The Bond Of..? Chapter 9 Part 1


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“5 times, 5 whole times?” Sana asked Arhaan who just told her he got suspended 5 times from school in 1 year. Amay in her arms was playing with his cars.

“Yes,” Arhaan said sheepishly.

“What did you do to get suspended 5 times?” Saanvi yelped from behind.

“Throw parties,” Arhaan replied with pleasure.

“In school?” Sana asked confused. Who the heck throws parties in school?

“Yes, he decided to throw parties in a middle of the school in the gym,” Arpi di said as she made her way towards them.

“I didn’t know it was not allowed until the 5th time,” Arhaan defended himself making all the girls burst into laughter.

“You are way crazier than I ever imagined,” Saanvi muttered sarcastically, grinning widely at Arhaan.

They were all seated in Arpi di’s bedroom, chatting over Arhaan’s school pranks.

“Didn’t you ever get in trouble?” Arhaan asked Saanvi.

“She did, many times,” Sana said instead when Saanvi started to shake her head.

“Really?” Arhaan asked with interest while Saanvi growled from behind.

“She was the school prankster, and teacher’s hated her. She should be lucky to graduate with them all cursing her every minute,” Sana spilled out all the details, receiving death glares from Saanvi.

“Whateves, I got out and that’s all that matters,” Saanvi declared with pride like graduating was a big accomplishment.

“When is your bet ending?” Sana enquired as she saw Arhaan counting money.

The friendly bet they had placed between themselves, slowly turned into a fierce competition with everyone in the mansion taking sides between them. Yesterday night there was even a major argument about this topic o age difference which made the money go from $440 to a million. Yes a million dollars for some fun bet!

“We forgot about that, let’s go,” Saanvi ordered as she pulled the groaning Arhaan with her.

Sana chuckled at them and looked at Arpi di who was grinning widely at Amay, who was playing with his cars on the huge bed. “You seem very excited,”

“Yeah, my husband, Neeraj will be here any minute now, he is very eager to meet you all,” Arpi di said enthusiastically, as she ruffled Amay’s hair.

“Wow, I am eager to see him,” Sana said warmly as she saw Arpi di’ face grow nervous.

“I just hope everything goes well,” she mumbled as she zoned out into space.

“Relax, I need to go check on something, I’ll be back,” Sana said after a while as her stomach started to growl at her.

“Popcorn, popcorn,” Sana started to chant as she desperately headed towards the kitchen.

There must me some popcorn in the massive cabinets all over the kitchen. She put on her detective cap and started to look at the cupboards underneath the granite counter.

“Where are you? How can you hide from me?” she mumbled to herself as she digged through the supplied in the cabinet.

She flinched a little when a pair of huge arms surrounded her and a familair warm breath fanned her neck as a husky voice muttered through her skin, “Searching for popcorn are we?”

“Stop scaring me,” she scowled back at Aarav who placed his hands around her waist and his face beside hers.

“Then stop hiding in small places,” he said back lowly as he looked at her squirmed underneath the counter.

“Can you please give me some popcorn. Some?” she begged him with innocent eyes as he laid them both back towards the wall.

“Nope,” he sternly said.

“Come on, I only put ice to wake you up,” Sana said grumpily as she slapped his arms around her waist and got up.

“As I said before, it doesn’t change anything,” Aarav casually said, getting up from the floor and looking into her eyes.

“My craving is making me go insane, you don’t want a crazy wife do you?” Sana said as she fluttered her eyes and blinked innocently.

“Not at all, but you are already crazy so I don’t really mind you going even more,” Aarav snickered at her as he leaned towards the island.

“I hate you,” she yelled at him with anger.

“Glad you feel the same,” Aarav mocked at her with his signature line.

“Ughhh…” she whined, stomping her feet towards the marble white floor.

“Dadu has called you both for signatures,” they heard a voice from behind, making them turn around to face a servant standing there.

“Coming,” Aarav nodded at him and glanced back at Sana and signal her to follow him.

“I won’t sign until you give me popcorn, Sana declared profusely as she looked at him with a smirk.

“You’re not serious right?” Aarav asked her with disbelief.

“AS serious as I ever can be,” Sana stating casually.

“Sana,” Aarav said in a serious, warning tone.

“Aarav,” she mocked in the same tone as him.



“Fine, get ready to host a grand kitty party or whatever you call it,” Aarav challenged her as her face turned from a smirk to pale, blank expression.

“Wait what?” she asked him, he knew she hated parties like that where ladies met to gossip and brag about their money.

“You do that or you sign the papers,” Aarav sternly said with a smirk making it’s way on his face.

“I rather host a party,” Sana mumbled as she looked at him with confidence and determination.

“Stubborn,” she heard him mumbled as she walked past him.

“ Keep saying anything that makes you feel better,” Sana said in an apologetic tone as she placed a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

“Sanaaaaaa,” Aarav yelled at her as she broke into a sprint towards the hallway with her laughter filling the darkness and silence.

He chased her as she ran to her best across her hallway, but not match to his speed. Aarav grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him, slamming her towards his chest. His eyes had a mischievous glint to them and a smirk on his face while Sana stood there numb.

“What were you saying?” Aarav teased her as he placed his arm around her waist, preventing her from escaping.

Sana started to say something when she noticed Aarav’s eyes turn dull and cold, his face turn shadowed and painful. His hold around her waist suddenly dropped, Sana followed his gaze to see a tall, lean man, curly black hair, a wide smile on his face dressed in casual jeans and red hoodie walked towards them. He was laughing with Arpi di. Sana looked at them confused, trying to put everything together.

“Neeraj,” she heard Aarav let out a faint words as she clutched his fist in anger.

Before she could understand what was going on, she saw Aarav throw a punch at him and his face turn red with blood. Sana stood there numb and shocked with her mouth hung open. What the hell just happened?

To be continued….

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