Bond through HEART!!! Part 2

Well,thank you everyone for your comments and for silent readers also really u people gave lot of encouragement.
Fine continuing..
I would to clear something about my previous episode – In my ff Tej is not so evilish that he is ready to kill jhanvi but still some disturbances are there between them which u will come to know later.
continuing next part…

Pinky : Rudy, Om wake up. How much time will you sleep Wake up.. these guys are really kumbakarans ..( saying this she thrown a glass of water first on rudra)
Rudra : Om!!😬😬 u have gone mad. I accept u are anika bhabhi’s best buddy but don’t try to imitate her she is my crime partner Got it!!
(Saying this he turned towards Om but the moment he turned he saw Om’s face is wet)
Rudra : Soo🤔🤔
Om : Duffer I am not the one
(They here voice saying..Kumbakarans it’s me)
Pinky : Now go get readys go..
Om : Choti maa just few minutes we will be ready, we will be checking shivay and prinku
Pinky : U four come soon downs everyone will be waitings (saying this she left)

Meanwhile @ TEJ, JHANVI’s ROOM
Tej : Jhanvi I am not interested in these all rituals anyways happy living should come from heart, love is needed, trust is needed for togetherness,leave it.
Jhanvi : Tej…
Tej : Still insecure about Me. Can u ever trust me?? Oh god!!
Jhanvi : Tej I accept u sidelined swethlana from ur life, but she is still in this mansion only she is a evil women.Why don’t u understand (Guys in my ff tej was once around swethlana but not now he has sympathy, care, effection for her just because she is his employee. He sidelined her just because he respects jhanvi now and had grewn love for her and Swethlana’s evil moto to destroy oberois is not out but in Oberoi mansion only tej believe her truly remaining has doubt on her )
Tej : Swethlana is here because she is unwell , she met with an accident and has no one to take care about her. She is not so evil as u think
Jhanvi : Fine tej. I will leave about her but please do pooja just for me please..
Tej : u need not to request anyways I don’t want to hurt you more. Well I will do this
(They both hug each other and smile)
Swethlana sees this from behind and thinks in mind that be happy but only for sometime and then again the destruction starts)

Meanwhile @ SHIVAY’s ROOM
(Shivay finally woke up without disturbing prinku and get ready and just then Om and Rudy enters)
Om : WTF!! till now prinku didn’t woke up?
Rudra : O u really got blind can’t you see. Ohh yeah !! since bhabhi came here u could only see her right ( by doing his logic sign)
Om : Top of his voice just don’t remember her even for sometime
Shivay and Rudra : Relax Om !!
Rudra : I am sorry O
Om : fine I am too sorry I must not have showed my anger on you
A voive: no one says sorry for me. U all are so partial always u three people mind and heart revolve around each other and not even care for me (saying this she made puppy faces)
Om : Offo My Princess!! I disturbed ur sleep right!! sorry see I am holding ears.. forgive me na
Rudra : No prinku we will plan some punishment what say Shivay bhayya??
Shivay and prinku : yeah!!
Om : Ready to bear for u ( making puppy faces)
Prinku : I will decide it. Today evening we are having Gaala time with family and no professional work. Okay!!
Om: Done!! accepted.
They all get down
Anika : So u got time to get down
Om : A lill late by the way u woke up soo soon
Anika : last night dadi’s health was bit bad cough and cold so gauri and me went and slept there.
Prinku : I got panicked (said recalling something) so bhayya took me to his room.

Continuation tomorrow..

Precap : Omkara slap gauri, priyanka worried seeing someone


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