The Bond Of..? Chapter 9 Part 2


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Chapter 9 Part 1
Sana stood in astonishment and intense shock as her shoulders shuddered when she saw Aarav throw a fistful punch at Neeraj. The red blood woozed out of their faces, both of them fighting like street goons. She couldn’t get her mind to start thinking when she saw Arpi Di’s face go pale, she looked with the same shock as her. Both unsure of what was going on. All they could see was both of their husbands throwing punches at each other and blood spilling all over the carpet underneath.

It is when Sana heard a gasp from Aarav, she came out of her statued appearance, her brain unfroze and she lunged herself forward as she placed a hand on Aarav’s arm.

She felt him stiffen under her touch, “Stop,” she sternly shouted.

She felt a level of relief drain over her when Arpi Di pulled back Neeraj and both the men let go of each other unwillingly.

Aarav swiftly faced Sana, his dark and cold eyes meeting her fragile ones which immediately sent thousands of cold shivers down her spine. His face was blank, yet angry as he locked his jaw tightly and looked at Sana with a blistering gaze which pierced into her eyes.

“Are you both nuts?” Arpi di finally bursted out with extreme anger as she eyed both of them.

Sana tightened her clutch around Aarav’s arm as he gazed at Neeraj with extreme enmity and intense anger. Sana thanked god that looks don’t kill or else the way Aarav was looking at Neeraj, he would have definitely been dead by now.

“What the hell is all this? I warned you that he will be here didn’t I?” Arpi di roared at Aarav who furrowed his eyebrows while a stir of mixed emotions were running through his face. Shock, anger, sadness, enmity, hatred, everything was in a big blend.

“Yeah, keep blaming me, don’t say anything to him,” Aarav snapped at Arpi di in a critical voice with extreme hatred and anger.

“Aarav,” Arpi di called out as Aarav glanced one more time at Neeraj and stormed out of the place in silence.

Sana’s stomach went taut as she revived intense anger and dangerous look on his face, what the hell happened. She shut her eyes for a quick minute to calm herself down, but Aarav’s murderous look from just a minute before kept appearing into her mind, again and again. Would he have gone that far if she didn’t stop him.

As she opened her eyes after taking a deep breath, she saw Arpi di looking confused at the corridor behind as Neeraj vanished from sight. Sana let out a stressful, heavy sigh and walked over to Arpi di.

“Di, I will explain Aarav, don’t worry. You go talk to Neeraj,” Sana explained Arpi di who was just staring at the ceiling with blankness.

“This happens every time they see each other, I am so fed up of all this,” she complained with her weared out face.

“Something new will happen this time, I promise,” Sana blurted out without thinking as she gave Arpi di a quick hug and squeezed her hand in assurance.

“Aarav and me share everything, every little secrets from childhood. But, after a certain point, he built these extremely strong walls around his heart. Why? Nobody knows and he won’t even tell us why he distanced himself from love and attachment. This increased after the death of our parents,” Arpi di’s eyes started to well up with tears.

“I know him from childhood which is why he gave me direct entry to his heart, but he didn’t let anyone more than a few people after me in there. Sana, can you please break these protective walls in my brother’s heart without hurting him?”

Sana’s breath hitched in her throat as her blood turned cold as ice all of a sudden, her eyes widened and her mouth hung open. What?

“I know my brother will let you in, and believe me he already has,” Arpi di continued with pleading eyes boring all their weight into hers.

Sana gulped down hotly. “Me?”

“You are the only one who could do this, no one has been able to do that for now but I know your determination and stubborn nature will do the trick.”

How could she tell Arpi di that this wedding is only total 9 month thing in which 4 months are already done.

“I know I am asking a lot from you, but please Sana. Do this one favour for me,” she begged Sana with tears running down her cheeks.

Sana gave her a tight smile and nodding gently as she gave her another warm hug.

“Thank you,” Arpi di said with a tight smile as both of them turned around to go to different ways of the mansion.

Will I be able to keep the promise? Sana wondered as she opened the door to their room. The person who she was dying to take revenge from, will she able to cure him instead?

She walked in with mouse rattling in her stomach, still reviving his dark face and cold eyes from before. She heard the tap running from the washroom, she hurried over to spot blood running from the corner of his parted lips, his knuckles with under the tap water which was turning red due to the blood.

“Oh my god!” Sana gasped as she saw the patches of blood stuck to his knuckles.

“You don’t do that, come here,” she ordered him as she turned off the tap and took his knuckled in her hand.

“I know what I am doing,” he retorted with frustration as he jerked his hand out of her hand and turned the cold water on again.

“You know everything but what you are doing,” she stated with a sigh as she grabbed his hand and turned the water off again.

“Sana, look I am not in a mood, just leave,” he yelled at her as he looked at her.

For the first time, underneath an arrogant jerk, possessive husband, caring brother she saw a broken and messed up man standing in front of her. He DID have a complicated and messy life and definitely not in a way she expected it to be.

“Not now, I am not going to listen to you, you are bleeding like hell and you don’t even know what to do and you are asking me to go?” Sana sarcastically yelled at him as she pulled a first aid kit from the drawer underneath the sink.

“You are not going to leave until you finish are you?” He asked her with a frown as she shook her in negative.

Sana stepped in closer as she took a wrap from the kit and wrapped it around his knuckles after she cleaned the wound. She knew his intense gaze was watching her every actions, she gulped down and she continued to what she was doing when he wrapped his other arm around her waist.

The little distance that was in between them was completely closed. Sana’s body jerked a little when his he pulled her even closer to himself. The cologne was hitting her nostrils hard and her lazy body awaked with concentrations.

She concluded her little medical session and finally met his eyes with satisfaction which was immediately drowned when she saw his red eyes looking at her. He was glancing down at her with a little softened eyes from before, while she was staring at the blood from the corner of the lips.

Don’t, don’t, don’t Sana kept chanting to herself but ultimately her heart took over and moved her hand over to his face and wiped the stain off his face. He flinched lightly under her touch and before she could take her hand off from his face, he took them and placed them around his neck, while his other hand tightened around her waist. He buried himself in the crook of her neck while she placed her hands around his neck, submerging herself into his chest. He let out a deep sigh which fanned her bare neck, making her tightened her grip to comfort him.

“Are you okay?” She asked him in a strained, crumpled voice.

He let out out a bitter chuckle and muttered in a tightened voice, “What do you think?”

“What did he do?” Sana asked curiously as she felt him straighten out a little.

“That’s something for you to think about and me to know,” he answered her with a riddle.

“If you let it out you won’t feel better,” Sana tried to get him to blurt everything out to her so that she knew what was going on.

“Why are so persistent in entering the fire?” He questioned her as he tilted his head to the side.

“If I don’t enter it then how will I be able to find the source and extinguish it?” Sana smartly replied with hesitation. She knew what she was doing was extremely risky and according to Arpi di, this was something noone could do. Will she, who came only a few months ago able to break those walls, extinguish the fire?

He immediately broke the hug, making Sana miss his warmth, his weight on her as he rushed out of the washroom. He had a worried expression on his face as he hastily looked for his phone while Sana stood there with confusion.

“Sana, you need to leave this place, I will make all the necessary arrangements for your stay at a nearby hotel or something,” he rambled as he finally found his phone.

“What?” Sana yelled at him with dismay.

“I will tell people that we had a fight or you are not comfortable in this huge mansion, and once you are there you can get all the freedom you want. I will crash the idea of revenge from my head and you will get what you want, okay?” He kept on ranting as he searched his contacts for the hotel’s number.

Sana froze at his words, she had no clue what he was saying, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Look, the best thing for you is to stay out of my heart and mind then get yourself completely stuck inside it,”he warned her in an authoritative tone as ke walked into closer to her.

His face showed seriousness while she put on her determined face and confidently argued, “But, I need to get in there to know what is wrong and to fix it.”

He shook her gently with both hands and roared at her with rage, “What? Sana look, just go and live you life. I promise it is not a good place in there,”

“I am ready to go a rose garden in a graveyard,” she replied sternly as she looked at him with confidence.

“This is not a joke you understand? You are a human and you have feelings too, get that?” He warned her cautiously yet again, wanting her badly to step back out of the hell she was throwing herself into.

“That doesn’t change anything,” Sana said with bored eyes and a blank expression.

“Sana, why are so determined to do this? This is going to last only for 5 months,” Aarav argued again with her while she bit her lower lip as she cringed with his words. He was right, just for 5 more months and then everything would be….finished?

“I know, but I made a few promises to certain people that I will try to make this work and sort out the mess you made and-” she started to explain him but he cut her off.

“You need an entry into my heart to fulfill it,”

“I guess so, let’s try to make this worthwhile for both of us,” she tried to cheer him to get him into her words while he sighed at her with disbelief.

He clearly hadn’t seen a stubborn girl like her before, he was examining her with caution as his eyes were pleading her to back away from this. Should she? Not now, not anymore after she promised maasi that she will actually try to work this out and Arpi di that she will break his protective walls without hurting him.

“You know that there is no turning back after this right?” He asked with his eyebrows rasied and his eyes staring intensely at her.

“No turning back,” she repeated in a whisper to herself as her stomach twisted and turned again into a giant knot.

She did promise not to hurt Aarav in this whole process but will she able to save herself from being hurt? After all, Aarav was right, she did have feelings too, she was a human after all, what will happen to her if she took this risk? Is this worth the depression she was bound to face after? Should she do it to cure a complicated life and keep her promises?
How was that?? What will Sana choose??

That was a filler part which gives an insight of the plot of what is going to happen in the next 5 months of Aarav’s and Sana’s lives! Sorry, if there were no jokes or any humor in the chapter, this was a quite intense one. The next will be Sana’s decision and Aarav’s view on this whole thing, let’s see what Aarav thinks about all this!

DO COMMENT your views, each and every one who is reading this, I will be happy to know how you find the story, tell me if I should go faster or is this speed fine? I am planning to update in a day or 2 at max, not going to delay this like last time!! So, tell me how you felt on this and I will update sooner about what Sana’s decision is!

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