book of mysterious deaths (epi 23)


Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and supports…I m happy that u all enjoyed yesterday’s epi and even more happy to see comments from silent readers…so let’s go to the story…

Pragya runs into the forest. He follows her then she fell down once. He comes close to her. She asks not to do anything and starting shouting for help but no one comes to her rescue. He comes to her and starts pressing her neck. She tries to free from him but can’t. She shouts at once and wakes up. She understands that it’s her dream and drinks water. She sees abhi sleeping beside her. She thinks not to wake up as he was tired. She again sleeps.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up and thinks about yesterday’s dream. She thinks why I got such a horrible dream? Is this because of that book? No no but why it’s like that on book? Did I do a mistake reading that book? Whatever it’s over now I should stop abhi from reading that book. She goes to get ready.
Abhi wakes up and sees pragya but he didn’t find her beside. He searches for her and thinks to ask her about book. He searches her everywhere and thinks may be she is getting ready. He leaves from there. Later pragya gets ready and comes downstairs. She greets dadi and aaliya. Abhi comes there and sees her.
Abhi: hey pragya! Why didn’t you pick my call?
Pragya: sorry abhi! Actually I forgot about mobile that’s why I didn’t pick up.
Abhi: do u know how much I worried for u?
Pragya: I know abhi wherever u go ur thoughts will be here. I m so sorry I shouldn’t do like that from next time I won’t do like that.
Abhi: ok leave that. Tell me what was there in that book?
Pragya thinks what to tell abhi. As he will ask her book she doesn’t understand what to do. Abhi again asks her.
Pragya: abhi actually there was nothing in that book. Sorry I read it in ur absence but didn’t find any clue in that.
Abhi: that’s ok pragya but show me that book.
Pragya: but abhi there is nothing in that book na then why to see it?
Abhi: there may not be any clue on that but I want to see that book which created sensation so show it to me.
He grabs her to room and asks to show it. She thinks what to do now? What I thought I shouldn’t now I have to do that only. She goes and brings the book. She gives it to abhi. Abhi takes it from her hand and starts looking each and everything. He sits there and starts reading some story meanwhile he gets a call.
Abhi: pragya keep it with u. I’ll read it later.
He gives her book and leaves from there. She thinks thank god I gave him this book. Luckily I bought it week days ago so it saved from reading that book. She keeps book inside. Later she informs abhi that she goes to office. He says to take her rest but she refuses as she has some important work in the office. He says her that he’ll drop her. She says ok. They both leave.

In office
Pragya keeps on thinking about the book and last night dream. Will this dream come true? Why I m feeling restless? I have to forget about that and have to concentrate on my work. She calls Ronnie. He comes to her cabin. She asks about new articles. He says about one article. She says ok I’ll talk to staff about this. Inform them. He says ok and leaves from there. She comes out of her cabin and leaves to seminar room. They all come to that room. Pragya starts talking about that article. Suddenly a guy stands she asks him why did u stand? He didn’t speak anything. She goes near to him but he didn’t lift his head. She asks him what happened but he didn’t speak a single word. She makes him lift his head. At once she is shocked and moves back. He is editor who is dead because of same book.
She says u….u….how u came here? He says I came here to take me with u. she says wha…what? He says yes not only me we all came here to take u with us. U’ll surely die and become like us. She is shocked listening to his words. She sees around and notices that they are not her staff members but they are people who are dead because of that book. They all stand at once and come towards her. She says don’t come near to me I won’t come anywhere…I won’t die. They all come close to her. She moves backward but they all stand around her. She at once shouts loudly and pushes them. She runs from there saying I won’t come anywhere.
They all think what happened to pragya? Why is she behaving like this? Ronnie too thinks what happened to di? Why happened to her? I have to stop her. He runs towards her.

On other side, pragya thinks to go to MD room so that she can be safe. She goes to his room and sees him sitting towards wall. She starts sharing the incident that happened to her. He says what they said was right. U have to go with them. She gets shocked at his answer. At once he turns towards her and she is shocked to see kailash. She shouts at once and runs from there. He wonders what happened to pragya ? Why is she scared seeing me? She thinks I shouldn’t stay here even for a second. She calls for taxi and leaves from there. Ronnie runs to stop her but she leaves at that time. He gets tensed seeing her condition. He thinks to inform this to abhi so that he can takecare her. He calls abhi and informs everything that happened. Abhi gets shocking hearing this and he says what? Ronnie further tells him. He asks where is pragya? Ronnie says she just now left in taxi. He says ok I m going. He says ok and cuts the call.
On other side, pragya is in taxi and starts thinking about the incidents and starts worrying. She thinks why they are haunting me? What I did? Meanwhile driver turns left side she asks him why u took left turn. It’s right turn. He tells her its left turn only. She says no. he turns back and says I m taking u to right destination only. She is shocked to see a scary face.

In hospital
Khushi gets shocked to learn that its mortuary room. She says anyone there? Open the door and starts beating the door but no one come towards that room. She shouts again loudly but no use. She turns towards room and was hell shocked to see all bodies waking up and sitting. She shouts seeing them. They stand up and come towards her.

On other side
Shyam reaches hospital and thinks where is khushi and lav? She said they will be in reception but they are not here. He asks a nurse who is going she says she doesn’t know. He says ok and makes a call to khushi but she didn’t pick his call. He thinks where might be she? He starts searching each and every room.

In room, they come close to khushi. She shouts and faints there. Shyam checks each and every room. Near one room he again tries to call but she didn’t lift. He moves further and starts searching them. He again calls her and hears a ringtone nearby. He thinks khushi might be here but why is she not attempting my call. He follows based on ringtone. He reaches near the room and was shocked to see its mortuary room. He thinks what’s khushi doing here? Why did she go to this room? He opens the door and was shocked to see khushi fainted. He goes near to her and takes her from that room. He tries to wake her up but she didn’t. He goes and brings water then he sprinkles water. She wakes up. He shouts don’t do anything. He asks khushi what happened. Why did u go to that room? She shares everything with him. He is shocked listening to this.
Shyam: where is lav?
Khushi: she went to other floor to search.
Shyam: ok call her and ask to return.
Khushi takes her mobile and about to call but she is shocked at once. He asks what happened. She points her finger and says lav. he turns towards her. lav comes there running. Khushi asks her what happened? Why are you running like that? She starts saying I went to first floor to search her suddenly a silhouette started following me. I turned back but it hides somewhere. Again I started moving forward then it too started following me. I went towards OT its little dark in that place. Suddenly it started following me with knife. Since from there it started chasing me so I m running to escape from it. Luckily I saw u. khushi also shares her experience. Shyam says this is not the right place to stay here anymore. Come let’s leave. They all leave.

In raizada mansion
Khushi starts thinking couple of incidents and gets scared. Arnav comes to her and says what happened khushi ? Why are you like that? She says nothing arnav ji. I’m good. Arnav says seems ur in tension and hiding something from me. She says no arnav ji nothing like that. I’m absolutely fine. He says ok and thinks khushi is hiding something from me I’ll find it soon and goes to sleep. She too leaves to sleep but then she gets a message from lav. she waits till arnav sleeps. After that she wakes up and calls lav.
Khushi: hello lav! What happened? Why did u message me at this time?
Lav: khushi morning I said about a silhouette its scaring me a lot and now also strange things happening here. I don’t understand what to do so I messaged u.
Khushi: what happened lav? Tell me clearly.
Lav: how to say khushi? strange things happening around me since from hospital which I don’t understand. I’m feeling like someone haunting me.
Khushi: what? No lav nothing will happen. Be strong.
Lav: no khushi there is something happening. We should be careful as something is going wrong.
Khushi: ok lav lets discuss about this tomorrow. First u sleep peacefully. Don’t think about them.

Its morning
Khushi wakes up and gets ready. She thinks to meet lav so leaves with shyam. they reach lav’s room and finds lock to the door. She thinks where lav went this morning. Khushi tries to call her but lav’s mobile doesn’t reach. Shyam says may be she went out to purchase something. Khushi says no yesterday only she made a call that something is haunting but now she is missing. Shyam asks her to relax. They go to search lav everywhere but didn’t find her.
Meanwhile khushi gets a call. She thinks who is this calling? Maybe lav is calling from new number. She lifts the call.
Man: are you khushi?
Khushi: yes who are you?
Man: I found a girl unconscious named lavanya near roadside. She is feeling ill and was unable to speak. I found ur number in her mobile so I called u to intimate about ur friend.
She says ok. I’m coming. They both leave.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know guyzz this epi is not better than yesterday’s as I kept less horror scenes for khushi hope u didn’t feel any kind of bore if so just forgive me…thnqqq so muchhh emmy, tina, asmitha, jo, karthu, di, reshma pradeep, dimple, varsha, varsha, bhoomi, rithu, angel, vaisu, blossom, anjana, apps, sweety, sunaina, durga, tharu, monesha, sugan, nirmal, vanitha and krish for commenting and silent readers too…sorry if I forget anyone’s name…plzzz do comment ur opinions…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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