book of mysterious deaths (epi 24)

Haiiiii friendsssss……thnqqqqqq soooo muchhhhhh for ur comments and support….when I saw ur sweets comments I m in cloud nine. Even I m not getting how to express my happiness after seeing comments especially huge response from silent readers…I will try my level best to make this ff more interesting…ok coming to the story…

Pragya gets shocked seeing that scary face. She asks him to stop the car but he doesn’t stop. She beats him and tries to stop it but she fails in doing so. On other side, abhi starts searching for her. Luckily they both cars comes in opposite. Pragya forcedly opens the door and jumps while in running. Abhi car crosses pragya’s taxi but suddenly he sees pragya from window and gets shocked. He immediately stops the car and goes near to pragya. He lifts her up and sees her bleeding. He ties hand kerchief and looks angrily towards driver. He hugs pragya and asks her whether she is fine. He goes towards driver and beats him.
Abhi: can’t u stop the car when she asks to stop?
Driver: sir, actually madam didn’t ask me anything to stop. Suddenly she started shouting looking at me to don’t do anything to her. I was about to stop as I was scared what happened to her. Between she jumped out.
Abhi: ok sorry! He gives money to the driver and takes pragya with him.

In mehra mansion
Pragya hugs abhi and cries. He asks her what happened. She shares the incidents that happened in office and later in taxi. She again starts crying badly. He consoles her and takes in his arms. She feels comfortable and he makes her sleep. She sleeps. He sits near her and thinks what happened to pragya? Why is she saying like that? How can she change in a single day? Is this because of that book? What was there in that book? When I read that there is nothing like serious in that book then why is she scaring like that? Whatever pragya’s condition is not good I have to stop these concerts for some days and should take care of her otherwise her condition may become worse.

Its evening
aaliya comes to abhi. Aaliya: bhai! What happened to bhabi? Why is she sleeping?
Abhi: her health is not good so she is taking rest. What happened aaliya? Do u want to say anything?
Aaliya: ha bhai! Today there is some marriage occasion dadi asked u and bhabi to attend that function.
Abhi: but aaliya pragya’s condition is not good. At this time I can’t take her anywhere as she needs to take rest.
Aaliya: at least u attend to that function bhai else they may feel bad as they are our dad’s friend family.
Abhi: ur right but what about pragya? Who will take care of her if I attend there?
Aaliya: bhai! Why are you talking like that? Me and dadi are there na to take care of bhabi. So u don’t worry about her.
He says ok and goes to get ready. Meanwhile aaliya brings milk for pragya as she didn’t take anything from morning. Abhi wakes her up and makes her drink milk. He asks her to take care as he is going out. She asks him to come soon. He says ok and leaves from there. Aaliya sits near her and again pragya sleeps deeply.

Its night
Abhi attends the occasion but his mind wonders around pragya. He thinks to leave soon. He spends some time and leaves from there. Abhi calls aaliya and asks about pragya. She says that pragya is fine and she is sleeping. He feels relief listening to this. He says he got stuck in traffic so it may take time to reach. He asks her take care of pragya till he arrives. She says ok and cuts the call.

Aaliya feels drowsy as its late night. She thinks to sleep beside pragya and goes to sleep. Pragya feels thirsty and wakes up. She didn’t find water bottle. She sees aaliya sleeping beside her. She thinks to go down and bring water. She goes near refrigerator and takes the water bottle. Suddenly power goes off. Someone places hand on pragya’s shoulder. She thinks its abhi and says abhi this is not the right time to prank me as u know my condition is good. And even I m bored of same kind of prank. So take ur hand and be like a good boy. She turns back and says I said na take it. She at once gets shocked seeing the scary face. He says I came here not to do any kind of pranks but to take u with me. She at once shouts and runs but another ghost comes from opposite direction. She shouts more loudly and turns in another direction. Another ghost comes towards her. She shouts and runs towards the door they all come towards her. She sticks to the door but suddenly someone opens the door and places hand on pragya’s shoulder. She shouts more loudly and turns. It’s abhi.
Abhi: what are you doing here? Why are you scared like that?
She tells him the incident and starts crying. He goes near the switch and on it. Lights get on. Pragya is shocked.
Abhi: where is aaliya? I asked her to take care of u. what was she doing?
He calls aaliya’s name. pragya says that she was sleeping as she got tired. Don’t call her. Let her sleep. Abhi asks her to be quiet and aaliya wakes up from sleep listening to this. She reaches down and asks what happened. He scolds her as she didn’t take care properly. Aaliya is about to say something but in vain. Pragya tries to stop him as it’s not aaliya’s mistake. Finally he stops. Pragya apologizes to aaliya. She says don’t be sorry I didn’t take anything serious. Pragya asks her to go and sleep. She leaves from there. Abhi takes pragya to room meanwhile pragya turns back to see the same place but didn’t find anything once she leaves from there. They all appear.

Khushi and shyam reach the place which was mentioned by the man. They start knocking the door but no one opens. She again knocks the door. Door gets open. Both of them are about to enter then shyam gets a call from anjali. He lifts the call meanwhile khushi enters into the house. Shyam doesn’t hear properly as its network problem so he goes to other side. After khushi enters into the house door gets closed. Khushi says hello! Anyone there. She gets a call.
Khushi: hello! Who is this?
Lav: hello khushi! it’s me lav. sorry actually I went out to park in the morning there I lost my mobile so unable to reach u.
Khushi: what? Then where are you now?
Lav: in my room
Khushi: what? Are u kidding? Please don’t lie lav…I m already scared seeing this area.
Lav: what are you talking khushi? Where are you?
Khushi: morning I got a call from stranger that u laid down unconscious on road side. He found u and took to his house. Even he gave address to pick u. just now we reached here.
Lav: what? How can he say like that? Someone trapped u khushi and escape from there as soon as possible.
Khushi says ok and cuts the call. She says bhayya! Just now lav called me and informed that she is fine and someone lied about her. She turns back and doesn’t find shyam. She goes near the door and finds it closed. She asks shyam to open the door but that sound doesn’t reach outside. She continuously beats the door and gets tired. Suddenly lights go off. She gets more scared now. She again beats the door. She in a scared voice asks who are you? What do you want?

On other side, Shyam was busy on call. Anjali asks him to come soon. He says ok and cuts the call. He doesn’t find khushi around him. He thinks that may be she went inside the house. He goes near the door and sees it closed. Khushi sees a silhouette on the wall. She gets more scared seeing that. She again asks who are you? She sees a reply on wall “death”. She gets shocked seeing that. shyam beats the door and asks khushi to open. She hears the door sound and shouts to open the door. Shyam gets tired and tries to see it from window. He finds it dark then he shouts khushi! khushi! from that window. She goes near window and asks to open the door.

Shyam again tries to open the door. With much difficulty it gets opened. Khushi feels relief and starts crying. Shyam asks her what happened? She shares everything what happened after entering that room. He gets shocked and asks where is that? She takes him near the wall but it disappears. Shyam says ok leave that and don’t think about that. And one more thing don’t go anywhere alone take someone with u because if anything happens to u arnav can’t live and he won’t leave anyone. She says ok. They both leave. On the way, khushi calls lav and tells that they are fine. She says ok.

In raizada mansion, arnav asks where you went khushi? She lies to him that she was busy with her book work. He says ok and leaves from there. He thinks I know khushi ur hiding something from me but I m waiting to let u tell me or I should find it myself. Whatever anything wrong happens I m not going to leave anyone. That will be final.

Khushi comes to the room and sees arnav sleeping. She says sorry arnav ji I m doing all these to unite lav with our family. She didn’t do any sin without proof if I say this u won’t trust me so however I will collect proofs and will prove her innocent. But she again thinks who is that trying to kill me? I don’t believe in ghosts but how these strange things are happening. Acc to me ghosts are just imaginary characters but how can this be possible in real life? She thinks to call lav and talk to her.
Khushi: hello lav! I want to talk to u.
Lav: what khushi? What do u want to talk?
Khushi: lav actually who is haunting is ghost. It’s trying to kill us.
Lav: why? Who is that?
Khushi: I too don’t know but this is all started when we are gathering information about rahul.
Lav: ur right khushi but I can’t believe that ghost haunting us. We didn’t do anything to rahul then there is no chance that he will not do such kind of things.
Khushi: whatever tomorrow we should go to hospital and catch riya.
Lav says ok and cuts the call.
Khushi opens her lappy and starts searching for the info about ghosts. She watches some real videos and geathers some info. Meanwhile she gets a message in online from her Canada friend. She opens webcam and starts talking to her. Then her friend sees a strange shadow passing at khushi’s back. She gets shocked seeing that.

Epi ends here…I hope u like this epi guyzz…I know this epi is little bit drag but for horror scenes epi will be like this and in upcoming episodes I’ll try to give u some more best scenes till then be patient and big thank u to asmitha, anjana, angel, durga, jo, durga, varsha, varsha, reshma pradeep, arshi, emmy, tina, vaisu, tharu, sugan, di, abhigya, monesha, dimple, krish, apps for commenting regularly and coming to silent readers shravya, khushi, shriti, pragya, reena, somi, tarun, ishveer, ranveer, hani, anu, bindhu, sravani, twinkle, kavya, shree, angel thanq so much for liking my ff..plz do comment like this and support my ff..expecting some more comments from silent readers..byee guyzz…

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