book of mysterious deaths (epi 2)


Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…but I think I should write much better than my previous ff so I will try for that…I just need ur support to get a better story…actually I didn’t enter into full length thriller in my 1st epi I just gave small touch but for some epi I’ll keep cute moments between arshi and abhigya…ok I will start my epi…

In abhi’s room
Abhi says ok now I m going to tell u my love story but plz don’t tell that to anyone even dadi. One day I turned on tv and started watching music channels but suddenly I felt like bore watching it and started changing channels suddenly I kept news channel then for the first time I saw pragya in one channel but suddenly power went off…for the first time I got irritated and felt like I will miss her.
Aaliya: wow bhai! Being a rockstar you struggled for a girl in TV. Ok continue.
Abhi: after 10 min power came then immediately I turned on TV and started changing channels but I missed her.
Aaliya: then what happened next?
Abhi: one day I was on the way to my concert then I got stuck in traffic. There I saw a girl giving gifts to poor children. I tried to see her face but her face is invisible. At once she turned her face I was touched to see pragya there but at that time traffic got cleared then I parked car and went to see her. She disappeared from there too.
Aaliya: poor bhai!! Wait wait. You missed the concert on that day na?
Abhi: yes how did u know that?
Aaliya: what bhai? Did you forget? I made a call on that day and asked you about concert but u said that ur health was not good. This means you lied to me on that day for bhabi.
Abhi: sorry aaliya! Actually I thought to tell u but I don’t know anything about her so I lied to u.
Aaliya: ok ok continue.
Abhi: I started thinking about her and tried in different ways to find her but I also felt that being a rockstar why I’m thinking about her and searching for her. At last I decided to stop thinking about her but my heart didn’t forget her. I got stuck in her beautiful smile. As days passed I became so busy with my concerts. One day I came to home from one concert and I sat in sofa. Dadi started watching tv. She started changing channels suddenly I saw her in one channel then I grabbed remote from dadi and increased volume. I was mesmerized to her like that. Finally I found her details.
Aaliya: wow bhai! That’s great. So what happened next? When did you talk to her? How did she respond to u?
Abhi: so many questions ur asking. I’ll tell everything clearly. Be patient.
Aaliya: I can’t wait bhai because ur story is so interesting.

Abhi is about to say something but suddenly someone knocks the door. Aaliya gets irritated and goes to open the door. She opens and sees dadi. Dadi enters the room and gets glad to see his grandson. She kisses on his forehead and hugs him. She says rituals will start in 1 hour and leaves from there.

On other side
Maid remembers something and goes to inspector.
Maid: sir I wanted to tell u one thing.
Inspector: what?
Maid: sir used to read different books but for past few days sir stopped reading books.
Inspector: ok I will see about that.
He asks his men to collect all the books from that house and bring them to station. He leaves from there.

In raizada mansion
Khushi leaves to her room. She sees arnav’s suits on bed then she thinks to keep them on his wardrobe and opens it. She sees a gift there and takes it out. She opens it and gets surprised to see white anarkali. She finds a note written as khushi I know u’ll miss me when I m in trip but I will never make u feel like missing me so I planned to make u remember me and our memories.

She then remembers their first meet. Khushi gets ready in white anarkali and lav gets ready in white t-shirt and blue jean. They both leave.

On other side arnav leaves to office. Lav drives scooty suddenly khushi sees a book exhibited in one book shop which she was searching past 2 weeks. She asks lav to stop and goes to book shop. Arnav drives the car meanwhile he gets a call he sees his mobile without his knowledge he hits lav’s scooty. She fell down. People gather there and make her lift up. She gets angry. Arnav gets down and asks her whether she is ok. She is about to scold him but lost herself seeing him. She sees him lovingly. He again asks her then she comes to her senses. She says she is ok. He gives her money as compensation and leaves from there. She feels bad. Khushi comes out and sees people dispersing. She asks her what happened. Lav says her incident that happened. Khushi gets angry. She drives scooty and asks lav about his car. Lav says leave it khushi but she drives fast and stops his car.

Arnav at first sees lav and says what the. He gets down in anger. He sees khushi and mesmerized by her beauty. He completely lost in her. He lost his anger and started staring at her.

Khushi sees him and says how dare you to hit scooty? Ok but why did you give money? Did u think that we are beggars? We don’t need ur money. She continuously scolds him but he doesn’t listen to her and stares at her. Lav tries to stop her. At least khushi asks him to apologize lav. she touches his hands to keep money then he comes to his senses. She again asks him to apologize then he says sorry. Lav gives fake smile and feels bad. Khushi and lav leaves from there.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzzz like this epi…I’ll try my best to keep sweet moments between them so for some epi I can’t keep any thriller or horror but still I wish u guyzz support me…thnqqq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u worth keep commenting…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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