The Bond of..? (Chapter 21)


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“What the hell is this?” Sana demanded angrily as she barged into Aarav’s office.

A dark smirk blew across his face and a mask of innocence quickly took its place. Ah, finally she was here. He was expecting her to barge in any minute after he got a call from the driver informing her fuming rage.

“A paper,” he dryly mocked with fake innocence as he leaned back against his desk.

Sana raised her eyebrows in a judging look and spat out venom, “Shut up! Why did you do this?”

Aarav let out a deep sour chuckle before stating, “When you said all this is a game yesterday, I thought about it and then realized that I never started to play. Now when I finally started to play this game of yours, you want me to quit? Not gonna happen, darling,”

“Quit your drama. The game was about whoever falls in love and has NOTHING to do with my company,” she roared with intense aggravation building inside her.

“Well, everything is fair in love and war honey,” Aarav said hoarsely with his eyes dancing with pleasure.

“I already told you before, I am neither soft as honey neither as sweet. So please save that for someone else,” she barked passively.

“Sure you won’t be jealous if I use it for someone else? Now that we already know your extreme jealousy issue, we don’t want you to be jealous once again do we?” he snickered comically while Sana rolled her eyes at his dry humor.

“Aarav Ross you better shut up right now or else the consequences will not be good,” she threatened him in an alarming tone as she pointed a finger at him with anger flashing in her eyes.

“Threatening me? Do you want me to call the security?” he raised his tone to meet hers.

“Do you think they will come here and arrest me? Keep dreaming, baby,” she emphasized on baby sarcastically as she sagged back into the wall.

That’s it, the humor drained his face and furiousness replaced it as he growled in the phone, “Security come to my office now,”

Sana smirked mischievously as Aarav ordered his security. Now he was in a for a treat!

“Sir, any problem?” the guards showed up in less than a minute at his door, Aarav smirked at their arrival while Sana prepared for the act.

“Please show this lady her way out of the building,” Aarav seethed with anger as he indicated to Sana.

She stared at him for a good second before breaking into bundles of sobs, “Will you actually do that to me?”

Aarav dazed at her with confusion as she continued to cry to bargain sympathy, “Do you even know w..who I am? I am his wife,”

Sana saw the guards look at her with an apology and take a step back. It worked! She smiled inwardly and continued with her dramatic act, “Aarav, I am sorry but I couldn’t persuade Arpi Di to stay,”

“When did she want to stay?” Aarav asked her sternly with bewilderment. Was she going crazy?

“I know how important she is to you but you don’t need to be angry for that. I called a doctor too, everything will be fine,” Sana acted like she was consoling him as she stepped ahead and rubbed his hand in assurance.

“What the hell are you saying women?” Aarav demanded in a gravelly tone as he flinched at Sana’s touch.

Sana stumbled a little backward on purpose and asked the guards innocently, “Is the right way to treat your wife? I was only trying to help him and persuade his sister to stay. What is my fault in this right?”

“Sana,” Aarav mumbled her name as he sensed his anger accumulation throughout his body.

Sana turned back to the guards who were watching the drama like a TV soap and asked politely, “This is our personal matter, could I please talk to him alone?”

“Surely ma’am, take all the time you need,” they answered kindly as she smiled at her and left the room.

“B..but,” Aarav reasoned, puzzled at the turn of the events.

Sana smirked at him, crossed her arms over her chest and mocked, “So, you were saying something?”

“How dare you?” he hissed sharply at her as he drilled holes into her eyes.

“The same way that you dared to send this merger to my company,” she retorted in the same persistent sharp tone.

“Women wh-”

Sana cut him off and began her rant on the merger, which added more salt to Aarav’s wounds, “Sen is a business empire while yours is a plain company. We are a multi-billion dollar company and manage banks too. Our clients are in the billions while you hardly have a million. We have a branch in nearly every single country while you have branches only in the main checkpoints. Our sales increase by 30% each year while I am sure yours increases by hardly 7%. With all these statistics, you think I am going to let you merge the companies? Never,”

Aarav lunged forward to Sana, grabbing her arm and piercing his nails into her forearm as he warned her lowly, “Control your behavior,”

“I keep my professional and personal life different, so better you do the same,” Sana taunted him while trying to break free from his clutch.

“Different? That didn’t seem like that a moment ago,” he replied with a taunt as his grip went tighter through her arm, directly into her veins.

“Everything is fair in love and war right?” she managed to utter in confidence as she wiggled out of his tight grip with his eyes burning with rage.

“And besides, you are the one who needs the merger done to increase the status of your company, not me. My company has brilliant reputation worldwide and even after 50 years it will be run only by the Sens,” she bitterly added.

“You have a very sharp tongue which will lead you to problems in the future,” he told her as he tried to control his rising anger.

“Thanks for the concern but it is not needed. My grandfather started this company way back. Through the early years, he either had a loss or a break even problem and even received an offer for selling the company. He had a family to run but he still kept the business going. And now, when the company is one of the largest in the world, why do you think I am going to merge it with a way smaller one?” she insulted him, just like he does every now and then.

“You are out of your limits now,” Aarav threatened her as he clenched his fist in anger.

Sana paid no heed to his words and took her leave, “I’ll take your leave then, Mr. Ross,”

A small smirk twitched at the corner of her lips as she threw the file at his face before making her way out of his office while she heard Aarav yell at his assistant, “Clara, I need everyone to stop the process of the new car and get me the model of a new one. A way better one than anything out there and I am willing to take any amount of risk,”

Her hair danced on her shoulders, her heels clung on the tiled floor while Sana anticipated a call from Aarav in exactly 5 minutes.


Ring Ring!

Sana instantly looked at the caller before smiling and saying in a professional voice, “Yes,”

Aarav took a deep breath before yelling at her with utmost anger, “Are you freaking crazy? What were you thinking when you decided to send my employees on leave?”


“What the f***, do you know how much loss I am facing now? 3 million dollars you crazy little-”

“That’s what you get for wasting 30 minutes of my precious time. As I said, my status is way higher than you,”

“You are going to go down. Hard,” he whispered dread with a tone of revenge.

“Careful, let’s hope that you won’t fall in the process,” she taunted with rich pleasure as she hung up.

Mission FREEDOM fulfilled!


“You go,” Arhaan shoved Ri abruptly into the room with nervousness. Why did he even bother to commit a mistake? No, it was not a crime. It was just a plain old mistake to others but was his death sentence.

Arhaan watched Ri walk 2 steps into Aarav’s room and run back to him while he scowled at her, “You are his best friend, go,”

“And you his brother,” she retorted with irritation while Arhaan sighed frustratedly. Why did God have to make him so clumsy?.

From the dead corner of his eyes, he saw Ri snap at him while Arhaan turned her a deaf ear. All he heard was blah blah blah blah blah. She was quite impatient and fussy for a teacher.

Arhaan nodded his head obediently like he was paying attention to her and urged her forward with distress, “He seems in an angry mood, you go,”

“I didn’t even do anything,” he heard Ri remark flatly as she crossed her arms and leaned against Aarav’s doorframe.

“Yes do did, you helped ME do it,” Arhaan defended himself and started to list all the causes she was involved in.

“Exactly, I helped you do it, didn’t do it myself,” she countered in an emotionless voice.

Arhaan sighed, nobody. He means NO FREAKING BODY in this world had the guts to go and directly tell his brother, who was a disguise of a serial eye killer as his eyes were enough to get him to flirt with angels.

“Sana is coming, ask her,” Ri answered his unasked question as they saw Sana walk up to them shoving a mouthful of popcorn in her mouth and enjoying the butter melting on her tongue.

“Sana di,” Arhaan whined with a plea.

“Yes,” Sana asked skeptically eyeing Ri to Arhaan who were grinning from ear to ear seeing her.

“Can you help me?” he asked her hoping that she would sort everything out.

“Maybe,” Sana replied still questioning whether it was the right choice to agree or not.

“Please tell Aarav that-” Arhaan started to voice out his concern when Sana cut him off in panic mode.

“I am not going to go talk to him,”

“What? Why?” Arhaan asked her dubiously as he saw her biting her lips out of distress and chewing popcorn rapidly.

“I kinda yelled at him and insulted him in the office today so,” she mumbled out the entire thing in a low voice while Arhaan stared with his orbs bulging right of his orbits.

She did WHAT? Was that even possible? He forgot all about his concerns and mistakes and exploded her with questions, “What? You did that? How? When? Why? I need all the details now,”

“Well, it happened-” Sana started to explain him the entire incident with her eyes shining brightly.

“Aarav is coming,” Ri called out to him, shushing their childish excitement, “Tell him,”

“Bro, actually,”Arhaan cleared his throat before jerking up to Aarav’s height and starting to speak but noticed his eyes turn dark seeing Sana and gave up, “Ri needs to say something,”

“No, I don’t,”

Aarav grunted with dismay as he threw death glares at Arhaan who sighed with irritation. See? flirt with an angel.“Sana wants to say something,”

“What?” Sana asked her with confusion as she continued to eat her popcorn. She didn’t even know what the matter was.

“Arhaan,” Aarav said his name in a dangerously low voice which sent goosebumps all over his skin.

“Well, bro, I just wanted to ask you that if someone by accident. Just by accident okay? Broke your vase then what will happen to them?” Arhaan narrated the incident with a huge smile on his face. They said that smile kills all the sadness. Or at least, that’s what he thought they said.

“I will kill them,” Aarav spoke murderously as he eyed Sana who was staring at him with pride.

“Kill them?” Arhaan repeated with horror and covered it with a shaky laugh, “isn’t that a little harsh?”

“Not at all,”

“What will you do if that person was Arhaan?” they heard a voice from Arhaan’s phone yell out at Aarav.

Arhaan shut his eyes with frustration as he mumbled, “Saanvi,” How did he forget she was on hold?

“Arhaan, what did you do?” Aarav enquired in a serious tone.

“Nothing, I did nothing. Window open, a wind blew, vase broke,” Arhaan quickly ranted out all the things briefly.

Everyone went silent, Arhaan due to nervousness, Ri due to panic, Sana as she was eating her popcorn and Aarav stared at Arhaan creating a long pause, “I never heard of that before,”

“Well now you did, so bye,” Ri reported and dragged Arhaan with her to escape.

“Not so soon. Why don’t we test this theory?” Aarav stated with a weird glint floating through hie eyes.

Arhaan gulped hard with trepidation as he asked him stuttering a little, “What are you going to do now?”

Aarav plastered a fake smile on his face and continued, “Take you on the roof, push you and see if you break. If you do then we will blame it on the wind. Good idea right?”

Arhaan’s mind blasted at the idea of breaking, what did he do to deserve a brother like this? “Good idea? That’s murder, with so many witnesses you are going to get caught and punished,”

“Fine, then let’s make it more realistic. How about I get you to stand on the edge of the roof and let the wind push you off,”Aarav negotiated the idea considering about its realism.

“That’s planned murder too, you are going to go to jail,” Arhaan whined with fright as he took steps back to escape.

Aarav caught him just in time, grabbed his collar while saying evasively, “I will get a good lawyer to fight my case and come out,”

“Sana di, help me,” Arhaan cried out to Sana, seeing no other option available.

Sana sighed at their drama and ordered raspily, “Aarav, leave him. What’s with that vase anyways?”

“It is his birthday gift from his first girlfriend,” Arhaan told her as he jumped up and down so that Aarav would leave him.

“And you broke it?” Sana investigated the situation like a real cop, except the part with her popcorn.


“Give me a high five! Well done,” Sana exclaimed energetically as she high-fived Arhaan while Aarav looked at them like they lost their marbles.

“Thanks a lot!” Arhaan thanked her with a bow while she continued her praises.

“Why did you just break it, you should have burnt it too, next time you break something, take it to a pot making shop and burn it in their oven,”

“Wow, di, you are a genius. Damn good,” Arhaan appreciated her amazing and violent ideas while Aarav gawked at them with his jaw dropped.

“Shut up both of you,” he snapped brutally at them while Arhaan put a puppy face on for convincing as he hid behind Sana for protection.

“Why? This is not your house okay? Both of you are brothers and have the equal right. So you cannot order him and I am known as your other half and you can’t shut your other house alright?” Sana confidently spat out at him while Ri and Arhaan inwardly saluted to her guts.

“Crazy women,” Aarav mumbled with irritation replacing blood in his body. The nerve of this girl.

“But you are a man,” Sana retorted with innocent confusion.

“There is not stupid point even talking to both of you,” Aarav admitted his defeat as he turned to head back to his room with his patience at 0%

“Agreed! You finally got smart enough to realize that. Good job,” she patted his back.

Aarav smirked in his way back to his room at the thought, Today was your day Sana, but tomorrow will be mine.


Sana walked out of the washroom, flexing her muscles with tiredness flowing through her. Last night, after Aarav stormed out, she and Arhaan had a blast with talking until 2AM. He was so different compared to his brother, way nicer,more humor and talkative. She glanced at the empty bed and threw a fist in the air. He left. Already.

He must have died with shame, embarrassment, irritation, anger yesterday night that he left before 7. East or west, Sana is the BEST!

In between her celebration, she saw her phone vibrate vigorously, “29 messages? Is today somebody’s birthday?” she thought with confusion. Nah, couldn’t be.

“Oh! I probably missed our hangout day or something. They would probably kill me if I talk to them now. Let me go meet them after a while,” she blurted out in a panic state and set the phone aside.

She heard another notification and checked to see something that shocked her to the core, “200 facebook notification? Wait, it’s not my b’day right?”

She scrolled down the menu to see that it was only 6th July. Nope, her b’day is on the 4th of September. Were they wishing her an early b’day? But it’s not even the 4th. She pouted cutely with anger as she tapped the notification to see what the fuss is all about.

“GOD HEAVENS! What the hell is this?” she shrieked with extreme astonishment as she met with a mini heart attack.

They were all comments to Aarav’s post which read, “It is a complete pleasure to announce the merge of Sen Empire and Ross company!”

That. Arrogant.Little.Jerk

Her mouth dropped and lethargically heat passed through her body as she ran out of the room screaming on top of her lungs, “Aarav,”

“Aarav,” she seethed with stewing anger burning inside her like a heated oven.

She ran through the hallways, searching madly, when she heard Dadu call her from behind gently, “Sana, dear, come here,”

“Dadu, not now. I have some-” she politely refused with a smile when Dadu cut her off.

“News for you? I do too,”

“Huh?” she asked confused as Dadu let her to the dining room where there were over 1000 people. The entire Ross family in the dining room.

Sana eyes were nearly out of their sockets when she saw the vast crowd smiling at her while Dadu explained, “We figured that we never really got to eat any food cooked by you, so on this special occasion, how about you make food for all of us?”

“Food? Me?” she questioned to make sure she heard it right. It has been years since she cooked a proper meal for people. That is not sarcasm, it has literally been years.

“Is there a problem?” Aarav’s maasi questioned with a tight smile on her lips while Sana sensed something fishy in this whole plan.

When did they all get here? And how did her cooking come into the picture?

“Of course not, as I told you before, she is an amazing cook,” Aarav answered her inner questions and dadu’s outer one at the same time as stood near his maasi.

Amazing cook? Her? Were they talking about another person she can’t see? Probably.

She gave them a huge artificial smile while the entire crowd cheered for her while she gulped hard with extreme fright. 1000 people. Food. Media. Merger. Her brain was running in millions of different directions when she saw Aarav give a high five to his maasi secretly under his chair.

It was all a plan. All a setup. He knew she couldn’t cook properly and she needed to stop the merger at the exact same time.

The jerk husband of hers!


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