The Bond of..? Chapter 8


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Chapter 7
Sana threw death glares at Aarav before she stormed out of the picnic area, back into the sunny hallways of the big mansion.Light was illuminating every corner of the hallway as hot, autumn breeze hit her from the open windows.

“I hate him soo much, he could never change,” she muttered gravelly under her breath as she turned a sharp right to face her mother’s sister in front of her.

“Sana, what are you doing here dear?” she asked with a horrific expression on her face.

“Nothing, I was just going to change” Sana answered carefully in a flat tone.

“Hmm..I have a favour to ask from you..will you do it?” she asked in an enthusiastic yet tense tone.

“Like duhh..I have always listened to you,” Sana replied casually.

“I know that your’s and Aarav’s marriage didn’t happen under normal circumstances and I am sure you both didn’t do anything to get along. So, will you promise me you atleast try to get along with him?” she said to her in a serious tone.

Sana’s face went pale as the words flow through her ears, did she have to ask her that? Right now? “Huh?” Sana asked like she understood nothing.

“Sana, I am asking you to fulfil your mom’s dream of having a happy family,” she said in a dramatic voice with a heavy sigh.

There we go again, emotional blackmail, “Anything else I could for you?” Sana asked in a hesitant voice with pleasing eyes.

“Sana,” she snapped at her in an authoritative voice.

“Okay, okay, I promise that I will try to get along with Arrogant jerk, Aarav Ross,” she promised in a low whisper as she handed her hand into hers.

“What will ever happen to you?” she asked back in a displeased voice, shaking her head.

“Nothing, nothing will happen to me as long my life keeps twisting and turning. If it doesn’t then something is wrong,” Sana said with a wink as she hugged her maasi.

“Crazy girl, now go change,” she said gently as she stroked her hair in comfort. Sana knew she could find solace and peace in her arms.

“Why?” Sana asked nonchalantly.

“Isn’t that why you are here?” she asked her in a confused tone, pulling back from the hug.

“Yeah, of course,” Sana covered up, mentally slapping herself for all the lies she tells people.

Sana saw her maasi look at her in suspicion for a while before nodding her head and leaving the hallway. Sana breathed a sigh of relief and continued her stroll around the mansion.

“Hey cousin, what are you doing here?” Sana heard a chirpy, high pitched voice from behind.

“ Trying to find the chamber of secrets,” she replied sarcastically as she turned around to find herself facing her cousin, Jia.

“Any luck?” Jia mocked at her with a wink .

“You wish,” Sana said with a chuckle, remembering how they used to try to find the chamber of secrets in childhood.

“Big manion eh? Why don’t you join us in outside, all the other cousins are excited to see you,” Jia volunteered as she looked at her with a raised eyebrow, expecting an answer.

Jia was extremely tall compared to most of her other cousins, she had a model like physique with dark brown eyes, curly light brown hair sticking in a french braid, long sharp eyebrows with a wide smile on her face.

“Come on!” Jia snapped her out of her chain of thoughts and dragged her back to the picnic area. This is destiny, you escape from something and the in the next 10 minutes you are in there again.

Sana lazily raked her feet across the dark green grass below her as she saw most of her cousins, which is more than 50 people and some of Aarav’s cousins scattered in a wide circle with Saanvi and Arhaan inside it.

“Nope, I still win,” Saanvi claimed as she stuck her tongue out at Arhaan who was looking at her with a smirk.

“Hey Sana,” Saanvi chirped enthusiastically as she pulled her into the middle, next to her.

“Hii,” she said hesitantly as the people around the circle looked at her weirdly.

“What are you doing?” she asked hotly, trying to avoid hundreds of gazes on her.

“We were having a bet on age difference,” Arhaan told her sternly as he placed another bill on the ground.

“Huh?” Sana asked confused. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“We had situations where they were age differences and we bet on them,” Saanvi drawled out to her.

“What?” Sana asked again, not able to comprehend one words they were saying.

“Okay, see is it good to have an age difference of 15 years between siblings?” Saanvi inquired as she placed a bill on top of Arhaan’s.

“No,” Sana answered almost immediately, that was way too big for siblings.

“See, I told you,” Saanvi shot with wide smirk at Arhaan who muttered something under his breath and said, “We have to ask everyone in the mansion though,”

“Then we had another one, is it good to have 9 year gap between husband and wife?” Saanvi asked her when everyone from the circle started to clear off.

“Hell no,” Sana retorted with a frown.

“See,” Saanvi pointed at Arhaan who turned all impulsive and pale with the answer.

“You can fall in love at any time,” he stated simply with a shrug.

“The less difference, the better I tell you,” Sana advised him like a proper grown up would do.

“I win half of the bet with that,” Saanvi excitedly claimed as she looked at the stack of notes placed infront of them.

Sana wanted to badly ask her where she got the money she put?

“As I said, we have to ask the whole mansion full of people and there are over 10 questions, I still might have a chance,” Arhaan retorted with anger.

“As far as I see, you don’t have any,” Saanvi shot at Arhaan who clenched his jaw and grit his teeth.

“Why did you guys pick age difference?” Sana asked perplexed. Why would anyone do something stupid like that?

“Oh, we were trying to guess the age difference between a few couples and we kinda got distracted with that,” Saanvi answered sheepishly.

“By the way, what is the age difference between you and bro?” Arhaan asked Sana who looked stunned by his question. How old was he anyways?

“I don’t know,” she answered bluntly, “How old is he?”

“God, you are terrible Sana,” Saanvi countered as she hit her on her arm.

“Let me count, he was born is 19-” Arhaan randomly said as he did some math on his fingers.

“Wait, you don’t know your brother’s age either?” Sana asked astonished with a shocked voice.

“I hardly remember mine, who will take the time to remember his,” Arhaan said flatly as if it was no big of a deal.

“He lived with him for 20 years, he doesn’t know it then how am I supposed to?” Sana said happily.

“He is 29,” Arhaan concluded.

“WHAT?” Sana screamed on top of her lungs, standing up in shock.

“As in twenty NINE?” Saanvi asked him with the same shock as her.

Sana’s eyes widened, almost shooting out of her skin, how could that be possible?

“How old are you?” Arhaan asked them confused why they were so shocked.

“Hardly 21,” Sana drawled out in a low tone.

“That makes a difference of 8/9 years,” Arhaan stated with the shock taking over him now.

“OMG!” Saanvi exclaimed as Sana turned to face her.

This can’t be possible true, can it? 8 years of age gap, eight whole years? Aarav didn’t seem like 29 though, he seemed more younger, more like her age. She was expecting a max 4 year gap between them, but 8 was a little too much.
Aarav was preparing all the last minute documents for naming all the property on Sana, which will later go on in his name. Finally this day has arrived, a smile cracked up his face as he pressed the print button on the document.

“You knew didn’t you?” he heard Sana burst into the room with her eye’s directly locking his. Her arms were in a cross on her chest, her eyebrows were furrowed, she had a deep frown on her face and staring at him with extreme anger.

“What?” he asked her confused as he tilted his head up to look at her.

“Oh god, when I was 1, you already knew how to talk, run, walk, eat, read, write.” she started to rant in extreme speed as she started to pace tensely around the room. “When you were a teenager, I didn’t even know what that meant, OMG!”

“Are you okay?” Aarav asked her, still in confusion as to what the heck was wrong with her.

“NOOO,” she snapped hotly at him with anger still right on her nose.

“What happened?” he asked coolly as he faced her.

“Life happened,” she stated sarcastically, obviously implying something else.


“How could you look so young when you are so old?” she whinned like a 3 yeard old, storming up and down her feet and huffing and puffing with anger.

“Sana, what are you talking about?” Aarav asked her seriously, not able to understand her mood swings. What was she talking about?

“Do you go to the gym every single day?”


“No wonder you look so young, how could you fool me so much?” she muttered under her breath and turned around her face.

“I think you are hanging way too much with Arhaan…” he started to ask her to explain properly but she cut him off middle way.

“It is all your fault,”

“Mine?” Aarav asked with even more confusion filling his face. Okay, what was going on?

“Why did you have to be born 8 years before me?” she asked him directly with sadness filling her eyes.

Aarav didn’t know what to do, laugh at her for her weird thoughts,yell at her, console her…

“I..I was not even close to be born before you…what am I supposed to tell my cousins that I married a man who is 8 years older than me?” she went on ranting on her worries which made more sense to him now.
She was glittering her eyes with sadness and had a cute frown on her face, he wanted to go and hug her cute little face. Wait, what did he just say? Scratch that out please!

“22,” he flatly replied, still admiring her features.

“Huh?” she looked at him surprised and raised her eyebrows for an explanation.

“I am 22, you are clearly not 14, so I think we are good,” he said deadly and continued to organize the papers together.

“Please tell me this is not a joke,” she pleaded him with innocent eyes and a face with a tight smile.

“Why would you think that?” he asked confused.

“Arhaan told me you were 29,” she answered, blinking innocently.

Aarav let out a chuckle, life made more sense now. Stupid Arhaan, always looking for more ways to annoy him. “He flunked math 3 times in high school,”

“What? He did grade 12 3 times then?” she asked surprised by his confession.

“No, each year, he flunked it once and I don’t know how he convinced his teacher to let me write the exam instead,”

“You wrote his exam?”

“He is my brother after all and besides he would get in trouble anyways, so I would gladly help him dig his way through hell even more,”

“You are soo mean, so you are good at Math then?”

“Not really, way better than him and good enough to get him a decent grade for his report,”

“Wait, so you are only a year older than me?”

“Uhh…I am going to turn 22,” he said in a hesitant tone, rubbing a hand through his hair.

“Why are you confusing my confused soul even more?” Sana whinned, indicating him to explain everything properly and clearly.

“I am 21, I will turn 22 next year, happy?” he finally admitted his age.

“I am leaving to tell this to Sia and Saanvi,” she stated happily, jumping up and down in excitement as she sprinted out of the room.

She was a crazy girl indeed, Aarav thought as he smiled at her thoughts.

“Sir, we have a guest at the door,” a servant called to him.

He nodded and walked over to the window, his heart stopped beating for a quick moment, “Arpi di?”

“I will get it,” Sana said to the waiter who was running to get the door.

She opened the door to see a faily medium heighted woman, with a bright smile on her face, and a cute little boy in her hands“You’re Sana right?”

“Yeah?!!” Sana answered with hesitation evident in her voice.

“OMG! I am so happy to see you,” she mumbled as she broke into a hug, crushing the poor child in between.

“Same here and who is this handsome young man?” Sana asked as she looked over at cute, little baby boy staring at her with suspense. The woman was probably Aarav’s cousin or someone.

“Spiderman,” the woman replied proudly as the baby let out a few squeals.

“Really?” Sana asked surprised. Spiderman?

“No, his name is Amay but your husband spoiled him and renamed him as Spiderman. Everyone calls him that now,” the woman said with displeasure.

“Aww…how cute, come here baby,” Sana stretched out her hands but the boy turned his head and looked on the other side.

Sana pouted angrily, while the woman consoled her saying, “He’s a little shy,”

“How old is he?”

“He’s turning 9 months old,”

“Wow! Can he speak yet?”

“A little bit,”

A bulb flashed in her head as she pulled out her phone and typed in Spiderman videos in YouTube“Spiderman cartoon, wanna come now?” she asked as she flashed the video in front of his face. God Bless Youtube!

His eyes glittered with joy and innocence as he lovingly came into her arms with consent and watched the videos on her phone. The woman laughed at her son and started to say something when they heard a voice from behind.

“Arpi di?” she heard Aarav say from behind as he engulfed her into a hug. Sana stood there dumbstruck, so she was his sister.

“Hey spiderman, come here,” Aarav said to spiderman in her arms, who slipped almost readily out of her hands into his with her phone.

She looked at Aarav who comfortably playing with his hair and the Arpi Di smiling at them both.

“Diii,” Arhaan exclaimed as he engrossed her into another bear hug.

“Arhaan,” she said with the same big tone as he did which made Sana chuckle at them.

“Spiderman, come to your fav chachu’s ,” Arhaan taunted Aarav as he tried to pull spiderman in his arms.

“He is already in his fav chachu’s hands,” Aarav bickered back, possessing the child.

“Very funny, now give him to me,” Arhaan said as he gently tried to pull the boy into his arms.

“No, you will only start to toss him into the air like a balloon,” Aarav mocked as he turned around.

“Better than looking at your boring face,”

“Arhaan,” Aarav screamed at him.

“Aarav,” he screamed back in the same pitch.

Sana watched as both the brother bickered as to who will hold the child, pulling him from either side. Spiderman however, was too interested in the videos in her phone to pay attention to these 2 brothers.

“Is my brother still the selfish jerk?” Arpi Di muttered sadly as she walked up to them both.

“Aarav, Arhaan, shut up for god sake, he is my child not a toy,” she announced as she grabbed spiderman back from Aarav, who looked Arhaan in anger.

“Says the woman who emotionally blackmailed us to take her cruising on a month before the due date,” Arhaan shot back irritated.

Arpi Di’s face flushed red with embarrassment as she shoved the baby into Sana’s arms and shot angrily at her bother, “Nothing happened, I am fit as a stick and the baby is as good as new,”

“He is new,” Aarav commented innocently.

“Shut up! And you guys made me pay for the trip anyways,” she snapped hotly.

“It is so you wouldn’t go but no, you were determined to take a world tour before delivering the baby,” Arhaan stated dryly while Sana let out a chuckle listening to their conversation.

“World tour my foot, it was a 2 hour cruise ride,” Arpi Di’s said with disgust.

“Un huh? it seemed like it was 2 years with you whining at the sailor to steer faster or how you really wanted to go back home,” Aarav mocked as both the brother’s high fived each other. Sana looked at

Aarav who was laughing hard at his sister’s priceless expression, she had never seen him so happy and enjoying before. It was actually good to see this side of him, his face was relaxed, his muscles were loosened and he looked like any other normal man.

“I was getting nausea,” Arpi Di said angrily.

“Exactly, you didn’t have to go in the first place,” Arhaan told her, still laughing hardly.

“The matter is already 10 months, you are retarded to still argue on it,” she snickered at them with a wide smirk on their face.

“Wasn’t that a great comeback?” she asked Sana who started to laugh at the argument on the siblings infront of her.

“Couldn’t be any better,” Sana agreed with a smile.

“ little brothers,” Arpi di said as she pulled their cheeks and stretched them wide “I missed you so much,”

“We did too,” both the brothers said making Sana exclaim at their mood swings.

“I am going to go meet dadu, see ya!” Arpii Di said breaking away from both of their massive hug and rushing into the other hallway.

“She forgot her child again,” Aarav yelled as he walked up to Sana and brushed spiderman’s hair.
Sana’s stomach went taut and some fluttering feeling made its way through her stomach, she felt flustered seeing his deep blue eyes, a genuine smile, relaxed face, what was happening to her?

“I heard that,” theyt heard Arpi di yell from the other end of the room.

“It’s why we said it,” Arhaan taunted back as both the brother’s shook their heads in disbelief.

“Look what I say to dadu,” they heard her say from as she slammed the door to a room shut.

“Dadu already hates me for waking up late, now my sister will go add more coal to the fire. What a nice sister I have there?” Aarav mumbled as he looked deeply into Sana’s eyes, like searching through her soul.

The feeling growing inside her body was the sign to danger, she knew it was, but she couldn’t prevent it from occurring.
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