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A Bond Made in Heaven OS


Hey friends, it’s me Rina Sivaguru….. I back with another OS….Did you all miss me???? It’s especially dedicated to my little baby sister, Tracy Siva….. I couldn’t celebrate her birthday because she was staying at hostel….. So, I make a few surprises like sending wishes and video with her pictures and lastly this OS as today is her birthday, her special day….. And readers please comment after you read it…….

What you feel when you were born in family as an only child? Did you ever feel the joy when after a few year; you get a sibling to play with? A sibling who we will fight with, argued, scratching and so on….But whatever it is, having a sibling to grow older together is a blessed thing ever…….

That’s how I feel when I get a baby sister after 4 years….. So many times, I have asked to my parents why I didn’t have a sibling to play with when my other friends have their own siblings….Maybe God fall pity with a small child when I was so longing for a sister to play with…. So, I get a small baby sis named Swara and I’m ragini and together we were Swaragini…..

During our childhood, I always feel irritated having a sister like her…. She is so annoying and always disturbing my peace…. When we fight, we also scratch each other…. It’s so weird but nothing can be weirder than two girls fighting after a few minutes cuddling each other….
When I was my high school, Swara was in her primary school….She was having her final exam in the end of her primary school… I told her that “Swara, don’t ever spoil my name at there at least pass every subject….. “ Actually I just want to boost her energy to do well but damn sister’s ego…. We couldn’t admit right…. But at the end she pass with flying of colors with A’s same result as mine…. I think we already have bonding not in relations only even our grades too….

Swara entered her high school same as mine while I entered college life…. One day, she called my sister which can be defined in many languages as sister, kakak, di, jie jie, Shimai,thangai, and so on….. I start to laugh a lot…. I’m not humiliating her…. It’s just that I know she was so uncomfortable calling me as sister because she used to call me with my name….To avoids the uncomforted “Swara, you better stop calling like that…. You are making me look old…..hahaha” with an angry face but at last start to laugh again…

She asked me “Ragini, what will people will think if I called you with name?”…. I just told “Swara just don’t care what people are talking…. You know what people call sister; it doesn’t mean they give the same respect to them…. And it doesn’t mean the people who called their sister with name don’t respect them…. I know you respect me it’s enough… There is no need to show it with words…. I prefer you call me with name which show that we were not sisters but more than a sister a best friends who can share everything…..”

Then there comes the day where I was joining college…. I will stay at hostel….. I know deep inside my heart, I will miss her a lot…. Before the day I leaving to the hostel, Swara give a a small box which wrapped with a gift paper and ribbon on it….. “Swara, what is this?” I asked her….. She said “Ragini, it’s a gift for you as it’s your first day joining college….And don’t opened it now after you reached your hostel only you can see it…..”
Once I reached my hostel, firstly I start to unwrapped the gift…. There was on pendant with a photo of us when we were young and went for a school trip….. Swara write that “I was looking so cute…. (but It’s was my picture that I were angry and was in pouting face)…… hahaha…. I was laughing with the first line…. I read further….”Ragini, one more thing, I think I’ll miss you very badly because there none I can’t fight with….. Even other family member will miss you….” Reading the line I felt a bit homesick even I just left the house few hours ago….. I continue the reading….. “Ragini you are the craziest girl and don’t forget to call me……..” I cried a bit after read it….. I feel so touching and overwhelmed….. (Shhhh…. Cannot tell others that I had cried…. Hehehehe….)
Years have passed both of us were in adulthood….. There is no more scratching like Tom and Jerry ready…. Though we argued sometimes but we never ever leave each other hand….No matter how many ups and downs that we had faced but we never leave each other hand and we both stand of each other…… That is the greatest bond of sisters…. A bond that made in heaven……

Friends, please cherish every relationship in your life especially sister….. Who will fight the world for you….There was an angel who sends by God just for you to grow old with you…. Not only sister but brothers too…..No matter how much we fight, argued, yelled and teased each other but we won’t let others discriminate or contemptible you….. They will always there for you and helped you in every way like a mother or father and an angel who protect you from everything…..

  1. Wow superb dear….real swaragini OS…loved it…
    Heavenly sisters bonding…..

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Hehehe……tq dear sethooty….. Thanks to my sis…. she inspired me to write this story….

  2. Ragz_teju


    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks dear Ragz_teju….. 😉

  3. Mica

    waaa… love my sisters a lot….love it Rina…

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Hehehe…… tq dear Mica…. pleasant to hear that you love ur sis….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. woooowwww!!!! sooo lovely OS… finally got a OS who portrays a real bond of swaragini…. u know what i also have a sister who is soo naughty n annoying.. can’t live without disturbing me… at d same time i can’t live without her…hahhahaha..😊😊

    from me”” HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIVA”””… may this day brings soo much happiness in ur life… u r really lucky to have a sister like Rina..god bless u both…😙

  5. RinaSivaguru

    Hehehe….. Tq so much dear kakali…. It’s my pleasure to have u comments here…. Hahaha…. Sister’s are annoying right but still we can’t live without them…. God bless you both sis too….. Tq for the wish dear….. 😉 😉 😉

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Tq dear……

  6. Firstly happy Bday to ur sis…hvng sis itself lucky tat too a frndly sis s v lucky u both r v lucky..awesome OS..

  7. RinaSivaguru

    Tq so much s Priya….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. awesome os

  9. woww awesome me too have a little sis and we too fight a lot but i too love her a lot

  10. RinaSivaguru

    Tq Juan Jain…. 😉

  11. RinaSivaguru

    Tq j…… Hope u both stay happy forever…. 🙂

  12. it was so true i have a brother and i cannot think of my life without him reading this story i felt as if it is my life story only(not the whole story i study in 10 and my brother in 7) he is my partner in crime we still fight for small things but i love him

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Myna, actually its my real life story…. Hehee… siblings are the one who will be with us in our ups and downs….. same goes to me no matter how much we both fight still love each other a lot…..

  13. Its superb but it makes me feel sad for my bestie who was stubborn for a baby girl but the baby died a day later now she has breathing problems

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Riha…. that was so sad…. she must be so depressed that’s why she have breathing problem….. please do help her come out from that problem….. May the baby rest in peace…. Tq so much… will pray for ur fren….

  14. Tq jiji …. Opssss sry rina
    Miss 2 fight with you …
    Pyari pagal sis

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Tracy miss u too idiot…… come back home soon……… i’m not pagal….. it’s u duffer…… ><

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