Bond through HEART!!! Part 4

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Recap : Om slaps Gauri for scolding Ruhi
Anika : Om calm down whatever happened should not have happened, but relax go to your room .( Om and ruhi left).
Gauri : It’s okay di …

Misunderstandings are common between us but don’t know why today I felt for first time that I will loose him forever ( cries loudly)
Rudra : Bhabhi I know whatever happened is wrong and trust me bhabhi ruhi is not bad ,I promise she will not repeat this is with u again.
Gauri : No I am not angry on her she don’t know who I am and what I am for Omkaraji so she asked like that, but I must not have insulted her.

Shivay : Gauri, Om is more concerned for her so that made him react like that
Gauri : Jiju, what made me loose my hope is why is he not even trying to understand me I am not of that type what he thinks situation is that and he misunderstood it. I am worrying that I could never get him back ( cries..)
Anika : Gauri control yourself I can understand ur position, but I am sure one the om we lost will come back
Rudra : Haa Anika Bhabhi I too have trust the O whom I lost will be again mine (says crying)
Shivay : For that we have to make Swethlana out of this mansion and then he will sure come to normal position
Anika, rudra : Yaa, we should focus on it and for that gauri u should be with us after all u r his wife and if once that devil is out of house then all misunderstandings will erased
Gauri : I hope so but first I will make sure she will get exposed soon and for that we have to be United every sec
Anika : U have to be strong everytime don’t care about Om’ s words for sometime
Rudra : Fine for that from this min we should start a mission
Gauri : and that mission is DEXO
All the three ( Shivika, Rudra) : That means
Gauri : Swethlana is Devil -D, we have to expose her EXO hence DEXO
Anika, Rudra : Wow Gauri /Bhabhi u too became sharp like us.
Anika : Learn Shivay
Shivay : Done fine we will together expose her by the way where is prinku
Rudra : When O was serious on bhabhi we heard something and pinky went there but till now she didn’t return

@OM’s room
Ruhi : ……
Om : Ruhi, I am sorry on her behalf
Ruhi : Why are u sorry
Om : Because she hurted you
Ruhi : All right but everyone are there when this happened then only u are saying sorry for me that too on her behalf why?
Om : Because..
Ruhi : Haa tell
Om : u know that she is, she is..
Ruhi : Wife
Om’s face is of mixed emotions he recalled how he met her, how he married her and all those moments came to his flash, he is somewhat irritated he is somewhere feeling if he may be wrong
Ruhi : I have something to say Bhayya
Om : Haa…..
Ruhi :U know what this happend first time also when maa (pinky maa) commented on my dressing style, my behaviour and all ( almost I felt I was insulted) but u handled it with ease because u somewhere know that she is other women who can’t take anything from u because u know even though she loves u there are some borders between u both but today when it’s with bhabhi..
Om : have u lost ur senses u r calling her….when myself refused her
Ruhi :I have a reason which u also know but u r unable to accept it first let me complete what I want to say

This time the same happened with Bhabhi and the fault is mine I didn’t listen to her and said something wrong
obviously unknowingly I insulted her character. I know u love me a lot and never encourage me to move in wrong Way but this time the love u have on me dominated ur feeling, right u have on bhabhi u couldnot see when someone who deeply belongs to u insulting ur sister which means somewhere u felt she is all yours, u felt whatever u do she will receive it and it’s not because of her weakness it’s because u know that she is all yours.
(Om was all silent listening to her and thinking about all the incidents she is saying)
Ruhi : I don’t know what happened between u both and in what circumstances u married her and what situations made her stoop low in ur eyes but u somewhere know that she is innocent but may be something u witnessed is not allowing u to accept that she is innocent and trust me may the reason which is not allowing u to accept her as ur wife may be false because I could see honesty in her eyes

( Om recalls all her incidents with kaali thakur and how his wife attempted suicide and died) recalling all these he left furiously without uttering a word.
Gauri while passing through the room heard their conversation which was not noticed by the two after Om left she went to ruhi
Gauri :thankyou ruhi
Ruhi : Sorry bhabhi because of me u got insulted
Gauri : First I felt I would loose him forever but now after listening to u I got some trust that he can be mine one day
Ruhi : He is already urs and he knows the fact but he is just not accepting it being an oberoi he must be stubborn somewhere what can we do it’s genetic problem ( both laughs)
Scene shifted to Prinku
prinku had seen two people hiding and moving out and frighthend and followed them
Prinku : Stop there who are u
I said stop there

Prinku : Choti maa, Choti papa 😱😱😱
Pinky : Beta be silent
Shakthi : Actually we are going to lake nearby what can I do I have married her and now this is all my headache
prinku : BUT why at this time
Pinky : Today is full moon day and I want to stand in middle of lake and see moon .beta don’t tell this to anyone
Prinku : Fine I will leave
Shakthi : Shall we move now
Pinky : Haa

Continuation tommorow….


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