book of mysterious deaths (epi 12)


Haiii guyzz…thnqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I m happy seeing ur comments…hope u guyzz support my every epi like this…ok lets go to the story…

In mehra mansion
In abhi’s room, pragya smiles recalling how she acted in front of abhi. She sees the bouquet and thinks. Fb begins.

In scene 1, pragya sees rose bouquet for the first time and thinks who might be this. One day she walks thinking about important case then she sees secret camera. She thinks who kept this and suspects on the one who was sending bouquet so one day she plans to find about it.
She intentionally smiles seeing the bouquet then she confirms herself after receiving the message. She thinks a guy asking for friendship instead of asking relationship directly…interesting..!!

In scene 2, pragya thinks why he is calling for park. I think it might be his plan to trap me. Ok I’ll act like I trust him. After seeing the guy she confirms herself as he is not one and starts her acting that she trusts he is the one she is searching for and scolds him. After leaving from there she thinks now he will take a step forward. I’m not going to leave that chance.

In scene 3, she goes to hotel but she thinks he is too intelligent that he observed similarities from others and gave hint. After enquiring 3 persons she confirms herself that 4th person is the one she is searching but intentionally goes to pick the call as she know that its unknown call and one of his plan so that she will confirm he is the one.

In scene 4, 2nd day bet, she went to party but she didn’t identify him but in 3rd day bet she went to abhi’s concert and suspected abhi for the first time because she didn’t get any message from beginning to end. And she observed him seeing her so as to trap him what will be his reaction she went to take autograph from him. He continuously stares at her.

In scene 5, in jeweler shop, after texting pragya he went to her as she will not suspect him but she is sure that the guy is abhi. She follows him as she tries to make him trust her she doesn’t suspect abhi. After he leaves from there she smiles.

In scene 6, when he saved her ma she decides not to behave harsh with him and talks to him as he wishes. She starts falling for him and shares everything. She used to listen his songs as she knows that the guy is abhi. She feels happy when he called her to park to reveal his identity. She sees abhi in the park and feels so happy but she too gets the call. She sees abhi as groom and blushes inside but acts like she is sad.

When abhi removes the number she understood that he was feeling guilt for his act but thinks to continue like this. But before marriage she makes a call to Ronnie to confirm once again. She clarifies that its abhi and thinks to call abhi to talk about that but stops herself. She intentionally sends herself the same bouquet which abhi sent her for the 1st time to make him trust her words. Finally she comes out of thoughts and says u’ve played games all these days but see now how I’m going to play with u. I’ll make u to confess ur love first. She smiles and sleeps.

Its morning
She wakes up and sees abhi sleeping. She goes close to him and caresses his head then she says I know you love me so much but I love the way ur struggling for my love. I want to enjoy this feeling for some time. But in the meanwhile I’ll make you to express ur feelings and the truth u wanted to share with me. And and…I love u…she kisses on his forehead and leaves from there.

Pragya gets ready and do aarati. She prepares breakfast. She thinks to wake abhi but feels it’s not good to wake him up as he slept late night. She feeds it to dadi. Dadi asks her about abhi. She says about him. Later she sits in sofa and starts reading newspaper. She reads the article of mysterious deaths and gets shocked. She calls Ronnie.
Ronnie: hello di!
Pragya: haa Ronnie just now I read newspaper. I have seen the article of mysterious deaths. Why didn’t you inform about that article?
Ronnie: di! Actually no one has the clear idea about those deaths. Some people are saying those are natural deaths so I didn’t inform u about them.
Pragya: ok ok I’m coming to office. Make the file ready.
Ronnie: but di!
Pragya: what?
Ronnie: yesterday only u just married. What will abhi sir think?
Pragya: no no he will not like that and this case seems interesting. I will come to office u make it ready.
He says ok and cuts the call. She gets ready and seeks permission from dadi.

Other side
Khushi comes out of thoughts seeing arnav’s call. She picks the call. He says he will reach India the next day. She asks him to complete his work and come to India.
Arnav: but khushi what about lav?
Khushi: she met with an accident. I’m on my way to hospital.
Arnav: what? Ok leave it I m already in airport. I’ll land tomorrow. Bye…take care.
Khushi is about to say something but he cuts the call.
She reaches hospital and goes to lav. she sees her with small injuries and gets relief. Anjali calls her. She informs about lav accident. Both shyam and anjali leave to hospital. They go to doctor and talk. After that they take khushi along with them.

Its morning
Khushi gets ready to pick arnav in the airport. She informs anjali and nani about arnav’s arrival. Anjali feels happy and plans to prepare his favorite dishes. She says di! After picking up arnav we will go to hospital to see lav. anjali says khushi I forgot to say. She discharged from hospital. Let her take rest. Later we all can go to see her. khushi says ok and leaves.

She reaches airport and waits for him. Fb begins. Anjali plans to make arnav reveal her the truth. She brings some girls photos to arnav’s room. She shows them and asks him to select one girl for him. He refuses. Nani too comes there and asks him to select. Both of them force him. At last he accepts that he loves khushi. nani and anjali smile at him once. He understands.
Arnav: di! Its ur plan na. I know very well.
Anjali: of course chote! I know ur loving khushi so I wanted u to tell me this.
Arnav: I thought to tell u di but she does not love me then how can i?
Anjali: ok let me find out whether she loves u or not. Call lav and tell her our plan that my family accepted u as bahu. They are planning for our engagement tomorrow. See what khushi will do.
Arnav says ok and tells lav what anjali said. She smiles and tells khushi. khushi feels bad and jealous too…
The next day lav gets ready for her fake engagement. She asks khushi to get ready soon but khushi says she will come later and asks her to leave. She gets sad. She thinks why I am feeling like this? What’s wrong with me? They both loved each other so they are marrying but…no no this can’t happen…I think I too want him. I should leave there.
She reaches raizada mansion. She sees arnav and lav holding rings in their hands and gets shocked. Arnav smiles when he sees her. She asks them to stop. Lav goes near her and asks what happened? She does not say anything. Arnav asks lav to come. She gets angry and beats him saying don’t you understand why I stopped this. Arnav says all are seeing don’t beat like this. She at once sees around and controls herself.
Arnav: so now tell me why did you stop it?
Khushi: because I love you…I don’t want you to marry anyone except anyone.
Arnav after listening this hugs her. She too hugs him. Everyone smiles at them. Lav comes near them. They break the hug. She says it’s just a fake engagement to make u realize ur feeling. Arnav loves u so much. Khushi looks at him angrily. He says no no its my di’s plan.
Anjali: chote! I tried to help u but at last ur pointing me. This is not fair.
Arnav: sorry di! If I won’t khushi again gets angry on me.
Khushi laughs at once. Anjali hugs both of them. Finally they both get married. Lav leaves to Australia to write a new story.
Khushi comes out of thoughts when someone places hand on her shoulder. She turns back and sees arnav. She says arnav ji! He smiles. She hugs him.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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