book of mysterious deaths (epi 26)

Haiiii guyzzz…happy sunday…thnqqqq so much for ur comments and support…I m really so happy to see these lovely comments…I’ll try to move story little bit forward plz be patient and enjoy this track…so let’s go to the story…

Pragya leaves in car and starts thinking about the incidents that happened. She says no I won’t come. She is in thoughts and doesn’t see the road. A lady crosses the road. She hits her and gets shocked. She immediately stops the car and gets down. She sees a lady fell down and she goes near her and makes her face turns towards her. She at once gets shocked to see scary face again. She runs from there and gets inside the car. Abhi see her car and slows it. But suddenly he sees her leaving and follows her. he thinks what happened to pragya? why did she stop the car there?

Pragya drives the car and is again in thoughts. She hears a voice from back that don’t think about it, everything is real. Its not ur imagination and ur coming with us. She turns back and gets shocked to see a scary face. She shouts no I won’t come. Suddenly she hits a tree and loses conscious. Abhi’s car comes there. They all get down and shocked to see pragya unconscious. He takes her to hospital and she get first aid there. Later he brings her to house.

Its morning
Abhi sits beside pragya and holds her hand. She is in deep sleep. Aaliya comes there.
Aaliya: bhai!
Abhi: ha aaliya
Aaliya: how is bhabi now? Did she get conscious?
Abhi: she didn’t get conscious till now. She is in sleep.
Aaliya: ok bhai! You too sleep beside her.
Abhi: no aaliya if I sleep at any time she may wake up and again she keeps her life in danger.
Aaliya: what is this bhai? How many days like this?
Abhi: even I don’t know how many days like this. I m really worried about ur bhabi.
Aaliya: bhai! If u don’t mind can I tell u one thing?
Abhi: what?
Aaliya: I have a close friend megha in us she is coming to India who is one the best psychiatrist in the world. If we take bhabi to her she will give some suggestion.
Abhi: means what? Do u think she is mad?
Aaliya: bhai! I don’t mean that but think about her once day by day she is putting her life in danger. Once we take her she will closely talk to her like friend but not a doctor.
Abhi is in thoughts. He says ok.

Days pass pragya’s conditions becomes more worse. Aaliya friend comes to india. Aaliya goes to airport to receive her. She comes to her and hugs tightly. They both greet each other. In car,
Aaliya: megha I want to talk to u something important.
Megha: tell me what do u want to talk?
Aaliya: you know na my bhai recently got married.
Megha: yeah! I said sorry na as I couldn’t attend marriage.
Aaliya: my bhabi’s health condition is not good.
Megha: what happened to her?
Aaliya: what to say? She is scaring for every small thing. She is keeping her life in danger with her imagination.
Megha: tell me clearly. What happened?

Aaliya shares everything with her. megha listens everything and says ok aaliya I’ll come to ur house and stay there like ur friend. Don’t tell ur bhabi that I came there to treat her. I have to watch her then I’ll start my treatment. Aaliya thanks her they both leave.

They reach mehra mansion. Abhi and dadi greets her. she too greet them. Aaliya asks her that she will show her room but megha refuses. She asks her to take pragya’s room. Meanwhile abhi gets a call. He drops his phone listening to the news. He runs leaving aaliya and megha in the middle of way to pragya’s room. He starts his car immediately and goes away.

In hospital
Khushi sees the key which came out of bag. She picks that key and thinks what might be this key. She asks her to take rest and comes out of the room. Lav comes to her.
Lav: hey khushi! did u find riya’s address ? did she tell anything about her?
Khushi: no lav…actually she doesn’t know about her daughter.
Lav: then who is taking care of her?
Khushi: her brother is taking care of her.
Lav says ok. They both again think what to do next. Lav sees key in khushi’s hand and asks her what’s that key?
Khushi: this is the key I found in her bag. But I don’t know what’s this key.
Lav sees the key closer and says this may be her house key.
Khushi: what?
Lav: yes. its her house key only.
Khushi: ok then come lets go to her house.
Lav: but why?
Khushi: if we go to her house then we can search riya’s room so that we can get any clue.
Lav says ok. Khushi calls shyam and inform him to come to riya’s house. He says ok. They both leave to riya’s house and open the lock through that key. They enter into the house and starts searching each and every room. But they didn’t find anything.

They both go to riyas room and start searching for everything but suddenly heavy wind start blowing. And room gets locked. They start beating the door but door doesn’t open. Windows get closed. They both asks for help to open the door. They get sweating and slowly they both get tired. They try to switch on the fan but it doesn’t work. It becomes very difficult for them to breathe. Shyam enters the house and calls for khushi and lav. both of them hear his voice but unable to speak. He starts searching for them each and every room. He is about to open their room then everything becomes normal. They get relief and breathe heavily.

Shyam enters the room and asks them what happened? They explain him what happened inside the room. He scolds khushi. As he said her so many times not to go till he comes. she apologizes him for her mistake. He says ok. They all start searching everywhere again. They find some letters, greetings, gifts which she wrote for rahul. They think that there are not other clues.

They all get tired and sit in sofa for some time. shyam switches on the fan. Suddenly newspapers fall down. khushi gets up and pick them. In those papers she finds an address. She picks that paper and shows it both of them. They all start thinking what might be that. shyam says this may be someone’s address. We don’t have any way now to meet riya or to find rahul’s culprit. So as a last trial let’s go to this address. They all leave to that address.

They go to that address. Shyam rings the door bell. A man comes outside.
Man: who are you? What do you want?
Khushi: we are riya’s friends. We went to hospital to see aunty ji. There we found this address.
Man: oh riya’s friends. I’m her uncle. Come inside.
They all go inside. He makes them drink coffee.
Shyam: where is riya? Its long time we talked to her.
Man doesn’t speak anything. He remains silent.
khushi: is she there here? We went to hospital but aunty ji said she didn’t know anything about her.
Man remains silent. Lav messages khushi did he say anything?? She replies her no.
They again ask him why are you not saying anything. What happened? Just say something.
Man: I will not say anything I’ll show her directly.

On other side
Arnav reaches raizada mansion and calls for khushi. But he didn’t find her anywhere. Anjali comes to him and says that she went outside. He asks her where? Anjali says she doesn’t know where she went. He says ok and makes her call. But she didn’t lift his call. He thinks why is she not lifting my call.

He takes them near one room and opens the lock. They all enter inside and gets shocked to see riya’s photo with garland.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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