book of mysterious deaths (epi 22)

Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…sorry I was not able to give reply to each and everyone as I was busy…I wish u like this track…ok coming to the story…

In mehra mansion
Pragya sees the book and thinks this might be the book she is searching for but who presented it? Who knows about this? Yess its abhi!!!! He only knows about this. He said he planned a better gift so he only presented it. I will call him and say thank u. she calls him and says thnq so much abhi. I never thought u’ll present me this gift. It’s the best gift.
Abhi: what me? What did I present?
Pragya: book.
Abhi: what?
Pragya: yes u presented that like a stranger.
Abhi: no I didn’t present any book.
Pragya: don’t lie. I know u only did this.
Abhi thinks how to tell this pragya I didn’t present it. How it reached her? Who sent that? He tells her that just gather for details in that book. Don’t try to read the story. If u wants to read the story then you can read it after my arrival. She says I m not interested in reading books so don’t worry about me and cuts the call.
She searches for author name it’s written as anonymous. She searches for further details in the book but she didn’t find any details regarding the book or murders. She thinks those who are doing these murders are very brilliant they didn’t leave any clue in this book. She further turns the book to search but unfortunately she reads 1st page of the story. She thinks seems this story is so interesting. But abhi said I have to read it after his arrival. I can’t wait to know further story its quiet interesting.
She continues reading further story. Without any gap she reads. While reading she give different expressions.
Its night, abhi calls pragya but she didn’t pick his call as she is busy in reading. He calls aaliya.
Abhi: what is ur bhabi doing aaliya?
Aaliya: bhai! Actually I m not in house I came to party. What happened bhai?
Abhi: I m calling ur bhabi but is not attempting my call.
Aaliya: ok bhai! U don’t worry I’ll make bhabi talk to u once I reach mm.
He says ok and cuts the call. He thinks to call dadi but he stops himself as she will be sleeping at this time.

Its morning
Abhi calls pragya but she didn’t lift then he calls aaliya. She says sorry bhai I thought to call u at night but by the time I reach house bhabi slept so I didn’t call u. abhi says that’s ok aaliya what was she doing now? Aaliya says she is sleeping. What happened bhai? Why are you worrying about her? He shares everything with her. She says what? How can this happen? Bhai! Actually bhabi didn’t come out from her room since yesterday even for lunch and dinner. Abhi says what? Aaliya says yes bhai I don’t know all these so I thought she might be busy with her room. Abhi asks then why didn’t try to go to her room? She says actually bhabi looked her room. Abhi says okay take care of ur bhabi I will catch evening flight and reach there by night. She says ok and cuts the call.
Abhi is in thoughts. What happened to her? Why did she lock her room? What was she doing? May be she is reading that book. I have to reach there as soon as possible otherwise she might be in danger.

On other side
Pragya starts reading the book again. She continuously reads the story without any break. Aaliya tries to go to her room. So she knocks the door. Pragya hides the book and opens the door. Aaliya sees pragya and thinks she is fine. Unnecessarily bhai is worrying for bhabi. I will call him and tells that she is fine. Aaliya leaves from there. Pragya closes the door and starts reading.

Its night
She almost comes to last pages suddenly the story ends she searches for other pages but didn’t find what she want. She continues to turn pages and suddenly throws the book as she got shocked. Later she thinks to hide that book as abhi should not see that book. She keeps it somewhere. She feels drowsy and sleeps.
She gets a call from Ronnie and wakes up. She sees it and lifts the call. He says her that one person got murdered in a mysterious way we have to go there to cover article. She says ok and cuts the call. She gets ready and leaves there. She sees the address in her mobile and reach there. She calls Ronnie to come fast. She leaves in the house and doesn’t find anyone there. She starts going to each and everyone. At one room she finds dead body; she takes her kerchief and goes near that body. She turns him and shocked to see that his face is completely filled with blood as it has knife marks on his face. He opens his eyes once. She shouts seeing him. She moves backward. He gets up and starts walking towards her. She starts running from there. He follows her. She unknowingly moves into forest he chases her. At once place she falls down.

In raizada mansion
Khushi gets fine. Arnav thinks to go to office from that day as he has so many pending works so he leaves to office. Khushi thinks this the right time. She can do her work without any interruption. She immediately calls lav and asks her to come to office. Khushi goes to shyam and asks him to come.
Shyam: ok khushi let’s go.
Anjali comes there and ask them where are they going?
Khushi: di! Actually we have some work regarding my book so I m taking bhayya with me.
Anjali: sorry khushi! Today is Monday na so we have to go to temple.
Khushi: that’s ok di! No worries I’ll go.
Shyam: I will join u khushi after temple.
She says ok and leaves from there.

Khushi and lav reaches office. But lav stays out as the real culprit may be in office and he can try to escape so Khushi goes inside. She sees a girl and goes to her. She introduces herself and starts asking about him. She gives her some info about him.
Khushi asks did he love anyone. She says no he didn’t love any one then khushi thinks this means he didn’t tell anyone about lav in office. She continues but one girl loved him deeply.
Khushi: who is she?
Girl: she is riya. She too works in this office.
Khushi: where is she?
Girl: she is not coming to office after his death.
Khushi: what?
Girl: yes even she is not in contact with anyone.
Khushi gets shocked listening to this and suspects her. She thinks maybe riya did this that’s why she is escaping. If I talk to her then everything will be clear. She takes address from that girl and thanks her.
Khushi comes out of the office. Lav goes to her and asks whether she gathered any information.
Khushi: yes lav I came to know that there is a riya she used to love rahul.
Lav: what?
Khushi: yes but he didn’t love her.
Lav: but he didn’t share anything with me.
Khushi: maybe he thought it’s not so important.
Lav: ok tell me who is she?
Khushi: she is also an employee here but she is not coming to office since his death.
Lav: what? May be she knows about me. Ok did u get her address?
Khushi says yes. They both think to leave to her house.

They reach her house. They try to go inside but find a lock to the door. Khushi says maybe she escaped from here. Lav says ur right khushi but anyhow we have to catch her. khushi goes to neighbors and asks about her. They say that riya’s mother health is not good so she was admitted in hospital and they don’t know about riya. Lav says what to do now? How can we find her? khushi says we will surely find her just wait. She collects the details of hospital from neighbors. They both leave to hospital.

Its evening
They reach to hospital meanwhile she gets a call from shyam. She asks him to come to hospital.
Shyam: but why?
Khushi: I will tell everything later but come fast. I’ll be waiting here.
He says ok and cuts the call.
Khushi and lav goes to reception. They try to ask about riya’s mother but they don’t know her room.
Lav: ok khushi lets do one thing I’ll go to first floor and u go to second floor. Later we can search in other floors.
Khushi says ok and both of them leave.
Khushi starts searching in every room but a silhouette follows her. She moves forward it follows her too. She observes it and turns back but doesn’t find anyone. She opens the door and sees the patient but she again finds silhouette. She thinks to catch who is that. She acts like she is making a call and turns towards the wall. It crosses her. She immediately turns and follows it. It moves quickly and leaves to one room. She too enters into room then immediately door gets closed. She turns back to open the door but she didn’t. She turns towards room and gets shocked. She finds it mortuary room. She shouts to open the door.

Epi ends there… hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzz I know ur waiting to know what might be the story in that book but I planned for some horror scenes after them I m going to give u some interesting twists till then be patient and enjoy it..I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions…expecting some comments from silent readers even it’s a single line I can understand about my story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

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    1. Thnq so much asmitha..i can understand now there will b so many questions running in readers mind but u have to wait to get ans for these quest and yes they will meet for sure but be patient for some epi..

      1. And happy to see ur comment regularly..keep supporting..

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