book of mysterious deaths (epi 1)


Haiiii guyzzz…thnqqqq so much for ur comments and support…I’ll make this ff a better one than my first ff…I wish you guyzz enjoy this ff…ok lets enter into this mysterious story…

In Mumbai
Wedding arrangements are going on…wedding hall is decorated with beautiful flowers and huge number of guests is attending even celebrities are attending earlier because it’s a famous rockstar and new reporter’s marriage…dadi is asking to make arrangements soon…sarla ma is also busy in preparations…She goes to see whether her beautiful daughter got ready or not…She opens the door and amazed to see her daughter…Pragya. She looks gorgeous in bridal attire but pragya is not so happy like her mom…Sarla gets emotional seeing her daughter like bride. She starts crying and says today my princess will go with her prince…I will miss u so much.
Pragya: ma don’t cry like this otherwise I’ll not marry.
Sarla: no pragya don’t say like that and I m not crying these are happy tears that I m fulfilling my responsibilities but meanwhile I miss u but no problem whenever I feel like missing u I will come there.
Pragya: (smiles) no ma whenever you want to see me just make a call I’ll be there.
They both smile.

Someone knocks the door. Sarla ma goes to open the door. She opens it and welcomes the girl inside the room. Pragya looks in confusion that who might be this girl. Sarla is something to say about her but she stops her and says hello bhabi! I am aaliya…abhi’s sister.
Pragya: hello aaliya! I have never seen u in any rituals.
Aaliya: yesterday only I came from us so even I was not able to see u anytime but after coming here I can’t stop myself to see u so I came here by the way u look so beautiful bhabi.
Pragya: (smiles) thank you.
Aaliya: ok bhabi u get ready let’s talk later. I wanted to tell u so many things about bhai.
Pragya: ok.
She says bye and leaves from there.

In Delhi
Raizada’s mansion; a beautiful girl starts doing pooja with prayers. She is our khushi. Her family members gather there. She starts giving Prasad to everyone. They all sit in hall. Khushi goes to kitchen and calls everyone to have their breakfast. They all start eating while khushi serving them. Phone rings. She goes to pick up the call.
Khushi: hello!
Girl: hai babe! How are you?
Khushi: hey lav!! I’m fine. How u doing there?
Lavanya: yeah everything is going well here.
Khushi: so when ur coming to India? I’m missing u badly!!
Lavanya: wow!! I m glad that ur missing me.
Khushi: what do u mean? U think that I don’t miss u
Lavanya: after ur marriage u became so busy that u can’t make a call to ur friend so am saying like that.
Khushi: no no nothing like that. Ok tell me when will u come to India?
Lavanya: get ready babe! I’m landing tomorrow morning.
Khushi: wow!! That’s nice then I’ll come to airport to pick up.
Lavanya: no no I’ll go to our room and later I’ll come there.
Khushi says ok and cuts the call. Anjali asks her about the call. Khushi says about the call and gets excited because after her marriage lav went to Australia. Anjali gets happy and asks her to make some preparations for lavanya. Khushi says ok and leaves to her room.

In wedding hall
Abhi’s room; abhi gets ready then aaliya comes to his room.
Aaliya: bhai! I went to bhabi’s room. She is looking gorgeous. You both look made for each other.
Abhi: (smiles) yes she is so beautiful. I have fallen for her when I saw her for the first time. Ok did she talk anything about me?
Aaliya: wow! I thought this is arranged marriage but now I came to know that this is love marriage so I wanted to know ur love story.
Abhi: not now will tell you later.
Aaliya: bhai please tell me now I m excited to know ur story.
Abhi: ok ok I’ll tell you.

On other side
A man is found dead in his room. His maid goes to his room for cleaning then she found him dead and shouts. She calls police. They reach the spot and identify him that he was an editor. They start checking everything. Then they enquire his maid about him. She says them that he is not feeling past few months. He almost went to depression even doctor came to house so many times but he didn’t find wrong anything in his health so he asked him to take rest for few days. Inspector asks her about his food and interests. She says that he was interested in books. He always read books. Inspector says ok and asks her to come for enquiry when they call her. She says ok and remembers something to tell.

Epi ends here…guyzzz I hope u like my 1st epi…initially I thought to make only thriller and horror scenes but now I changed my opinion for some episodes I’ll keep cute moments between abhigya and arshi after that I’ll gear up thriller and horror. Hope u guyzz understand this and support me…guyzzz plzz do comment ur opinion whether u like this ff or not. Even it’s a single word It means a lot for me…and suggestions are accepted…I wish u guyzz support me like my 1st ff…I’ll be waiting for ur comments…byee guyzz

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Super intro for all,, but I expect arnav in this episode… and is it aaliya positive character???? I want to see aaliya n pragya relationship postively…. I hope thriller also starts from this episode itself… wow waiting for ur next episode…

    1. Yup aaliya will b postv in my ff and before startng thriller i jst gave slight touch bt for some epi i’ll keep cute moments later i’ll enter into thriller sequence and thnq..keep supporting

  2. Kushi stopped eating and serving food to everyone now!!!!…. lol she changed a lot hehehe…. well going dear…keep it up.. waiting for your next ff!!!!

    1. She became matured lyk from 1st ff to 2nd ff she chngd anywyzz thnq..

      1. Hehe.. lol.. you are making fun of me..

      2. Not fun am complimenting u..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow ……Its Superbbbbbbbb…….

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  4. Loved it so wonderful who is that man and

    1. Thnq..he is just an editor and will reveal step by step in upcmng episodes..keep supporting..

  5. Wow good start
    Aaliya being positive nice
    i am sorry i still cant identify ronnie

    Started thriller in the first itself….Mm nice

    1. Thnq..i think if u watch kb once u can identify ronnie as he plays same role like pragya’s assistant..keep supporting..

  6. Abhigya........

    Great start…waiting for the next part…

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  7. Simply super 🙂

  8. Superb da keep rocking

  9. sana (abhigya)

    Superb dude continue it

  10. Hey,good going ya …

  11. super…abhigya intro super..

  12. Good start yaar carry on.

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