book of mysterious deaths (epi 25)

Hellooooo guyzzzzzz… its my 25th epi… thnqqqqqqq soooooo muchhhhhh for this huge response….i never expected that u’ll show this much love on me…even I m not getting words what to say as I m in cloud nine but I understood one thing that I should keep more effort to reach ur expectations…once again thank you guyzzzz…so let’s go the story…

In mehra mansion
Its morning, pragya gets ready to go to office. Abhi wakes up and goes near her.
Abhi: where are you going this early morning?
Pragya: where will I go? To office.
Abhi: I know that but why are you going?
Pragya: what abhi? Why are you asking like this? Every day I go to office what’s there in that?
Abhi: ur health condition is not good pragya and u also know that ur scaring for each and everything. At this time is it necessary to go to office?
Pragya: yes abhi I m scaring but if I stay in house my fear will not go away so Its better if I go to office then I can complete some pending works.
Abhi: u can complete it later. Stay at house.. Ok
Pragya: abhi!!!!
Abhi: what abhi?? I said na ur not going anywhere. Go to kitchen and prepare breakfast I m feeling so hungry.
She moves forward and turns back. She stares at him. He says gooooo. She leaves from there.

Later he gets ready and goes downstairs. He starts reading newspaper. Pragya calls everyone for breakfast and starts serving everyone. Suddenly door bell rings. Pragya is about to go but abhi stops her and goes to open the door. Pragya too follows. They ask for pragya. pragya is glad that her staff members came to her. They invite them inside and make them sit. They ask about her health. She says she is fine. They inform her that there is a party that night in MD’s house that night. They ask her to attend with family. She says ok. They all leave.

Its evening
Pragya gets ready to party and dadi, aaliya too get ready to attend the party. Abhi sits in sofa and waits for all of them. Pragya comes down stair in an elegant pink saree. Abhi is mesmerized by her beauty. He continuously stares at her. She says I m ready. Let’s go but he is lost in her beauty then she pats on his shoulder. He comes to his senses and says ur looking gorgeous in this saree. She says abhi! This is not the time for romance. Come let’s leave. He says hey pragya! I just complemented u but ur feeling it romance so now I should give that. she asks what? He comes near to her and kisses. She gets shy. He says come it’s getting late. She smiles. They leave first then dadi and aaliya leave in another car.

In MD’s house
Party begins. Everyone attends to the party with their families. They all watch different events. Pragya holds juice glass and stands talking to her colleagues. Abhi watches her and smiles. Meanwhile a kid runs and hits pragya. Juice fell on her saree. She goes to wash room to clean the stain. She starts cleaning suddenly light blinks. She doesn’t care that and cleans the cloth further. Again light blinks heavily and suddenly light goes off. She looks around and scares as she is single but again light comes. She gets relief and looks towards mirror. She is hell shocked at once and shouts loudly. She sees herself in scary avatar. She touches her face and feels it normal but she gets scared seeing her reflection.
Ghost: what are you touching? U don’t feel any kind of difference in ur face but once u die ur face will change like this.
Pragya: no I won’t die. Who are you? What do you want?
Ghost: I want u to come with me and even u don’t want to come I’ll take u with me.
Pragya: no! I will not come. I won’t die.

She runs from there and comes out. She searches for abhi and goes to him. He asks her what happened? Pragya shares him with the incident that happened inside the washroom. He gets shocked and goes to washroom to see. Pragya too follows him and finds everything normal. He asks her to relax as there is nothing inside.

She thinks I have seen her. She talked with them then how can everything will be normal? Abhi moves from there. Pragya is in thoughts. A guy comes to her and says excuse me madam. She comes out of thoughts and sees him. He appears her in scary face. She at once shouts and runs but suddenly she looks at everyone and appears her as dead people. She feels like they are coming near to her saying that they are calling her to go with them. She starts shouting no! I won’t come. I won’t die.

Abhi sees her and goes near her and try to say that there is nothing and its just her imagination but she doesn’t listen to him and runs from there. A man says maybe she is mad better take her to doctor otherwise she can harm anyone. abhi listens to this and gets angry. He slaps him hard and asks to mind his own business. Meanwhile dadi and aaliya come there and stop him. He remembers about pragya and runs to her but at that time she leaves in his car. They all get inside the car and follow her.

In raizada mansion
Khushi starts talking to her friend but suddenly her friend sees a strange shadow and gets shocked.
Friend: hey khushi! there is a shadow passing at ur back. Just look at it once.
Khushi: stop kidding! I know ur a big paranormal expert but that doesn’t mean to prank every time with me like this.
Friend: no khushi! its not a prank. Just look at once please.
Khushi: no no no! I m going to becomes fool this time so stop this.
Friend: please for my sake its standing at ur back. Look at once if its not there then u can punish me however u want.
Khushi thinks why she is saying like this. She never said in such a serious tone. Its better if I see because already something is haunting me. she slowly turns back and doesn’t find anything.
Khushi: idiot! This time also u fooled me there is nothing at my back. See I m not going to leave when u come to India.

Her friend understands that there is something haunting her but trying her to not realize this. I have gather info personally in call. She says sorry khushi! I have some work so I m going out. Will catch u later and one thing be careful!!! She says ok and thinks to off the cam but she gets doubt and keeps her face visible in cam. She finds a shadow at her back and gets shocked to see that. she turns back but doesn’t find it. She again watches in lappy. It becomes visible there. She shouts at once and leaves to her room.
Then shadow appears at once and disappears.

Its morning
Khushi wakes up and gets ready early. Arnav says her that he will come soon in the evening and he will give her surprise in the evening. She says ok. He leaves to office. She too gets ready. she searches for shyam to take him with her but doesn’t find anywhere. So she calls him.
Khushi: shyam bhayya! Where are you? I was searching for u everywhere in house.
Shyam: sorry khushi! I forgot to tell u I went on other work regarding case. I’ll join u once I finish this work but till then u should be very careful.
Khushi: ok bhayya! I will call u again.
Shyam: ok! Take care.
She cuts the call and leaves from there. She goes out and calls lav to come.

Lav comes there.
Lav: sorry khushi! I was little bit late.
Khushi: that’s ok come let’s go to riya’s house.
Lav: riya’s house? But why?
Khushi: let’s gather info about her mother if not again we will face problem in that hospital same like that day.
She says ok. They both leave. They gather the info about riya’s mother and leaves from there.
They reach the hospital and ask about riya’s mother in reception. Later they go to her room but lav stops in front of door.
Khushi: hey lav! What happened? Come.
Lav: no khushi! I’ll not come u go inside.
Khushi: why lav? what happened?
Lav: I think riya’s mother know about me as rahul will surely share about me to riya so its better if I stay out. If she comes to know about me there is a chance riya can escape.
Khushi: ok u stay here. I’ll gather about her.

Khushi leaves inside the room and sees her sleeping. She goes near to her and touches her. She wakes up and sees her.
Lady: who are you?
Khushi: Namaste aunty ji! I m riya’s friend khushi.
Lady: but riya never said anything about. Sorry! I don’t know about u.
Khushi: that’s ok aunty ji. I heard ur health is ill and even riya is not coming to office so I came here to see both of u. where is riya?
Lady starts crying badly. Khushi asks her what happened? She says riya got missing since rahul’s death. Khushi gets shocked listening. She don’t understand what to do. She keeps the fruits on table and sees that lady’s bag. She sees a key which came out.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…a big big thank u to each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…I m really happy at ur response so always support me like this..plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…byeee guyzzz…

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