The Bond Of..? Chapter 5

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Also, there was a little mix up in the last chapter, Arhaan is the name of Aarav’s brother and Amay is the name of Aarav’s sister, Arpita’s son.
The next few hours were spent with their family coming to the stage and meeting Sana and her family meeting Aarav. She was quite stunned at how polite and sweet they were towards her unlike Aarav who was arrogant and cold. The fact that she was a billionaire still didn’t digest in her brain, the thought was swirling around like some sort of poison, ready to sting at any minute.

As she saw chatting with his aunt, a man came who had similar features as Aarav came and engulfed into a tight warm hug but Sana was too shocked to do anything. What’s with so many surprises to her?
Aarav on the other side was looking on with bored eyes, amused face and surpassing his laugh as he pulled the ‘man’ off her and hugged him instead of acting all possessive over him.

“Yo bro,” the man loudly yelled in Aarav’s ears who softened drastically and went on laughing with the man.

His face let go of his rigidness, flexed his cheekbones and grinned a genuine smile which she hadn’t seen in a long while. His eyes were twinkling with joy and his charming eyes caught her drooling ones. She raised her left eyebrow at him with a modest face, waiting for an explanation for all this.

“Sana, this is my idiot brother, Arhaan,” Aarav said in a serene voice, pointing to the man who just hugged her.

Sana choked on the air she was breathing, and yelled, “You have a brother?” He always told her he didn’t have any family, he was an orphan, blah blah blah. How could he not share his relations with her when she told him all about her cousins.

“And a sister,” Arhaan added to her, while Sana continued to glare at Aarav who averted eye contact with her and started whistling like he knew nothing about her shock. Such a bastard.

“You have a sister too? How come I don’t know about it?” she pouted with anger, failing her arms in disbelief.

He shrugged simply and Arhaan cleared the doubts with a sad sigh, “He doesn’t like to associate with us.”

“Says the idiot who travelled alone around the world for 6 months,” Aarav teased him.

“But you are a lucky bastard, I left you for 6 months and you got married by the time I came back,” he whined at him in a low persistent voice.

Aarav and Sana chuckled at his behaviour and Aarav said in a flat tone“Love bug bites any time,”

“Anyways, bhabhi, forget my dumb brother, if you need any details about anything or want to prank someone or need anything you can always count on me after your husband,” Arhaan said to Sana who was trying to control her laughter at the chat of the brothers.

“Well, you see I can’t really count on him for anything so you will be my first option, always,” she assured him with a wink which made his face light up.

“Woahh…what did my brother do to deserve you bhabhi? She is so cool, how did you trap her?”

“Believe me, he did a lot. And don’t call me bhabhi, that makes me look extremely old. Call me Sana or di,”

“Oh God! If this lucky guy didn’t take you, I would have definitely,”

“Back of you creep, she is nearly 5 years older than you,” Aarav said by pulling her closer with a hand on her waist.

“So? as you said love bug bites anytime. Possessive are we?” Arhaan mocked at them.

“Shut up and get off the stage so we can talk to people who don’t rant rubbish,” Aarav shooed him away as she went away laughing his head off.

“I love him! He is just my cousins, why didn’t you tell me before about your siblings?” she asked him with surprise. Maybe her husband was not a loner after all.

“You never asked,” he simply said with a shrug.

“Because I thought-” she started to explain when a faint words came out of his mouth.


Sana involuntarily bent down and touched his feet with a grin on her face. Aarav’s dadu’s face lit up too and blessed her warmly.

“You are such a sweetheart. Dresses in traditional attire and values our culture unlike some people here,” he said warmly to her, indirectly taunting Aarav who had a bored expression on his face. Is this why he asked her to wear traditional dresses? Then why didn’t he?

“Anyways, I see that you have lost your parents too, just like Aarav. You can come and talk to me whenever you feel lonely,” he politely said to her which filled the warmth space that left her body a few years ago.

“Thanks a lot, it means a lot to me,” she thanked him with the most genuine smile she could give.

“I hope my grandson is taking care of you and not troubling you,” he said with a sad sigh.

“Yes, but I do have many complaints about him. ” she mocked at Aarav who gave her death glares while his dadu let out a hearty laugh.

“I am eager to listen to them, but I will talk to you later dear, let the others meet you, I will be here everyday,” he said back gently and left the stage still laughing at Aarav who just shook his head.

“He is so sweet,” she told him to which Aarav responded with a bitter laugh. Something was wrong with his relations to his family members, why was he placing a barrier around him ?

Aarav mumbled something under his breath that she didn’t hear and didn’t even bother to listen to.

“Hi dear cousin, how good to see you,” another unfamiliar man said with a smirk to Aarav who turned even more stiff and cold than before.

“Go away Adi,” he responded curtly with anger flashing through his eyes.

“Cool down violent dude, who is this beautiful lady here,” he said gently, eyeing Sana who managed to give him a tight smile. She could feel the atmosphere turn heated with tension and brutal enmity swirling around both of them.

“Are you deaf or didn’t you hear the announcements? She is my wife,” Aarav replied in a deadly tone.

“Wow! She is no match you arrogant mister,” Adi said in a low tone, gently pecking the Sana’s hand, while Sana looked on shocked at his act.

“Adi, leave the stage now or you will regret what will happen next,” Aarav said in a low dangerous voice, as he dug his nails through Sana’s waist, wincing her while she continued to stare at him boiling with anger while Adi left the stage with a roar of laughter.

“Sannu, a dance please?” Sid asked, probably after witnessing the situation.

“Sure,” she said when Aarav let go of her waist in confirmation from his side. Questions about his behaviour were still going through his mind when
Aarav chucked the orange juice down his throat, glancing at Sana happily dancing and laughing with Arhaan. In the past hour she managed to dance with 3 of her brothers, another younger cousin of hers and now with Arhaan. Aarav was standing at the food counter finishing his late breakfast up, Sana had eaten popcorn in the morning while he left with an empty stomach. He glanced around the hall with relief filling his lungs and happiness his soul. His motive was finally achieved, everything was finally his and he did this all just under 3 months.

“Hey jiju,” Saanvi said to him as she walked with a plate handful of food. Eating runs in the genes then, Aarav thought as he saw every single variety on her plate.

“Hi Saanvi, what’s up?” he casually asked her, not wanting to seem rude to her.

“I came here to give you company now that Sana is dancing with someone. By the way who is he?” she asked indicating to his brother who was goofing around his wife.

“My brother Arhaan. He is just as old as you,” he answered quickly to which Saanvi spilled out all the water in her mouth.

The water had spilled all over the floor, but thank god it wasn’t loud so nobody noticed it except him and her.

“You have a brother who is as old as me?”

“Yep, why is everyone so surprised?”

“Maybe because you never told us that before,”

“Point noted,”

“How is the party?”

He was quite taken aback with her answer “Okay I am not going to lie to you, boring,”

“Everything about it?” he asked her worriedly, eyeing her massive plate of food.

“Oh, except the food. My brothers are talking to my other cousins about some crushes and stuff, Sia is chatting off about daily soaps with my older cousin, Saatvi. And Sana is dancing off with your brother, so basically there is nothing for me,” she stated flatly, taking another piece of the french toast.

These siblings were truly one in a kind, which makes them so special to him and others. He glanced at Sana who busy ranting on with Aarav. They were having a partner switch up in the next few seconds, and according to his calculations her next partner would be Adi.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he excused him from Saanvi who nodded and went back to her food.

“May I dance with my wife?” he said in a demanding tone to Arhaan who frowned at him.

“But we just got started,” he whined stubbornly at him.

“Arhaan, there is Saanvi, Sana’s sister who is just as sweet as her and is even your age. Go ask her for a dance and please leave my wife to me,” Aarav made a deal with him.

“That girl by the food court?” he questioned eyeing Saanvi who just finished her food.

“Nuthead, there is only one girl by the counter so it is definitely her,” Aarav said hitting him on his head which made him wince.

“See ya Sana di,” Arhaan said with pleasure as he left Sana and proceeded to Saanvi.

“Jealous are we?” Sana asked him with a smirk as he pulled her closer for a dance.

“Dreaming are we?” he retorted with the same expression to receive a deep frown on her face.

“Why did you send Arhaan to Saanvi, you know how much she hates people who flirt,” Sana asked him worriedly as they both glanced over at Saanvi and Arhaan seemed like they were arguing over something.

“Let him get a piece of her mind too,” he said in a gravelly tone enjoying the scene from far away.

“Oh my gawd, what just happened?” Sana gasped as Sana stepped on his foot and dragged him towards their pack of cousins.

They didn’t bash him up like Aarav expected or kill him but instead all of them were laughing with each other, “You will never know,”

“By the way, the proposal was er..” Sana hesitantly said as his eyes locked her delicate ones.

“Romantic?” he finished for her with a smirk.

“Yeah, that. But it was a little short,” she mocked back at him.

“I told you at the beginning itself that I am not going to say cheesy and crocky lines. I mean like seriously how am I going to get the stars for you when I am just 6 foot 4?” he questioned with frustration.

“You don’t understand the term romantic do you?” she asked back with disbelief.

“I do, it’s just messed up in your head,” he responded with a shrug as his hands tightened on her waist when he saw Adi staring at him.

“Where did you get my mom’s video?” she made him flinch as he looked away from Adi and back to her soft face. What DID he do to deserve her?

“Magicians don’t reveal their tricks,” he said keeping the suspense a little longer.

“How cliche!” she said laughing openly as he looked back at her mesmerizing eyes which were scanning all his feature on his face.
Sana cursed the blo*dy waiter as she glanced at the stain on her dress. How could he ruin her new dress? She walked through the walls of the mansion, unsure of where she is going. It was not huge, it was humongous with every door looking the same, which one was her room and where was Aarav?

She heard a few noises of something that seemed like quarrelling to her from the door on the end of the hallway at the far right. Curiosity took over her mind which blindly walked her to the door to hear the noises clearly.

“You are playing with a girl’s emotions for the property?” she heard a male voice which sounded like Arhaan’s voice.

“That was the deal we had, between you and me. I marry and I get the property,” she heard her husband’s cold, brittle voice from the other side of the door.

“You forced her into this,” she heard another voice, it might be Adi’s voice.

“She is just as you wanted so can we please stick to the deal,” Aarav argues again. Sana froze as she heard the word she, they were talking about her.

“I am not going to argue you anymore, everything is done so we better stick to the deal,” she heard another old deep voice, it was dadu’s.

Sana could not comprehend anything at all, what were they talking about? Deal? First the contract, then the property, now the deal. What was going on?

“You will get the papers tomorrow,” Dadu said in a low voice with a Aarav groaning for the delay.

Sana heard footsteps towards the door so she ran towards the other end of the hallway and pretended to just walk to the room. Dadu smiled at her and hurried towards another room, probably his.

“Sana?” Aarav asked surprised as she walked into the room.

The room had dark chocolate colored walls on one side and coffee coloured on the other. It was quite spacious with 3 doors on the right side, there was a king size bed in the centre of the room and several book shelves on the side. Aarav was kneeling against the wall at the far corner, he removed the blazer and the tie with his white shirt untucked at several places, a tensed look was filling his face while his hair was in a shaggy mess. Arhaan and Adi were seated on the sofas in the opening on the room.

“I was just looking for our room,” she chirped as she pointed to the stain on her dress.

“You are at the right place,” Adi said with a shadowed gaze while Aarav kept his intense gaze intact with hers.

“We were just talking about my world tour. How about you change for the night’s party and then I can tell you all about it. Aarav bro was telling me you travelled many places too,” Arhaan made a conversation, hiding their fights.

“Sure, just give me an hour,” she said to them with a grin.

“We will be with the others then,” Arhaan stated as they both walked out of the room like nothing happened.

“We are having a party in the night?” Sana asked Aarav who walked up to her as they door clicked behind them.

“Yeah, this was a private one with strictly family and friends. The night one will have all other associates, clients and other friends,” he tiredly said in a strained voice to her as he ran a hand through his straight black hair.

“Okay, I better get ready then,” she said as she tried to peek into his soul via his blue eyes. Blue eyes, fair skin, black hair, really didn’t go together but they seemed to fit all perfectly with him.

“Sana,” he said grabbing her wrist from her leaving to the washroom, “You heard everything didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything,” she firmly replied as she averted her gaze from his, cooling of her anger as she looked at the coffee walls.

“I know you are a master liar, but you can’t lie to me,” he softly said as he lifted her chin with his index finger.

Sana glanced at his eyes which softened a little from earlier with the same wearing look on his face, her breath hitched at her throat with all the questions swirling through her mind.

“Yes, I did,” she sternly admitted, still holding her breath.

“Look, I don’t know what part you heard but believe me it is not what you heard it is,” he firmly assured her.

“Really? Then can you please tell explain to me what the hell is going on in my life. First the unexpected wedding, then the property, then contract, the billionaire news and now a deal. What is all this?” she yelled at him with frustration. She couldn’t take the secrets, misunderstandings and suspicion anymore. Her mind throbbed in pain as her eyes started to dwell with hot tears which were adamant to leave her eyes and flow through her face

“Sana, it is not the right time, I-” he gently said, trying to rub off her tears.

“I demand to know what is going on, or else I will go and directly talk to dadu,” she threatened him as she pulled away from his grasp.

She wasn’t someone who would break down easily, so it was a shock for him to see her like this, she rubbed her tears from the back of her hands and quietly begged with pleading eyes, “Aarav, who are you?”

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