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Chapter 6
“What the hell, woman?” Aarav howled as he stirred up from the bed and shaked his body to get the chilling ice cube of his bare back.

“Ssoory! It’s just you were sleeping like dead and we are getting late,” Sana said in the middle of her hard laughter as her face turned all red.

She couldn’t help it, she had his aunts coming over every 5 minutes to ask her to wake him up and she tried to for the past 2 hours but he refused to move a budge.

She woke up when the sunlight penetrated in the room, waking her up from her warm slumber with more than 10 blankets on top of her. She remembered how much she was freezing the night before, she might have taken all the blankets she could find to cover herself. After she stirred up with the heat burning her body from the gigantic pile of blankets heaped on top of her, she took the time to admire his angelic face.

Tanned composure, light creases marking the maturity in his forehead, the dark eyebrows wiggled together, the tight shut blue eyes all making it the perfect figure to wake up to. Wait, who was she kidding? Him and angelic, my foot, Sana growled as her mind strayed on the thought. That angelic face was his mask which led to the disclosure of an arrogant jerk.

“Why don’t you wake me up like normal people then?” Aarav roared at her, breaking her from her long train of thoughts.

“I did, I bugged you for 30 minutes, I even put the alarm 5 times and then your massi kept coming every 5 minutes to see if we were ready,” she ranted on all the ways she tried to take him up but failed miserably.

“You didn’t have to put ice on my bare neck,” he muttered with cold eyes throwing daggers at her.

“Yes I did, see you woke up,” she announced enthusiastically which made him grit his teeth and clench his jaw.

“Forget popcorn for a week then,” he muttered hotly as he walked right past her.

“Sure,” she answered nonchalantly, rolling her eyes and then realized what he truly meant, “Wait, what?

She gulped hard as her breath hitched right down her throat, that was the last thing on Earth she wanted to hear.

“Punishment,” he said bluntly with his signature smirk making its way through his furrowed face.

“Hey, I was only trying to help you so that maasi won’t tell dadu,” she whined with horror. No popcorn for a week, the thought itself made her cringe, how would she survive?

“Still doesn’t change my mind,” he declared sternly as he headed to the washroom, slamming the door abruptly shut.

“I am going to find it,” she yelled with specks of determination.

“There are over 100 rooms in this mansion,” she heard them shout from the washroom.

“Oh my God!” she whispered to herself as she walked out of the room. Such an arrogant jerk she had there.

She stormed out of the room and marched to the backyard outside which seemed to her more like a picnic spot due to the picnic tables with umbrella’s placed all over, lake view right in front of her and slight chilly breeze hitting her arms. Good that she decided to wear a peach coloured dress which stuck to her body all the way up to her palms, full sleeves rock!

She saw people scattered around the place near the barbecue and food counters at the side, smiling at her and muttering hi to her. She managed to mumble a hi at most of the people she knew, thank her memory skills to know the names of most of the people she met yesterday.

“Heloooo,” she greeted as she made her way to the table Saanvi and Sanay were sitting at.
“Are you eating cereal? What happened to popcorn?” Sanay asked her with shock as she shoved a mouthful of cereal in her mouth. Gross was the only word she could think of as it exploded on her taste bites.

“Don’t ask,” she muttered angrily as she gulped down another bite, how do people eat this thing?

“By the way…how did you get along with Arhaan?” she asked Saanvi who was busy playing FIFA on her phone.

“He went to Rome,” she replied excitedly which made Sana look up in shock while she dropped her spoon in the process.

“Are you serious?”

“Yep, you know how crazy I am about Rome, he went there,” she stated dreamily which made Sana and Sanay crack into laughter.

“No, nothing like that happened either,”they heard Sia sternly snap at Sid who was walking with a coffee cup in his hands.

“Spark? Magic? Anything?” Sid asked her with hope.

“Again, NOO,” Sia snapped, more brutally and harshly this time.

“No for what?” Saanvi asked amused at their conversation as Sia made a grumpy face.

“He made me meet his ‘single’ friends and expected me to fall in love at first sight,” Sia said exhausted with a sad sigh.

“The Ross brothers are here,” Sanay announced as Aarav and Arhaan showed up, arguing over something before Sana’s eyes locked his.

He seemed to have a mischievous glint playing in his eyes while a smirk played on his lips as he saw the cereal bowl before her. He was wearing a red shirt with a blue coated vest and blue ripped jeans. Not the ideal clothing for a Ross family member or a billionaire in general, they were far too casual than she imagined.

“Why are eating ce-” Arhaan asked her confused as both of them slid in front of her.

“Don’t even bother,” she cut him, throwing a quick death glare at Aarav.

“You asked for it,” he mouthed her with a shrug and got back to the pancakes in front of him.

“Sana, did something like spark or magic happen when you first met Aarav?” Sia randomly questioned her which made her choke the food in her throat.

“Huh?” she asked back, coughing from the sudden choke.

“Can you please tell your brother than something like that never happened,” Sia begged her with a moan while she stared at Sid who was averting eye contact.

“I don’t know if spark or magic happened but hatred did,” she stated bluntly.

“Care to share sissy?” Sia asked her as she leaned in with keen interest which caught everyone’s attention.

“You are actually going to drink that?” Nisha, Sana’s best friends asked her with surprise, pointing to the dark green liquid placed before her.

“I’m not backing off my dares,” Sana stated with determination, more to hide her nervousness when she saw the yucky liquid in her hands.

“Sure…you’re not!” Nisha mocked sarcastically as she tilted her head to watch Sana gulp down the liquid.

“Eww..this tastes horrible,” Sana shrieked, giving up after drinking half of the liquid.

“Go spit it out and throw the horrible juice while you’re at it,” Nisha said with a disgusted face as she pushed the glace into Sana’s hand.

Sana rolled her eyes and stood up from the table to head to the garbage can. In that process, her poor stomach let out a growl of hunger.

“Don’t worry Sana, you will get your popcorn soon enough,” she assured her stomach as she placed a hand on it and looked down.

She walked right into a person, spilling all her juice over their cotton white shirt“OMG! I’m so sorry,”

Clumsy much, Sana sarcastically thought as she met a pair of unfamiliar, yet beautiful pair of blue eyes. Wait what? They were blue indeed, he had dark black hair, with a fairly hot tanned complexion, but BLUE eyes. Who on earth had a weird combination like that? Apparently him.

“What the f-” he started to say after a few minutes as he examined his shirt.

“Look, I said I am sorry, don’t start swearing,” she snapped at him with pleading eyes, did she mention how much she HATED swearing.

“You are the person throwing crap all around and ordering me?” he retorted in a harsh, angry tone.

“Yes, I am, so get moving or else I will throw some more,” Sana snapped more brutally after she heard his words. Arrogant jerk much!

“Geez women, who gave you the freedom to talk to me like that,” she heard him yell back at her with displeasure, thick in his voice.

“The law, I have the freedom to do whatever I want, she said in a challenging yet calmer voice as she saw people starting to gather around them.

“To do anything, except anything relating to me,” he argued back in the same high pitched tone, attracting more and more people to them.

“Un huh and you are….the king of England?” she mocked at his rude behaviour which made his eyes glare back more darker than before.

“More than the king, and way better off than you,” he replied with a smirk appearing on his lips, it was a very mischievous, and dark one.

He was implying to her casual clothing, red baggy hoodie and faded jeans, her hair was in a mess, and she clearly had no make up on. Nice time to meet a handsome guy. Handsome my foot.

“Don’t judge when you hardly know me and I have the freedom to wear anything I want,” she taunted back roughly as she crossed her hands on her chest after tossing the glass in the bin.

“Stop the freedom already,” he sternly said with a frown on her face.

“Poor boy! Guess you clearly don’t have the freedom I do,” she mocked at him with a fake sympathy on her face which ignited his anger even more.

“Dude, did you like the drink so much you started to feed your shirt the drink too?” a man from the crowd cried out which led out to the entire crowd bursting out laughing, while the Mr Blue eyes was glaring at her with a paled face due to the humiliation she caused him.

“You are going to pay for this,” he said to her in a brittle sharp voice.

“And that’s going to happen,” she stated sarcastically, brushing of his threats.

“Believe me it will, just watch me cut your freedom right in front of your eyes and you won’t even realize,” he said to her in a low, murderous voice.

“Puh-lease, the arrogance that is defining you today will one day be destroyed by my hands,” she stated with determination and challenge as she clamped her hands together.

“We’ll see,” he said in a faint word as she eyed her with a smirk.

“Yes, we will,” she mimicked him sarcastically, openly glaring at him with no hesitation.

*Flashback ends*

“Who won?” Saanvi asked excitedly as Sana finished her flashback.

“Huh?” she asked confused.

“Did you win or did Aarav win?” Saanvi drawled out in a persistent tone.

“Umm..” Sana said in a clueless voice, who won? Who DID win?

“Don’t tell me you both forgot about it?” Arhaan asked with a fake dramatic sigh.

“I didn’t forget it, I did marry her after all,” Aarav said with a jeer as he locked his eyes with Sana’s.

“OMG!” she whispered to herself when ANOTHER realization hit her.

He kept on telling her yesterday about why he got married, but it’s just now that she realized why he married HER. As she thought, he could have gotten any girl he wanted, why her? Because he wanted to cut her wings of freedom, he wanted revenge. Such an arrogant jerk….he probably thought it would be good if he could take his revenge and property at the same time.

Cut the words when she thought he was nice, romantic, and all yesterday, he was only an arrogant brat. Nothing more than that. Her stomach went taut, she was feeling hurt now, somewhere deep below, she was actually hurt. But, Mr. Aarav Ross, you started the game, this will have a very different ending with me playing it too, Sana made up her mind as she saw the challenge right in his eyes. These 6 months were going to be fun now.Super fun.
Dun dun dunnnnn………….lol! I always wanted to add that somewhere!

How was that? Short? I thought it was a little short, but it was because I am going to be back by Thursday with another quick update!

Anyways, how did you like Sana and Aarav’s first meet….more insight about their marriage. I think I finally revealed everything about why they are married to each other, Aarav to cut her wings of freedom and Sana to break his arrogance. Let’s see if their ideas openly clash now or will Sana take the matter more maturely? Keep reading to know and DO comment your views!! it would mean a lot to me!

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