The Bond of..? (Chapter 20)

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“Sure you are not mad at us?” Saman Bro enquired worriedly as Aarav stepped into the bar. Red lights, loud music and extreme crowd submerged the place while Aarav rolled his eyes.

No, he didn’t want to be here at all, infact the only reason he was here was because Sana threatened him and he really did feel he needed a break. Before leaving, he asked his private detective to gather all the information about Neeraj as possible so that he could determine whether sending Arpi Di back was a safe idea or not.

“Not at all, I know the charm of sister’s pleas,” he casually replied with a wink as he strolled fiercely across to the bar to grab a shot.

“Feel ya bro,” Sid said as he patted him on the back and leaned against the bar counter to examine the most luxurious pubs in London.

“4 medium please,” Sanay ordered while the bar tender smiled at them and pulled their special drink from the fridge.

Noticing their extreme comfort with the surroundings, Aarav questioned, “So do you guys come here every week or something?”

Sid and Saman Bro laughed as they innocently said, “We have this boys night out every 2 weeks to escape from our sisters, wives and mothers,”

Aarav chuckled at their fake innocence and proceeded his hand to grab the drink when he saw Arhaan pat his back which resulted in Aarav dropping the drink. Rage filled several his blood and eyes flashed with anger as he seethed violently, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I am here to find myself a date,” Arhaan cooly replied as he used the glass stand of the bar to check his hair, adding more fuel into Aarav’s rage.

“Is that what you are going to do all night?” he asked in a disgruntled and bored tone as he smacked his head while the rest of the boys chuckled at their fights.

“Yep, find a chick and go on a date,” Arhaan flaunted as he raised his collar while Aarav threw him a death glare.

“Please get that crazy girl willing to go on a date with you to meet me before you leave,” Aarav taunted darkly as he chucked down a shot with the bitter taste sealing his mouth.

“And you take her? No way, I’m outta here the minute I spot her,” Aarav snorted back as he posed a quick karate move while Aarav frowned at his immature behavior.

“I am married,” Aarav commented dully as he relaxed his muscles and leaned across the bar with his eyebrows raised at Arhaan who wiggled his eyebrows too.

“So you finally admit. Feelings for Sana di eh?” Arhaan teased with uncontrollable excitement as his face beamed with joy.

“Feeling to meet your afterlife already eh?” Aarav mimicked his tone with the same excitement.

Arhaan’s face fell and he murmured something to himself before saying, Sanay, come, let’s go have some fun,”

Sanay chuckled as Arhaan pulled him onto the dance floor while Aarav scoffed annoyed, “How am I even related to him?”

“That’s what I think everytime I see this guy trying to get Sia a groom,” Saman bro joked as the remaining ones went around the corner to a seating pod.

“What’s with all the drama then?” Sid curiously enquired the main reason for all the fake drama.

“Long story..” Aarav trailed in a persistent tone as he sagged back into the pod.

“We have all the time and ears,” Saman bro further urged him but Aarav shook his head in negative.

“Forget that, when you will get all your sisters married, won’t you have the idea of losing them?” Aarav spat out quizzically the question which was pricking him since almost 2 years.

“To a better and more happy life? Definitely,” Sid said confused.

Saman bro rolled his eyes and explained, “Look Aarav, sisters are like a disease that you can’t get rid of. You know that whatever you do, they’ll still be there. We both came to know that fact when Sana got married, completely unexpected and randomly. We were not ready to send our little sister off to somewhere and we definitely needed much more time. It took us days to realize this but we did, that she will always be our sister no matter what. At the end of the day all that matters is that she is leading a happy life, getting a family who can can love her like her late father, annoy her like all of us cousins, care like her late mother and support her like a friend. We didn’t agree to this at first either but we changed our mind after conducting a thorough investigation about you,”

“Now we have the surety from her, you and your family that she will be treated like a princess she was born like. You need to understand that letting the sand go is the only option to make the experience of walking on the beach more beautiful for everyone,” Sid completed while the thoughts processed slowly in Aarav’s head.

“That’s quite intense thoughts,” he admitted as he tried to lighten the situation.
Maybe he did have to calm down and relax, after all, Arpi Di was elder to him and knew what she was doing. A pang of guilt hit him when the the words of Sana’s safety and happiness ran through his mind. These brothers trusted him completely and what was going to happen after 2 months will change everything. Ironic that he never gave her an ounce of happiness, a day of safety. All he gave her was pain and sorrow which reflected clearly in her eyes every time she saw him.

“Everything changes when it comes to sisters,” Sid said in a softened tone as he stood up for another drink.

Aarav sighed inwardly before joining Sid to the counter when he heard a screechy, surprised tone call out to him, “Danny?”

In a flash of a second, Aarav and Sid turned around with extreme confusion swirling through their thoughts as they encountered with the an extremely drunk girl on the edge of tears, “Huh?”

The girl was blonde with highlights all over her hair, she was wearing a blue low dress hanging halfway between her waist and her knees. The girl stared at them for a minute with pain before bursting into loud sobs and mourning, “Why did you leave me?”

The low, dim lights of the party and the loud music made it even hard to understand what was going on. Aarav groaned at the complete chaos as the crowd split apart to tend to the girl while they saw her chasing Arhaan. Aarav mentally grit his teeth with anger, of course, his brother had to do something stupid. Arhaan sprung up to Aarav and quickly camouflaged between the dark counter and Aarav’s back.

“What the hell? Why is that woman chasing you?” Aarav furiously snapped at him as all the attention of the crowd drawn back to them.

“Umm…well…I,” Arhaan stuttered with a smirk as he hid behind Aarav while Aarav looked on confused.

“How could you leave me like that?” the girl ran towards them with pleading sobs which were loud enough for the whole London to wake.

“Are you okay?” Sid comforted that girl while she kept on mourning like there was no tomorrow.

“He told me to come there and he left,” the girl loudly yelled with pain as she blew her nose on Sanay’s cap.

Aarav watched her in disgust as she threw allegations at him while Saman bro asked curiously pointing to Aarav, “Who? He?”

“Yes,” the girl declared profusely in a disgruntled tone while she accused Aarav who had a tight confused smile on his face while Arhaan snickered from the back.

“What?” Saman bro asked her in shock as all the brothers stared at Aarav with complete anger.

Aarav’s face flushed with embarrassment as he gave them a tight smile while the brothers fumed with rage. Aarav grunted hard before he began to move away and reveal Arhaan when he heard Arhaan mumble pleadingly from behind, “Bro, she is my ex, cover her for me,”

“Danny, why, oh why?” the girl mourned in a fake dramatic voice while the crowd began to grow.

“Who the heck is Danny?” Aarav scoffed with annoyance and extreme displeasure while the girl began to burst into more sobs.

“Me! Now turn around and go on with the show,” Arhaan muttered from behind as he grabbed Aarav and moved him in the front.

“He told me to come there and then, and then he..left,” she screeched with fake pain as she cried loudly.

“Now, now, don’t cry, let’s go find this Danny,” Sanay broke in as Arhaan signalled him to cover for him and divert her attention.

“He is here…he is here,” she said amidst her sobs and pointed in the direction of Aarav while he rolled his eyes in frustration.

“What am I going to do without him?” she mourned with sadness.

“What you did for 3 months without me,” Arhaan yelled from the back while Aarav sighed at this ongoing drama. His life turned into a drama soap.

“Go home,” Aarav suggested while she began to sob louder.

“Didn’t you like me too? Is that why everyone wants me to go home?” she whined in a depressed tone with her eyes drowning with hot tears.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant,” Aarav comforted her as he began to take a step forward but much to his dismay, Arhaan pulled him back.

“My life is a disaster, Danny, oh Danny,” the blonde girl cried with fright.

“Dude, she is desperate,” Aarav mumbled dryly with patronising anger rising through his body.

“Exactly, so no matter what don’t blow my cover,” Arhaan said in a hitching tone while Aarav groaned with irritation.

“That’s exactly what I will,” Aarav finally declared in a bucked up tone while Arhaan clutched his hand in desperation.

“Bro, no, I promise that I am not going to bring new girls to office anymore or go on a date today, spare me, please,” Arhaan begged in desperation.

“What will I get in return?” Aarav bargained with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Oh Danny, oh Danny,” the girl mourned again as her family died.

“Umm..why don’t you..uh..go get some drinks?” Aarav suggested hesitantly while she finally agreed and proceeded to the counter with Sid comforting her.

“Thank you soo much!” Arhaan thanked with his face beaming with pleasure.

“Now, go and tell Sana’s brothers the whole story,” Aarav gravelly said as he shot his brother death glares and pushed him forward to Saman bro, who was staring at both the Ross brothers as they committed a big crime.

Aarav walked through the dark corridors of his house as his body alarmed with tiredness, his hair was ragged and his face was drained. After convincing Saman bro that the girl was Arhaan’s ex and not Aarav’s, the boys left the bar at 12AM. Aarav sighed lightly as he reached his room and jerked open the door with little force and was expecting to meet a sleeping body in the bed but instead found lights turned on in his study.

His cold and dull face came back into picture when he leaped across the room and slightly opened the study room without a jerk. What he found next amazed him to core, he found Sana looking through the pictures of his childhood.

A frown made it’s way through his face as he slyly tip toed and wrapped his arms around her waist whispering huskily, “What are you doing?”

Aarav sensed her body stiffen and her face turn red with embarrassment and a sly smirk blow up her face while she reluctantly lied, “I was just going through some clothes and I found these,”

“These were in the study,” Aarav stated the obvious as his eyes danced with pleasure through hers while she gulped hard.

Aarav shook his head with fake disappointment and inhaled her vanilla scent as he buried his head into the crook of her neck, alerting her senses as she sagged back her body into his chest.

“I was cleaning to see if they were any clothes or other things that were not supposed to be there,” she lamely muttered and averted her eye contact wishing the earth would open up and swallow her right this instant.

“Un huh and?” Aarav snickered humorously, encouraging her to go on with her lies.

“And I found this so I started to flip through it,” she concluded with excitement as her chirpiness began to reveal themselves.

“Ever heard of the word punishment?” Aarav mocked in a fake firm voice as he gently turned her around and tugged her closer.

Sana gave him a tight smile before realizing what he said and jumped with horror, “No, no, I can’t live without popcorn for another week. Please no, please, please,”

“Fine how about we make you do something that I want and you can give,” Aarav added mischievously with a wink as he dragged her closer.

“Huh?” she asked as a quick shiver passed through her body as his eyes fell on her lips. Aarav pulled her even closer as she began to bite her lips out of nervousness.

“You are going to hate me even more after this,” he whispered in a persistent tone as her hacked breath fell on his face.

Sana’s throat began to form a huge lump as Aarav leaned even closer. A pang of wierd sensations hit her before she mumbled back, “Why?”

Aarav frowned at her and pulled back as he snapped hotly, “Can’t you do anything without asking a billion questions?”

“I asked only one! Do you want me to go around kissing people and not knowing why?” Sana defended herself as she struggled to let go from his iron grip.

“What if the person is your husband and has a right to do that?” Aarav taunted back as he pulled her even closer than before.

“What if I won’t give him that right?” she said breathlessly before sucking in a huge breath of air.

“What if he snatches it?” Aarav asked with a mischievous glint running through his eyes as he leaned in even closer.

Sana tried to free herself once more before giving in to his demands and giving in.


Knock, knock.

Both of them jerked apart when they heard the door knocks with Sana’s heart beating in her stomach as she realized what she was about to do.

They were this close! So freaking closer.

“What’s up Arhaan?” Aarav barked at Arhaan with annoyance as he held Sana with her back turned towards Arhaan who wriggled his eyebrows at their awkward position.

“Am I disturbing anything?” Arhaan joked innocently while Sana coughed to divert the attention.

“You should have asked that before knocking, what do you want?” Aarav hissed with raging anger as he shot Arhaan a few death glares.

“I need you to come as Arpi Di wants to talk to you and me,” Arhaan delivered the news with a wink while Aarav’s gaze darkened.

“Coming,” Aarav declared shortly to send Arhaan away.

“Am I that comfy and warm?” Aarav asked Sana who was snuggling into chest, attracting to his warmth and hiding from embarrassment. Man, this girl was so damn cute.

“Oh my gosh!” she sprang up with realization and twisted her loose hair as she hid her burning face.

Aarav chuckled at her changing expression and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before heading out of the room. Way to embarrass yourself Sana! Sana mumbled before running into the washroom.
Sana shrieked loudly as she felt a warm hand wrap around her waist and tug her closer. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was Aarav, “What..what are you doing?”

“You can snuggle with me now you know, I won’t mind,” Aarav mocked with rich pleasure.

“Shut up,” she weakly defensed out as she felt herself giving into his warmth

“That was a great comeback, Sana,” Aarav snickered at her lame words.

“I am sleepy,” she weakly voiced out her opinions as her eyes began to shut back once again. She managed to keep them open just enough to take a quick glance at his happy face which surprised her.

“I know that I am irresistible, you can stare at me for a while longer. After all being the wife of Aarav Ross should have some perks,” Aarav mocked flatly as he leaned in closer to her while she wiggled away.

“Is all this improvement due to my brothers? You should hang with them more longer,” Sana drawled out lazily as she wrapped her arms around the comforter and tugged it further up her body.

“Ouch that hurt,” Aarav faked hurt as he quickly grabbed Sana’s hand and placed it on his heart.

Sana chuckled at his sudden childish behaviour and played along, “Easy to move on after 2 months then,”

“What?” Aarav’s seething voice brought her out of her trace and she comprehended what she just said.

“Nothing,” she covered up and began to bite her lips as she sensed Aarav’s body stiffen around her.

“Is all this cold behaviour due to that?” he said in a dreadly tone which sent immediate shivers down her spine.

“What? I mean no,” she said with irritation, how could he even think like that?

“Then why did you say that?” Aarav clutched both her arms and shifted her body around, making them face to face.

Sana looked through the same grey storm flowing in his eyes but this time something was different. It was as if, the grey storm was beginning from a person and the only one she could see was..herself.

“Aarav, the one who falls is the one who loses,” she sternly said with no emotion flowing through her body except sleep.

“Is this all a game to you?” he roared her brutally as he pierced his eyes though hers while a smirk blew on her face.

“Isn’t it not for you?” she flipped the question taking a quick peek at his soul which didn’t have so many barriers as before.

“Fair enough then,” he said as he twisted her hand and gave her a long, haggard glance before storming out of the room.

Guilt pricked Sana like there was no tomorrow. She was supposed to break his insecurities not destroy him. A weird sensation of tingles hit her once again as she touched the spot where his hand was twisting hers. The long gaze that occurred before gaver her a warning, a warning that Aarav was going to do something disastrous. But what?

“Finally, the air of freedom,” Sana declared joyously as she walked out of her car, into a tall, glass building standing in front of her. The rays reflecting off the shiny building, the air filled with the music of Sana’s heels clinging to the metal floor and the bubbly attitude in the atmosphere was back.

This was it, she was finally home. Sana thought as she gave a quick glance to the 30 acres building sheet which was the Sen Empire’s Headquarters.

“Good morning ma’am” was all she heard from all her employees as she walked through the aisles with delightful air flowing through her body.

It seemed that after ages, her breath and happiness have been returned. Nothing can make her more happy than seeing happy employees. That’s why she was their happy boss after all! On the 44th floor of the building, there were the cabins of the chairman’s and the head designers. The Sen Empire is a designer clothing brand, they design every single style from casual to Italian in extreme fashion and dignity

Sana’s cabin was situation right in the middle of Saman bro’s and Sid’s. Saman bro was in charged in bargaining and looking after the commercial sector of the business. Sana was in charge of all the sales, designs and improvements in the business to make employees happy. Sid was supposed to manage the financial part of the building, but since he doesn’t do anything, his PA manages everything like that.
Nisha di and Sia are the head designers in the company who design the major parts of the clothing.

“Look who is here today,” Sana declared with pride as she entered Saman bro’s cabin and stood in a quick pose.

Everyone’s jaws dropped before rushing over and hugging the life out of Sana and Nisha di said, “It is sooooooo good to be here after such a long time,”

“And you would also be good to hear that the ambassador project we took on is a success,” Saman bro flaunted himself as he took a bow while Sana chuckled.

“What?! You must be kidding me, wasn’t that extremely risky?” Sana asked with curiosity as she sat on Saman bro’s desk unlike everyone else who was decently sitting on a chair.

“Which is why we made such a huge amount of profit,” Sid said as he showed her the documents which showed a major turnover due to cracking the deal.

“We? You mean everyone excluding you?” Saman bro snickered as he hit Sid on the head.

“Bro, don’t tell me you didn’t do anything,” Sana asked innocently and flattered her eyebrows.

“I did, I came to each and every meeting during that month,” Sid said with extreme pride with all the others burst into fits of laughter.

“Which is the fancy way of saying ‘I did nothing’,” Saman bro covered up and shoved him against the desk in a friendly fight.

“Guys, we have new designs,” they heard Sia and Saanvi enter with tons of paper sticking out of their books.

Sana raced to give them a hug and took a quick glance at the gown designs which were supposed to be done 6 months ago, “You finally got this done,”

“Un huh and the new launch is going to be in a week at the annual Business Gala Awards,” Sia announced cheerfully as she handed out the designs to everyone for a quick look.

“It’s next week?” Sana asked her with surprise and shock.

“Yep,” all of them agreed while congratulating Sia and Nisha Di on the designs.

“We need to go shopping then,” Sana said in a panicky state as she realized that she had absolutely nothing new in her wardrobe.

“We’ll design the outfits,” Sia and Nisha di shortly declared and ran out of the room.

“I need to go talk to a contractor,” Saman bro said hastily, grabbing his tie and giving Saanvi and Sia a quick peck on the forehead before heading out of the room.

“I am going to go watch the soccer game,” Sid announced with enthusiasm as he checked his watch.

“Why do you bother coming here anyways?” Saanvi asked dully and codly as both the sisters made their way to Sana’s cabin.

“Ask mom,” Sid shot behind his back and raced to his cabin next door.

Both the girls laughed at their brother’s antics and proceeded to Sana’s cabin when Sana’s driver met her halfway, “Ma’am, the car is booked for your meeting,”

“Which meeting?” Sana asked confused as she checked her phone in rapid speed.

“The one to merge the Ross. Inc and the Sen empire,” the driver told her in a matter of fact voice.

“What?” she shouted boggled as the idea of both of the companies merging dawned into her. She never had a deal like this, then who would arrange this meeting. She snatched the file off the driver’s hands which had all the legal documents for that merge. None of her family would do this, nor Arpi Di, nor Arhaan.

Which means there is only one person left…..Aarav Ross.
How was that?! Esp Guy’s night out? When finally Sana got back her freedom, Aarav has played another trick to unite the companies. What will Sana do now??

How are all you guys? Advaita, Bisha, Ruhani, Ritu di, Swara, Shanaya, Atulaya, Roma di, Umama, Sahithi, Roshni, Sweetie, Tani, Kavya, Aparna, Liya, twin! (sorry if I missed any names..maaf kar do, I am too excited to be here 😉 ) All of you guys BETTER BE BACK or I am going to hunt you down.

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for all the patience and I am extremely sorry for the wait but all my exams went very well! So now regular updates if YOU GUYS ALL DROP IN FOR A HELLO. I know the update is a little rushed but now that Im back, the story is going to go in rapid speed and finish in no time too 😉

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