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Haiii guyzzz…thnqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support especially from silent readers…happy to see ur comments and guyzz I know ur eagerly waiting for abhigya’s confession…I have already planned for it…in next epi it’s going to happen but in a simple way because now I m going to concentrate on thriller scenes…hope u understand…ok lets go the story…

Pragya thinks to leave to mehra mansion as she wants to search the website. She reaches the mansion and freshens. Before she goes to her work she searches for abhi everywhere but she didn’t find him. She thinks maybe he went out. Aaliya comes there.
Aaliya: hello bhabi!
Pragya: hai aaliya!
Aaliya: did I disturb u bhabi? Actually I came here to spend some time with u as I was bored all day long.
Pragya: not at all aaliya even I m thinking to come to u and spend some time.
Aaliya: I know bhabi u will be busy so I only came to u.
Pragya: dats ok aaliya so tell me what u wanted to do next?
Aaliya: I have already completed my fashion designing course so looking for a good job in reputated company.
Pragya: that’s nice aaliya don’t worry I know some people I will talk to them about u.
Aaliya: so sweet of u bhabi…thank you so much. She hugs her.
Pragya: ok aaliya where is ur bhai? Did he go anywhere?
Aaliya: no bhabi! He is at house only. Don’t u see him?
Pragya: no I searched him everywhere but didn’t find him.
Aaliya: I know why u didn’t find him. Come I’ll show u where is he?
Aaliya takes her to abhi. Pragya is shocked to see abhi and laughs loudly at once. Aaliya says this is what happening bhabi since morning. He entered into kitchen in the morning to cook but still he is preparing food. I and dadi are feeling hungry but he is not allowing anyone to cook. So for today we ordered parcel from hotel. Pragya asks did ur bhai knows cooking? Aaliya says no bhabi! This is the first time he entered into kitchen and I don’t know why suddenly he took this decision. Even he is not giving any chance to ask him.
Pragya says ok u wait I’ll go and ask him. She says ok. Pragya enters into kitchen and asks him what are you doing?
Abhi: hey pragya! Don’t disturb me I m very busy in cooking.
Pragya: since when?
Abhi turns his face towards pragya and asks what u want?
Pragya: I don’t want anything but I heard that ur cooking food for the first time so I m concerned about aaliya and dadi as they should taste it na.
Abhi: not funny and this food is not for them. It’s for my sweet heart. Look at her once how she is waiting to have his delicious food.
Pragya looks at toy and thinks this means he is going to feed it to me but how to escape as its first time he is cooking. I think I should escape from him now. She says ok u carry feed it to ur sweet heart. I m having some work. I’m leaving. But abhi stops her.
Abhi: hey pragya! Wait! See what my sweet heart will say after tasting.
Pragya is sure that he is going to make her taste it. She says ok as she has no option. Abhi says ok first u taste because if it’s good I will feed it my sweet heart. She says me? abhi says yes you! Pragya thinks god please save me and closes her eyes. Abhi feeds her meanwhile. She tastes it and opens her eyes. She says hey! It’s superb I thought u’ll spoil it but it’s delicious. He smiles and says thank you. My sweet heart will surely like it then. She says ok I have some work will talk to u later. She leaves to room.

Pragya sits in front of lappy and thinks I have to search it now. She opens the shopping site and goes to book category. She types the book name and gets the details of that book. She thinks this book genre is thriller. This means doctor is interested in reading thriller books so this made him to gain interest on that mysterious book. So what should I do now? She gets an idea. Ok I’ll order this book. May be I’ll also get that mysterious book. She orders that book. She sleeps as she feels drowsy.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up hearing sweet music. She thinks from where its coming she turns beside and doesn’t find abhi there. She follows the direction where music coming. She sees abhi playing guitar at terrace. She lost herself listening that and sees him lovingly. He observes her and smiles. At once he stops. She goes to him and asks why you are disturbing everyone’s sleep at this morning. He says what me? She says yes you! He says hello madam! I m not disturbing anyone just look at once how my sweet heart is enjoying this music. She says for ur sweet heart ur disturbing my sleep. I m a big fan of ur music but in the morning u shouldn’t do that. he makes her sit and says see it’s the time for sunrise I’ll play sweet music u just have this hot coffee and enjoy the sunrise with sweet music like my sweet heart. He starts playing. She smiles and enjoys it.
Later pragya gets ready and thinks to go to police station to collect some info about the case. She thinks to handle inspector carefully as he will not show any evidence to her. She leaves but meanwhile she gets a call to come immediately. She leaves there.

In raizada mansion
Khushi feels happy as she came to know that lav is innocent but she thinks how to prove her innocent and make her close to raizada family again. Meanwhile arnav comes there.
Arnav: hey khushi! What are you doing here? I m searching for u
Khushi: what happened arnav ji?
Arnav: today I have planned to take all u to shimla so that we can have good time there.
Khushi: but arnav ji why of all this sudden?
Arnav: I wanted to spend with u all for some days as I was busy since from my London trip.
Khushi thinks if arnav is free for some days then I can’t help lav so what to do now? If I try to talk anything he will surely suspect me. Hey devi mayyan!! Do something.
Arnav: hey khushi! What are you thinking?
Khushi: nothing arnav ji.
Arnav: ok now I’ll talk to di and nani. U pack the luggage.
Anjali, shyam and nani comes there.
Anjali: chote! Where are you going?
Arnav: not me di! We all are going.
Anjali: where?
Arnav: shimla.
Shyam: but u have to postpone this trip for some days.
Arnav: why?
They three at once says that our khushi have won award for her latest book writing. Arnav and khushi feels so happy hearing this. They all congratulate her and leave from there. Arnav hugs her and wish her. Meanwhile arnav gets a call. He goes a side to talk. He talks and comes to khushi with over joy. She asks why are you so happy arnav ji? What happened? He makes everyone gather in living room and announces that he was awarded as best entrepreneur of the year. They all get over joy hearing this. All wish him. Khushi wish and gives kiss on his cheek. They all see this and tease her. Khushi bits her lips and feels shy.
Arnav: we have to celebrate this moment.
He plans to throw a party in the evening. They all feel happy and gets busy in arrangements for party. Khushi thinks to share this with lav. she goes to terrace and calls her. Before khushi says her, lav congratulates her. khushi feels happy.
Khushi: but lav how u came to know this?
Lav: I m ur friend so I know about u very well.
Khushi: one more happy news arnav ji got best entrepreneur award.
Lav: wow! That’s great I m so happy for u both.
Khushi: thank u so much lav. arnav ji arranged a party in the evening to celebrate.
Khushi feels bad as she remembers that lav can’t attend this party. She says sorry lav I m feeling bad that in this happy moment my friend is not beside me.
Lav: don’t worry khushi I m attending to the party.
Khushi: but if u come to party, Arnav ji will not leave both of us.
Lav: u don’t think about that I’ll come there secretly to meet u.
Khushi feels happy hearing this and cuts the call.

Its evening
Khushi wears purple designer saree and gets ready. Arnav comes there and compliments her beauty. She blushes hearing his sweet words. He makes her wear beautiful diamond set. She asks him why he is giving such a costly set. He says my wife deserves this as she made me feel proud even this is worthless before u. She thanks him and hugs. Anjali comes there and makes sound. They get free and ask the reason. She says that media came to interview u both. They both agree to come down. Later media reporters start asking questions to arnav. He answers them then they turn towards khushi and starts asking them.
Reporter: how ur feeling to win this award?
Khushi: very happy even didn’t expect I’ll get this award.
Reporter: who is the reason behind ur success?
Khushi: my family especially my husband. He used to support me a lot.
Arnav smiles at her answer. Khushi thinks to tell lavs name but she didn’t as arnav may get anger.
Reporter: what is the genre of ur next book?
Khushi: thriller with horror.
Reporter: when ur going to start it and can u give a brief description about that?
Khushi: I have already started and it’s almost completed small modifications are left and now I can’t any description as readers may lose their interest
Reporter: how many days u took to complete this book?
Khushi: 70 days.
They thank both of them. Party begins.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know guyzz some ppl are eagerly waiting for my thriller and horror once abhigya’s confession completed I will plan to give u a full lenth thriller episodes till then plz be patient and support me like this..I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh angel, rithu, reshma pradeep, varsha, durga, sunaina, nasima, maha, di, shriti, abhigya, monesha, dimple, blossom, sasmerra, asmitha, priya, silent reader, tharu, jo and arshi for commenting and silent readers too…sorry if I forget anyone’s name..plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…I want to know whether u want full length thriller or thriller and love scenes so that I’ll post the epi just leave a comment with ur opinions…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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