book of mysterious deaths (epi 15)

Hellooooo friends…its my 15th epi…thnqqqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support…I m so happy seeing ur comments…I never thought u’ll support my ff this much…I m really excited while writing this ff so posting a long epi…hope u like this epi…so coming to the story..

In mehra mansion
Abhi thinks where she was going this early every day. May be she is really busy with her article. Ok let me go to aaliya room and tell her about last night incident. He goes to aaliya’s room and sees her sleeping. Abhi thinks this aaliya is becoming lazy day by day. He tries to wake up aaliya but she didn’t at last he sprinkles water on her face. She wakes up and sees abhi.
Aaliya: what bhai? Why u wake me up this early?
Abhi: what early? It’s already 11 just look at clock.
Aaliya: what bhai ur talking like this? U used to wake up at this time na daily then what happened to u suddenly?
Abhi: yes but yesterday ur bhabi taunted me about this so I decided to wake up early.
Aaliya: wowww bhaiii!!! What a love!!! Ur really great.
Abhi: u understood this but what’s the use ur bhabi doesn’t understand this.
Aaliya: bhai!! Don’t get sad like this. Ok tell me did you check bhabi’s mobile yesterday?
Abhi: where she didn’t give me any chance to see her mobile. Even she talked with her bf.
Aaliya: what bhai! I gave a good idea but u can’t do this simple one.
Abhi: what simple? Do u know how complicated it is? She caught me.
Aaliya: its waste of time bhai. See I’ll check her mobile today.
He is about to say something. Dadi comes there. Abhi stops. Dadi asks them what they were doing there.
They both lie and ask her why she came here. Dadi says they should leave to shopping mall to purchase saree and jewelers to bahu. They both agree.

On other side
Pragya thinks for that day she doesn’t have any other work so she heads to leave her house. She again thinks now I can’t go to kailash’s house its better if I go to his house in the evening. She reaches mehra mansion. Abhi sees her.
Abhi: hey! Why did you return so early today? I thought u’ll be busy with ur boy friend.
Pragya thinks I know ur getting jealous but it’s nice.
Pragya: yes I thought to meet him but he was busy in meeting so I don’t want to disturb him.
Abhi gets angry listening this. He says u shouldn’t meet or talk to him from today. She asks him but why? You know everything about us na. He says what I know? You didn’t even share his name. I want to know his name first so tell me his name. Meanwhile dadi sees pragya and asks her to come her room as she wants to spend some time with pragya. Pragya thinks dadi came in right time. I escaped now. She follows dadi.
On other side, abhi informs aaliya that pragya came and went to dadi’s room so its best time for them to check her mobile. She says ok come lets go to ur room. They both leave to his room but aaliya says bhai u just stay out of this room if bhabi comes then knock the door. I’ll hide somewhere. He says what me? No u stay out I’ll check. Aaliya says yesterday I gave u plan but what you did? It’s better if u stay out u can at least try to stop bhabi. Abhi says u r making fun of aaliya. She says not fun bhai, Just listen to me for this time. He says ok and stands out. Aaliya starts searching for her mobile and finds it. Abhi sees pragya coming and tries to knock the door. At that time pragya reaches there. She is about to open the door. He shouts at once pragya. She asks him what happened. He says don’t go inside. She asks him why? He thinks and says there is snake inside. pragya says what? He says yes it’s very big. She says but how it came? Wait let me go and check. She again tries to open but again he stops her and says no don’t go it will harm u. she says no problem I m not scared of snakes. She turns towards door to open but abhi grabs and pins her to wall. They both share an eye lock. He comes more close to her. She closes her eyes. On other side aaliya checks her mobile and smiles. He is about to kiss her but aaliya messages him. They both become normal. Pragya gets shy and leaves from there. Abhi thinks because of aaliya I missed wonderful chance to kiss pragya. aaliya comes to him and says bhai! I’ve checked bhabi’s mobile but there is nothing like suspected contact or calls or messages with letter A. this means its abhi. She loves u only. He says what? Then why did she say like that? aaliya says may be bhabi came to know about u before that’s why she is playing the same trick but I m sure she loves u. abhi gets excited that pragya loves him and thinks now I’ll see how u don’t confess ur feelings.

Its evening
pragya leaves to dr. kailash’s house. She sees his wife looking sad. Pragya introduces herself and says I know ur in pain and no one can take ur pain. Even this is not right time to ask about his death mystery but If u help me in revealing what u know, this will help some other people to save their lives. So please cooperate with me. She says ok.
Pragya: ok tell me about kailash? I mean what kind of person he is.
Lady: u knows very well that he is famous cardiologist. He used to have very less friends. He used to spend most of time in books. Even I asked him to reduce that habit but he didn’t. Few months before he order a book through online but instead of original book some other book came. He thought to return it but he read one page and showed interest on that book. Even he kept leave for 2 days to read that book. I asked him about that but he asked me not to disturb so I didn’t. After few days he used to behave strangely but I didn’t understand why he used to behave like that. Even I took him to psychiatrist then he said he was in depression may be due to work stress. Days passed he used to talk to himself something I asked him then he said that someone will kill him. I tried to divert him but he didn’t. Later this incident happened.
Pragya: ok do u know what is that book?
Lady: no kailash didn’t like me to touch his books so I never saw what is that book.
Pragya: ok but at least can u tell me the color of that book front page.
The lady says it’s black. Pragya gets shocked. She says ok one more question did u know what book he had ordered in online and website too. Lady goes to her room and brings the receipt. She thanks her and leaves from there. She thinks I have to go to kailash’s hospital first. Later I’ll go through online site.

In raizada’s mansion
Khushi gets shocked when arnav said. She asks him what happened arnav ji? Just few hours back only we went to her but now why are u talking like this? What she did?
Arnav: now I can’t say anything khushi but stay away from her. I don’t want to see u with her.
Arnav leaves from there angrily. Khushi cries badly at his decision. Later she thinks why arnav ji said like this. I know he treats lav as good friend because she united us and she too treats him as good friend then suddenly he is behaving like this. I should talk to di. She wipes her tears and goes to anjali’s room.
Khushi: di!
Anjali: ha khushi! Tell me.
Khushi: di! U know the reason behind arnav ji and lav’s disputes na. Please tell me.
Anjali: I can’t say that khushi at now but once chote becomes cool. He explains you everything clearly but till then don’t try to ask anyone. Especially don’t contact lav. his anger may increases so please don’t do that and be cool. I know it’s a sad moment but u should be patient.
Khushi gets sad as anjali didn’t say anything to her. She thinks what if they both don’t say. I will ask lav only. She picks the mobile to call but she remembers arnav’s words. She thinks what if arnav ji comes to know about this it may harm our relation. No no I can’t do this but I want to know the reason behind this. So I have to do this risk. She calls lav secretly and asks her to meet in park. Khushi leaves to park.

She reaches to park and searches for lav but she didn’t find her. At last she finds lav sitting in sofa. She comes there and hugs lav. she cries.
Khushi: hey lav! What happened? Why arnav ji is talking like that? I know about you very well that you won’t do any mistake. I m sure there might be misunderstanding. Just tell me what happened I will try to make everything normal.
Lav: actually khushi…
Khushi: what tell me?
Lav: ur right there is misunderstanding but I treated u as my own after that I treated arnav like that but I never thought this situation will come. I can’t bare that arnav hating me.
Khushi: 1st tell me lav what happened?
Lav is about to say something but arnav comes there. Khushi and lav gets shocked at once. He holds khushi shoulders hardly and asks her why did you come here? I said na not to meet her then why u r here? Don’t u care my words or u thought ur friend is important than me?
Khushi: arnav ji…i…
Arnav: don’t talk khushi I don’t want to hear anything from u. I’ll talk to u later.
He turns towards lav and says don’t u dare to talk to my wife again. If I find u again with her I don’t what I m going to do. Take care.
He holds khushi’s hand and leaves from there. They both reach raizada mansion. Anjali sees arnav holding khushi’s hand tightly and grabbing her. She was about to talk to arnav but he says di! Plz don’t try to say anything even I m not ready to listen. She calls chote chote but he didn’t listen and goes to his room. He closes the door.
Khushi: why are you doing like this arnav ji? It’s paining.
She starts crying.
Arnav: why did u go there khushi? I said na not to meet her or talk to her.
Khushi: ha arnav ji u said but no one here are not saying anything then what should I do? I respect u arnav ji even if u ask who is more important I’ll say that ur more important for me than lav but I want to know the reason.
Arnav: ok you want reason right. He takes papers from his wardrobe and throws it.
Khushi picks that papers and reads it.
Khushi: what wrong in that arnav ji? It’s love letters.
Arnav: do u know who wrote that?
Khushi: here its written lav. maybe she is in love with some other then why do you hate her?
Arnav: god…how to say khushi? He makes her sit and says a guy loved her but at first she didn’t respond later she trapped him that she too loves and finally she killed him.
Khushi: what? I can’t believe this. No my lav can’t do this.
Arnav: even at first I didn’t believe it because I felt that after marrying u I should take care of u but when I was in London I got a call from lav that she is going to meet him. I thought she loves him but next day I came to know that he was dead. And u know what she landed Australia 10 days before the call. After coming to know this I landed to India and went with di to enquire about this. Now tell me khushi if she treats u as bestie then why didn’t she share all these things even u don’t know that a guy loved her. So at least now listen to me and don’t talk to her.
Khushi thinks how can lav do this? I can’t believe this there is some mystery may be lav got trapped into this murder. I’ll find it and makes arnav ji understand. For this I have to ask lav. but now I should act like I too believe lav as culprit.
Khushi: sorry arnav ji. I never thought lav will do like this still I m in shock but from now I’ll not talk with her. I will follow what u say.
He becomes cool and smiles. He hugs her and says I m sorry khushi I hurt u with my anger but I didn’t do that intentionally but what lav did was not right. She even lied to me. I thought she should be away from u so I used harsh words.
Khushi says no arnav ji I can understand ur situation. Don’t be sorry. He gets happy with her words and kisses her. She blushes and asks arnav ji u said u’ll gift me if I complete the task but u didn’t. He smiles and again kisses on both cheeks. He is about to kiss on lip but she runs from there.

Guyzzz I know lav’s story is little bit silly but there is a big mystery behind this and it will create a hard situation in arshi’s life. For that u have wait for some more epi…

Epi ends here…sorry guyzzz I know this epi is dragging and boring too but from next epi I’ll try to keep important scenes only forgive me…hope u’ll understand it… thnqqq so much angel, asmitha, sunaina, reshma pradeep, durga, abhigya, tina, rithu, jo, durga, maya, myna, prav, monesha, di, shifa, meenu, maha and silent readers too…sorry if I forget anyone’s name…guyzzz plzz do comment and support me. ur suggestions are accepted too…if u comment so that I can understand whether this story is going on right track or not..especially silent readers I want ur opinions about my story even a single line is enough to make it better story…hope u guyzz support me like this…thank u..byee guyzz…

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  4. Thought of pragyas story will be in twist… but now it seems more twists in kushi story too… well going dr… good one!!!

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  5. very nice I loved it I think now abhi will try his tricks to confess feelings form pragya

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  9. Hi i too a silent reader.ur ff stole my heart.its really a nice concept.i have a habit of reading novels.even i cant guess wat is the mystery.YOU R GOING
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  11. Superb yaar @last aliya clears abhi’s doubt thn really I’m too excited4 next episode coz I thk both the pair vl meet tat mysterious book which cauce death…

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  12. it was super n kind request plz don’t think lavanya’s story was silly really it was super n i love u and ur fan fiction so much

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    Thrilling and mysterious
    Cute and sweet scenes

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  18. My sweet heart again tried a great twist… love you a lot dear… love you so much .

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