book of mysterious deaths (epi 14)

Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqqq sooo muchhhhh for ur comments and support…I was overjoyed seeing ur lovely comments and suggestions…i’ll try my best to keep to give best story…ok coming to the story…

In mehra mansion
Abhi gets confused and comes out of his room. He sees aaliya coming. He takes her to one room.
Abhi: hey aaliya! Where did u go? I tried to call u but it didn’t connect.
Aaliya: bhai! Actually I went to meet my friend. Ok leave that what happened yesterday night?
Abhi: she gave me big shock before I reveal my identity.
Aaliya: why? What did bhabi say?
Abhi: she said she had a boy friend but that’s not me.
Aaliya: what…? Say clearly.
Abhi shares everything what pragya said. Aaliya at first gets shocked and think twice about the matter. She says bhai! Don’t worry bhabi lie to u.
Abhi: what? But how can u say that?
Aaliya: ok bhai! If she loves some other guy then why she should marry u? Ok let’s think that it’s for sarla aunty but what’s the need to say about her love before u reveal truth? Ok leave that too but why she is hesitating to share his name?
Abhi: yes u may be right but she only said she loves someone.
Aaliya: that’s a prank bhai! She came to know about ur truth before now she is trying to play the same game with u.
Abhi: what..? Wait!! Now only I’ll go and ask her.
Aaliya: bhai bhai! Don’t do that. Let’s plan to make her confess that she lie to u.
Abhi: ok but what if she loves some other?
Aaliya: bhai! I m sure she loves u only. Ok first do one thing?
Abhi: what?
Aaliya: go and check the contact to make sure that there is any suspected contact with A.
Abhi says ok and goes to his room. He doesn’t find pragya in his room so he searches for her mobile. At last he finds it in her hand bag. He opens it but he sees lock for mobile. He tries different patterns but it doesn’t open. Pragya comes to room and sees it from behind. She smiles seeing him.
Pragya: its pattern is R.
Abhi in absent minded says thank you and opens the pattern.
He comes to his senses and turns back. He gets shocked seeing pragya.
Pragya: what are you doing with my mobile?
Abhi: nothing I just wanted to see what mobile ur using.
Pragya: what? Very funny if u want to see u can see it while I m using it.
Abhi thinks now I shouldn’t talk anything to her or else she will surely catch my intention. He says ok leave that I m getting sleep. He covers his face with blanket and acts like sleeping. Pragya says I know why ur checking my phone. See now what I’ll do. She acts like she made a call to her bf and starts talking. Abhi removes his blanket little and looks at pragya. She turns towards him. He immediately covers his face. She smiles at his act. She leaves to balcony then he too follows her and tries to hear what she’s talking. She immediately turns back and asks him you said ur getting sleep then what are you doing here? He says yes actually I felt drowsy but it’s hot in room so I came here for air. Pragya thinks ur not only rock star but also a very good actor. She says ok u sit here. She leaves. He thinks this pragya is not giving me any chance to find her secret. However tomorrow surely I’ll check her mobile and ask suggestion from aaliya.

Its morning
Pragya takes psychiatrist’s appointment. She immediately gets ready and leaves to hospital. In hospital, she waits for psychiatrist. Later she goes to his room and introduces herself. She starts asking him about editor.
Pragya: what was his condition when he came to u?
Psy: he was completely in depression when he came to me. He used to speak strangely that someone is trying to kill him. I asked him to calm down but he used to say that he always used to say that someone was haunting him.
Pragya: what? Ok tell me what might be the reason behind his depression?
Psy: I’m not sure about that but I think some book influenced him.
Pragya: how can u say that?
Psy: because he used the word book so many time. Even I asked him but he didn’t say anything about that book.
Pragya: ok doc can I see the video tape of his counseling?
He says ok and shows her. She sees it and leaves from there. She comes out and thinks I m sure that book only responsible for his death. Tomorrow I’ve to meet dr. kailash’s wife.

In raizada mansion
Khushi and arnav comes. Anjali and nani sees both of them and asks about lav. khushi say she is fine and leaves to her room. Anjali grabs arnav and takes her room.
Anjali: chote! U went to lav na did u talk about that to them?
Arnav: how can I di? Think about khushi once if I talk that she will not listen to me.
Anjali: ur right but we can’t stay like this na. Let’s go to lav’s room and talk.
Arnav: di! But just now only I came from there what if khushi comes to know?
Anjali: don’t worry chote. We should solve this.
Arnav: ok di! I’ll give khushi some work later we can go to lav’s room.
She says ok and he leaves to his room.

In room
He sees khushi writing story. He goes near her.
Arnav: what are you doing khushi?
Khushi: I m writing story arnav ji
Arnav: when did you start it khushi?
Khushi: what arnav ji did u forget about this? I said na I m going to start a story before ur London trip.
Arnav: yes yes I forgot about that. Anyways what khushi ur always busy in writing. Don’t u do some other work?
Khushi: what happened arnav ji?
Arnav: I m having doubt whether u can do some other work or not?
Khushi: tell me directly arnav ji what work I have to do. I’ll surely do it.
Arnav: ok then today u have to prepare all variety dishes to our staff.
Khushi: me? but why all of this sudden arnav ji?
Arnav: I’ll went to London for contract na It became success. So I thought to send food from home today to office.
Khushi thinks arnav ji is trying to make me busy for some reason. I’ll find it but now I’ll do what he says. She says ok arnav ji I’ll do what u say but what will u give me in return.
Arnav: ok once u complete this work I’ll gift u one thing.
She gets excited and leaves to kitchen. He smiles.

He goes to anjali and tells her that ke kept khushi busy for some time. She says ok and they both leave. On other side, khushi was busy in preparing all the dishes meanwhile she thinks what might be the reason. Ok let him come. I’ll ask him.

After 2 hours khushi completes her task and sends it to office. She thinks now I’ll ask him why he gave me this task and my gift. She tries to call him but he cuts her call. She thinks why he is not attempting my call. Something is wrong. She again tries him but no use. She thinks let him come I’ll ask it directly.

Arnav and anjali reaches raizada mansion. He throws his suit and leaves to his room angrily. She sees him and without knowing his mood she says I’ve completed the task arnav ji so where is my gift.
Arnav: khushi leave me for some time.
Khushi: what happened arnav ji? I did na what u said then why are you like this?
He shouts at her once. She gets sad and leaves from there. Anjali sees her sad and asks her what happened? Khushi shares everything with anjali.
Anjali: don’t feel sad khushi…actually chote was in upset and angry too. That’s why he behaved like that.
khushi: why di? What happened?
Anjali: I can’t tell u the reason but I can suggest u one thing.
Khushi: what di?
Anjali: it’s better if u stop talking with lav.
Khushi at once gets shocked…and says what? She hears arnav’s voice saying what di said was exactly right. You have to stop talking to her and shouldn’t keep any relation with her.
Khushi: what are you talking arnav ji?
Arnav says what u heard was right. U shouldn’t keep any relation. Even ur not permitted to see her if you go against me. u can leave this house permanently. Khushi is hell shocked.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh angel, rithu, reshma pradeep, tina, tweety, durga, varsha, durga, sunaina, nasima, maha, emmy, anjaly k, meenu, arshi fan, di, shriti, abhigya, monesha, jo, sugan, maya and mahi for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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  1. nice but u can make that abhi know about pragya pls yaar it’s a request

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb…..?

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  3. omg it was very interesting and super i love abhigya but feeling sad for khushi anyway it was super

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  6. Very nice
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  9. Pragya making fun of Abhi…

    Y arnav ask khushi to stay away from lav??

    Is it related to that mysterious death..

    1. Surely there will be a twist in arshi story bt now its just a little twist but that’s related to death or not will be known in upcoming episodes..till then be patient and enjoy it…thnq so much jo..keep supporting..

  10. Superb di…….awesome di….u r always rocking the epi di…….i love ur ff sooo………much……..

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  16. Nice thn abhi s sooooooooo cute during tat phone scene it’s really awesome n loved it a lot…. Eagerly waiting for next part yaar…

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