Book 2 The Devil (Betrayer a RagSan FF) (Trailer)(Swaragini)

Okay I know I can’t keep surprises. Actually I thought of keeping in my stomach but you see I can’t do it anymore. Nobody understands me 
Chalo no problem. I will reveal it finally but should I reveal it is the real question huh I know I’m so confusing but bare with me for some time.
Ragini’s P.O.V
Did I plan this no. I did not. Sitting inside a lavish room I’m just wondering where I have landed myself. I left behind people who meant to me my world. They are happy without me I guess. Are they really. Sanskar are you happy without me? Say na Ghajni Maheshwari I want to listen to your voice. Please talk to me just once. Please. I wanted to tell you those words Sanskar I really wanted to but then I had no option. Will you ever forgive me for this Sanskar? Speak na. I don’t know I feel this is the end of us. It pains me. Pains me like hell. I just want to see you once Sanskar just once.
A stone fell in front of her from which landed from the window. She remembered how Sanskar threw a stone while going on their first date. A small smile curved on her lips. “Ah I have started hallucinating also now” she told herself. She shook her head and found the stone still there. She picked it up worried. “No he can’t come here” she covered her mouth. She moved to the window and sighed as she did not find anyone. She looked into her hand and unwrapped the paper.
“Ragini” a voice made her jerk and she dropped the stone down and as the paper was unwrapped from it fell on the ground near the curtain. Ragini moved her eyelids scared. “God ji please let him not notice the paper please” she prayed closing her eyes. But it was late. “Hey what’s this” she felt his voice still closer to her and her heart raced and sweat started covering her. She gulped the saliva trying hard so that he doesn’t hear it.
She looked from corner of her eye. He picked up the paper and fear crept in her body with each passing second. Even she wasn’t aware what was there in the paper but she sensed something. Will it ruin everything. No she can’t let it happen. She turned immediately and hugged him in a bone crushing hug. “I love you. I love you a lot. Please don’t leave me. I cannot live without you. I wanted to write all that on the paper and give you but I wasn’t finding right words so just crushed it and threw it” she grabbed the paper from his hand. And threw it out of the window but thanks to her luck she threw it so that just it can land on the window awnings which could hold the paper for sometime. Her heart cried. Cried for the words she spoke. A web of lies she was building will crush her down but to what extent she was unaware. For the fact she was with the devil she has to do this.
“You think I’m fool don’t you?” a smirk appeared on his face. “But my dear life it isn’t as easy as you think. Because you are right about me. I’m a devil. But my angel will you survive me is the real question?” the chair rocked as he looked at her picture where she was smiling giving high five to Sanskar. “I know you from the time before you know me Angel. So you know what I mean?” his smirk deepened.
A man was walking with a backpack on a snow covered road. “Gosh this cold” he rubbed his hands and covered his mouth and left a breath forming a smoke. “bhayya” he called a tea vendor. “One tea please” he said and the vendor handed him a hot glass of tea. “Hmmm” he moaned in pleasure as the hot tea touched his tongue and a smile curved on his lips.
“No I don’t want anything. I want only my Ragini maasi” Piyu cried as Sujatha held the morsel in front of her. Sujata’s heart pained. “Piyu bacha please listen to me. She will not come back” said she looking painfully at Piyu. She doesn’t know how to console her. Piyu sobbed more. “Is it any joke for you all. First my mom then Swara maa and now Ragini maasi. Can’t I have a mom in my life. Am I so bad?” her voice cracked as her face covered with tears. “Piyu” she heard the only voice which soothed her. “Chachu” she ran to him and hugged his legs. “Please get me my Ragini maasi please. You promised you will get Swara maa but you did not get. But chachu I can’t live without Ragini maasi please” she pleaded looking up at him. His face looked aged and wrinkles made him look old. Older than his age. Beard covering half his face he looked defeated. Defeated from world, defeated from time.
He bent and sat holding her little hands. He looked at her eyes which were hopeful. Hopeful that even if God cannot fulfil her wish her chachu will fulfil her wish. He looked down and wiped the tear from corner of his eye. “sh…. She will” said he and looked around pressing his lips to control his cry. “She won’t come back Piyu” he dragged her into a hug holding her head and burst out crying. “No” she screamed getting out of his hold. “You lost her chachu. You lost her. It wasn’t her fault. You left her hand chachu. You left” her eyes burning. She ran to her room. He stood numb looking at her and tears flowing continuously from his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He recognized the touch and turned and hugged his mom immediately and burst out crying. No words were required for his mom to understand his pain. “Sanky” she brought him out of the hug and wiped his tears and nodded her head. “She will be happy na maa?” his cracking voice made her heart pain. She nodded her head caressing his hair. He closed his eyes painfully.
And all thanks to my twini because of whom I got this idea to give a trailer, Twini love you a lot. So keep the guess mode on and scratch your head. And select someone from the below list.
1. Piyush Sachdev
2. Amit Tondon
3. Ali Merchant
You can google if you don’t know any of these. Finger crossed. Hope I did not spill out much. Phew.
I know you people might be losing interest in the plot as I’m taking hell lot of time to post the updates and it’s too much confusing hai na. Please let me know for any suggestions.

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