The Bond of..? (Chapter 25)

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Okay, Sana, you can do this! Sana chanted the line over and over in her head for encouragement as she stood in front of Aarav’s board room. Apparently, some important deal was going on but she wasn’t the person who had patience. She could also leave the room, right this instant and never set foot into the office again but as she was chained with promises, she wasn’t going to back out.

She took a deep breath, glanced at herself before barging into the room, declaring with pride, “I need a job.”

Her face flushed a little when she saw the entire boardroom filled with people in extreme tension who ripped their gaze of the presentation Aarav was giving and glanced at her. Even though most of the men were looking at, she rooted her gaze at Aarav who was shaking his head with amusement.

“What?” he finally blurted out oblivious to whatever she was saying.

Sana sighed as she took long strides, reaching eye to eye level of Aarav within seconds. Sana could see disapproval written all over his face but she pouted nevertheless which caused Aarav to grimly state, “I am not going to sell my shares to you.”

“No, I want to be the Vice President of the company,” Sana chirped excitedly, crossing her arms over her chest while Sana grinned brightly.

Aarav rolled his eyes at her childishness and ordered to the rest of the employees, not trusting her intentions after their kiss yesterday,“Excuse us please.”

The entire team gave him a puzzled look before obliging, one after the other silently exiting the room. Aarav snapped his head back to Sana, who placed herself on the table, “Why?”

“I am getting bored working in my company everyday so I need a change,” Sana smoothly lied as she kept a wide grin on her face and fluttered her eyebrows a bit. She knew how childish she was acting but oh well.

“And you decided that stomping into another company’s meeting will get you a job?” Aarav asked her incredulously, not believing her stupidity.

“The company’s owner happens to be my husband,” she retorted sharply as she grinned sheepishly at him.

“I thought you said you kept your professional and personal life different?” Aarav hotly questioned back with a smirk twitching the corner of his lips as he removed his outer coat.

“Uh, well, I am getting bored. So, can I please get the job?” Sana mumbled innocently as she moved in a comfortable position on the huge table while Aarav took a seat on the chair infront of her.

“Nope,” he casually said, his eyes turning cold and dull once again.

“No?” Sana asked startled as she blinked her eyes to digest his words. Was he rejecting her?

“No,” Aarav repeated in a formal, professional voice with his gaze lingering on Sana more longer than needed.

Sana was agitated at his reply with intense heat circulating her body before she realized that they were in a loss and no position to hire new employees so she twisted her words, “You could just tell me that there are no positions left in your company.”

“Oh they are all open,” he curtly remarked with boredom washing over his facial features.

Sana sighed inwardly, rethinking her entire drama. She never thought it would be so hard to convince him to let her work her, “Then?”

Aarav dazed at her as if she grew another head. Or maybe like she grew 10 and continued on working in his laptop. Sana was infruriated at his ignorance which was currently at its peak but brushing off her revenge plans, she exclaimed, swelling her chest in pride, “I get it! You are worried that you won’t be able to pay me enough salary, don’t worry about that. I am working here for free.”

“This is not a NGO,” came his short, rude reply which threw her on the edge. Why was he being so damn difficult?

“Exactly so don’t be hard and give me what I want,” She bargained as she took a quick minute to skim through his expression, trying to understand his problem. Did she push too far? Was she hurting his ego or something?

She heard Aarav let out a bitter chuckle making her snap out of her thoughts to see that they their noses were touching. Previous night’s incident kept playing in her head, forcing a faint blush to appear on her skin before her body started to spark up at his touch. Aarav lazily slid a hand through her waist, while she looked at the dark blue eyes, masking every emotions swirling underneath. He leaned closer, making her breath hitch in her throat as she stared at his blue orbs in amusement.

He smirked at her before leading his way to her ears where he gently said, “You are in my boundary now. That is not how it works here.”

“Well, change it for me,” Sana demanded stubbornly as she looked at him with pleading, innocent eyes.

“No,” Aarav sternly said as he moved back into his chair, smirking delightfully at Sana.

“Aarav, please,” Sana frustratedly growled like a kid claiming her chocolate while Aarav continued to glare her with amusement.

“Nope,” Aarav stuck to his decision firmly, showing no signs of negotiation.

“I am not going to mess your company up and besides you can just tell me that you are in no position to hire than reject me,” Sana said in a challenging voice as she crossed her legs on the table.

She saw Aarav stiffen as she bluntly said that before recovering and masking his emotions, “We are in the position to hire.”

“Prove it by hiring me,” she provocated in a determined tone when she saw dare flash in Aarav’s eyes.

“I don’t need to prove anything to anyone,” he remarked in a flat, rigid tone, crushing her dreams.

Sana glared at him for a minute, burning holes into his head, before tossing off from the table and hysterically failed her arms running away as she yelled, “Great, I am the new vice president.”

“Sana,” she heard Aarav faintly scowl, hot on her heels as she dashed out of the room with elevation.

Damn Saanvi for rubbing her childishness on her!

She kept sprinting her way across the office when she banged into another man who huskily said, “Mrs.Ross, nice to see you here.”

Sana frowned as she smoothed her frills muttering a greeting,“Hello,”

“Oh, I see that you both are here. I was just coming here to make a deal with Mr.Ross about the loss for his company but I think you already took the first chance,” she heard a familiar bitter tone, making her flinch slightly and jerk her head towards him.

What the hell? It was Roy standing here in front of her, wasn’t he in the jail or having a loss? Why was he here?

“Roy. Shut up-” she yelled in a tight, fierce tone, exploding from rage.

He smirked at her before turning to Aarav and sourly stating,“Of course I should have known. Your wife is the successful businesswomen in the world, she will probably buy all your shares to keep the company floating. Nice choice Aarav, to get a girl like her who keeps both her lives the same pace.”

Sana’s agitation was at it’s peak, she didn’t know whether she could control herself any longer before bursting all out at him. She was already having a hard time managing her problems and Roy’s appearance was only making it worse.

“By getting her to invest in the company, she would also get the benefit of helping her husband the keeping a good image to the Sens? Am I right Sana? Business deals always have ulterior motives to them right? I am pretty surprised that 2 weeks passed without any news about this topic. Sana, you have done a pretty clever job to hide the entire news from the media so the loss doesn’t tarnish the name of the Sens. And secret partnership can only be the idea of clever fox. I hope your partnerships stays for long,” he continued to insult her while Sana threw her head back and gritted her teeth hard. She stared at Aarav who was glaring at Roy as if he would rip his head off this instant but didn’t utter another word.

She saw Roy’s smirk deepened and he prepared to leave before she called out in a high pitched, critical tone,“Mr.Roy, wait.”

“Yes, Mrs.Ross,” he mimicked her tone with his usual sly smirk.

“I think you got it all wrong. I am not here to invest in his company or neither buy the company. I am not here as Sana Ross, the owner of Sen.Inc but as the wife of Aarav Ross, solely to give him some support and confidence. And you are right, business deals do have ulterior motives which is why I didn’t come here to present a business deal. And guess what? A big company like the Sens or Roy’s,” she stopped ranting furiously and accusingly pointed at him.

“Don’t need to invest in this company for it to recover its loss and regain its profit. I trust Aarav’s capabilities and I am sure that he will make it fine in no time without anyone’s help. Coming to the media, I think you could already tell that it is not a big issue as you are making it seem like which is why there is no media footage. And for your kind information, the company has already managed to get 10% of it back. So, you can carry out the deal if you would like but one suggestion I would give you is that it might not work out very well after all your mistakes in the past,” she snorted with her chest swelling with honor while she saw Roy fume with vexation.

He gave her a quick death glare before turning his heel and exiting the company while Sana controlled her quickened pulse. She shifted herself to face Aarav who was grinning at her but she gave him a poker face.

“Thanks a lot for defending me, Mr. Ross,” she gritted acidly, storming out of the building. How dare he not bother to correct that brute when he was ranting insults at her?

Before she got anywhere she was yanked to a solid chest, sending immediate warmth throughout Sana’s delicate figure while Aarav pleaded, “Sana, wait.”

She punched him in the stomach with her elbows and snapped brutally, “Let me be! First you never told me about the loss for some stupid reason and then I have to bear insults from the guy I hate the most. Forget all about that, the thing that hurts the most is that you don’t even try to defend me and let the bastard keep ranting. But let me break your bubble that I don’t need you to defend me or tell me stuff as I can do both on my own. So, go to hell.”

She heard Aarav sigh as he turned them around, pinning her to the wall, breaking her back yet again. She frowned with confusion before his mouth covered hers, sending shivers down her spine. This kiss was rough and urgent, both their lips moving in a synchronized manner. Sana felt her lungs open and fresh spirit wash through her as Aarav pulled her closer. She could feel his heartbeat increase as rapidly as hers.

Aarav pulled back, leaning his forehead on hers as he whispered hoarsely, “Do you think if I did defend you, it would have such an impact like when you did?”

“You could have tried,” she protested weakly, wriggling her hands out of his iron grip.

“We both know that is false.”

She stuck her tongue out at him while he shook her head in disbelief,“Did I just hear that you get hurt if I don’t defend you?”

She felt all the air knocked out of her lungs as she remembered her bantering,“Only for the effect. It made the argument more strong.”

Sana saw him smirk at her and giving his usual poker face look, masking his emotions before she snapped, “Why didn’t you tell me about the loss? Even after I said I want to join the company, why couldn’t you just tell me that you are facing a loss.”

“Would you ever tell me that your company lost 100 million? Probably not. Especially after knowing that this is going to last only for less than one month,” Aarav defensively said.

Sana felt something tear in her heart as a burning sensation creeped up her chest as her brain registered her words. She could feel her eyes flooding with hurt and she did nothing to hide them as she sarcastically mumbled, “Only one month huh? I should have known.”

“Why are you being so damn emotional today? You know that you this will only last for another month. Don’t act as if it is my fault and hell, I didn’t even ask you to come here,” Aarav defended his words evasively while Sana cringed.

She sucked a deep breath to calm her pulse which was galloping miles as she bitterly yelled, “Right. That’s exactly right. I am sorry for being emotional with all the mess in my life. I am sorry for being emotional as my emotions are in a haywire. I am sorry to be here with you and get insulted. I am sorry for not knowing that this will end in a month. I am sorry for even asking you to get a position in your company.”

“Sana, I didn’t-” Aarav’s eyes flashed regret and hurt which she brushed away as she pushed him off her.

“Of course you didn’t know but let me tell you one thing, even if my company was facing a loss and even our marriage was supposed to end in one week, I would have not hesitated to give you a job in company, even just for fun,” she said back in a gentle tone before turning around.

How the hell did she even decide to help this brute? Did she think that she was some sort of a 9 month fling? Sana still wasn’t sure why she was feeling so hurt, her emotions were scattered and in a complete mess. She needed to ignore him until she figures them out.


“Where did she go?”Aarav hotly questioned the guards who were glaring at him blankly.

“We have no idea, sir, all the rooms are being checked.”

Immediately after Sana ran off, he sent for a search party to find her whereabouts which had so far failed drastically, “You blo*dy fools! She never exited the building and is not there in the building either? Did she fly away then?”

“Sir, she may have disguised or something.”

“Please, my wife is not so quick to do anything like that,” Aarav smugly said, knowing her childish attitude.

“Keep searching,” he ordered them grimly as he led them to the front.

He sighed heavily, massaging his temples to reduce his stress. First the extreme loss, then his emotions and now Sana. Why was fate so harsh? Breaking him out of his thoughts, his phone buzzed in his pockets, “Sir, we have some important news for you,”


“Could you please come to Victoria Street’s entrance,”

“Okay,” he answered suspiciously, not understanding the sudden urgency.

“This is urgent and is about Neeraj,”

“On my way,” he instantly declared as he raced out of the building to the venue. He knew there would be another problem waiting for him.

It took him less than 20 minutes to reach the area where he could see his detective squad mingling with the commoners. He had hired them to track Neeraj and his actions to see exactly his work.

“What is it?” he asked her annoyed as his detective was sipping coffee from a local coffee. So much for being urgent.

“Sir,” she mumbled, nodding her head behind her where he saw Neeraj’s black curls as he talked to a few old men infront of him.

“He is meeting people, so?” Aarav asked her with disbelief. Was it him or was everyone turning as dumb as Sana?

“Sir, that guy on the right,”Aarav noticed a tall man in his late fifties, a decent tuxedo, a light stubble and white hair, “Is the cultural minister’s secretary and the one on the left,” “is the Queen’s informative guard,” Aarav noticed a man in his early forties grinning at Neeraj, his blonde hair flew with the wind and his blue eyes were twinkling as if it made a big deal.

“How long has he been here?” Aarav asked confused as he saw both of them joking around with Neeraj.

“Just around 30 minutes,” she answered back as she sipped her coffee.

“Was he carrying something?”

“Nope, just a briefcase and he was dressed in a formal tuxedo,” she mumbled back as she indicating to a black briefcase on the floor.

Aarav frowned at her words, tuxedo and Neeraj? Something was definitely fishy around here. Why was Neeraj meeting such important people?

Sana’s eyes blazed with anger as she heard Aarav yell at his mini search party to find her. Which was so far, failing badly. She was right inside the secret room in his office where all the records and statements were kept.

She was such an idiot to directly go and ask Aarav to the VP of the company rather than helping him secretly. Oh well, the mistake has been made so now she was going to do it the right way. She was here to go through their transactions to see where the loss could be regained. Yes, she remembered that she agreed to not help him but what can she say? She has a big heart.

“It is so dusty here, why doesn’t he get it cleaned?” she mumbled irritably as she failed her hands to prevent the dust of her hair.

She walked to the back of the room with faint light from the small bulb glowing the corners as she skimmed through the boxes with tags, stopping on one that picked up her interest,“Private.”

She stood on her tiptoes as she grabbed the box from the shelf, blowing off the dust and opened it. She gasped as she found copies of bank transactions between the Sens and the Ross’. What the hell? Were her siblings giving the Ross’money? She quickly slid her gaze to the dates of the transactions. Everything froze in her body as she re-read the date on the record, it was the day of her 16th birthday. That means her parents were alive then.

Confusion filled her veins as she flipped through the pages, the entire box was filled with records of transactions. She gasped as she saw that the money flowing through the accounts were billions of pounds. What was going on?

Now the mystery begins!! What is Neeraj upto and why are there transactions between both the companies? Does Aarav know about this?

Anyways, do you think Im dragging the story? I am receiving very few comments, so I was wondering if you all getting bored? For the late updates, I am leading the parade here for Independence Day so full on arrangements for that and loads of other things to finish before my uni starts.

DO tell me how the episode went? Esp Sana and Aarav’s fight and all the new info! Loads more planned, but can only write if you guys will support me!!!

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    1. Mandy

      Hey!! I’m glad that you finally told me what you feel about the story!! Oh wow, you remember. Keep that in mindas the next part will revolve totally around that diary. But I’m not going to reveal what’s in that so soon. So stay tuned!! Thanks a lot! Keep reading and commenting too!

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