The Bond of..? (Chapter 28) Part 1


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“Say the three magical words first,” Sana sneered with her eyes brewing with joy while Aarav glanced at her with shock.

“I hate you?” he guessed, hoping badly that they were the right ones even though he knew that she wanted to hear otherwise.

“Not those!” she brushed them off as she jumped with excitement.

“Glad you feel the same?”

“That’s five words, you idiot,”she lamely said, rolling her eyes while Aarav watched her uncomfortably.

“Sana, I don’t love you!” he finally blurted out as he scanned that she was more decked up than usual, making him wonder what was going on.

“So? What’s wrong in saying the words if you don’t love me?” she asked him, throwing another bomb of shock at him.

“How can I?” he asked her bewildered at her guts.

“Because you are my husband!” she declared while Aarav frowned at her.

“For what? Another month?”he snorted back some sense to her brain.

“What does that have to do with saying the three magical words?”

“You can’t force me like this!” he whined with displeasure.

“Well, I waited for the past twenty minutes but you are not saying anything and besides, it is my right,”

“Well, ask your future husband for it then,” he scoffed in distaste and didn’t miss to see her face fall for a few minutes with her eyes twinkling in confusion before she perked up once again.

“Can you stop bringing random things in between? My future husband has nothing to do with this.”

“Fine. Then what has something to do with this?”

“You!” she pointed at his chest as she crossed her arms with patronizing anger rising through her.

“I’m getting late, move out of my way,” Aarav diverted the topic from this extremely weird conversation.

“Just say the damn words, Aarav,” she hissed grumpily as she shook him by his shoulders.

Aarav sighed before continuing awkwardly,“Sana, I don’t feel the same way you do. Those words will just be meaningless to me.”

“Ofcourse you won’t feel the same as me! I know that! Why would you?” she amused him with her words and Aarav got thinking as to what kind of conversation they were having.

“Then why are you asking me to say it?” he confirmed in a quizzical voice. She wants him to say ‘I love you’ when he doesn’t mean it?

“Because everyone does,” she shrugged like it was no big of a deal.

“Well, I am not everyone. I am Aarav Ross and I live my life by my rules. If you will excuse me, I need to get to my company,” he ordered curtly, trying to walk past her but Sana kept still.

“I hate you,” she stubbornly said with her a glint of sadness passing through her eyes making Aarav wonder what exactly to do.

“Glad you feel the same,” he murmured as he pulled out his phone but Sana snatched it away from him.

“I can’t believe your ego.”

“Trust me, my ego is not what’s stopping me.”

“Then what is?”

“My emotions,” he blurted out as he averted his gaze with embarrassment and uneasiness strolling through him.

“I know you hate me but saying it to me is not going to cause you a heart attack, you know. I mean how hard is to say three words. Stop acting like a coward,” she brutally snapped, shaking her head side to side vigorously.

“You are not letting me do if I don’t, are you?”

“You know me,” she said with a wide grin, eager to hear the words spill from his mouth.

Oh boy! This was way harder than he thought as he continued to stutter uncontrollably, “Sana..I..ugh..well, I”

“Say it already!”

“I need to prepare. It is my first time saying something like this,” he exclaimed while he saw her eyes widen at his declaration.

“What? First time? Your life is so sad! I mean, really, first time?” she asked him in an amused tone.

“How many times did you say it before?”

“I don’t know, like every month to my friends, family, cousins.”

Right! Everyone went saying ‘I love you’ for petty things these days, “Well, I am not good with expressing my emotions.”

“Expressing your emotions is different but this is a whole other thing.”

Aarav let out another sigh of frustration as he ran a hand through his hair. He needed to get to work and he clearly didn’t want to deal with girly demands. “Sana, I really like you!” he finally mustered up the courage to say something close to that.

“Good to know. But just the three words and I’ll let you go. I have work to do too,”she demanded with irritation creeping through her as she tapped her foot on the ground, waiting patiently for Aarav to say the words.

“Look, I really don’t have time for your stupid jokes. I need to get to work. Let me go,” he strictly commanded as he yanked her out of the way.

“Just say it!”

“How can I?” he asked her as he made his way to the door. What was she?

“Aarav, it’s not that hard to say ‘Happy Birthday Sana’!” he heard her scream in irkness which caused him to halt in his tracks. Wait what?

He turned around swiftly, his eyes locking in hers to see her mouth twitch into a small smile with eagerness popping once again in her face.

“Wait what? Happy Birthday Sana?” he drawled out precisely which came out more a question due to his confusion.

“There, see, you just said it. That’s all I wanted! It wasn’t that hard right? Why were you acting as if I was getting you dig your grave?” she mocked as a bright grin lit her face while Aarav blinked his eyes rapidly.

“Those were the three words?” he asked boggled. Those were the three words all along!

“Yeah, what did you think?”

Sudden embarassment washed through Aarav for assuming the worst as he quickly muttered, “Nothing, uh, happy birthday then!”

“Thanks! I am so happy that my birthday is finally here! Oh, sorry to keep you waiting, you can go now.”

Aarav stood there gazing at her with complete shock. It was her birthday. Holy crap, it was her birthday and he had no gift. Instead of fighting over him, she was happy that he wished her? She was not fussing that he didn’t remember? What kind of a girl was she? She never failed to amuse him with her antics.

“Aarav?” he saw her snap her hands infront of his eyes to get his attention.

“Yeah?” he asked her realizing that he was frozen in his tracks while she was eyeing him with suspicion.

“You can go unless you want to spend the entire day with me.”

“No, I am good.”

“Good because I don’t want to either.”

“What? Why did you ask?”

“Sarcasm, man, sarcasm.”

Aarav stood there awkwardly after the incident before deciding to ask, “Did you get any gifts yet?”

“Yep! The guest room is almost filled with them.”

“You mean the master guest room?” the master bedroom was bigger than his room and it was to accommodate ten people at once.


“How many gifts did you get?”

“Dude, Arhaan gets so many gifts for the day that is not even his birthday. I am way more popular than him, don’t tell him that, and it is my real birthday. What do you expect?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged off before making his way out of the room. Finally.

“Can you give me the keys to the other guest room too? I don’t think one will be enough,” she shot over his shoulder while Aarav rolled his eyes.

“Ask Arhaan,” he threw behind his shoulder before hearing her saying that something along the lines of him being rude.

Now he had to go and figure out a present for her first and last birthday with him. A weird sort of throbbing ache passed through his mind as the words visioned in his mind. First and last. Will it be her last? He groaned as her thoughts began to evade his mind like plague. He had a limit, he had a limit for all this relationship and clearly they had exceeded that in all ways. It was not good that she was leaving a huge image of her in his mind with hardly two weeks left for the contract to end. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to let her go but he knew what had to be done. Everything was planned. Everything was f****** planned. She was never his and will never be.


“That’s it? He didn’t give you a gift,” Sana heard Saaanvi shriek while she rolled her eyes.

She was presently at the Sen mansion, transporting all her birthday gifts from all her friends here. She was talking to Saanvi about the last minute birthday party preparations and continued informing her about the morning incident.

“Didn’t you demand one?”

“No, actu-” Sana started but Saanvi cut her off.

“Why not? He is so rude to not give you a gift!”

“Don’t jump to con-”

“I am betting that he something amazing planned for the party tonight, maybe that’s why he acted as if he didn’t know it was your birthday. Just watch, you are going to get the best gift this year!”

“Saanvi, calm down! This whole thing is going to last another two weeks, he isn’t going to spend time on something which is not going to last forever,” she replied with a shrug as she felt a dagger pierce her heart as the words came out of her mouth.

“He is! Just watch!”

“He doesn’t even like me,” she responded with her mind tracing back to the morning talk when he said he liked her a lot. What happened then?

“What are you talking about? You know what? If he does give you a gift of a lifetime, you hold some place in his heart if not, then I’ll agree to your two week thing.”

“Saanvi, my life is not a gambling show where you are betting,” she sarcastically exclaimed.

“Trust me on this.”

“Sure, I’ll totally trust the girl who has completely no experience or interest in love,” she mocked as she grabbed her phone for her preparations. Her birthday were always a grand affair, more grander than her parties. This year was going to be no different and she was quite excited for the gifts from her family, they were always the best!

“Wait and watch sis,” Saanvi sang as she raced out of the house while Sana shook her head.

She knew there was no hope that Aarav was going to give her a gift of a lifetime. But something inside her hoped terribly that he did. She wanted him to do something special for her even though she knew that expecting more than hell from a devil was a stupidity but a girl can dream right? Right!


“All set?” Sia asked Sana as she her mind wandered to the thoughts of Aarav sending her a present. She was acting like an obsessed girlfriend now, she needed to get a grip.

“Yeah,” she trailed off and the next minute she heard a violent scream from the kitchen.

“You idiot, are you freaking nuts?” she heard Saanvi screech at Arhaan who was trying his best not to laugh at the brown paste that fell on Saanvi’s jeans.

“I didn’t know you were there?” he lamely retorted which caused Saanvi to flame up.

“Oh, so now you tell me that you are blind. I already know that! But let me add more to that list like dumb, deaf, mute.”

“Look, it is not like I wasted your designer jeans or something. Oh, wait, you don’t have any designer clothes as you buy everything from the Thrift Store,” he mocked and laughed at his own joke which clearly rose the hidden anger in Saanvi.

“Oh for the sake of all the Kings of England, shut up.”

“England has a king? From when?” Arhaan asked her with confusion.

“I think she is talking about the previous one,” Sana interfered to stop another argument from happening.

“Oh, wait, when did the last king rule?” Arhaan questioned her with genuine curiosity to which she frowned with uncertainty.

“I don’t know!

“1800, maybe?”

“Wasn’t that Queen Victoria then?”

“True, then maybe-”

“Stop changing the topic, you both!” Saanvi yelled, mimicking their conversation like it was the most boring thing in the world.

“What is your problem? Are you jealous that your sister likes me more than you,” Arhaan bickered back, equally riled up now.

“I think she is just being nice to you out of pity that you hardly have any friends.”

“I bet I have more friends than you.”

“Oh yeah? Well, all of them pity you the same way Sana does.”

“She doesn’t pity me! Do you?”

“Look-” Sana said in amusement at their constant bickering.

“I’ll call my friend to send you to jail,” Arhaan declared stubbornly.

“Good luck with that,” Saanvi snapped back as he crossed her arms in a challenging stare.

“Luck has nothing to do with that,” he passed her on with wink while Sana noticed Saanvi’s eyes to widen at his comment.

Arhaan was grinning widely while Saanvi screamed, “Ew, go flirt with someone else!”

Flirting? Was that some sort of an inside joke? “Firstly, I wasn’t flirting and who flirts with a tomboy?” Arhaan commented.

“People who are not blind but too sad that you are quite blind,” Saanvi retorted and Sana was audience to another new argument with both of them.

She was continuing to examined their conversation which was completely ridiculous and irrelevant to Saanvi’s spill on her jeans before she heard a voice, “Ma’am, here is a mail from Aarav Ross.”

Sana took in a short breath before dropping to the ground and fainting.


LOL! Who fell for that? That was not how it happened? Read the next lines to know!

She was continuing to examined their conversation which was completely ridiculous and irrelevant to Saanvi’s spill on her jeans before she heard a voice, “Ma’am, here is a mail from Aarav Ross.”

Sana took in a short breath as she walked towards the door with her heart threatening to leap out of her chest, caging it cautiously. Her hands trembled a little as she signed the document with her mind filling with anxiety as an audible gasp left through her mouth as she saw her ‘gift’.

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry for the late update. I didn’t even get the time to comment to your comments. I am having such packed days, uff, I wish I could stay up a little longer to finish the update but I have a graphing assignment to finish and it is already 12 AM.

Anyways, how are you all? most of you are asking me to end the story quick and trust me, I am cutting down a lot of parts and trying me best to end it quick. Bare with me a little longer and the story will be done. I have an entire plan for Saanvi’s story but I am not sure when I will start writing, maybe next year in like February? Let’s see!

How was the update? I know it was so bad but I needed to update something, better than nothing right? I was so busy, i didn’t really get a chance to plan something for Sana. Any ideas as to what Aarav will give her? I am out of ideas right now, but it will be quicker if you can help me!

Again, super sorry for all this. Take care and keep reading!

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