The Bond Of..? Chapter 18 Part 2

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Sana plopped herself on the couch exhausted and Saanvi let out a scream, “And we win AGAIN,”

They had been playing all sorts of games from the past few hours like FIFA, Tennis, Badminton, Super Mario and Just dance. The girls had managed to win all of those games while the boys scoffed annoyed, “That was cheating, you guys cheated. I demand a replay,”

“Cheating my foot, you guys were the ones who were tickling us and saying weird stuff in our ears,” Sana fought back irritated as she remembered how Aarav would come to her while playing and say things that made her blush to make her lose the game due to his effect on her.

But too sad that they won anyways. Girls rock after all. After having experience of competing with boys every weekend, Sana knew exactly how to defeat them but their jaws dropped, eyes widened and priceless expression was worth watching when the girls won FIFA.

“But you won anyways,” Sanay commented furiously as he tossed the controller on the couch next to Sana while she grinned victoriously at the boys.

“Exactly so bear with the consequences now,” Nisha di trailed off as she winked at Saanvi with a mischievous glint passing through her eyes.

Sana wondered what was going on between them and Saman bro seemed to notice that as well as he reluctantly said, “Oh boy, I know that smirk. What is running in your mind?”

Nisha di let out an evil chuckle followed by Saanvi while Nisha di said innocently, “I have been thinking that it has been a few days since our room got cleaned, right Saman?”

Saman bro’s jaw dropped to the ground while all the others took a while to understand what that meant until Saanvi trailed out darkly, “And the kitchen,”

Sana chuckled at their horrified faced and added more to their list, “And the garage,”

Sia who was silent this whole while stepped up and added which made Sid lose his balance and fall face down on the mat, “Oh the roof too ,”

The girls laughed proudly while Saanvi said, “Don’t forget my room,”

Neha, who went to get a drink came back and yelled commandingly, “ And the gameroom,”

All the boys were completely horrified like they had seen some sort of a ghost while Sanay mumbled frustratedly, “Why are the queens in our house turning into devils?”

Sid let out a bitter laugh and sourly taunted the girls as they stepped into the elevator,“Because they were always the queens of the devils,”

Sana kept on walking before a metal grip caught her hand and in a swift motion dragged her behind with her back collapsing hard on Aarav’s fibrous chest which was heaving up and down furiously as he gravelly muttered in her ear, “I am a guest here, why am I working again?”

Sana’s heart began to race through her chest as her breathing turned hacked when his hot breath fell on her silky skin and his hand tightened on her wrist as she confidently replied back, “You should have remembered that before cheating,”

He let out an amused chuckle which turned into a soft music to her ears, sending thousands of tingles down her body as he asked her dryly, “You were not kidding when you said you were unbearable were you?”

“Not at all,” she sternly said back as she tried to wiggle out from his steel grip which was clutching on to her.

“You are the first girl who takes pride in being a devil,” he mocked invasively as he placed a warm kiss on her cheek which made her nostrils fail as his manly scent fumed into her nose.

“That runs in my blood,” was all she managed to say as he let go off her which made her relax but instantly miss the warmth of his body, his cologne and his warm breath. What was going on with her? A blush began to creep up vividly through her neck as she walked further to meet her cousins arguing.

“I can see that,” she heard Aarav murmur in a heavy, displeased tone, filled with coldness that he would rather be anywhere else than here.

Sana ignored his comment and let her gaze stray on Saanvi who was curtly saying, “No, come to my room first and then finish the rest of the places,”

They were on the elevator in the next few minutes and the tranquil air immediately hit Sana as she walked through ‘that door’ to Saanvi’s room who ordered authoritatively, “Let’s go,”

Sana held her breath as memories of sorrow swept through her body like a movie, her stomach turned into the most twisted knot ever, tears were clotting in her eyes like wildfire and her face convulsed in deep pain. Pain was a four letter word that held the emotion of something everyone feared of but for her that four letter word turned into a reality. Her reality was set on only one word, Pain.

Her heart stopped breathing as she stood still glaring at the black door in front of her while she heard Aarav whisper curiously to Saanvi, “What happened to her?”

Sana wanted to whip around and tell them to forget about everything but she couldn’t get her body to move, her legs were glued hardly onto the floor, not willing to move at any cost. She sighed deeply as a tear escaped her eye while Saanvi explained to Aarav in a soft whisper, “That is the room of Sana’s parents. Every time when she comes here her eyes tear up but she doesn’t let them down. She cried the day they died and not once after that did she ever break down, she kept all the pain in her, crushing down the pain as much as possible. She doesn’t understand the fact that crying once in awhile is all good, it does not show your vulnerability but helps you get over your pain. God knows when she will understand that,”

Sana shut her eyes as she heard those bitter words, her ‘dead parents’. A quiet sob escaped her lips as she heard Aarav gasp, she could feel his intense and sad gaze on her while she took deep breaths in to calm herself down but failed miserably.

Sana indicated with her fingers to Saanvi to get moving and she was grateful that Saanvi remembered their little sign and took Aarav with her as she screamed profusely to divert the topic, “So, you guys are cleaning all that mess and this mess,”

Sana stood staring at the black door, the key to her miseries for a long minute before stiffly taking a step forward. Her hands hung to her sides while her face had a emotionless expression on her face as she slightly exerted some force into the door to burst it open. Sana flinched as he saw the bright sun light hitting her face and instantly dreading the reason to take this step.

She hasn’t even come to this room since 5 years, why now? Go back, her mind started to warn her while Sana wrapped her hands on her waist, hugging herself tight before she broke down internally. A clawing pain swirled rapidly in her heart, unveiling her deep wounds and bringing out her vulnerable state that she buried out inside her for several years altogether.

Sana sighed heavily with unbearable pain as she looked around the room, it was the biggest and the brightest room of the mansion. The back wall was filled with doors to the balcony, on one side was a huge cupboard and several black bookshelves, the other side had painting made my Sana and all their family pictures. In the centre was the huge bed with a classic black piano in the corner of the room. As soon as Sana smelled the room, the feeling of warmth and home came back to her, generating light into her dark soul.

Tears began to stream down her face like there was no tomorrow as she drained down to a distraught state, her legs no longer supported her and she fell down on the ground mourning for the first time after the day she heard the news. She poured all the sadness, pain, misery, loneliness onto this cry. Why was life so unfair to her? What did she ever do to deserve this? Why was she so unlucky to lose her parents when millions others had them? Why her? Why her?

She kept on crying while she heard her maasi skried out in concern as she felt footsteps behind her, “Sana dear where are you?”

Sana turned herself around to face her maasi who let out a loud gasp as she saw Sana’s pale and teared face, completely leached out all the life left in her making her white skin turn even whiter and extremely pale like she had no more blood circulating in her body as she whispered slowly, “Maasi, why did they leave me?”

Sana saw her maasi lunge forward to her and instantly pull her into a secured hug while Sana continued to weep, she patted her hair gently while Sana cried with grief, “What did I ever do wrong that god took them away from me? I was always a good girl, then why me? Do you remember, they used to swing me here every single night.”

She pulled back a little bit and pointed to the wall as she continued to revive her childhood with misery, “They used to play with me here every single day, they used to show me painting here, why did they leave me now?”

Her maasi stepped forward and engulfed her into a motherly hug as she assured her softly,“Sana, calm down , dear, it is not your fault. Hush, Sana, it’s alright. This is life dear, the most unexpected things happen in the name of destiny. We can neither stop them or solve them. They never wanted to leave you like this, never. You were their only source of living and they did everything for you, ”

Sana wept and mourned until her throat completely parched when her maasi finally instructed her, “It is time for you to open that cupboard, there are a few things you need to know,”

Sana gave her a suspicious glance before flinging open the door to the cupboard which was neatly set with no dust at all. It is cleaned everyday Sana, her inner voice stated the obvious while she frowned and took out the first thing that came to her view. She took the thick, neatly tied books into her hand as her fragile fingers swept through the over. It read Sana’s wedding and Wishes on it.

Within the next 2 minutes she opened the book, one by one her cousin started to pour into the room, hug her tightly and assure her they will be with her and then plop next to her looking at the book in her hands. Sana gratefully appreciated their comfort while Sia exclaimed as she pointed to the dress, “That’s the wedding dress I designed,”

“And that’s mine,” Nisha di shrieked with joy as Sana flipped through the pages. Sana’s parents always wanted an extremely big fat Indian wedding for their sole daughter but ironically she had the most simplest wedding possible.

“Is that the decor?”Sid asked her with confusion pointing to the big design on the page. Everyone instantly snapped their heads at him as if he grew 2 heads and shook his head with disbelief. That was a tent not decor and even a 2 year old could figure that out.

“Is that the doli that maasi wanted?” Sanay asked her calmly as Sana started to tear up again causing her vision to turn blurry.

“Yeah. Remember how my dad used to tell us that when we grow up they are going to give us away in this doli,” Sana said in a croaked voice as her silent tears started to fall on the page. Why didn’t tears stop?

The design made everyone’s face crack up with a smile while Saman bro concluded, “Yeah, he said that all your 4 brothers are going to carry that while our parents will give you away,”

Sana chuckled sourly and bitterly said, “Giving me away? They left me alone without a second thought,”

All of her cousins sighed at her dejected behaviour and drawled out, “Sana, it is not like that. They are very proud of you and happy for you. You have everything they ever wanted you to have. Trust me dear, they are happy,”

Sana continued to laugh bitterly as she leaned her head on Sid’s shoulder and whispered, “I wish I could believe that, I wish I could,”
Aarav’s heart clenched as he saw Sana’s fingers magically move over the piano in a melodious rhythm of tragedy while he leaned silently listening to it from the wall. He didn’t want to giver her a heart attack keeping in mind all about her emotional outbreaks. He could see that her eyes were extremely red, puffy and swollen at the sides from her crying non stop since hours. Her tender skin turned pale as he saw her throb in pain.

Aarav saw her shiver a little, stop her playing and stare back into space. He sighed inwardly and silently moved towards her and in a flash scooted right next to her. Her big round hazels were glittering with tears which she blinked off as he flashed her one of his rarest grin and enquired curiously, “You play?”

She paused and her breath hitched in her throat as she stuttered and deflected her stray,“I..I was just uhh..”

Aarav saw her fidget with her hands and stand up to walk away glowered and twirled her around vividly, making her land right on his lap. Sana let out a horrific gasp looking at her position but Aarav didn’t seem to care less, he nuzzled his head on her neck, stiffening her spine while drawing circles around her waist to calm her down and reduce the heated tension in the air. Aarav plasteed a tight smile as he saw her sag back and quiet down in his lap and tugged her waist to pull her in closer.

He moved his lips across her skin on her neck as he trailed out in a bucked up voice, “Your music was truly magical,”

Sana stood frozen for a moment hearing his compliment, THE Aarav Ross gave her a compliment without a taunt. Was she daydreaming? All of a sudden, her throat went dry and knees buckled down, and she grew speechless.

She hesitantly mocked to lighten the atmosphere and divert the topic while he kept her warm and comfy, “I am a magician after all,”

After a moment of silence, Aarav finally said huskily in her ear, tugging sluggishly on her hands to play him another song, “Hmm, keep playing,”

Sana sighed and made a rustling sound on the piano before breaking down into another tune of melody which would brighten and light anyone’s day up. Aarav sat there shocked with cold blood as he watched her play like a freaking talented professional, man this girl was multitalented.

As she ended the song with persistent sound, Aarav questioned her puzzled, “Who taught you that?”

Sana was hurt beyond exertion about that question as she hesitantly answered, “My dad liked to play instrument and I don’t want to talk about it,”

Aarav let out a sigh of dismay and tightened his stiff grasp on her as he softly said, “Sana, I don’t know why you are not opening up but it is not wrong to let your emotions free for a while,”

He saw her body stiffen and spine stand out with awe, yeah, consoling was never his thing and he was quite amazed himself when words like that flew out of his mouth. He did say that but he had no idea why or how, it was never his strength to try to cheer people up anyways. He had seen many girls over the year heartbroken by his rejections and break into tear but he not once cared a damn. And then this girl enters his life and every tear that escapes her eyes seems like a thorn of guilt pricking him even though he has nothing to do with the death of her parents. Why her? What was so special about her?

His train of thoughts pulled over on the station when she started to explain in delicate whisper, “I was 18 when this happened. I was in a soccer game of Sanay’s and then I my phone rang telling me that the plane that my parents were on crashed and the whole plane lit on flames. It was 2 hours since that happened and all the people were burnt to death. I ran to the washroom and cried my heart out as I was walking out I fainted immediately. As I fainted, I managed to hit the bench on the side and have a blood leak. I was instantly rushed into the hospital and they performed a surgery for the next 48 hours. They told me that I couldn’t take any stress for the next year so that my brain doesn’t go through a permanent damage which is why I didn’t cry over this. It is not that I don’t let my emotions out it is because I couldn’t let my emotions out at that time and slowly as time passed the wounds were deeper but not that emotional to let tears run like a river. My cousins don’t know about this, only chachu and massi know about this which is why they think that I didn’t break down.”

Aarav saw her delicate skin rise with goosebumps as she recalled the incident, he did go through the same situation too but something told him that it was far worse in her case. Without a second thought, he grabbed her wrist and turned her around for a hug as he whispered,“I am sorry,”

This day was getting weirder and weirder, first he consoles her and then he says sorry. What is wrong with you Aarav? His brain taunts him while he curses his speedy mouth. This was soo not him in any way, he needed to go talk to Arhaan after this day about his stupid and weird behaviour.

“Are you sure you are the heartless Aarav Ross here?” Sana asked him boggled as well with his change.

“Why can’t you just let things be?,” Aarav cut her off in a disgruntled tone, unsure on how to answer her question.

“What do you mean? I do let things be, I mean that is why I didn’t read my parent’s’ diary yet,” she ranted on absentmindedly in a stubborn tone as she pulled apart and pouted cutely at him.

Aarav narrowed his gaze at her revelation and impatiently asked, “What? Which diary?”

Sana bit her lip as she realized what she had done and raised her volume to cover it up, “Umm..nothing, nothing at all. I think we need to go,”

Aarav gave her a bored look and tightened his clasp on her waist and buried his blistering eyes into hers, “No we don’t, why aren’t you reading the diary again?”

“Don’t push into personal space,” she whined at him in a melodramatic voice while he chuckled at her darkly.

“I am already in it, now tell me the reason,” Aarav shot back in a deadly tone which made Sana dread her words.

“No,” Sana countered fiercely with extreme stubborness.



“Tell me,”


“Tell me,”


Sana finally gave up this tom and jerry act and bluntly blurted out, “My parents final wishes are written in that book and so is their choice for my husband. I don’t want to know that name as the guilt of not marrying him will eat me alive. The minute we break from this contract, I will open that diary and fulfill my parent’s last wishes, along with marrying who they want me to,”

As soon as he heard those words, Aarav’s light blue eyes turned icy dark with the storm he was battling with emotions clearly portrayed in them. For some odd reason, something broke inside him into millions of pieces and uneasy stir of emotions rose up. His blood started to boil with anger and he clenched his fist while the possessiveness was back again in his beasty eyes. His eyes threw her death glares before he got up and stormed out of the room with, you are MINE on the tip of his tongue.

Sana saw him storm out and regretted her words, she saw the possessive guilt in his eyes and knew where this was going. She knew he would get mad if he said that but he forced her to tell this, great another bad thing to her horrible day. There was something wrong with the day today.

As she opened her mouth to let out some curses her phone started to vibrate vigorously to see that Arpi Di was calling her, “Di, what happened? Why are you crying? Is everything alright?”

“I am not crying, I am just …forget that. Aarav is not letting me go home,” Arpi Di snapped at her hotly while Sana could swear that she heard her sob before. Or maybe it was her. Could be, she was crying for the past few hours anyways.

Sana realized what she said and hastily replied in a panic tone, “He is making you stand outside the mansion, give me a minute, I am going to call a maid to open the door for you,”

Arpi Di chuckled at her and instantly said, “No, no, no, that’s not what I meant,”

“Huh?” Sana asked her confused. Did he lock her outside the gates then?

“He didn’t lock me outside or anything, even if he did I have spare key with me to unlock the door,” Arpi Di dismissed her thoughts which made Sana grow even more bewildered.

“Umm..what’s the issue then?” she asked sheepishly and as polite as possible, not seeing any problem anywhere.

“He is not letting me to go to my house as in Neeraj’s house,” Arpi Di explained her properly which made Sana grow furious at his possessiveness.

“What? Why would he do that?” she squealed with anger, this guy had a big issue with his attitude.

Arpi Di sighed and continued in a displeased voice, “I don’t know, he is telling me that I am safer here, but trust me I’m happy there,”

“This brother of yours has issues. Way too many to solve,” Sana mumbled as she recalled his bipolar behaviour. She might have ended marrying his twin after all.

“Sana help me,” Arpi Di whined at her in a demanding tone which cooked up a plan in Sana’s brains.

“I have a plan. We will be there in the morning and I will tell you my master plan that will get you out of there with Aarav’s permission,” Sana swanked with pride while she heard Arpi Di grow silent as if like she was considering the plan.

“Sana this better not end us in jail,” she warned her in an alerting tone.

“What’s with your brother and sister and jail? Aarav says that to Arhaan quite often too. Relax, I never said Aarav is going to meet us in jail, so chill,” Sana assured her and hung up before Arpi Di could convince her otherwise.

This was going to be fun, she was going to help Aarav get rid of his possessive nature once and for all. She thought as a mischievous glint passed through her eyes and dark smirk made it’s way through her lips.

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OMG! I AM SOOO DONE with emotional scenes, I swear it was SOO hard to write that update, which is why I couldn’t write it y’day! Emotional parts are certainly not my greatest point but I hope that went well as I tried to include all her emotions in on one update! Did it get too long and boring??!

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I did want to end on the part where Aarav storms out but I decided not to end on a sad note and not make all of your days go bad as Sana, i am so nice right? 😉 So…what do you think Sana’s plan is? Are you excited as it will be her first step to break down his walls! SO OFFICIALLY THE MAIN PLOT HAS STARTED!! Loads of stuff coming up so stay tuned and DONT FORGET TO TELL ME HOW THAT WENT!!

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    1. Hii! I read it and replied too, have a look there! Oh god, you are extremely fast!! Did this keep you awake too? I know right, I honestly love the names Sana and Aarav, at the moment they are my fav and fit perfectly with each other. It is not weird at all, don’t you wish you has such awesome cousins?? aww…I didn’t want to make you cry. *Passing tissue over computer* Thanks a lot!! I will try to post ASAP! By the way, what do you do?`

      1. I already have such cousins dear… I am really blessed to have them. 🙂 and i am really glad to meet u here..!! I really thank telly updates as i am finding the best and lovely frnds like u here 🙂 :)and how r ur exams gng on? All the best for the exams dear..!

      2. Wow…that’s great!! They are going on pretty well!!Aww..I am happy too!! Honestly, ever since I came here I am finding the best of people who support me a lot!! thanks a lot!!

      3. I just completed my +2 dear..! And what abt u

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    1. Thank you soooooo much!!! I am sooo happy that u liked it!!i was waiting for your comment since forever???? aww…did I make you cry too? Sorry, I am sure this is the last time as I am going to not have more emotional scenes after this. I know eh…Aarav consoling but she is his wife after all. I will for sure take care and thanks a lot for your wishes! Keep reading!!loads of love, tc!!

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  21. Mandy.! Yay….! I found the comment box… I was so happy that I reached here but this emotional episode ended it… She suffered a lot yr n is still suffering.. She couldn’t even cry her heart out after their death… For a moment i thought abt my parents when her maasi said that the most unexpected thing happen in the name of destiny… Tumne rula diya yr ?.. Her cuzns are awesome yr they remind me of my cuzns crazy n caring… No matter what they would always be her side n be her piller of support… N Sana omg she is giving me heart attacks every now n then.. Lyk seriously yr she is unique n is simply amazing full of surprises… I just love the way u portray her adding a new layer of character to her… N Aarav he decided to keep his sarcasms away n support her.. I lykd the way he consoled her n not to mention the possessiveness in his eyes… Aww he is super cute…

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