t show anger on her.
Arnav: di! ask her to keep quiet. She is not supposed to talk with anyone in this his and what’s her problem if I show anger my di?
Khushi: ur showing it because of me that’s why I m saying.
Arnav: prepare another dish. I’m not going to eat them.
Khushi is left in tears and anjali feels bad for khushi and arnav.

Khushi sits in balcony and thinks about arnav’s words. She gets sad recalling them. Shyam comes there and sees her.
Shyam: khushi!
Khushi: bhayya??
Shyam: what happened?
Khushi: don’t talk with me if arnav ji sees this he may get angry.
Shyam: I don’t mind if arnav gets anger because I know u didn’t do any mistake. U just tried to prove lav innocent and unite her with this family. Its his mistake to misunderstand u.
Khushi: no bhayya! He didn’t commit any mistake actually I did a mistake hiding from him. It would be better if I told him before.

Shyam: don’t feel bad khushi. I’ll try my best to convince him.
Khushi: no bhayya! Don’t do that he may get anger.
Shyam: no khushi! Me and anjali will talk to him.
Khushi is about to say something but he leaves from there.

Shyam goes to anjali and tells her that “rani ji! We have to talk to arnav about khushi” anjali says no shyam ji at this time he is in anger even we talk to him there won’t be any use. Shyam says at least we have to try na I can’t see khushi like that. she didn’t do any mistake so lets go and talk to him once. Anjali agrees. They both leave to arnav’s room.

Anjali: chote! What are you doing?
Arnav: nothing di. I was looking after some files. What happened? Why you both came here?
Shyam: we want to talk to u about khushi?
Arnav: if u want to talk to her then I m not interested to listen anything about her.
Anjali: chote! 1st listen to us. Later its ur wish but plz try.
Arnav says ok. Anjali says I know ur very angry with khushi but think from khushi’s side. She doesn’t have anyone since childhood she have only lav so if u suddenly order her how can she follow it all of sudden. Just think once now she is ready to listen to u but ur not giving her any chance. She is already sad now she is not talking with lav. ur not talking and not allowing anyone to talk. That’s not right chote. Give her one more chance. Think about that once and they both leave from there. Khushi stands near the door.

Epi ends here…

hope u guyzz like this epi…I know guyzz this epi is not so interesting but within 2 episodes the most awaiting episode comes. hope u didn’t feel any kind of bore if so just forgive me…thnqqq so muchhh silent reader,shafiqa, pinky, rose, arshi, nasima, karthu, di, reshma pradeep, varsha, varsha, bhoomi, rithu, vaisu, blossom, sweety, durga, abhiya, kavya, ranveer, khushi, shriti, harry, arshi, shree, bindhu, ishveer, shravya, sweety, lee, pragya, tarun, monesha, sugan, nirmal, vanitha, somi, krish, angel, reena, sravani, hari, aaru, shivani, ashu, kp for commenting and silent readers too…

sorry if I forget anyone’s name…plzzz do comment ur opinions…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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  2. Guyzzz thnq so much each and everyone for ur comments and suggestions..i m really happy i know its like bit dragging but be patient for one epi..i m going to give the best twist for which you love my story more than the rest of epi..hope u guyz support me like this for today’s epi also..

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