book of mysterious deaths (epi 27)

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In mehra mansion
Abhi gets inside the car and leaves immediately. He reaches the hospital and goes to mortuary room. He sees so many ppl standing in front of the room. He goes inside the room. One lady comes to him and hugs tightly. She starts weeping. He tries to console her but in vain. He goes near the body and sees the face covered with cloth. He removes and gets shocked to see samrat’s face. He closes it and feels bad. He goes to the lady.

Abhi: how this happened aunty ji? I know he is very brave.
Lady: what to say? Since few days he started worrying for something. And he used to behave strangely.
Abhi: do u know the reason behind his stranger behavior?
Lady: I really don’t what happened to him even I tried to ask him but he didn’t.
Abhi: ok aunty ji. At least tell me what he used to talk with u.
Lady: he said that someone will kill him. He don’t want to go with them. I didn’t understand what he said at that time but now after seeing him like that I understood.
She again starts crying badly. Abhi tries to console her and feels bad. Samrat’s brother comes there and holds her hand. He consoles her.

Abhi goes out of the room and sits in shock. He is in thoughts. How can this happen? Did he read that book? But he handover all books on that day. No no! He didn’t this means he picked that book and read that book but he lied to us that he didn’t get that book. Same things are happening with pragya. Is she really in danger? Will she die? No no I shouldn’t think that even in dream I’ll do something for her to make her normal.

On other side
Aaliya and megha go to pragya’s room. Pragya is in sleep. Megha starts observing the room. Pragya wakes up and sees both of them. Aaliya observes this.
Aaliya: hello bhabi! How are you feeling now?
Pragya keeps her hand on injury and touches it.
Pragya: yeah I m fine now. Who is she?
Aaliya: bhabi she is my friend megha from us. She came here to attend a seminar.
Megha: hello bhabi!
Pragya: hai megha! Aaliya Did anyone made arrangements for her or else wait I’ll get ready and make arrangements for her.
Aaliya and megha asks her to take rest. But she says fine and goes to get ready. They both leave from there.

Abhi reaches mehra mansion and sits silently without talking to anyone. aaliya and megha see him and come to him. They ask him what happened? He explains them what happened. They both get shocked. Abhi asks them not to talk about this incident with pragya. They say ok. Pragya comes there and asks what are you talking? And abhi where u went I was searching for u everywhere.
Abhi: actually I got a call from friend so I went to meet him.
She says ok and asks everyone to sit in dining table. She goes inside the kitchen and starts preparations. She starts preparing different kinds of dishes.

Suddenly she hears a voice from her back hey bhabi! What are you preparing for breakfast? She turns back and sees.
Pragya: hey samrat! How are you? After a long time! Sorry yar I forgot to return those books.
Samrat: no need of those books. Just keep them with u.
Pragya: actually there is nothing in those books so even I too don’t need them.
Samrat: I know bhabi. Just leave about that come with me.
Pragya: where?
Samrat: I’ll tell u na.
Pragya thinks he is calling her to discuss about the case.
Pragya: where yar? I was busy now will come later.
Samrat: no bhabi! Ur coming with me that too now itself.
Pragya: no i can’t come now.
Samrat: ur coming with me and ur going to die. His face turns into scary one. She gets shocked seeing his face and shouts loudly.

Khushi and shyam gets shocked seeing riya’s photo. Khushi asks what happened to riya? How she died?
Man: she committed suicide after she came to know the death of rahul.
Shyam: what?
Man: yes she was dead on the next day of rahul’s death. But my sister doesn’t know this as her condition is not good we didn’t tell her anything.
Shyam and khushi consoles him and leave from there sadly.

Lav comes to khushi and asks her what did he say? Did you get any info about riya? Khushi and shyam remains silent.
Lav: what happened khushi? Why you both remained silent? Tell me.
Khushi: lav actually riya was dead.
Lav: what?
Khushi: yes she committed suicide after rahul’s death.
Lav: oh my god! I can’t believe this. What to do now?
Khushi: I don’t know.
Shyam: let’s think about it later. Both of u don’t worry about that and khushi come let’s leave arnav will be waiting for u.
Khushi agrees and about to leave. But lav stops her.
Lav: hey khushi! Wait wait.
Khushi: what happened lav?
Lav: I think the one who is trying to scare us is this riya. Because she only need to take revenge for rahul’s death so take care and we can talk about this later.
Khushi says ok. They both leave.

Khushi and shyam reach raizada mansion. Khushi is about to enter inside but arnav asks her to stop.
Arnav: where are you coming from?
Anjali: chote! U can ask her after entering into house. Don’t make her stand outside like that.
Shyam: yes arnav that’s not good.
They both ask her to come inside. But arnav asks them not to do that. anjali and shyam request him as anyone see this they will talk badly about this house. Arnav thinks and agrees. She gets inside.
Arnav: ok tell me khushi. Where you went?
Khushi: arnav ji I…
Arnav: don’t try to lie khushi. I don’t have any more patience to listen to them.
Khushi: arnav ji
Arnav: I said na don’t try to lie. I know ur hiding something from me but I want u to tell me the truth by urself.
Khushi: actually…arnav ji…I went to meet lav.
Anjali and nani get shocked listening to this. Arnav gets anger.
Arnav: I said u not to meet or see her but regularly ur going to her. how dare you to betray me like this?
Khushi: arnav ji..listen to me once.
Arnav: don’t talk anything khushi. I m not any more ready to listen and remember u crossed my words so now I m not going to talk to u and u shouldn’t talk to me. not only me no one is going to talk u.
Shyam, anjali and nani try to explain him but he doesn’t listen to them and leaves from there. Khushi is left in tears.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…actually I planned to make this story move little bit forward but I have some work so because of that work I didn’t planned this epi properly sorry if anyone don’t like this epi forgive me and there might be a late update for next epi but I’ll try to reveal some story till then be patient and support me…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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