Bond through HEART!!! Part 1

Guys!!This is lasya. I am new to ff and this is my first ff.

This is purely from my imagination and some incidents may match. All the characters are same as in serial. All charcters are of same age groups as in serial.

Hope u love it!!!

Dadi: I am fed up jhanvi. See he is so stubborn not even waking up. It’s high time arrangements are being done for pooja and see him,offo. One of my sons is stubborn and the

other is silent .pchh..

Jhanvi: Don’t worry maa,actually last night he was so late and ended up his day very tired.So that he is like this. Don’t worry we will be on time.

Pinky : Jethaniji, u are so late and we got ready.

Shakthi: maa ,pandit will be ariiving within 15 min .It would be better if we get ready by the time he arrives.

(Saying that all leaves and jhanvi and tej are left in room)

Jhanvi : Tej, I am done enough(In angry tone).


(Om,Rudra are lying on bed in one room, Shivay,Prinku(Priyanka) are there in other room)


Just then Shivay woke up and saw his cute sister sleeeping with her head on his chest and her hand on his stomach. He tried to move her ,but in sleep she nodded in negative like

a small kid and hugged him tightly ,he reciprocated hug and smiled at her antics.


Both are sleeping peacefully just then a voice enters shouting Oh My Maataa!!!!! still sleeping wake up soon time is nearing for pooja (Yeah!! the voice is pinky’s)

Continuation tommorow.. Thank you guys


  1. Aastha_Reddy


    |Registered Member

    It is too short yaar… I could not get it enough for… but its OK… as you tried for the first time…
    Are you the same Lasya who commented on my OS..??

    • Lasya



      Thank you di next I will try to be better. No, I am not the one who commented on your OS, but I like ur writings.

  2. anika😵

    Nice one… Keep going.. Waiting for the next one..
    Next time make it little longer…👍

  3. Amayaa


    |Registered Member

    Ya lasya
    We truely loved it
    U have a good writing skills dr
    Keep it up
    U wrote each nd every dialogue so beautiful that i m not able 2 believe this is ur 1st 1
    But ya I must say this is too short
    Post de next 1 soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.