book of mysterious deaths (epi 20 & 21)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…guyzzz its my 20th epi…I m feeling so happy that I have reached 20th epi so I planned to give u one more epi…yessss it’s a combined epi of 20 & 21…so let’s go to the story…

Abhi and pragya enters into police station. Abhi sees inspector and gets shocked. He goes near to him.
Abhi: hey!!! U?
Inspector: I m glad that u remember me rock star.
Abhi: idiot!!! U left me and went without intimating. Again ur saying like this.
Inspector hugs him and says so u finally fulfilled ur dream becoming rock star. I m happy for u. Pragya asks abhi do u know about him?
Abhi: he is my college friend samrat. We both are good friends.
Inspector: how do you know her?

Abhi: she is my wife Mrs. Pragya mehra
They both again greet each other. Abhi asks him about those. He at first refuses but later asks his constable to bring all the books. pragya starts searching books with black front cover. She picks some books. samrat asks her to take those books to home and gather the info. After that she can return them. She says ok. Both of them leave.
They reach mehra mansion. Pragya and abhi sit together. She suggests abhi to see author’s name and type of genre, introduction. They both check each and every book. Later they go through the net about those books and authors.
Pragya: so finally we didn’t find any clue in these books. I don’t understand what to do now?
She throws all the books and says I will not find that book. Abhi asks her to be cool. They will soon find that book.
Pragya: no abhi I m trying from so many days but till now didn’t find it.
Abhi: pragya if u loses hope like this then how will u solve it? U have to face so many hurdles so just relax and leave about that.
Pragya gets a call. She lifts the call.

Man: hello madam! Is this pragya mehra?
Pragya: yes..! Who are you?
Man: I m delivery boy. U ordered a book na so I made a call whether ur free or not.
She asks him to bring the book. He says ok and cuts the call.
Abhi: hey pragya! Who is that on call?
She explains everything behind about that. He says ok and asks her to be cool. Delivery boy gives her book and leaves from there.
She excitedly opens the book and starts go through all the pages. She again gets disappointed as that’s not the book.
Abhi: pragya I don’t want to see u like this. Just take rest.
Pragya: abhi please. Let me go and try in some other way.

Abhi: no pragya not now. Sometime later first u take rest.
He takes her to room and makes her sleep. She sleeps peacefully. Abhi kisses on her forehead and leaves from there.
Aaliya grabs his hand and asks him bhai what happened to bhabi?
Abhi: she is feeling bad that she didn’t find that book so I made her sleep.
Aaliya: which book bhai?
He shares everything with her what pragya said. Aaliya at once gets shocked and says what?
Abhi says yes that the reason she is like this. Aaliya says yes bhai! It’s better if she takes care of her health.
Abhi: did u complete the work which I gave?
Aaliya: bhai! I came here to discuss about that only u come with me and see about that. she takes him with her.

Its night
Pragya wakes up to drink water. She finds empty bottle in her room so she goes near refrigerator to have water. Suddenly power goes off. She goes to light a candle but suddenly someone place hand on her shoulder. She at once shouts and turns back. Abhi sprays foam on her face and wishes her happy birthday. Then all the lights turn on.
She beats him and says I was really scared that someone has placed on my shoulder. Thank god its u. abhi says what pragya? Ur scared like a small kid. Who can do like that only ur husband can prank u no one else can dare to touch u.

Pragya: very funny but don’t do this again.
Aaliya and dadi comes there. They too wish her and present gifts. Dadi blesses her. They all again go back to sleep.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up. Sarla ma calls her and wishes her. pragya gets happy and talk to her for some time. Later abhi comes to her and wishes her again. She asks him again why are you wishing me? He says how many times I wish u its less. Pragya says ok then where is my gift? Abhi opens wardrobe and gives her gift. She opens it and finds a beautiful designer saree along with a matching necklace set. She asks him what u gave these things. I expected something more from.
Abhi: these are not for ur birthday but for evening party. And I’ll never disappoint in meeting expectations.

He comes close to her. She asks what? He says u have expected some other gift na so I m trying to give it. She says no need and about to leave but he holds her hand and grabs towards him. He kisses on her cheeks. She leaves from there.

Its evening
All the guests attend. Party begins. Pragya gets ready in elegant way. Abhi gets stunned seeing her beauty. He follows her where she goes. She asks him what happened. He says he wants to stay close to her as she is looking gorgeous. She smiles and says what anyone will think if u roam around me. He says he don’t care about anyone. Meanwhile sarla comes there and wishes pragya. Abhi greets her. She blesses both of them.

Then abhi goes somewhere. Pragya searches for him. Suddenly he comes there with guitar. He says today is my wife’s birthday I thought to give her the best gift but whatever I give it will be less. So as she loves my songs I m going to give live performance for her. Everyone attended cheers up him to sing. He starts singing love songs staring at pragya. Pragya is lost listening to them. At once she goes near him and forwards her hands to dance with him. They both share a romantic dance. Everyone clap for them. Later they have dinner together.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up and sees abhi but he is not beside her. She searches for him everywhere but doesn’t find abhi anywhere. She goes to aaliya’s room to ask about abhi. She sees her sleeping and leaves from there. She makes a call to abhi. He says sorry pragya! I got a call last night about an important concert in Kolkata. I thought to tell u but u was sleeping so I started without intimating u. I will return in 2 days. Till then u take care and don’t get excited for anything. She too asks him to take care and cuts the call.

Later she freshens up and switches on TV. She feels bore seeing those channels so shuts down that. She remembers about gifts and started to open one by one. She picks one gift and doesn’t find any name. She opens it and finds a book inside pack.

In raizada mansion
Its morning, khushi wakes up early and thinks today however I have to implement my first step but what to do? How can I handle arnav ji? He is staying at home only. But today however I should go out. She goes to get ready meanwhile arnav comes to khushi.
Arnav: hey khushi! How did u know that we are going out?
Khushi: what?
Arnav: yes! ur getting ready na before I asked u.
Khushi: but where?

Arnav: actually today morning I got a call from my friend that he shifted to Delhi with his family. He invited us for lunch so we are going to meet him.
Khushi gets shocked and thinks hey devi mayyan! What to do now? Today I can’t take any step forward if I go there. Even I can’t tell shyam bhayya. Khushi says ok to arnav. He leaves from there. She keeps on walking and thinks I have to call lav and intimate her. She calls her and tells everything. Lav says ok.
Later khushi gets ready. Arnav sees her and comes close to her. He sees her in mirror.
Khushi: why are you staring at me like that?

Arnav: no I m not staring at u.
Khushi: don’t lie see how ur looking at me.
Arnav: no khushi I m staring at mirror which is showing a beautiful girl.
Khushi smiles at his words and says arnav ji stop it! It’s getting late come let’s go.
He says ok. Both of them leave.

In the middle of journey, arnav gets a call from aman that he needs to come immediately but he refuses as he was in holiday. Then aman tells him to attend for signing some important papers. Arnav asks how much time it will take. He says just half an hour work. Arnav says ok and cuts the call.
Khushi asks him about the call. He tells that he has to leave to office as he has an important work. Khushi thinks this is the right chance. I have to escape from here.
Khushi: ok arnav ji u go to office. I have some work here. After seeing that work u make a call I’ll come to same place.

Arnav says ok as he was in hurry. He leaves from there. She immediately calls lav and asks her to come. Lav says ok and comes there. They both leave to his company for enquiring about him.

Khushi and lav reaches to the company. Lav asks khushi to stay out as she confirms whether it’s the same office which he mentioned or not. She says ok and stands out. She thinks to call shyam and ask him to come. She sees her mobile but don’t have signal so she goes near the road and calls him.
Khushi: hello bhayya!
Shyam: hey khushi! Where u went? I searched for u everywhere but didn’t find even I tried to call u but u didn’t respond to my call. Today we planned to go to his company but u spoiled that plan.
Khushi: sorry bhayya! Arnav ji planned some other program if I refuse to go with him then he will surely suspect me so I said ok to him but meanwhile he got a call from office so left to there.
Shyam: ok where are you now?

She says she is at his office only. He asks her where and searches for her as he is also near his office. Khushi sees him coming in opposite direction and calls him. He starts going towards him but suddenly a truck comes from her back. He sees it and runs towards her. It is about to hit her but he pushes her then she hits to a pole nearby and gets injured. Shyam goes near her and sees khushi got injured to head. He ties kerchief meanwhile lav comes there and sees khushi injured. She gets shocked and asks her what happened.
Khushi: nothing happened lav just a small injury.
Shyam: no khushi u should take care of urself what if I don’t come in right time? Who will answer arnav? Come let’s go to hospital.

Khushi: but bhayya it’s a small injury so no need of going.
Lav: don’t say like that khushi. What shyam said was right.
Khushi: but what about office?
Shyam: we can come here again in some other day.

They both take her to hospital. Later shyam and khushi leaves to raizada mansion. Anjali and nani gets worried seeing khushi with injury. They both make her take rest and start caring for her. shyam calls to arnav and tells about khushi. arnav reaches there.
Arnav: hey khushi! What happened? How u got this injury?
Khushi: relax arnav ji! Nothing happened to me. See it’s a small injury.
Arnav: I can see that first tell me how this happened?

Khushi: vo..actually…i
Shyam comes there and says what khushi ur saying like that I will tell wait. Arnav turns towards him.
Shyam: arnav actually I went to the area where u left khushi because of some work there I saw khushi crossing but suddenly a truck was coming so immediately I went to her and pushed then she hit to the pole and got this injury.
Khushi: yes arnav ji that’s what happened.

Shyam: sorry arnav!
Arnav: no no shyam. Today u saved my khushi from big danger thank u so much for saving khushi.
Shyam: don’t say like that arnav she is my sister. I have to take care.
Khushi and arnav smile.

Later shyam sits in balcony and thinks something. Khushi thinks I have to thank bhayya today he saved me not only from danger but also from arnav ji. I’ll go and talk to him. Khushi searches for him and goes to balcony. She finds him.
Khushi: bhayya!
Shyam at first didn’t respond to her then she pats on his shoulder. He comes to senses and asks her what happened.
Khushi: what are you thinking bhayya?
Shyam: leave that khushi tell me why u came here?
Khushi: first tell me bhayya what happened?
Shyam: I don’t understand how truck came.
Khushi: why?

Shyam: actually that’s a restricted area for trucks and Lorries so I don’t understand how it came all of sudden.
Khushi gets shocked and says what? Shyam says it’s a restricted area that’s why I m still in shock. Ok leave that sometimes it happened like that. U take rest. Khushi is about to leave but thanks him as he lied to arnav and saved her. he says don’t think about that. we have to do so much.

Epi ends here…I hope u guyzz like this epi…guyzz one request don’t ask to reveal the mystery because now only I just started my thriller and even planned to give u some horror scenes but u ppl are asking to reveal then how can u enjoy the horror in upcoming episodes when thriller is lost. Just think once this ff will spice up only when horror and thriller continues but once its revealed this ff goes to an end…sorry if I hurt anyone but I just wanted u to enjoy horror scenes so be patient and trust me I’ll reveal everything step by step clearly…thnq so much each and everyone and silent readers too for ur lovely comments and support…plz do comment and support like this so that I can understand whether ur liking my ff or not..expecting comments from silent readers then I can concentrate on what track u wish to read more..keep supporting..byee guyzzz…

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