book of mysterious deaths (epi 11)


Haiii friends…Happy Sunday…thanqqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support…I felt very happy after seeing ur comments…hope u guyzzz support like this even after starting my thriller track…so let’s enter into the story…

In police station
Inspector starts thinking about the mysterious deaths of recent times…he calls some persons who witnesses then starts enquiring them about deaths. He later asks the constable to bring the books. He starts checking each and every book but didn’t find anything. But still he suspects the books. He thinks to go hospital and enquire about the reason behind the deaths. He leaves to hospital. Meanwhile he gets a call about another death. He leaves there.

(guyz here deaths which I mentioned in my previous episodes take place not in one day. They take place in different days and not only 2 persons so many will die. To give you an idea I mentioned 2 deaths. Hope u guyz understand what I meant to say)

Pragya and abhi take blessings from dadi and sarla. Aaliya hugs both of them. Pragya hugs sarla and starts crying. They both cry. Abhi goes near sarla and assures her that he will take care of her. Later they leave to mehra mansion. In mm they start doing some rituals.
After sometime dadi takes pragya to her room and closes the door. Abhi follows them and walks near her room thinking what she is saying. Meanwhile aaliya comes there and sees abhi roaming. She grabs him and takes a side.
Abhi: hey aaliya! Why are you grabbing me?
Aaliya: why are you roaming there bhai?
Abhi: dadi took pragya to her room and was sharing something. I think she came to know about my secret and was sharing it with pragya. I m scared what if pragya comes to know the truth through dadi. She will never forgive me.
Aaliya: cool down bhai! How can dadi come to know about ur secret? Just think it once.
Abhi: Ur right aaliya but still I have doubt on dadi that she knows my truth.
Aaliya: No bhai! Don’t get worry like this. And I forgot to tell u why I came here.
Abhi: ok tell me.
Aaliya: bhabi got a bouquet. I think u have sent it as a surprise for bhabi so I came here to ask u.
Abhi: what? Me? I didn’t send any bouquet.

In dadi’s room, Dadi shares about her family and how she brought up abhi and aaliya. She says everything about abhi. She tells her not to hesitate to ask anything she wants. She gives her ornaments and hugs pragya. She too hugs her and comes out.

On other side
Aaliya: if u don’t send it then who might have send it?
Abhi: where is that bouquet?
Aaliya: I kept it in ur room.
Pragya comes out of dadi’s room with smiling face. He gets relief.
Pragya enters inside the room. Abhi gets tensed seeing her and thinks how to tell the truth. They both sit silently. After some time abhi remembers about the bouquet and sees it. He gets shocked seeing it as it resembles the one which he sent pragya for the first time.
Abhi: hey pragya! Someone has sent this bouquet for u.
Pragya sees the bouquet and takes it. She sees it lovingly. Abhi thinks himself “may be she is thinking that I have sent this bouquet and seeing it lovingly. Now no more games I’ll tell her truth”
Abhi: pragya I wanted to tell u something.
Pragya: ok tell me.
Abhi is about to say something but then pragya gets a call. She says excuse me but abhi stops her and says it’s important. She stops and asks him to tell. He hesitates and again tries to tell but again she gets a call. She says I’ll be back in 5 min plz and goes out. Abhi thinks however today night I have to tell the truth. Let her come.
Pragya talks with someone and cuts the call. She enters into the room.
Abhi: ok pragya now I’ll tell u.
Pragya: even I wanted to tell u one thing.
Abhi: ok then tell me. Later I’ll tell u.
Pragya: I loved a guy but never expressed him even he loves me.
Abhi turns back and smiles as he knows that she is talking about him then he thinks to listen what she wanted to say. He acts like he doesn’t know anything.
Abhi: then why did u marry me?
Pragya: I married u for my ma and I didn’t realize that I love him. I just thought he is my friend but later I realized that I love him but it’s not like I wanted to cheat u. I m a big fan of u. even I admire ur songs but I don’t have that feeling on u
Abhi: ok then did u tell him?
Pragya: I expressed him about my love. He too accepted me.
Abhi is hell shocked to hear this. He thinks she never expressed about her love then whom she is talking about. Pragya continues I tried to tell u even before marriage but ur mobile was switched off. He asks her who that is.
Pragya: now I can’t tell u who is that but he is top businessman. He only sent this bouquet. Now also he only called me.
Abhi gets shocked that he is not the one pragya talking about. He thinks to ask further details but pragya goes to sleep. Abhi too goes to sleep but he thinks who might be that. I have never seen any guy with pragya. He goes to balcony as he didn’t get sleep. He tries to recall all the incidents and gets sad. Even tears rolled out from his eyes. At last he wipes his tears and thinks to himself “I’ll find out who is that and talk to him. I will try to convince him but what should I do if he doesn’t agree with me? However pragya is mine and am not going to miss her anyway. If he comes in middle then I know how to deal him. He leaves to his room.

In raizada mansion
Khushi comes out of thoughts when her mobile rings. She sees the mobiles and finds the call is from unknown number. She picks the call.
Khushi: hello!
Lady: hey khushi it’s me lav!!!
Khushi: lavvvv!!! Where are you? Why didn’t you come? We all are worried about u but u didn’t intimate about ur arrival.
Lav: sorry khushi! Actually after landing I was on my way to our room but unfortunately I met with accident. Later someone admitted me in hospital. After gaining conscious I called u from hospital.
Khushi: oh my god! How are you now and which hospital? I’ll come now.
She takes the details and cuts the call. Without intimating anyone she goes to the hospital. On her way to hospital fb begins.
On that night lav decides to propose arnav the next but she thinks what if khushi comes to know about this she may oppose so she hides it from khushi. On other side, khushi thinks if he is this much kind hearted then why he behaved like that. And why I’m thinking about him? No no I shouldn’t think about him. She sleep.
The next day lav secretly calls arnav that she wants to talk to him. He agrees. She leaves from room but khushi suspects her and follows her.
Lav reaches coffee shop. Khushi also reaches there but sits little distant as lav shouldn’t see her. arnav reaches there. Khushi is shocked to see arnav and thinks why did lav call him secretly? What will happen if she tells me?
Lav: hello arnav!
Arnav: hey lav! Why did you call me here? Where is ur friend?
Lav: actually arnav I wanted to talk to u something personal and important that why I called u here.
Arnav: ok tell me.
Lav: I m not getting how to say.
Arnav: hey don’t hesitate just feel free and tell me.
Lav: arnav when I saw u for the first time I fell in love but I don’t know whether it’s good or not but from that day after every meet I started observing u closely. I started loving u even more and more.
Arnav gets shocked hearing this. He says sorry lav I have never seen u with that feeling. I just treated u as my good friend. Lav asks then why did u move closely with us. Arnav says it’s my mistake to create feelings for u but that’s not my intention actually I love ur friend khushi. lav is shocked at once.
Khushi observes this but she don’t understand what’s happening. She gives confused look. Lav feels bad. Arnav tries to console her but in vain. At last she promises arnav that she will unite khushi with him. He smiles and holds her hand saying thank u. khushi gets shocked seeing her act. From that lav and arnav acts like being close so that khushi will get jealous. He used to call her regularly. They both used to meet frequently. Khushi follows them and feels possessive.

Who is that guy in pragya’s life? Will abhi be able to find who that guy is? How will abhi deal this problem? How will lav succeed in uniting arnav and khushi? How these mysterious deaths happening? What is the link between arshi and abhigya to these deaths?

I know so many questions running in ur mind. From tomorrow this track will start till then be patient u’ll get all the answers in upcoming episodes…

Epi ends here…sorry guyzz I know this epi is dragging and boring too but for next epi ur going to enjoy a lot and guyz I would like to share one important thing about this ff. in this ff arshi is also going to play a major role and these are not two different stories its only story. U have to wait for the twist to know what is the relation between arshi and abhigya. Soon u will get to know about this…hope u enjoy this track…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers to get better story…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Pls di soon reveal the suspence to pragya i can’t waiy…and coming to todays epi was superb it….

    1. In the next epi i m going to reveal till then plz be patient..thnq so much sunaina keep supporting..

  2. Hey nice yaar. ……but no more suspense. …

    1. Yup sure..wait for tomorrow’s epi u’ll surely like it..keep supporting..

  3. Oh my god sooooo sad 4 abhi yaar really pragya loves some1 I can’t tolerate yaar pragya shd loves only abhi yaar… Whatever I’m just eagerly waiting for next part yaar really with very much eagerness

    1. Dont worry durga in next epi u’ll feel happy reading this ff..till then plz be patient..keep supporting..

  4. pls reavel….i think pragya was tapping abi…….superb arshi fan ..

    1. Ur proved urself that ur good writer..grt..keep supporting emmy..

  5. dont do this pls pls pls…. pls dont make abhi cry.. aree do something yaar.make it as pragyas joke.. pls dont let abhi to cry..

    1. Dont worry tina be patient till next epi..ur going to enjoy it..keep supporting..

  6. Unpredictable twist dr

    1. One more twist in next epi is waiting..thnq rithu..keep supporting..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Who is the guy in Pragya’s life ???Plzzzz reveal it soon yaar…….Its Really Interesting………..

    1. I know ur eager about it bt wait till next epi..ur going to enjoy it..till then keep supporting..

  8. wow really super con’t wait for who is that person?waiting next episode…

    1. Thnq so much sugan..just wait for today’s epi..

  9. Lot of questions left??.. everyone is badly waiting to reveal the twists but take your own time arshi .. the content is too cool… good one

    1. Thnq so much angel..yup will reveal one by one..

  10. thnx for accepting my proposal… from your ff i can see how much love sense you had… having you as my life partner would be really perfect… coming to epi… its marvolous…. i love you lot….

    1. Loll mahi everyone here is presenting best love stories this means ur going to love all the writers..thnq for complimenting..keep supporting..

      1. Apart of everyone’s love stories… i love yours only because i deeply loving you arshi fan…

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