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Haiii friendsss…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…guyzzz so many of ur having doubt that arnav and arshi are related or not…yes they are related but how they are related to each other will be revealed in upcoming episode…but it will take time as this ff is not like my previous ff..So be patient and enjoy this ff…Let’s go to story…

Its evening
Pragya reaches to mehra mansion. Aaliya tries to wish her but without seeing anyone she directly goes to her room. Aaliya thinks what happened to bhabi today she never behaved like this. Even she is fine in morning but what happened to her now? May be she is in work tension. She leaves from there.

Pragya goes to room. She sees abhi listening to music and doesn’t care him. He removes his earphones seeing her and thinks to talk but she goes to fresh up. Later abhi tries to talk to her but she sleeps. Abhi thinks what happened to her? She never behaved like this with me. Something is wrong. He goes to aaliya and tells her about pragya. She tells him that pragya even behaved with her in the same way. He says ok and goes to his room. He thinks something happened. I will find it.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up and behaves in the same way. She leaves early. Abhi thinks why she is sad like this. I have to make a call for Ronnie once so that I’ll get info. He calls Ronnie and asks him.
Abhi: Ronnie, what happened to pragya? Why she is sad like that?
Ronnie: sir actually…
Abhi: ha tell me
Ronnie: di used to go to old age home twice in a week. She used to take care about them even they used to treat her as their daughter but suddenly she got a call yesterday that the owner of that property is going to sell it for huge amount. Di immediately went there to talk to him but he didn’t listen to her as he wants only money. She agreed to give him money but at present she said she doesn’t have enough money. And today she has to pay for him. May be that’s why she is sad. Even I was trying for money.
Abhi: what? I didn’t know all these if she will tell me I’ll handle it na ok I will talk to u later.
He cuts the call.

On other side
Pragya gets sad remembering about this incident. She tries everywhere for money but at that time she can’t arrange money. She tries to ask him for some time but he didn’t. She gets sad and leaves to office. She goes to her cabin and starts crying. But she sees papers on her table. She thinks what might be these and starts reading. She gets happy seeing old age home papers. She wipes her tears and smiles but thinks who did this. She calls Ronnie and asks him. At first he hesitates to tell her but later he tells her everything about abhi. Hearing this she gets excited and leaves immediately to mehra mansion.
In mehra mansion

Abhi thinks now she may feel happy and gets relief from this tension. But why did she hesitate to ask me? What will I say if she asks me? I don’t oppose her na then why she should suffer like this for money? Aaliya comes there and sees him thinking. She asks him the reason behind his thinking. He shares with her everything and repeats the same questions. Aaliya says it’s because of u bhai. Abhi says what me? What I did? Aaliya says she is new to this house. She feels little uncomfortable here as we are new to her, its ur responsibility as a husband to make her feel free but what you are doing? U both are not sharing ur feelings instead of this u brought this toy. What’s the use? Now it’s some other’s problem but what if she would encounter herself within a problem. Abhi says no I will do anything for her. aaliya says if she says u can or else how can u? At that time also u’ll ask her asst or what? Just think it once bhai. Keep ur ego a side and make promise to her that ur always there for in any situation. She leaves from there. Abhi is in thoughts.

Pragya reaches mansion and runs inside with an excitement to thank abhi and confess her feelings. She at once stops herself and thinks what will abhi think if I confess him now? He may think that I expressed him after getting money. He treats me as a cheap person. No I can’t bear if he treat me like that I truly love him but this is not the right time I have to control my feeling feelings. She goes to room. She sees abhi in thoughts.
Pragya is about to say something but abhi sees her and says I want to talk to u important thing. She thinks that may be he wants to say about those papers.
Pragya: ok

Abhi: I don’t know how to start it but I have to first of all sorry pragya.
Pragya: sorry!!!! but why? What happened?

Abhi: actually when I saw u for the first time in TV from that moment I started loving u after that I have searched for u everywhere but didn’t find u later I collected ur details and tried to approach u but I was scared that how will u receive me so I used to message u like a stranger that doesn’t mean I want to cheat u but I just want ur complete attention on me. That’s why I did all these. Even I tried to tell u but at that time u said ur having bf so I remained silent and again started trials to make u confess ur feelings. But now I don’t want to miss u anymore I love u pragya…I love u so much and trust me I’ll be there for u in any situation.

Pragya had tears in her eyes listening to this. She runs to him and hugs tightly. She says I love u too abhi. I was waiting for these words badly. Today I understood how much u love me and even I came here to confess my feelings but I felt u may take me wrong so I stopped myself. I know before its u only but I thought to tease u so I stopped u revealing truth on that day but it’s so sweet when u expressed ur feeling. This is the best day in my life. They both feel happy. Seeing this aaliya too feels happy.

In raizada mansion
Party begins. So many guests attend to the party and greet arshi. Khushi waits for lav. arnav comes to her and asks her about whom she is waiting. She says no one I was just seeing. He takes her inside. They plan to make couples dancing. At first some couples dance later anjali and shyam dance. Next they ask arshi to dance but they refuse. Later everyone request them so they had a romantic dance. Both of them share eye lock. Arnav kisses on khushi’s cheek. She gets shy and leaves a side. But suddenly someone holds khushi hand and grabs her. she sees a girl in veil then she removes it and sees. It’s lav.
Khushi: hey lav!

Lav: yeah! It’s me.
Khushi: I m happy to see u. I was waiting for since long back.
Lav: wow!! That’s great. Hearty congratulations dear. I m really happy that u won an award.
Khushi: thank u so much lav. I thought u won’t attend to party but after seeing u I felt so happy.
Lav: hey khushi! How u thought like that? Without me my dear can’t celebrate anything with complete happiness so I came here.
They both talk happily but suddenly shyam comes there and sees both of them. Both are at once shocked to see him.
Khushi: shyam bhayya! i…
Shyam: don’t talk anything khushi.

Lav: bhayya actually it’s not khushi mistake I only came here.
Shyam: u too don’t talk lavanya.
Khushi: sorry bhayya! Plz don’t tell it to arnav ji.
Shyam smiles at once and says I know khushi lav is innocent and even I know that u both are talking secretly. I came here to tell u that I’ll help u both and make lav come back to raizada’s family.
Khushi and lav gets happy hearing shyam’s words.

Shyam: but this is not the right place for meeting. U should take care na because u both very well know about once he get anger no one can bear so we have to handle this situation smoothly.
Khushi: yes bhai! Ur right but I don’t know what step to be taken to prove lav innocent.
Shyam: don’t worry! I m there now so just relax.

Meanwhile arnav goes to one room and do something. He forgets to lock the door. Anjali passes through that room and sees the door open. She closes the door and stands in front of that room. Arnav comes out of the room and sees anjali.
Arnav: di! U?
Anjali: yes me only.
Arnav: what are you doing here di?

Anjali: what chote? U r so carless.
Arnav: what happened di?
Anjali: u forgot to close the door when u entered what if anyone enters into this room. Do u atleast think about that?
Arnav: sorry di! I was in hurry so forgot to close the room.
Anjali: what chote? If u do like this then problem will surely arise.
Arnav: no di! From next time I’ll be so careful.
Anjali says ok. Arnav locks the door. They both leave from there.

Its morning
Khushi goes to shyam’s room. She didn’t find anjali in room so she thinks it’s the best time to talk with him. She sees him getting ready. She greets him and says “bhayya today we have to meet lav”

Shyam: but arnav is at home if we both go out he will surely suspect us so wait for some time. Let’s plan something according to the situation.
She says ok and leaves to the living room.

Epi ends here…sorry guyzz for today I didn’t keep any thriller scenes and even epi is also small as I have some work so plz forgive me. For next epi I will give u long update…hope u like this epi…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u feel worth…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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