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Sana walked lazily to the kitchen island to see the 2 ladies, her maasi, Sia and Nisha Di working in the kitchen while chachu gave her a quick peck and left to work. Saanvi was as usual no help by playing Candy Crush on her phone while all the boys were hungrily munching on the cereal. Sana hated cooking, she didn’t like the thought that all her hard work for 2 hours will fly away in 5 minutes when people start to eat it. So why bother making it in the first place so she left the work to the other ladies and slyly escaped.

“Sannu, how are you?” Sia chirped jovially as Sana plopped on the kitchen island with her head in her hands.

She didn’t get a minute of sleep last night with all the words of Aarav haunting her. Who was that girl he was talking about? The one who looks through the storm in his eyes, who was this girl? That thought kept her bugging all night.

“Don’t. Call. Me. That. Call Saavi as Sannu or call Sanay that or even Saman bro but not me. I have such a simple name, San and a. 2 freakin syllabus, it doesn’t need another short form. Call me Sana,” Sana spat out with rage as she shot her blo*dy death glares while Sia frowned at her.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” she said back gently as she brushed off her rage and went back to her cooking.

All Sana wanted now was some sleep and peace but no everyone was determined to have a conversation with her like she was the last person on earth or something, “Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today,”

Sana groaned as she tilted her head and faced Saanvi with a fake smile plastered on her face and snapped hotly, “My dear Saanvi, there are 2 people sleeping one big waterbed, so I will have only one side to wake up from, so definitely I will wake up on that side every single day as the other is occupied by another human,”

“Rude much,” Saanvi murmured offended as she got back to her phone.

All the boys stared at her as she lost her marbles while Sana shot them daggers so that they could go back to their eating. Nisha di sensed her discomfort and gave Sana a warm hug as she gently stroked her hair and asked politely, “Oh baby, what happened? Is everything okay?”

“Life happened,” Sana said with a heavy sigh as she responded to the hug.

“Sana, seriously, what happened?” Nisha di asked her seriously while Sana sighed sadly again.

“I don’t know, I am so lost. I don’t know what to be and why to be,”


“I changed after I got married, you remember that dream girl mom wanted I became that but as much as I wanted to become that girl the more harder it became. Now, somebody told me that I should revert back to my old self but won’t I let my parents down then?” Sana asked her with extreme confusion and her eyes on the edge of tearing up. This topic only caused her pain, too much pain and all she wanted right now was the earth to open up and gallop her from within.

Nisha di pulled back while her maasi rushed over to her side frantically as she exclaimed with her happy brim eyes, “Oh dear, whoever this amazing person is, they said right. I agree, they did want a child like that but I can assure you that they were happy with what you became too. They are extremely proud of you the way you are, you don’t need to change yourself for anyone,”

“Promise?” Sana asked her with her delicate eyes twinkling with joy while her hand was fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.

“Popcorn promise,” her maasi said to her in a caring voice which made Sana shriek with joy as her eyes sparked with excitement and she jumped in to give her maasi a big warm hug.

Sid snorted from the back while Sanay declared elated, “It is SUNDAY,”

Saanvi scoffed bored, “I know the day, dumbo,”

All the others realized it was Sunday which made Saanvi finally exclaim with radiating happiness, “OMG! It’s sunday,”

“Exactly, genius,” Sanay assured her with disbelief as he smacked her arm and the never ending tug of war started with them both.

“Wii Time,” they all cheered energetically while Maasi shrugged at them with dismay and left before they started their tantrums.

“Sana go get Aarav too, it’s boys vs girls today,” Nisha di cheerfully shared which made Sia and Saanvi argue that the teams are unfair.

Sana remembered Aarav’s smirk and instantly scowled, “That will be unfair so why don’t we skip him and play like old times,”

Nisha di thought about her plea for a while before ordering stubbornly, “Im calling Neha then and Vi should be awake in a while too,”

“Vi is here?” Sana asked astonished, she didn’t know that her cousin was here. No fair.

Sid snorted and snickered, “Yeah, he was lazy to drive him so he ended up staying here. Get him too while you are on the way,”

Sana gave them a tight smile and commented pleadingly, “How about I get Vi and it’s enough, we don’t need Aarav,”

All of them looked at her with their eyes widened as if she has gone mad while Sana narrowed her gaze to her fingers while Nisha di asked her, “Sana, what is wrong with you?”

“Everything is wrong with him,” Sana murmured as she remembered how close their lips were, she was so not ready to face him again after that.

“Huh?”they all questioned her at the same time which made her flinch back a little.

“Going,” she sarcastically whined as she rushed into the elevator. A tense shiver passed down her spine as she moved through the hallways while a lump began to clump in her throat and her heart began to race faster. What was wrong with her?

She took a deep breath of fresh air to cool down her nervous body and stepped inside the room casually. She took a quick skim around the room to see that Aarav was hurled in the corner of the couch with his laptop on his lap and his fingers typing away like a robot. Talk about workaholic!

She shook her head with uncertainty and bluntly said in a low tone, “We are playing wii, wanna join?”

“Just a minute,” he quietly said to her while she rolled her eyes. His blue eyes were scanning the laptopn screen while she was looking at them with dreamy eyes. There was not a single moment passing by without her not jealous for those eyes.

Her curiosity raised to the peak and the blood in her body failed to move till she blurted out the question, “Why are you such a workaholic?”

“Because I own a damn company,” he said in a business tone matter of factly while Sana laughed bitterly at his choice of words.

He looked at her sharply indicating shut up while she shot back smartly, “So do I, but did you by any chance see my working ever?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, his jaw dropped, Sana chuckled at his astonished reaction while he asked with awe, “You were managing the company all this while?”

Sana shrugged and flaunted with pride prickling through her eyes and a smirk replacing her smile, “Nothing passes without my signature,”

“How?” he asked her, still in complete shock at her revelations while she walked up to him and said back sternly with a wink,

“Magicians don’t reveal their tricks,”

He sagged back comfily into the couch and scanned his eyes as though he was checking her out which made her cheeks light up with a faint blush and he finally said in twisty words, “Being a painter, I don’t fail to register painting beauties either,”

She looked at him dubiously and scowled, “What?” Was he flirting with her? Was she a beauty? Wait what?

He smirked at her darkly before he pulled out a painting from the bottom of the couch revealing a perfect painting on 2 blue eyes with golden circles in the middle. Sana stifled a gasp as she saw her painting in his hands. How did it get there? After he walked out on her yesterday, all she could think about was painting to cool her off but the only thing she managed to paint was his blue eyes.

“Where did you get that from?” she asked him in horror as she attempted to snatch it back from him.

“When did you do it?” he cross questioned her and clearly ignoring hers as he stood up and held his hand high up so that she couldn’t reach her painting.

“My question first,” Sana said back in a critical tone as she panted as she jumped to get back her masterpiece.

Aarav let out an amused chuckled before muttering gravelly, Never, Aarav is always first,”

Sana let out a defeated sigh and said dismissively as she answered in a low whisper, “I did it yesterday after you were gone,”

“Why my eyes?” he asked her again which made her look down in embarrassment. How could she tell him that he has the most beautiful eyes in the world?

“They are not yours,” she lied back and averted her gaze so that he couldn’t try to search answers in her eyes. Risky.

“Oh really, then whose are they? Your prince charmings?” he snickered at her as he examined the neatly painted image of his eyes. Aarav was quite amused at this painting, he never knew that she observed his eyes so keenly. Each and every stroke was precise and exactly like it was meant to be.

She let out a shaky laugh and sourly said which evoked the flame in him to burn out, “It is when you don’t get married to a prince charming is when you realize how stupid and non realistic these stories are,”

He tossed the painting on the couch and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer while his hands slid beneath the hem on her shirt and yelled deadly, “What did you say?”

Sana’s eyes froze in their places as his eyes were literally a centimetre away from hers, his cold touch was enough to make her knees buckle, his intense gaze was making her squirm and his deadly ton was making the incidents of the past come back to her.

A knot formed in her stomach while she shot back sternly, “Did you turn deaf or retarded to not hear me?”

“Roasting eh?” he mocked at her while she rolled her eyes fiercely without any fear.

“What do you think?” she asked him as he moved his nose to the gap between his mouth and nose, his lips lingering just half a cm above hers while she shut her eyes close involuntarily with her heart pounding hard against her chest and breathing turning hacked.

Aarav smiled at the silky and cute figure in his arms and a part of him wanted the time to freeze and the world to shut off but their moment to remain. He breathed heavily against her lips which made them shiver while Sana fisted his shirt in her head, he teased her some more by breathing heavily on her lips and pulled back a little and kept on repeating that while seeing her irritation grow by each passing minute.

Aarav grinned as he finally moved to her ear and trailed out warmly with a gentle kiss on her earlobe, “I think I am your one and only prince charming,”

He let his blue eyes stay locked in her chocolate ones while she hesitantly said with irritation, “Keep dreaming,”

He softly chuckled, sending a light wave of music to her ears and said brightly, “Why dream when I am already in yours?”

He winked at her while she scowled as she blushed looking back at the painting and his eyes, “Shut up,”

Indeed, she did do a pretty fine job in capturing the glow in his eyes, the icy darkness at the side and the few glowing circles in the centre. Each was representing something unique and she couldn’t wait to know what.
I know that is it for today, BUT I will update TMR! So hope that compensates for the short one for today! I am in the process of ending all my stories as my exams are in like less than 2 weeks and I have a lot of stuff to do! Bond was also on the list to end but I then realized that you all would probably kill me if i ended it right? So I took if off my list and decided to continue it as I planned at the start!

I am sorry if I bored you at the end witth all the eye stuff, I was just looking through some eyes colors with my friends today and I am soooo jealous of everyone out there with a unique and different eye color than my plain old hazels. NOT FAIR 🙁 All the other colors are soo good, grey, light brown, green and even blue like Aarav.

So my question is for today, which eye color would you really want if you could switch?? Anybody want to switch with my hazels? Jk, I won’t trade them for anything but I wish I could have some other color for a day. Don’t you?

All of you reading there TELL ME if you want an update TMR!!

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