The Bond of..? (Chapter 19)


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Sana sighed as she failed miserably in attempting to wake Sid up. He was infront of her sleeping like a gorilla, his legs at one part of the bed, his hand on the other, in short he was a mess. “Get up,”

“Woman, go away and let me get some sleep,” Sid mumbled again for the 100th time the same line while Sana stormed in frustration. Idiot, this is not the reason she tied him rakhi every year.

Sana rolled her eyes, sprang up the bed and started to jump vividly as she used to when she was young. “I will as soon as you hear me out,”

She used to do this every time somebody used to not listen to her, jump on their bed to wake up and considering the fact that this was a waterbed which was in relaxation mode, it was not going to last for more than 15 minutes if she kept her max speed going on.

“From when did sleeping become a crime?” Sid gritted exasperated and shifted on the bed which was heaving up and down below him due to the 20 year old jumping on it.

“The minute you refused to listen to me, now get off the bed and listen to my plan,” Sana screamed in her authoritative tone as she jumped up and down harshly, mischievousness running through her blood and her brain brewing more evil plans.

“Sana, go bug somebody else,” Sid commented aggravated as he tossed around and forced himself to fall asleep again.

“You are the only one left,both the others agreed,” Sana remarked smartly as she continued to fiercely jump on the waterbed as she moved ahead to the side near his head for better effect.

“Exactly, aren’t 2 enough for you?” Sid scoffed with bitterly with heavy displeasure.

“The last time I remember is me having 3 brothers,” Sana snorted back as she went harder on her jumps, almost knocking Sid down the bed.

“The bed is going to leak,” Sid shrieked sternly with realization as he balanced himself on the edge of the bed.

“The whole point, so now get UP NOW,” Sana demanded sternly as she paid no heed to his pleas and continued to jump mercilessly.

“Will that involve me coming anywhere?” Sid questioned her dubiously as he stirred up with blurry eyes.


“Then goodbye,” Sid commented as he plopped back on the bed while Sana sighed with irritation.

“Sid, it is freaking 30 minutes drive, stop being a jerk and help your sister,” Sana roared angrily with her blood rising off her body and her nose flaring with vexation.

“What do you want women? This better be good after tormenting my sleep,” Sid asked her dryly with a parched throat as he rose up and caught one of Sana’s leg, pulling her down which caused her to tumble on the bed face flat.

Sid chuckled at her mini stunt while Sana growled with rage, “I need you to do a small favour for me,”

‘Which involves,”

“Sana,” they heard Aarav call Sana in a gravelly tone which alerted Sana that it was the time to go and he would probably leave her if she wasn’t down in the next 10 seconds.

Sana instantly raced out of the room as she spoke hastily over her shoulder, “Come to Ross Mansion along with Saman bro and Sanay, they will explain you the rest,”

“What the hell?” she heard Sid snap at her irritably for waking him up so early to inform him 1 sentence.

“I love you too,” she shot back at him lovingly with sarcasm as she literally sprinted to the main door so that she wouldn’t have to drive alone.

On the way she heard the car horn ring like 5 times, geez, her husband was one impatient hell of a man. She caught him gazing at her blisteringly, piercing holes through her eyes for her late arrival while her maasi, chachu and all her cousins were grinning at her from ear to ear. Ladies and gentlemen, there was that difference between her arrogant husband and her wonderful family.

“I am here, I was just waking Sid up,” she answered his unasked question as she panted heavily for breath, clutching her stomach so that she could steady herself from all the running.

She caught him shaking his head with disbelief and curtly saying with a smug smile, “You think I care?”

Her jaw dropped as she encountered his icy words, his blue eyes were daunting black and an emotionless expression on his face while Sana mumbled under her breath huffing and puffing as he turned around to head towards the car, “Arrogant much,”

She shut off her running thoughts about him and gave a hug to all her family members who were bidding her warmly, “Bye, I will see you later,”

“Be nice and don’t eat too much popcorn,” her maasi warned her in her gentle motherly voice while Sana giggled at her words.

“As if that’s ever going to happen,” Saanvi snorted bluntly, speaking out Sana’s thoughts while maasi smacked their arms and said bye.

Sana waved back once more to her family as she felt her stomach lighten due to the intense crying sessions and jogged slightly to where Aarav was heading in a businessman like manner. He was wearing his usual suit, his hair styled in the front with gel, his dress was neatly ironed and he looked like a freaking model in a business magazine who was already to hit the office. Sana let out an inward grunt as she looked at herself wearing a knee length summer dress, hair in a messy ponytail and her make up was barely on. Gosh, why did he have to be so perfect?

“Are we going in the car?” she questioned him dubiously as she eyes the lamborghini that bought her to the mansion for the first time.

“Do you see any other form of transportation here?” Aarav cross questioned her in a hollow tone with dry mockery as he slipped into the car.

Sana followed his actions and shot back with deep frustration swirling through her body, “If anyone else is snapping at me like this, I would have bothered to ask them what was wrong but knowing you and your extreme bipolar moods, I am not even going to bother,”

Aarav wanted to shut his ears off at Sana’s constant chatter, why did she talk so much? Now that’s a million dollar question with no freaking answer. He growled faintly as he snapped hotly, Will you do me a favour?”

She gave him a long questioning, suspicious glare before chirping away, “Sure,”

“Shut the hell up,” he said in a disgruntled tone as he threw her the most blackest glare he could do.

He smirked at her baffled expression before she pouted and kept her nonstop blabber going, “There is no need to be rude, I am just trying to be nice. Honestly, I am not like this with everyone you know, you don’t want to get on my bad side because I was one of the meanest girls in the school-”

Aarav had a billion things he needed to take care of, from Arpi Di to his work and he had no time to waste by making his ears bleed with Sana’s chitter chatter. His patience was at it’s lowest and nothing other than indignation was circulating through his blood, making him boil.

He grabbed Sana’s hand and sharply flung her towards him, her dark hazels were glistening with confusion, her mouth finally shut off, which made him darken his glare and whisper in a quite, threatening tone, “Sana, I am going to throw you off the car if you don’t seal that mouth up,”

“But-” she started to voice out with her luminous eyes broaden with fear as he taunted his grip and dragged her closer while his eyes gave her a murderous glare.

“Un un, zip the mouth or else out,” he drawled out dourly with his eyes throwing millions of daggers into hers while her body alteringly stiffened, sending pleasure to his soul. He quickly shoved his face through her hair and bit her earlobe to make his point which made her gasp and quickly break loose from his clutch.

She scooted towards the complete other side of the seat while Aarav threw his head back and laughed hysterically at her horrified behaviour while she scowled at him heavily, “You are mean,”

“Glad you realized,”he said in a flat, persistent tone while she continued to scoot to the end of the seat.

“Actually why are you mean to me again?” Sana enquired in a horrified state, looking at him as if he was her number one enemy.

Aarav gave her an amused glare as he ignored her question and ordered, “Stop at the right please,”

Sana’s hands froze for a quick second, holy crap he was not going to throw her out was he? Fear prickled down her body as she saw the glorified ruthless nature in his eyes while she gulped hard. Leave her? Kill her? Please scratch that one out.

Pheww…Sana breathed a sigh of immense relief as the car halted abruptly in front of one of the biggest art galleries in London. He was not going to kill her after all!

“Why are we here?” she asked jovially yet with a frown on her face as she eyed the gallery.

“Come and find out,” he said in a faint whisper as he got out in a fashionable manner while Sana lazily dragged herself towards the main entrance.

The gallery was very well designed, the interior adorned with high Victorian walls, modern furniture and fabulous painting throughout the gallery. The tranquil and lively atmosphere in the gallery pumped doem spirit into Sana’s soul and Aarav bent down to her ear to whisper warmly, “Wait here, I am going to be right back,”

Sana gave him a sharp nod as she watched his silhouettes stealth through the crowd while she strolled through the paintings one after the other, admiring the beauty of each one of them. As she continued to gawk around, one peculiar painting caught her eye, attracting her towards it. It was a pretty simple painting of a mother holding 2 of her children, with faint city lights back of her, shimmering lights above her and a dark street ahead of her. Although it was like any other painting about the hardships of life, something about the painting told her that there is something more to the story, something bigger and deeper. The only way she could figure what that was, was by buying that.

She found one of the workers of the gallery and asked passionately, pulling out her card, “Excuse me, can you please pack this. I am ready to pay the amount this costs,”

“Uhh ma’am,” the man trailed off nervously as he scratched his nape with a look of uncertainty on his face which made Sana furrow her eyebrows.

“Is there a problem?” she asked him curiously, pushing him to tell her exactly what was wrong.

“Well, the artist doesn’t want to sell the painting, it was a donation to the gallery,” he blurted out apologetically with a look of sympathy while Sana’s face fell with extreme disappointment.

“Oh I understand, can I see more of this artist’s paintings that are available for sale?” she asked hopefully as she eyed the painting again. That was very very strange, she never heard something like this before.

“Sorry Ma’am, he doesn’t want to sell any of his paintings,” he told her calmly while another layer of disappointment washed through her body while she snapped her eyes back into his.

“What? Why?” she demanded with furiousness taking over her. She wanted that painting pretty damn much.

The man shrugged and explained, “He is a mysterious painter, we have no idea who he is or where he lives. He keeps sending us a cheque to keep the gallery going as well as these paintings that are not to be sold.”

“Oh thanks,” Sana replied with a tight smile as she eyed the painting, rooted to the place. She noticed some initials on the side of the painting, making her zoom in on that as she skimmed her eyes closer.

“What are we looking for?” she heard a familiar deep husky voice fill her ears as a hand trailed down her waist while a face landed on her shoulder while she breathed out heavily to slow down the immense heat emitting off her body.

“Isn’t this painting pretty?” she asked him trying to avoid her displeasure while she sensed Aarav examining the painting.

“Do you like it?” he asked her, not bothering to answer hers while she grinned broadly.

“Very much,” she replied pleasantly as she felt her heart grow content just by glancing at that painting.

“Then go buy it,” he shortly declared as he pulled out his card and handed it to her in a flash of a moment.

Sana sighed deeply as she shoved the card back in his hands and started to explain tiredly, “Apparently, this mysterious artist doesn’t want to sell these paintings. Why the hell would he do that? Who makes paintings but don’t sell them off? I was ready to pay twice the amount for it anyways,”

Aarav smirked at her inconvenience while he comforted her surprisingly, “Maybe he just wants to leave it in the gallery as his artwork. It’s not like you could buy Mona Lisa now could you?”

“He is not that famous, what is this?” she asked him curiously with her face lit up and shining again as she growled like an energy ball.

Aarav blinked his eyes twice in astonishment as he saw her immediate change in behaviour while he shortly said, “I ordered this a few months ago,”

“Can I see?” she begged him with pleading eyes as she crossed her hands on her chest, waiting for him to open the huge velvet briefcase type box.

“Uhh..sure,” Aarav hesitantly said as he opened the velvet box to show Sana whose jaw hung open in awe.

Sana kept on staring at the masterpiece in front of her with enormous amount of shock as she looked from the painting and back to Aarav who was looking at her amused.

“What on earth? This is amazing,” she commented appreciatively as she glanced at the painting, it was his mother. She had the same facial features as the sharp nose, flat forehead, palish-tanned complexion in general. The painting looked like a freaking real photograph to Sana which was almost impossible to do.

“Arhaan gave the idea of making this but I denied, I mean why have a painting when we could have a photo? But later Arpi Di wished this for her birthday present, so I finally made this happen,” Aarav described briefly while Sana touched the painting to feel the texture of the paint rising up.

“Who made this? It is very well done,” Sana beamed with joy as she looked wholly at the painting, she was sure that his mother would have been very proud to see this after portrait of her.

“One of the senior artist in this gallery,” he responded in a bucked up tone as him and Sana closed the painting back in the briefcase like box and proceeded to their car only to be revealed by hundreds of flashed clicking away.

“Oh my God!” Sana exclaimed with wonder as her eyes were blinded by the camera flashes which hundreds of reports were taking.

She noticed a huge crowd of people gazing at them with curiosity and eagerness while she heard Aarav curse away under his breath. She was used to this constant pester of her personal life by these reporters but the bright cameras were a complete different story. She saw Aarav call out to the driver who rushed to their side and took the painting box and lead the way through the reporters who were jamming them with questions while he sneaked his hand through her waist in protectiveness, pulling her into his chest and making her drink the scent of his cologne.

“How did they know we were here?” Aarav mumbled critically as he desperately wanted to hide out of this place or even mother earth to open and swallow him from these annoying reporters.

“Don’t they know everything?” he heard Sana murmur back bitterly as she plastered on a fake smile to show the reporters who were blurting out random stuff. Why didn’t they understand that private life was called private for a reason with no interference from intruders.

“Why did you hide your relationship status for 3 months?” one of the chubby ones asked as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Sana cringed at their endless questions which kept on going for eternity as she heard a lady squeak, “Why did you declare this after you got the property?”

“Is this a business deal to merge the companies?” another one questioned seriously while Sana snorted, people of London were growing smarter day by day. It took them less that 5 minutes to figure out this whole thing was a foul play, 2 more months and this would be history.

“Who is in charge of what companies now? Is this a love marriage?” another lady squealed as she shoved the mike into their mouths while Sana stepped backward with disgust.

“Great, what do we tell them?”she sarcastically muttered under her breath while Aarav cleared his throat to indicate silence.

Sana was about to say no comments but Aarav bet her and asked calmly with a mask of patience, “What would you do if you were spotted with your wife in front of your house and 20 different people started to intrude your personal life. What would you say?”

Sana was drooling at his acting, gosh this man was good! He could have easily tricked anyone to believe that he was the most patient man on Earth when in reality, patience is off in the gutter.

“Get lost,” a person dumbly answered falling right into his trap which made all the other hide due to embarrassment.

“Do it then,” Aarav smartly manipulated their game and walked ahead, dragging Sana with him who was still engrossed in his acting skills.

“Why do you seem so surprised?” he asked her firmly as he noticed her drooling from the corner of his eyes.

She regained her composure as the driver opened the door for them both and they hastily stepped in and not to miss the priceless expressions of the reporters who were all gawking at them with shame.

“I didn’t know you were so smart,” Sana said to him with sincerity as she eyed the reporters fade away as the car hit the roads again.

“What do you know about me anyways?” he scoffed while she snapped her head towards his side and got all excited again.

“Let’s finish that 20 questions game, shall we? I will start, why are your eyes blue?” she listed all her thoughts out, not bothering to hear out his answers as her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and her mouth blew into a wide smile.

“What’s with my eyes?” Aarav questioned her passion with his eyes while she chuckled childishly.

“Exactly, how are you an Indian and have blue eyes?” she retorted with hints of jealousy.

“How racist, can’t Indians have blue eyes?” Aarav retorted offended while she waved him off naturally.

“Never saw one, except this one person who happens to be my husband,” she cynically replied as she rolled her eyes. Cute.

“My great grandfather was half British, hence the name Ross, while my great grandmother was Indian. He had blue eyes which were passed on to me. Although my grandparents and parents were Indians, they didn’t have blue eyes but weirdly they were passed on to Arhaan and me,” Aarav explained her thoroughly the whole story so that she doesn’t ask the same question again and again.

“Wow, long history, so you have British roots too then?” she asked him again as she looked at him with surprise.

“You can’t understand stuff when you hear once can you?”Aarav mocked with disbelief at her repetition and clarifications.

“Shut up,” she scowled at him as she hid her face in her hands.

“Tell me about your party life,” Aarav curiously asked her the question he wanted to know since the night before at the party.

“Well, honestly I just go to extremely well off parties that my friends throw every Sunday for like 2 hours. We dance like crazy, it is more like a typical girls dancing party than your drunken one. I threw my first party at home when I was like 18, it was extremely well off in security wise as I feel that safety is important than fun. After that London Times, put on my party has the number party in country and that is how I got famous. Any questions?” she ranted out her speech on the complete history of the party life as if she memorized the whole thing.

“You got famous due to parties? Odd isn’t it?” Aarav snickered at her while she glared at him dully.

“Well, my parents were alive back then and it was not until they died I took over the company that I became known as a businesswoman,” she clarified as she took out her phone from her pocket and showed him the London Times paper that declared her party the number 1.

“Long history with parties. Anyways, your turn,” Aarav asked her as he saw his mansion approaching from the front mirror.

“Why aren’t you letting Apri Di go to her house?” Sana didn’t hesitate before bluntly asking.

“She is already in HER house,” Aarav sternly said as he shot her a death glare so that she won’t stretch the topic but Sana, being the person who didn’t care kept on going.

“Aarav, you can’t escape the question,” she retorted fiercely as she asked for proper clarification.

“I already told you, I don’t trust Neeraj and I am not letting my sister go and live with that bastard. Why will I? She deserves all the luxuries in the world that our parents wanted her to have. Why will I leave that for that guy?I want her to have all the happiness she was born with,” Aarav snapped at her hotly before he saw her glancing back broadly.

“She is happy with Neeraj and Spiderman, leave her. Stop this,” she firmly declared as the car pulled over to the front of their mansion.

“You stop this, Sana, stay out of this. You wouldn’t want to let this come between us,”


“This is a long story which is way complicated than the little mind of yours, so stay out of this,” Aarav said in a gravelly tone before he made her get out of the car and got the driver to drive away before she got a chance to explain any further.

“But-” Sana started to reason when she saw Aarav leave in front of her. Talk about embarrassment.

That was it, her anger was at it’s peak and her blood was boiling furiously. “Aarav, I am so going to change that possessive attitude of yours,” Sana committed with determination as she rushed inside to execute her plan.

“Everyone ready?” Sana asked for the final time as she saw Aarav’s lamborghini pull up in front yard. All her 3 brothers gave her a mock salute and hid in the room before hers.

“Come in when he asks why okay?” she instructed them once more before going to her position, she spent an hour rehearsing this whole thing so that it will work. Of course if this fail, Aarav will come to know her intention and probably not fall for anything else. So it was not now or never.

“Pack everything, even that, pack that too,” she yelled loudly to captivate Aarav’s attention as soon as he came in so that he can walk right into this room.

And as planned Aarav walked into the room with an exhausted look on his face, his phone in his hand and his jacket was missing from the morning. He came forward to Sana and gave her a quick peck on her cheek as he whispered warmly, “Hey, beautiful,”

A blush crept onto her cheek as her eyes flickered into his ones which were softened from the morning and his hands automatically slid down her waist while her heart started to pound heavily across her chest. He placed another peck on her forehead and for some reason Sana didn’t want this to end as she saw a new kind of sensation lurk his eyes and ignite the emotion in her soul at the same night.

She averted her gaze to the maids packing all her stuff in the closet and his eyes silently followed hers which made him ask abruptly, “What’s all this?”

Sana grinned inside for the success of her plan and Aarav’s horrified face when she innocently declared, “My brothers are here to take me,”

“Where?”he asked her dubiously while Sana wanted to knock some brain into his head. And he calls her mind ‘little’.

“Home,” she replied quietly as she tried to suppress her laughter looking at his angry face.

“You are home, this is yours too,” Aarav remarked as he twisted her wrist behind her and ragingly stared into her eyes.

“They feel that I don’t have all the freedom and luxuries that I have at home,”

Before Aarav could say anything, he saw her brothers enter one by one, causing him to leave her hand and Saman bro first said in a serious tone, “Aarav, look, she was born with all these luxuries and she has nothing here. We can’t get her to live like this. Have you seen her bedroom and all stuffies she has? What does she have here?”

“She has an elevator at home, not here,” Sanay said back while Sid yawned at nodded with both of them.

Sana gave Sid a death glare to do her work but he payed no attention to her, jerk, completely ruining her plan so she stepped in and handled the situation, “Bro, give me a minute, I am handling this,”

Saman bro gave her one last look and dragged Sanay and Sid with him while Sana sighed at Sid. Idiot, jerk, stupid. Ughh.

As she deflected her stray from the door and back at Aarav, she met a raging bull throwing death threats at her instead, “Why didn’t you tell me you needed a change in the bedroom?”

“Would you have changed if I asked? Be honest, Aarav,” she shot back in an irritated tone and she sighed when she received no answer from him on the topic.

“But I am your husband, you are forced to stay here with me. That is how it works,” he arrogantly marked with extreme finality in his voice.

Looking at his icy blue eyes lingering on hers, Sana’s heart began to flutter as she sensed a hope through all this deal,“Are you going to miss me?” she asked randomly as she searched through his eyes which were masking away all his emotions.

He sighed as he caught her wrist and sternly declared with the possessive glint back in his eyes, Sana, you are not leaving,”

“Aarav, look when you can boss Arpi Di around where she can stay, my brothers have the right too. And honestly, our marriage is not even like theirs where it was love, I will be way happier there with my cousins than here,” Sana truthfully blurt out hoping that he would not instantly agree to this or get convinced by this and send her away.

BUT wait…isn’t that what she wanted? Escape from this? Why was it so hard now that there was a possibility that might happen? Ughh…what’s with all these brain and mind battles? Aarav Ross is the only cause.

“What did you say? I am not going to let you go,” Aarav told her curly which made her rejoice and her heart began to beat normally again as she felt happiness beaming inside her.

“If Arpi Di can stay here why can’t I? You are being unfair now,” Sana retorted back according to her plan as he infuriated him and she knew that any minute now all his intentions are going to spill out.

“I am scared to loose her and I already told you what is mine stays mine,” he blurted out absentmindedly as he ran a hand through his hair while Sana hung her mouth open.


All this for his stupid possessiveness?

Sana shrieked with disbelief as she asked the maids to stop the packing and leave, “Oh my gosh! You and your possessiveness, you need to go with my brothers for a night out,”

Aarav looked at her as if she had grown 2 heads and roared grumpily, “So you want me to go and chat with the people who want to take my wife away?”

Sana sighed at the misunderstanding and decided to let out the partial truth as she admitted, “Aarav, they are my brothers and I only called them as Arpi Di can stay here so I thought why not me. I got them to do this with me,”

She gave him a sheepish stare while she gawked at her with extreme disbelief while shaking his head, I should have known it was your little plan all along,”

Okay, he was not angry but this is not over yet! Sana thought as she sternly said, walking away from the room, “I am serious and I am actually going to leave if you don’t decide what you want,”

Aarav felt some sort of weird sense of guilt run through his body which made him catch Sana’s hand a drawl out profusely, “Don’t,”

“Then let Arpi Di go to her house,” Sana negotiated the terms as she was supposed to do.

“But-” Aarav sternly started to reason but Sana cut him off and called out,

“Saman bro, Sid, Sanay,”

“Yo,” they all said with a sheepish smile on their faces.

“He is coming to the night out with you guys, tell him things about sisters and weddings,” Snaa instructed them and all them burst of out laughing while Aarav rolled his eyes

“Cool, Aarav meet us at our place in an hour,” Sid told Aarav and pulled the others out of the room so that he could go get some more sleep. Lazy much.

“Sure,” Aarav said to them with a tight smile on his face.

“What the hell was that?” he snapped at Sana as soon as they left the room.

“Don’t tell me you are against socializing too, take Arhaan with you,”

“The only thing he ever does if flirt with every girl in the bar,”

“Hope he could teach you some too,” she murmured under her breath as she searched through the cabinets for her card.

“So you think I can’t flirt?” Aarav asked her boggled by her crazy beliefs.

“Not at all, how about you go and strengthen your flirting skills while I am off shopping,” she said back in a sassy tone as she continued her mission to find her platinum black card.

“Where is my card?” she chanted to herself as she scanned through all the cabinets and bags that she ever carries.

“Here,” she heard Aarav say in a flat tone which made her spark up with enthusiasm as she rushed to him.

He rolled his eyes at her with disbelief as he handed her the card and left for the closet to get some clothes, “Great! Wait, this is not mine,”

“It is mine,” he retorted from the closet while she almost dropped the card.

“It’s fine, I have mine,” she told him hastily as she placed the card back in his hands and went back to searching hers.

“Sana,” she heard Arpi Di call out to her impatiently while she grunted hard at her luck.

“You don’t have time, take it. You are not going to die if you take a small favour from me,”Aarav growled at her and placed the thin shiny thin card in her delicate hand.

“Sana,” they heard Arpi Di call out once again.

“Look.I..” Sana trailed out as she couldn’t accept the card at any cost leaving Aarav extremely frustrated.

He grabbed her hand, a bag from the side and lunged her across the room and shortly declared“Go,”

“How rude,” Sana mumbled offended as she saw Aarav slam the door on the face.

“Why did you take so long?” Arpi Di broke her violent thoughts while Sana was still angered by his actions. How dare he shut the door on her?

“Nothing, pack your bags as you are going to go back!” she exclaimed happily as she gave her a tight hug.

“What?! I love you,” Arpi Di chided along while both the girls giggled at their plan success.

“Who cannot?” Sana flaunted herself as she thought about her next plan. Her Independence.

Next Part: Boys Night out and Sana’s new mission of Independence

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    Will surely wait for u yar , no worries . For now ,just focus on ur exams. BUT PLZZZZ GIVE A SUPER DUPER MEGA UPDATE AFTER UR EXAMS WITH LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTSSSSSS OF ROMANCE AND CUTE, FUNNY ANTICS OF COUSINS . DEAL ??????? Hehe . Ok ok don’t sweat it now . Just kidding !!!!!!! (But I would be highly obliged if u do consider my request *puppy eyes and a cute pout *…lol). Looks like I have gone crazy . Plz don’t mind my nonsense .
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      2. lol! Patience is something that I am not going to get no matter what 🙁 Stop with all the thanks already, trust me I am not doing anything. What’s the point in writing stories when nobody reads them? And you guys are all sooo sweet! I love you all! And we are friends, so don’t dare to thank be next time!! JK! Loads of love, tc!

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