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Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support… sorry guyzz I was little bit busy so I didn’t reply to anyone…I hope u don’t mind…I m happy that u enjoyed abhigya’s confession so now I m going to concentrate on my thriller epi…so let’s go the story…

In mehra mansion
Its morning, pragya sits in sofa and thinks about yesterday’s incident. She gets happy and smiles herself. Meanwhile paper comes. She reads it and finds one more mysterious death. She keeps her hand on head and sits silently. Abhi comes there.
Abhi: what happened pragya? Why are you like that? Are you feeling ill?
Pragya: no abhi nothing like that. Don’t get worry.
Abhi: ok then tell me what happened?
Pragya: see this once. She shows the article to him. He starts reading.
Abhi: what’s wrong in that? Someone died committing suicide.
Pragya: do u know what’s the reason behind the death?
Abhi: how can I know? Is he our relative or what?
Pragya: ok then I will tell. It’s because of a book.
Abhi: what? I didn’t get u.
Pragya: yes so many ppl were dead till now due to one book and this process is continuing.
Abhi: I didn’t understand how can a book kill them?
Pragya: there is something in that book. Even I don’t understand what that is.
Abhi: how can u simply say that a book is killing?
Pragya: I m working on that case abhi to cover my article so as a part of that I went to some victims houses there I collected some information. According to that I came know an important thing in this case.
Abhi: what is that?
Pragya: all read the same book and those who read that will die in the 80th day after reading. And after reading that book they will go to depression.
Abhi: oh my god! I can’t believe it. And as ur saying this I m getting one doubt.
Pragya: what?
Abhi: I think these might be murders trapping the readers as there is something dangerous in this book.
Pragya: no no! It’s not actually trapping but something is there behind this.
Abhi: I don’t understand one thing. If this book is such a dangerous one then how it was published?
Pragya: there are so many questions left abhi. We need answer for every question so that why I m trying in different ways.
Abhi: I will help u in this pragya if u need me and one more thing when u get that book just show it to me.
Pragya: sure abhi. Ok I should get ready and leave to police station.
Abhi: police station? But why?
Pragya: that inspector collected all books from victims’ houses so I wanted to go through those books. Maybe I can find that book among them.
Abhi: ok then I’ll come with u.
Pragya: no abhi. I’ll go.
Abhi: no pragya I’ll come with u here after till I get another concert I’ll be with u.
Pragya: why?
Abhi: because ur my wife na so who will take care about u.
She feels happy listening to this and hugs him. He says ok come let’s get ready and leave to police station.

Abhi and pragya reach police station. Pragya asks him to stay out as she will talk to him first.
Abhi: is it ok if u go alone?
Pragya: no problem abhi if any problem arises I’ll call u then u can come.
He says ok and she leaves inside. She goes to inspector and introduces herself.
Inspector: ok madam! Why did you come here?
Pragya: sir actually I m working on mysterious deaths case to cover my article. I came to know that u collected all those victims’ books so if u permit me it will be very helpful.
Inspector: no madam! I can’t show those to anyone as they are proofs for this deaths case.
Pragya: sir but I’ll take anyone I’ll just see it here itself and leave from there.
Inspector: sorry madam! Plz understand this is very complicated case. I can’t do anything regarding this.
Pragya leaves sadly. Abhi sees her sad and asks the reason. She shares everything with him. He holds her hand and moves towards station. She asks him abhi what are you doing? He will not show us. Come let’s go. But he didn’t listen to her and leaves inside.

In raizada mansion
Arnav is talking to aman about the office work. Shyam comes there and sit. He asks anjali for tea. Khushi too comes there and thinks to manage herself from arnav. Arnav cuts the call and sit. Anjali brings tea to both shyam and arnav. Meanwhile shyam tells anjali that he has some work in court so he needs to leave. Arnav asks him to take holiday and spend some time in home. He says he needs to go as its important work.
Khushi: arnav ji! I will go to editor.
Arnav: editor? But why?
Khushi: u know na I m writing one book so I have some work with him regarding my book.
Arnav: shyam is going. At least u stay and go to him tomorrow.
Khushi: no arnav ji I have planned a date to publish so time is less. I have to go today.
Arnav: ok then I’ll drop u.
Khushi: no arnav ji I can go by myself.
Shyam: no need arnav I m going to court na. On the way I’ll drop her.
Arnav agrees to send khushi with him. Both of them leave to lav’s.

In coffee shop
Lav waits for them in another table. Shyam and khushi reach there. They go to one table and sit there. Lav sees them and goes there.
Lav: hello khushi and shyam!
They both wish greet her too…
Lav: hey khushi! Is everything fine there? Did arnav get any doubt on u?
Khushi: no lav nothing like that. Ok tell me about him.
Lav: actually I don’t know who he is. When I was in Australia he messaged me in facebook. I ignored his message then he used to message me daily that he likes my books so I started treating him like my friend. Days passed on I used to share everything with him. Later I said him that I was landing to India but he requested me to land before the date so as for his wish I landed before the date but didn’t share anything with u. he asked me to meet personally so one day I said about him to arnav. On that day arnav asked me about him. Even I said him that I m not clear about that relation so I will tell him the same thing. Arnav asked me to think once. Finally I went to his house. I rang the door bell but no one opened. So I tried to open the door but it’s already in open position then I entered inside and started calling him but he didn’t respond. So I started searching everywhere. At once I was shocked to see him lying down with blood on his wrist. I was shocked to see him like so went near to him and tried to wake up him up but he didn’t. I thought he was dead but he was alive so I tried to take him to hospital but on the way we met with an accident.
Khushi: this means it’s a murder or suicide.
Lav: but what’s the necessity for him to commit suicide? He did’t have any problems as he was a normal employee in mnc.
Khushi: it’s surely a murder and someone came to know about u both and ur meet. So they did it intentionally to make u culprit.
Shyam: yes khushi ur right.
Khushi: ok lav. tell me his details.
She tells about his details. Later khushi asks lav his photo but she says she doesn’t have any photo.
Khushi: ok I will see about that. I forgot to ask u what is the genre of ur story?
Lav: hey khushi! I have sent u my story long back…till now u didn’t read that. What is this yar? I thought u’ll read it by this time and give review about that but ur asking about genre.
Khushi: sorry lav. u know na I m not free like before I have to take care of my story and even I m writing a book so I was not able to read that. I have read only one page. From that I was thinking it’s a thriller story.
Lav: super khushi! ur right.
Khushi says ok and both shyam and khushi leave as arnav waits for her.
Shyam drops her at mansion and goes out. Khushi enters inside and thinks today I met lav and gathered all the details of him so now I have to enquire about him. She goes to her room and sees arnav getting ready.
Khushi: arnav ji where are you going?
Arnav: I was in holiday to spend with my family but here no one is free in this house except so I m going to office as I have so many pending works.
Khushi: no arnav ji. Not like that. I came na so wait lets go out and spend some time.
Arnav: where khushi?
Khushi: first ice cream, next movie, later shopping, beach and again ice cream.
Arnav: what? Have u gone mad or what? These many programs at once no chance lets go to only movie.
Khushi: plz arnav ji.
Arnav: do u understand what are you saying? U’ll get tired.
Khushi: u only said u wanted to spend some time then why are u not agreeing? Come let’s go.
Arnav: khushi!
Khushi: plz arnav ji! Now I want all those.
Arnav says ok for everything except beach. She agrees and goes to get ready.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know thriller part is less but I m planning to gear up thriller and horror once so kept little scenes…hope u understand…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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