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Its night
Pragya leaves to mehra mansion. She enters her room and was amazed to see it as it is completely decorated with beautiful roses and candles. But she doesn’t find abhi in room then she thinks why abhi decorated like this? Did he come to know about me? Let him come I’ll ask him. Whatever I just love this decoration and smiles. Thinking this she turns back and sees abhi standing near door. She stops her smile.
Pragya: what is this? Why did you decorate like this?
Abhi: hello madam! This is not for u.
Pragya gets shocked and asks then for whom? Who will come to this room?
Abhi: it’s for my sweet heart, my darling, my love.
Pragya: who is that?
Abhi: sorry pragya I tried to say this to u on that day but u shared ur love so I was not able to share this. Actually I loved a girl even she too loves me but playing hide & seek with me. To impress her I did this.
Pragya blushes listening this and she understands that abhi came to know about her but acts as she wants abhi to confess first.
Pragya: who is that? I want to see her.
Abhi: yup sure I’ll show u. she is here.
She asks him where. He takes a girl toy and shows her.
Pragya: very funny. Is she ur love? What’s the need to decorate the room like this for toy?
Abhi: no it’s not toy. She is my love and from today she will stay in this room so I decorated like this.
He looks towards pragya and asks sweet heart did u like this room? How is my decoration? She looks at him. He diverts his looks towards toy and goes to bed. She smiles I know u decorated this for me. But how can I say that I love this so much without confessing ur love.
On other side, abhi lies on bed and thinks. Now u’ll understand that I came to know ur truth so I’ll try to make u confess first. Get ready! He sleeps. Pragya gets fresh up and sees abhi holding the toy and sleeping. She goes near him and takes the toy from his hand. She sees the toy and says so ur toy pragya. I want to see how much he shows love on u because he indirectly tries to show it on me. She sees him sleeping like a kid. She says I know u love me so much but I m waiting to listen those 3 sweet words from. Till then I have to act like this. She kisses on his forehead and sleeps.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up and readers the newspaper. She finds one more mysterious death news. She thinks I don’t understand how these deaths taking place and why these are happening. Who is doing all these? I have to go to hospital immediately. Later I have to go through website. She gets ready to leave. She sees abhi waiting for her in car. She smiles and thinks why he is waiting for me. Maybe he started his trials to impress me. Ok I’ll see. She says to him I m really surprised to see u ready at this morning. I think u r waiting to drop me but no thank you I can go. He says what? Don’t expect that much I m not waiting for u even I didn’t ask u that I’ll drop u. look inside once I m taking my sweet heart out. She looks the toy inside and smile but hides it. Without saying anything she sits inside the car. He asks her u said u can go by urself then why did get into car. She says I m ur wife so I think I don’t need permission. He says ur right but u need my sweet heart permission to get into my car not only u any one. He says to take permission from toy. She refuses but he makes her to take permission. They leave. Abhi drops pragya near hospital.
She at first meets medical director of that hospital. She collects some info from him. Later she meets some doctors and asks them. One of the doctors says kailash used to have one best friend. He is also doctor here. She asks about his cabin to talk to him but he informs her that he is on leave that day. So she takes the address and leaves there.
She goes to kailash friend’s house and introduces herself. She starts asking him.
Pragya: I heard that ur his best friend and he used to share with u so I came here to get some info about him.
Doctor: yes what u heard was right but I was in shock when I came to know about his death.
Pragya: ok did u observe anything strange in his behavior?
Doctor: yes so many times even I tried to get him out of his thoughts but I failed. But still I can’t forget one incident.
Pragya: what is that?
Doctor: one day we both were in op. I don’t know what happened but he suddenly started shouting don’t kill me. I didn’t do anything. I asked him to calm down but he ran from there and went to his cabin. I asked him what happened he said she will kill me and cried.
Pragya: ok did u ever try to find the reason behind ur friend’s mysterious behavior?
Doctor: I tried in different ways but as a doctor I understood that he got depressed reading one book but I don’t know what that book is. He brought one book to hospital once but he didn’t allow me to see that book.
She thanks him for info and comes out. She thinks to reach home as to check that shopping website.

In raizada mansion
Khushi starts thinking I can’t believe that lav killed a person. But I know about arnav ji he will never lie to me about anything especially lav. even I should listen to his words too because arnav ji reached India before the time so this means there is something and lav has hidden this big matter from me. She even didn’t say that about him so I m not understanding. Everything will be clear once I talk to lav but what if arnav ji comes to know this again. He may misunderstand me. This will affect our relation. She thinks what to do and walks. She suddenly sees day and time in her mobile. She immediately remembers that day is Thursday means lav goes to library every week of that day. She gets an idea and smiles. She gets ready and about to leave but arnav stops her.
Arnav: hey khushi! Where are you going?
Khushi: you know na arnav ji its Thursday I will go to library.
Arnav: yes I remember.
Khushi: ok then I m going.
Arnav: I’ll drop u khushi wait.
Khushi: no arnav ji I can go by myself.
Arnav: what happened to u khushi? I’ll only drop u na then why are u saying like this?
Khushi thinks if I oppose like this arnav ji will surely doubt on me. I shouldn’t make him doubt me. She agrees. They both leave. They reach library. Khushi gets tensed whether arnav sees lav.
Khushi: ok arnav ji i m going inside.
Arnav: ok khushi I’ll stay here u go inside.
Khushi: but arnav ji u know na I’ll be late once I enter into library.
Arnav: no problem khushi I m free today so I can wait as long as u complete ur work there.
She worriedly goes inside and thinks what this arnav ji did like this. May b he is suspecting me but however today I should talk to her. What should I do now? How can I talk to her? She leaves inside. She sees lav reading book. Even lav sees her but didn’t talk anything.
They book look at each other. Khushi gets an idea. She writes something on paper and keeps it on book. Lav sees this and picks the book. She starts reading “I know very well about you lav. you can’t kill a person but I don’t understand why arnav ji is saying like that. And I don’t know whom to believe at this time because u never shared anything about this to me. I want answer from u so that I can do something. Plz don’t try to hide anything from me at least now because both of u are important for me and I want those sweet days to return back. I m waiting for ur answer”
Lav reads it and thinks. She turns the paper and starts writing “I know khushi u can’t believe all these even I m not in a position to share anything but I felt very bad when arnav started hating me. Leave that and be happy with arnav. He is a caring husband. Don’t try to do this because if he comes to know ur talking with me. He might get anger but I know u can’t stay happy with me even I can’t but there is no other option too.”
Khushi reads it and sees out. Arnav is talking with some other on call. She grabs lav on other side of library.
Lav: khushi plz leave me. If arnav will see it becomes a problem.
Khushi: no lav today I want answer from u if u don’t I m not going to leave from here.
Lav cries at once and says sorry khushi I don’t what to say but arnav changed a lot. He started hating me without any particular reason and I didn’t kill anyone. Its fact that a guy love me and has written so many love letters but I didn’t kill him. I went to meet him to talk but at that time his condition was serious so I thought to admit him on hospital. On the way we met with an accident. Later he died in hospital and I survived. I thought to share you all these but I wanted to know the mystery of his death so I remained silent.
Khushi: don’t cry lav u shared it with me na now I’ll help u and u don’t worry about arnav ji. Once we find his death truth I’ll convince arnav ji. And from today let’s meet secretly and do this work. Even u don’t call or message me till I message u.
Lav says ok and hugs her. khushi smiles.
Khushi remembers arnav waiting outside and leaves immediately. Arnav says ur so late today. Khushi says I said na arnav ji it will be late. He says ok come let’s leave. He gives a suspected looks around and gets inside. They both leave.

Epi ends here…sorry guyzzz in today’s epi I gave little thriller scenes as I want u guyz to enjoy both thriller and love scenes…hope u understand this and still love my ff..In upcoming episodes I m going to give u lot of thriller scenes be patient and enjoy this track… I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh angel, rithu, reshma pradeep, tina, durga, varsha, durga, sunaina, maha, emmy, meenu, pavithra, asmitha, tharu, shriti, abhigya, monesha, jo, maya and mahi for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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