The Bond of..? Chapter 6

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“I demand to know what is going on, or else I will go and directly talk to dadu,” she threatened him as she pulled away from his grasp.

She wasn’t someone who would break down easily, so it was a shock for him to see her like this, she rubbed her tears from the back of her hands and quietly begged with pleading eyes, “Aarav, who are you?”

“Fine,” he said as he moved hastily towards the open doors of the balcony.

He took a deep breath and started his story to which Sana paid keen attention, “We all were never really interested in becoming the heirs to the business or even getting involved in it. My dad was a pure workaholic and my mom used to always make sure to be there for us as both a mother and father when we needed them. We didn’t care about business, property and all till the death of our parents in a plane crash.”

His voice stumbled a little, while tears welled up her eyes, remembering the video from the morning. Did he go through the same pain as her? Is that what made him so heartless? Silence filled the atmosphere for a good minute before Aarav continued on.

“The news blew our world upside down. We left the company and people saying that dad was sick and wouldn’t be here, we, atleast I thought it would run perfectly fine without any problems as if we did tell them then the employees might panic. It went on for months like that before we realized that the company and all the shares would turn into a major loss if we don’t get a hold of it. At that, point no one knew who should be the next heir.” his voice was bitter and cold, the word heir made his voice strain up, jumble the memories upside down. Everything had changed with that word, heir.

“Arpita didn’t want anything from all this except the land which our father wanted to give her for opening a boutique and Arhaan was too young then to become the chairmen. So, the only option was me, I didn’t want his at any cost so I decided to let Adi have it as he had so called plans to improve the system and what not.” he ranted with a thick arrogance in his voice, while Sana stood motionless. She didn’t expect such a big story behind all this.

“The major catch came in when me and my sister cleaned by parent’s room. I found this diary that my dad kept which contained all the information about the company, including all the efforts he put in to make it what it is today. On the last page of the dairy, it mentioned that he really wants me and Arhaan to both lead the company one day and not let it fall in our cousin’s hand. After reading that, my sister emotionally blackmailed me to take the position as it was our parent’s last wish.” he said with with a heavy, sad sigh.

Sana’s heart ached with pain, guilt started to take over her body in place of blood, she shouldn’t have asked him to explain her all this.

“Everything was working fine until dadu came in a week before the changing of the will. He then declared that that company, land, this mansion, and shares were in his name and not changed to my father’s yet. So I was not the successor after all, which took the story to another level. Dadu and I always had enmity between us, he wanted people to listen to him and accept his ideas while I wanted to live on my own terms. This led to major problems in the family itself when people started to pick sides between me and him.” he stated in a displeased tone, finally making eye contact with her. His blue eyes were drowned with everlasting emotions, his face was a big stir of confusion and his eyebrows were creased into the centre.

“Anyways, dadu kept a condition that as both of us were extremely irresponsible and reckless teens, we needed to find a sensible girl and get married, whoever gets married first to the girl similar to his choice will get all the property.” he said with a shrug.

Maybe, he wasn’t such a bad person after all. Was she wrong in judging him too early without knowing the complete truth?

Sana looked at him with confusion, still the process of connecting all the dots together. Sensing her confusion, he went to fill the remaining gaps for her.

“I spent 2 months in the apartment in front of yours, observing you before planning the whole unexpected marriage thing. So, as you are thinking I didn’t necessarily do this for my greed or my jealousy, I did this for my parents who wanted us to have the property. And besides, why are you so upset, you got everything a girl wants now,” he said with a smirk filling his drowsy face.

“You can’t complete anything without adding a taunt at the end can you?” she spat with annoyance while his cold, arrogant nature was back.

Cross out all the things about judging she said before, he was an arrogant jerk no matter what.

“Get ready as people will be here and Dadu wants us to welcome them,” he stated as he gently pecked her right cheek.

“What was that for?” she asked demented with his bipolar behaviour.

“You look cute when you have an annoyed, sullen face,” he mocked as he ran a hand through his messy hair.

“Are you telling me I have a sulky face?” Sana asked him with anger filling her, the pain she had for him moments ago started to disappear.

“Of course not, dear,” he chuckled at her dropped jaw and rushed out of the room.

“Get ready, Dadu wants us to welcome them,” she mimicked sarcastically as she lunged to the washroom.
The basic relatives filled with hall with of the party. Aarav chuckled listening to the slap Arhaan received from a lady in Australia, “ That’s what you get for flirting with every girl you see,”

“What do you want me to do then? Get in the bad books of dadu, marry a stranger and ruin her life? No thank you,” he snickered slightly at Aarav who gave him a death glare.

“One more time that comes out of your mouth, I am going to chop the tongue right off your throat,” he threatened him in a murderous voice while Arhaan continued to laugh at his woven expression.

“Bro, you need to move on, you have been using the same line since like we were 4,” he patted him on the back while Aarav’s gaze fell on Sana who just entered the hall wearing a simple light pink dress. She had minimal make up on, a pretty huge diamond necklace, stylish earrings, her light brown hair was curled with locks falling on her waist.

“What the hell are you wearing?” he blurted out looking at her simple get-up. This girl was going to embarrass him in front of all.

“Wow Sana di, you look like an angel from heaven,” Arhaan dramatically exclaimed as he walked up to her in a grin.

“That’s how you look simple yet elegant,” Sana said as she pointed to herself with pride.

“There we go again, I think the lady needed to give you more than one slap,” Aarav snickered at Arhaan was busy admiring Sana. Why did he always end up with crazy people?

“Shut up bro. You don’t flirt with her anyways, then she needs some entertainment in her life right?” Arhaan mocked with a wink at Sana who was giggling to herself.

“I don’t think she is that desperate,” Aarav said as he walked up closer to Sana, who had slight goosebumps popping out on her skin due to his blistering gaze adamant not to leave hers.

“Sanaaa, save me,” they heard Sid yell as he ran towards them with Sia di charging at him like a raging bull.

“Sia di, what happened?” Sana inquired as she stopped Sia with both her hands.

“How many times should I tell him not to introduce me to his friends,” Sia snapped sourly at Sid with panting breaths as Sid was trying hard to control his laugh.

“What?” Aarav asked muddled with their broken words.

“You know what this bastard did, he called me over to meet his friends, then introduced me as: this is my younger sister, she is single too just like y’all,” Sia demonstrated the incident while all the others burst out laughing.

“Even Sana got married, and you are older than her. Just watch the hopeless Saanvi will get married too and you will still sit there unmarried,” Sid mocked at her while Sia went all red, huffing and puffing with anger.

“What the hell is you problem if I don’t get married,” Sia asked boggled with a I-Hate-You look.

“How cares about you? Mom is torturing me by saying that I can’t get married unless you do,” Sid joked as he high-fived Aarav as they both started to laugh at the flaming Sia.

Just then Saanvi arrived with a cup of coffee in her hand, chuckling at Sia who gave her a death glare.

“Is there popcorn,” Sana childishly asked with her face lighting up and mouth already watering while Saanvi nodded vigorously in positive, taking sips of her coffee.

“Sana,” Sia shook Sana back into reality from her dreams of popcorn. Aarav shook his head in disbelief, that girl was truly crazy over popcorn.

“Sorry, but why don’t you enjoy the party for now and I will deal with this issue later,” Sana tried to convince them to let her to go the popcorn stand.

“Un huh and what are you going to do now? Let me guess, go over to the counter beside the main course and stuff your face with popcorn,” Sia sarcastically stated.

“Maybe,” Sana said in a low voice with pleading eyes.

“She is as hopeless as Saanvi sometimes,” Sid muttered as dragged Sia back to his friend, even with her throwing thousands of curses at him.

Saanvi and Arhaan disappeared, now that’s pretty strange, Aarav thought as Sana turned around in a swift motion and kept walking.

“Where are you going?” he asked her as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.

Her breath was hitching on her throat, and she was awed by his movement. The little hazel eyes beneath him were scanning his for something.

“Didn’t you hear, I need popcorn,” she argued like a kid. Whenever the topic is about her popcorn, her inner child comes out.

“Not now, let’s go welcome people. You are already late,” he ordered in his usual cold voice and dragged her to door of the hall.

“Hey, the star of the party needs some time to get ready,” she said with pride and admiration over herself.

“You look like a simple stud on a diamond necklace, unfit for the necklace in all directions. Overly underdressed and casual too,” he snorted at her with a wide smirk.
“How dare you?” she snapped with patronizing anger filling her cute face.

“Dare runs in my blood, dear,” he simply stated with a shrug.

“Arrogance too,” she mumbled under her breath as frustration started to fill her face.

“Hello,” Aarav greeted a long back partner of his father.

“Hey dude, how are you? Long time no see!” he exclaimed as he gave him a quick side hug.

“Yeah, and this is my wife, Sana,” Aarav gently introduced Sana who had a wide, fake smile of pleasure on her face.

“Nice to meet you Sana,” he said to her.

“Same here,” she said back in a humble, sweet tone.

This kept on going for more than a few hours while both of them cursed their position under breath when their legs started to throb with pain. But, all in all, Aarav stealed quick glimpses of Dadu who was looking impressed with his welcoming gestures.

“Bro, I need to talk to you for a second,” Arhaan shouted with seriousness on his face.

“What now? Did you find a girl who likes you or who is interested to hang with an idiot like you?” Aarav snickered at him.

“I found many but I need to talk you about Arpi di,” Arhaan said with immense sternness in his voice.

“Uhh..go to the corridor in front of the main entrance, I’ll be there,” Aarav said sensing the pressure and tension in his strained voice.

He turned to look at Sana who was eyeing him with glittering eyes, “I need to go talk to Arhaan, I think everyone is here, so you can go and-”
“Eat popcorn, see ya later,” she waved sassily as she rushed over to the counter with popcorn.

He was happy that he made last minute arrangements for popcorn or else she would whined the whole time about how boring this all was, that should keep her company till he returns. Who knew that a girl like her receives peace with popcorn. Aarav’s face flashed a smile at that thought as he walked into the hallways to meet up with Arhaan.

“What’s up?” he chirped like nothing happened.

“Arpi Di will be here tomorrow along with-,” Arhaan said with hesitation clearly seen in his voice.

“I know Amay,” Aarav concluded for him.

“And umm…Niraj might also be here,”

“What? Why will he be here? I did NOT invite him,” He hated that douche bag that got his sister to marry him, he previoslt had several bad encounters with him and now it was unbearable for him to be with him anymore.

“Ya, but you know di, she will be like her self esteem is hurt, and blah blah,”

“One day, not a minute more,”

“Let’s see,”

“Whatever, I am having a blast after many years, so let me enjoy,” Aarav stated with a heavy sigh as he walked into the hall with Arhaan.

“Can’t stay away from Sana can you?” Arhaan taunted with a mischievous grin.

“Keep your dirty mind in control,” Aarav warned him as he hit him hardly on his shoulder.

“Oh shit!” Arhaan said with shock and widened eyes.

“What?” Aarav asked as he followed Arhaan’s gaze to see Sana dancing with Adi. Uneasiness was smeared all over her face and she had a tight smile on.

“Leave,” Aarav scowled as he half yelled at Adi who was giving him victorious looks.

“Huh?” he asked as if he didn’t understand anything.

“I was suspicious you were deaf yesterday, but now it is confirmed. I said leave,” Aarav dryly mocked.

“Chill dude, I am your cousin after all,” Adi chirped brightly at him as he left the place laughing, which made Aarav’s blood boil even more.

“Humour is not the best option around me,” Aarav coldly said to Sana who was looking relieved at him.

“What do you want? Quit looking at me like that,” she snapped as he pulled her closer for a dance.

“You very well know what I want,” he whispered in a low, dangerous voice with his hands on her waist like a death grip.
“We went through this before, I never know what you want, you are the most bipolar person in the world,” she stated with a grunt as he clutched her waist even firmer than before, looking right down to her soul.

She gulped hard as his stare got intense and grip tighter by the each passing minute, the tension between them was way worse compared to the silence brewing.

“Remember one thing, the first and last dance is always MINE,” he whispered with a brittle force as both of them continued to sway through the crowd to the tunes of the music.
“Are you kidding me?” Sana whimpered in a loud screech as her brain wouldn’t let her believe what she just heard.

“I wish but no, you won’t be able to get your room until a week from today,” Aarav drawled his words again.

“Where am I supposed to sleep then?” she cried dubiously while she stormed her feet in irritation.

“You can sleep anywhere you want, on the couch, on the chair, on the floor, in the hallway outside, in the balcony, in the next room which is under construction,” he started to rant on all the places she could go which made her eyebrows furrow, mouth twitch on the corners and groan escape her lips.

“You are so mean,” she mumbled slowly as she played with loose strings of her pj’s. He was sooo rude.

“You think I care?” Aarav asked as he laid down on the massive king size bed placed in front of her.

“I want to sleep on the bed, alone,” she declared shortly which made Aarav chuckle at her confidence.

“This is my room and I decide, so make yourself comfortable in your surroundings,” Aarav dreadly said.

“I am sleeping in the balcony then,” she reluctantly declared as she grabbed the stuff she needs.

“Sure, there is only a plain mat available at the moment, all my stuff went for laundry and our stuff from the apartment will come tomorrow,” Aarav warned her as he pulled his duvet over his legs.

“Why does life hate me so much?” Sana muttered as she spread the plain mat on the balcony floor and quickly laid, spreading the warm blanket all over her body.

“Stop complaining,” Aarav yelled at her. How rude, first he let’s her just sleep like this and then he yells at her.

The fierce, chilly late summer wind started to blow the warmth of Sana’s body. Her blood started to run cold, her body started to rise goosebumps with the constant shrills passing through her body. The breeze now turned into heavy wind, blowing the cold air right into her face. Oh how she missed the soft, comfy mattress and the warmth of the bed.

“Sana, c’mere,” she heard Aarav say after a few minutes her teeth started to clatter.

“I am fine,” she mumbled without letting much heat out of her body. There was hardly any amount of strenght left in her body, she was exhausted and weak as hell.

“Even a blind person can see you are freezing to death,” he retorted as he kneeled to come near her.

“Blind people can’t see,”she dryly mocked with cold air flowing down her throat now, sending more cold to her body.

“But they can hear you shivering and stuttering,”

“No, I am fine, really,”

“Your ego won’t be hurt if you sleep on the bed, stop being so stubborn and come inside,”

“Go to sleep, you don’t need to look out for me, I can take care of myself,”

“I know you can, you don’t need to demonstrate that to me, come inside or you will die due to the cold,”

“No, no, no,”she whinned like a little child stubbornly sticking her to decision.

“OMG! I don’t have my will ready if I die tonight, I knew I should have listened to the old lawyer that day, Dammit,” she stated with shock to receive a scowl from Aarav at her stupid thoughts.

“Look your ego won’t be hurt if you come nor will I ever taunt you on this,”


“Sure,” he assured her as he pulled her up and dragged her weak body to the bed.

“Finally, warmth,” she sighed happily as she sagged back her head onto his chest, taking as much as warmth as she could. He pulled the duvet over them and pressed on her back, pulling her body more into his arms.

“You were freezing, why the hell did you do so much drama then?” he muttered huskily in the strands of her hair.

“To not get taunted by you in future,” she bit out as she raised her chin to look at the frozen pair of blue eyes, staring at her.

“Why do always look at me for a taunt?” he scowled at her with annoyance.

“That is the only thing that is keeping me from falling for you,” she said as she pressed more into the heat of his chest.

She could feel his muscles tighten from underneath his shirt, finally he broke the silence by asking, “Precautions eh?”

“Something like that, it is better to get warmth from outside the fire then jump in it,” she blurted out honestly to which he nuzzled his face into her neck.

His warmth circulated through her body like fire, burning his heat right into her soul, his hand was securely placed on her waist, drawing her more and more into him.

“Un huh..” he whispered, fanning breath onto her skin of her neck.

“I need to tell you something before I feel guilty tomorrow morning,” she mumbled as she moved her hand over his torso.

“Go ahead,” he said assuring her to continue.

“Thanks for the video, I am not sure if you did that for show or for me but either way I loved it! I didn’t even know that existed, and probably would have not if it wasn’t for you, so thanks a ton!” she said with a genuine smile filling her lips.

“Wow, just wow, did you just thank me?” he mocked at her as he looked into her eyes.

“Don’t fly too much, I did that as I thought you were not that bad of a person,” she stated dryly as she averted her gaze from his.

“From a rude bastard to not bad of a person, I am making pretty quick progress in your eyes,” he cheered to himself while Sana giggled ligthly.

“Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes as haziness began to take over her eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked after a minute as a quick question popped into her mind.

“Sure but I can’t say I will answer it,” he coldly said as he pulled his head away from her neck while she cuddled more into the blanket around them.

“Why are so possessive over me?” she randomly asked him which probably caught him off guard as his breath turned a little heavy.

“Go to sleep,” he muttered lazily as his voice started to drown with sleep.

“ughhh…” she whined as she moved her head to his shoulder while he circled both his hands around her delicate waist, caging her from escaping.

“Sana,” he said after a few good minutes of peace and silence.

Sana woke up from her deep slumber and replied, “Hmmm..”

“I can make a different confession to you though,” he said in a low tone with a little hesitation.

“Uhh..okay,” she said, a little confused. What was he going to say now? Taunt her in the middle of the sleep? This better be good for waking her up from her sleep.

“You were not looking like a simple stud on a diamond necklace, unfit for the necklace in all directions. Overly underdressed and casual too in the party. Infact you were looking truly like an angel from heaven. Gorgeous, Elegant, Cute, Fresh….Mine,” he gently whispered in her right ear while all her sleep blew away with those words.

That wasn’t expected at all, that did throw her off guard, thank god there was darkness surrounding them or else she would have died with the extreme redness and hot on her cheeks. Those were the kindest things he said to her, as a matter of fact, anyone said to her.

“Now it is my turn to say WOW,” she said sarcastically, not knowing how to react.

He let out a quick chuckle and whispered, “I guess so, now go to sleep, we have a big day tomorrow.”

Sana nodded and let her eyes lead the way to her body for a deep slumber while his breath started to even out pretty soon too. All her pain, sorrow, sadness, everything washed away, it seemed like everything was at once side and this moment on the other. Whatever this was, it felt good and after many days life started to finally fall back into place.
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