The Bond of..? (Chapter 32)


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Sana’s jaw dropped, hard, as she saw the scoreboard display their group’s name as the winners. Great, now she had to deal with the mockery of Aarav for the rest of the day. She sighed before slyly leaving the area to hide in the washroom, she clearly didn’t want to be acknowledged as a winner. She rushed her way to the ladies washroom, breathing in relief as she inspected the empty surroundings.

She quickly noted to send an email to her PA asking her to schedule all her meetings tomorrow and find all the information about Ross. Inc. She needed information that told her that Aarav wasn’t here for her or their complicated relationship would be in a bigger mess. She didn’t need that in her life. She was done with the swirling mess Aarav bought in her life with his emotions. Love was supposed to be a feeling of pure ecstasy, trust and happiness. How ironic that the exact same emotion caused her all the trouble.

She let out another sigh before reaching for the handle when she realized that the door was shut,“Oh shit.”

Upon instinct, she reached for the door and banged her fists in panic. A streak of fear passed through her as she continued to bang her fists. Her voice was not that loud for the people all the way in the stadium to hear her yell for help so banging was her best bet. Her heart rate slowed down as she heard footsteps proceeding towards the washroom. She mentally screamed in happiness as she heard a bolt being unlocked and the door widening for her most hated person to gaze at her with amusement.

She scowled at him before crossing her arms over her chest as he snickered, “You might want to hire a bodyguard.”

“I am fine by myself,” she snapped hotly, passing through him before she got lost in his icy blue eyes.

“Didn’t look so well to me a few minutes ago,” she heard him murmur in suspicion.

“I have trust issues after a certain stranger decided to mess with my life,” she warningly spat out.

“You knew that falling in love was never the option,”he drawled out softly behind her causing her to halt in her steps.

She did but love didn’t ask her the permission before injecting into her. She knew falling in love was not an option but after living with him for over nine months, she began to truly wonder whether it was possible to not fall in love with him. She didn’t have a luxury of choice when it came to love.

Sana’s breath hitched in her throat as the feelings of rejection flooded her veins and she whispered back , dejected, “And yet I did because for some reason my gut told me that it was the right thing to do.”

“My gut told me to leave the company business the minute I read the stupid contract but I didn’t and today I am one of the most successful business man in the world,” he scoffed from behind, gloating with pride while Sana stood stunned at his confession.

He should have left.

He should have.

“Gut feelings are never wrong. You should have left, it would have been easier for both of us,”she croaked, the words almost choking her throat. A thick silence of discomfort and realization brewed between them, both lost in the land of the alternate realities that could have taken place if Aarav would have left before the contract ever took place.

“I wish you did Aarav, I really wish you did,” she honestly mumbled at last, pouring all her desperation in that sentence before walking into the stadium.

Sana couldn’t help but wonder if she was imagining it or did Aarav actually say, “I know.”

Her head spinned, processing all the information and trying to keep her emotions in check. She needed to calm down and she needed to get out of here. Out of where Aarav was. He ignited a sensation of yearning every time she glanced at him and she was tired battling the internal storm.

“I am going home,” she declared passively to Arhaan as she her shades back on.

“What? No way! We have a party to attend in our victory,” Arhaan whined childishly.

“Bye Arhaan,” she waved back, turning around to show the finality in her decision as she grabbed flung out her keys.

She scurried away to her car and strapped herself in before driving away into the empty roads. This place was around 60km North of London and pretty deserted at this time of the year. She could hardly see anyone besides her on the road for good twenty minutes when she decided to give up on trying to find people and focused on her haywire of emotions. She was feeling dejected, angry and more than anything extremely hurt. This was a feeling she didn’t know how to describe, it was a mixture of anger and sadness. It was the feeling where she wanted to kill Aarav and kiss him at the same time. What was wrong with her?

“Oh god!” she shrieked when she found a car head up to her in rapid speed, bumping into hers as they drove by. She let out a squeal of panic as her car spinned and halted at the edge of the road with fume bursting out of her hood.

“Are you freaking kidding me? Bastard of a jerk,” she yelled in indignation to noone in particular as she pulled open the hood of her car.

Instead of cursing Aarav through the truck fixing game, paying attention as to how he fixed the cars would have helped her in this situation. What was she even going to do now? It would take a while for all the others to come as they headed even further away from the stadium for the party. Her luck was not favouring her at all these days.

“At times like these, a bodyguard doesn’t seem like a bad idea,” she heard a deep husky mock from behind as she was pulling out her phone from the car.

She gasped as she saw Aarav smirking at her, his eyes sliding over her figure as she leaned against her car,“Why do you care about my safety all of a sudden? Leave like you always did.”

“Women, I told you before and I am telling you now. Get a filter for your mouth otherwise it will lead you to a lot of trouble,” he warned her in a crestfallen voice.

“Aarav, go,” she sternly replied, challenging him to run away.

“Hop in,” he responded back in his usual cold demeanour, the butterflies she was hoping escaped by now were back at his tone change to his usual self.

“No,” she stubbornly remarked.

“Sana, everyone left to the party and there will be no one heading this way at this time,” Aarav blurted out a command after a long sigh, his eyes swimming in care.

That was it, one look at his blue eyes which were portraying ounces of sincerity she had never seen, all her feelings exploded like a volcano, “I can’t take this anymore. You cannot come back after a year and pretend like nothing happened. It might be easy for you to go back to being friends and stuff but it is not for me. You left my in this emotional chaos and I don’t know how to pull myself out from it. Hell, you can’t pretend like we are together or you care for me because you don.’t. You proved that to me a year back and I don’t need you doing the same again. I don’t know what you want but whatever it is, I am ready to give you, just stay away from me. I..I-”

She would have felt so much better if he showed her he moved on.

She would have felt so much better if he cleared things out with her.

Heck, she would have felt so much better if he just hated her.

At least then she would know that they shared something. Now she just felt that they never did share something special enough to be acknowledged which is why he took it so casually.

“Look at me,” Aarav had magically appeared before her while her eyes were squeezed shut, preventing tears from floating. The last thing she wanted was him to see her break down or her weak self.

She shook her head, she couldn’t look into those eyes again. She couldn’t. So instead she bitterly voiced out, “I am this close to punching you in the face for your actions right now so it is better you leave.”

A chuckle erupted from his throat as she felt him lean in, “I would rather have you vent your anger on me than anyone else.”

Her eyes flew up when his minty breath hit her face to see that he caged between his body and the car while she snapped, “Stop being the person you are not. We both know who you are and believe it or not, I know more about you than you do yourself so quit trying to fool me.”

“And you can quit trying to act like you moved on because you didn’t,” he casually said but his eyes said otherwise, it didn’t take long for Sana to know all the emotions he was going through too.

“Oh really? What if I tell you that I have a husband and a daughter? Will you say the same,” she choked out as he saw his eyes darken and his jaw clench as if she was testing his patience.

“That’s impossible,” his murderous gaze sending tingles down her body.

“You left me for an entire year without anything, not even hope.”

She knew she was right when she faced a pan of silence after her words left her mouth while Aarav glared at her as she finally asked, “What do you want Aarav?”

“I- I don’t know,” he whispered, clearly taken aback from her sudden question. She searched his eyes but when she found confusion, she pushed him out of the way and hoped in his car as he wanted her to.

“Take me home,” she breathed out as she sagged back against the seat in defeat.

Aarav paced back and forth in his room, his mind pondering on Sana’s question. What did he want? Well, he wanted her but at the cost of their companies? He was not sure. Her outburst was enough to let him know that he completely ruined her. He could see right through her as to how much it hurt her just to breathe in the same room as him. He ran a hand through his hair in frustration thinking about what he did to her. She didn’t bother to talk to him the entire ride, just gave him a nod of thanks before heading inside her house. He was never good at all these emotional sentiments with girls and he certainly didn’t know what to do when he was the cause of the turmoil.

His phone rang from the corner of the room, alerting him of the caller as he barked in vexation,“What do you want now?”

“Lock up and car crash, both attempts failed to injure your poor wife because you kept showing up every time,” the man at the other end snickered causing Aarav to burn with extreme rage.

That little bastard was not the cause of Sana’s constant misfortunes.

“What the f*** do you want? I’ll pay you the minute you send me the damn papers,” Aarav howled in wrath.

“And I said it before and I am going to say it now, I want her to pay me, not you.”

“It shouldn’t matter as to who pays, you get your money,” Aarav retorted, exhaling profusely. to keep his patience in check.

“I have a pride too and I want her to come accept her defeat and pay me the money.”

“There is no defeat and one more time you hurt her, we are calling all of this off.”

“You can’t do that.”

“You said that when I almost trashed you to death,” he darkly chuckled at the memory before hanging up.

“Get out,” Sana yelled as she saw Aarav walk into the office with a smug smile carving his face.

“Not a nice way to treat possible clients,”he smugly retorting, taking a seat before her much to her displeasure.

“Here’s the thing, you will never be my client,” she responded back calmly yet fiercely. She didn’t sleep the entire night due to the man before her and she was planning on trying to avoid that this night.

“I thought you kept your professional and personal separate.”

“You did try to merge my company with yours, that’s as close to an enemy you can get.”

“I think we both know that I am way more dangerous than an enemy.”

Boy, she did. She knew very well that he was way more dangerous than an enemy. He played with hearts.

“We do which is why I am trying to keep you as far as possible from my life,” she spat back with a fake smile.

“That’s not what I heard a year back, hell, that’s not what I heard back the gala either.”

“As you said, I keep my personal and professional life separate.”

“But I don’t,” he retorted back, sagging back in his chair and watching her with amusement.

“That is not going to get anywhere, Mr.Ross, it would be better if you would leave.”

“Well then Mrs.Ross, I will get what I want out of you even if you don’t want to,” he gravelly said while her breath caught on his words.

“Stop calling me that. I. Am. Not. Mrs. Ross,” she addressed him bluntly.

“But you are,” he reasoned causing her to scoff.

“I signed the divorce papers.”

“But I didn’t.”

“What?” she breathed out horrified at the situation. He didn’t what? Her heart literally stopping beating for the second he took to nod his head and confirm the words.

“I didn’t sign the divorce papers so in the eyes of the society, we are husband and wife.”




“You gotta be kidding me. You didn’t put an end to this drama?” she barked out, the minute she regained her composure.

“I thought you would be happy knowing that I am still stuck with you.”

She gave him an incredulous look which he chose to ignore as he kept going on, “You asked me yesterday as to what I want right?”

She nodded stiffly and he continued his little rant, “There was a battle before I left as to whether I deserve you or not. I committed many mistakes in the past which you are not even aware about and I am not sure how you will react when you are aware about them. But, I did realize that no matter what is between is, we would always have the feeling of care lingering in between us and when I was talking about a bodyguard, I was not kidding.”

“Hold on, you can’t barge in her and decide out of nowhere that I need a bodyguard,” she cut him off, demanding power over her life.

“As I said, I am your husband-” he began claiming her once again.

Didn’t you realize that a year back? She thought as she frowned at him.

“Are you really pulling that card on me now? When were we ever husband and wife?” she asked incredulously at his lame reasonings.

“Since you are not willing to let me appoint a bodyguard, I have another proposition for you,” he sighed with defeat.

“Which is?” she asked with curiosity getting better out of her.

“Come back home with me,” he sincerely asked her which caused her to break on a fit of coughs. What was wrong with this man? When she said he was bipolar, she meant that literally.

“Did you hit your head on your trip?” she asked with a frown and disbelief.


“Did somebody drug you?”

“Uh, no.”

“Did you face a memory loss?”

“I’m hoping not.”

“Aarav, I had absolutely enough of your games. You are bigger coward than I presumed,” she snapped at him when all her assumptions were denied.

“You know what? I tried everything I could but clearly you don’t want to listen, go die by yourself,” he stormed out with his bruised ego.

Sana shook her head, boggled at his prepositions. She spent the next few hours talking to various lawyers about her divorce case. Indeed Aarav didn’t sign the papers and there was no way for them to go through divorce without that. Apparently, the contract wasn’t valid for a worthy cause of divorce as they did spend the last year ‘together’. The contract held no meaning if there was no divorce after it ended. So, they were husband and wife in the eyes of law. Great, now what?

She headed downstairs into another car while the one from yesterday was sent to repairing once she got a driver to go fetch it. She blasted the music instantly to get her mind off the recent happenings. Her drove peacefully for the next few minutes before she realized that a car behind her was dangerously close to her. As if sensing her panic, it immediately hit her trunk causing her to screech.

“This again?” she slapped her forehead in shock as she gathered her phone into her hand before pressing redial.

“Hello?” she heard Aarav’s deep husky voice laced with confusion as she drove through the streets without bumping into anything or anyone.

“Aarav, there is a car following me,” she blurting out frightened as she recognized it from yesterday.

“Shit. I told you to come with me. Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“Do you really want to do this right now?” she furiously responded.

“Aarav!” she shrieked once more as she felt the car hit hers once more, almost making her lose her balance. What were the people in the streets doing? Why aren’t they calling the police?

“Sana, darling, calm down. I am coming, where are you?” he asked with such concern she never saw.

“Elm Street, hurry up,” she pleaded in a desperate tone, increasing her speed, causing the some road tension.

“Don’t panic and keep driving,” she heard him assure her softly.

“Aarav, I am not sure if I can keep this up any longer,” she yelled, horrified as the car smacked her once more, causing her to speed into another street.

“Sana, stay with me. Nothing will happen to you,” Aarav assured her as she heard his engine roar through the streets. He was coming for her. He was going to be here.

“What is he doing?” she blurted out as she saw the car at the back push her car, which she didn’t have the control of her car anymore, right down the street.

“Sana, what happened?” she heard Aarav demand in extreme concern while she tried to pry her car away from her intruder.

“Sana,” she heard Aarav yell to demand her attention but she prayed internally when her body froze at the sight before her.

She saw another car in the empty street, right along the road as to where the one behind her was pushing her. In the next minute, she would be sandwiched between two cars and she had no idea as to how to stop that. That minute it hit as to what was going to happen, she was going to die. A tight fear flew through her body, preventing any body function. She opened her mouth to answer Aarav but everything turned numb as her car strode on its own. Everything happened in such a blur that she could hardly comprehend that her life was going to end.

Oh no.

“Aarav, I -” she finally blurted out but it was too late, her car smacked into the the one before her, causing a wide range of explosion. Her eyes went wide as she saw all the flames surrounding her and the different shades of orange as car pieces went flying around her.

“Sana!” she heard Aarav yell in a deadly, pleading tone before darkness consumed her.

Who still hates Aarav? And Sana, dear god, she is almost on the verge of dying. I don’t plan anything before hand and come up with everything as I am writing which is why my story is so spontaneous and moody. Depending on my mood, I change the storyline and I am in a very filmy mood today so there is a lot about their heartache and all.

Hang in there guys, just like five more chapters to go. I am hoping to finishing it by Chapter 40 at max but let’s see what I decide the next time I am here to write. How are you all? I am having my Christmas break and FINALLY got the time to relax and work on this update. I am planning on updating next week and the week after too as it is my holidays. Are you all excited for that?

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