The Bond of..? (Chapter 17)


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“Why did I have to forget my phone?” Aarav growled with frustration as he stared at Sana’s house coming to his view.

He left hastily the minute he hung up on Arhaan while he saw Sana rush into the washroom and slam the door shut. The minute he landed back in his office, the realization of missing his phone struck him, pulling him back to Sana’s house. He wanted to avoid her gaze, her warmth, her crazy words as much as he could but screw fate for all these stupid meetings.

“Sir, we are here,” the driver said in a low whisper, jerking him out of his thoughts.

Aarav frowned as he saw a few guards at the gate, blocking the entrance. The dim lights of the night sky shadowed his gaze, while his muscles flexed as he got out of his Mercedes and curtly ordered, Wait here while I go grab my phone,”

He began to make his way through the gloomy, rugged ground, only to be stopped by a muscular, tall man who scoffed in his face, “Invitation please,”

‘I am sorry,” he said nonchalantly as he heard faint music playing from inside the mansion. What was going on in there?

“We are only allowed to let people with invitation pass, they are orders from the madam,” the guy told him in a robotic voice while Aarav’s anger started to raise slightly at this welcome.

“Well, I don’t have any invite but I belong to the family here, so let me in, NOW,” he sternly replied in a dangerously low voice as he clenched his fists in anger.

“Strict orders and immense security,” the guy said with a shrug while Aarav let out a bitter laugh.

“Oh really? Well, if you don’t let me in, then I just have to make it in myself,” he said sourly as he licked his salty lips before raising his hand to punch the guy.

“No wait,” a desperate, soft voice called out to him, making him rotate his head in an angle to see a pretty women with curls bouncing on her shoulder, a low glittery dress that came right up to her knees appear to his sight with her red pencil heels tattering through the tiled floor.

His gaze snapped as the red shimmery dress hugged her delicate curves, the dress has short sleeves revealing a white, creamy skin in his sight as his eyes travelled up to see the owner of this beauty to meet with the shock of his life- Sana. Her eyes were beaming with innocence, her face covered with make up and there was something black covering her eyes, he noticed, that bought her hazels to life. She gave him a hesitant tight smile as her cheeks went on fire at his intense and awed daze on hers. It was the first time he was seeing so much of her skin, she always maintained to wear skirts or long dresses but the sight he saw right there was, beautiful. Truly. Gorgeous.

“Ma’am?” the security guard broke their long eyelock which was speaking for them.

“I told you to let family in right? He is my husband,” she said sweetly with a small frown clinging on her face while Aarav continued to gawk at her.

“I am sorry, we couldn’t spot his face in the dim light,” the man apologized sincerely while Aarav payed no heed to him.

“Don’t make this mistake again,” she told them with a sigh as they stepped aside for Aarav to walk in.

His eyes locked with hers as he moved closer to her, taking in the scent of her fresh lavender perfume into his nostrils while she nervously said, “Umm..let’s go,”

He raised his hand to grab her arm but as soon as he tried to make the move, one of her friend showed up and dragged Sana with her, “Sana, where did you go? Come, Neha is trying the split,”

Aarav saw Sana glance back at him and squint her eyes to furrow as she attempted to stop her friend but ended up failing miserably.

Aarav felt a wave of disappointment hit them which he quickly brushed off before it could break into him and took the opportunity to examine his surroundings. The place was lit with disco lights all over, people were washing through every corner of the place with music on it’s highest volume. Everybody around there seemed foreign to Aarav, except the place of course while he muttered cynically, “What the hell is going on?”

He let out a heavy, displeased sigh as his eyes began the quest to find those innocent pair of hazels again before he was brought back to reality by Susan, one of Sana’s maid, “Do you want anything? Sana asked me to assist you,”

“Not at the moment, but what is going on?” he asked hollowly as curiosity took over him.

She let out a exhausted sigh and stated numbly, “It was a last minute party planned in the afternoon for just close friends and family,”

“Thanks,” Aarav said to her gratefully as he strolled towards the big living room where most he saw the additional kitchen island changed into a bar station for the day.

His dry throat lunged him towards the bar to get a drink when he noticed a brunette standing by the bar and seductively saying, “Hey handsome,”

He gave her a quick glance, she was almost up to his height, didn’t have long heels on either, long straight her, cold hazel eyes and seemed light headed. Her raised her eyebrow at her questioning before he rolled his eyes and averted his glance.
She let out a small chuckle before somberly saying, “In denial huh? I like it. I am Lisa, by the way,”

She grinned at him which made him realize she was drunk, he sighed and asked her to made the conversation a bit more entertaining, “Are you close to Sana?”

She snorted bluntly, “Not at all, all I am here for is to see what her famous party is it this time. She has one almost every month but it died down for about a few months,”

“Every month?” he asked her astonished. How come he never heard of these before?

“Un huh, stupid eh? I totally agree but people seem to enjoy hers more than anything,” she dully said with hatred while Aarav leaned to the counter cooly.

This was soo fun to talk to a drunk girl who was back talking about his wife while he was in a party which he clearly had no clue of.

“And you don’t?” he asked her monotonously as he watched her rock back and forth to keep herself steady.

“Geez, what is there in this party that somebody would like? The host is extremely annoying, her friends are all simple and boring, no entertainment, less drinks, too much security, man this is prison,” she sneered arrogantly as she showed him a thumbs down.

“I see you are drunk in spite of that,” he commented in a rough voice as he gulped down a glass of water to clear his throat.

She gave him a smirk and slyly whispered with evil glint playing in her eyes, “I bribed the bartender for some extra shots,” she laughs off and continues, “Did you hear Sana got married? Apparently, she got married to some rich guy, I feel bad for that dude, I mean, he gets stuck with this feisty, crazy, arrogant and extremely independent girl,”

Feisty, crazy, arrogant and independent girl, that didn’t sound like the Sana he knew at all. He remembered their first encounter where she was all arrogant and feisty but she changed into a sweet, crazily emotional and friendly girl as soon as they got married. Did she change for him?

“Who are you anyways?” she asked him with curiosity as she edged closer to him while he frowned at her state. God she was annoying!

He opened his mouth to ask her about feisty Sana and all when he heard a raspy voice snap, “My husband,”

He tilted his head to see that Sana was standing there with her arms crossed her to her chest behind Lisa.

Her eyes were flaming and Lisa turned to Sana and fakely said, “Oh there you are, how are you sweety? I am disappointment to see your bad hospitality towards guests,”

“I think you are enjoying the party pretty well,” Sana mocked at her drunken state as she looked at her with disgust.

Aarav could see the tension in the air rise up as both the girls were ready to pounce on each other, no he was not ready to be in the center of a car fight.

But luckily, Lisa chuckled acidly and pointed at Aarav gratefully while Sana began to glance back in awe, “You could say that, thanks to this gentleman here,”

Sana looked at Lisa with extreme disgust as she called to a guard at the end of the room and ordered, “Maria, I need you to take Lisa home,”

The guard nodded at her and assured Lisa out of the house while she kept rambling about something about Sana is cruel and stuff.

“Is she drunk again?” Sana’s besties popped up and asked knowingly.

“Like every time,” Sana responded with a shrug as they all saw Lisa’s silhouette gets narrower and narrower and eventually submerge into the darkness.

“Who is he?” Nia, Neha’s sister whispered to her as she indicated at Aarav who was talking to the bartender about his drink.

“Oh, guys this is my husband, Aarav Ross,” Sana introduced Aarav as she slightly turned him around and showed him to her friends who squealed in excitement.

“What? You are the lucky man to take Sana off her feet? You are damn lucky to get such a multi- talented girl like her,” Nia shirked with joy while Sana rolled her eyes at their excitement.

“Especially the one who throws the best parties in London,” Hina praised her with a wink while Aarav looked at her with shock evident on his face.

“Really?” he asked her bewildered while Sana gave him a tight smile.

“Haven’t you ever heard of them? This girl has the record to throw the best as well as safest party all over England,” Nia energetically encouraged while Sana felt herself drawn into the earth with all the weight of their praises.

“Now we are exaggerating,” Sana tried to stop their song of praises. Now the key word there is ‘tried’ as she didn’t succeed when they scowled.

“You shut up, it is okay to show your boastful nature once in awhile you know,”

“Yeah, I miss our weekly night outs, we should totally hit the shots this time,” Hina said to her as she rested her arm on Sana;s shoulder and sighed while Aarav was receiving bolts of shock. Every week? They went to a party every week?

“And besides you only invited 1000 people, no fair,” Nia said to her in a grumpy tone as she gave Sana a playful smack.

“Guys, the dance off has begun,” a guy called them from the back which made Nia screeched and pull tug Sana again.

“Sana, come, lets’ go,”

“You guys get going, I will be right there,” Sana said back in jovially as she let the girls go off on their own.

She felt her heart began to race as she turned to the bartender and asked lowly, “My grape wine please, want anything?”

She turned to look at Aarav who was intently looking at her, he was wearing a blue hoodie, ripped jeans, his hair was in the usual mess while his eyes failed to leave hers when he replied casually, “Red wine should be fine,”

Sana took her grape wine and began to sip as she nervously enquired, “I thought you said you are leaving,”

He nodded at her as he sipped his red wine and replied vibrantly, “I forgot my phone so I came back to see that you have the whole London booked here,”

Sana chuckled as she looked around the hall and replied contently, “Just some close friends and family,”

“1000 people?” he asked her sarcastically while she shrugged again.

“I have too many contacts and I like to make lots of friends, so,” she trailed out as she took a sip out of her drink and asked curiously, “What did Lisa say about me?”

His eyes danced with pleasure and his smirk was back as he leaned in close enough for her to hear him whisper huskily, “Jealous?”

“You wish, she is just my most hated enemy, so I was wondering what comments she was making around my back,” Sana smoothly voiced out in a disgruntled tone.

He laughed at her softly before hourly saying, “She was telling me what kind of a party this is,”

“Ohh yeah, she liked to host parties too but they don’t really work out unlike the blast here,” Sana commented sympathetically as she felt a sense of pride blow over her.

It was ages since she had a blast here and she missed this excited and energetic environment. She, more like the Sen’s hosted one of the best parties around the country, but she was quite shocked to know that Aarav didn’t know about it yet.

“Mind showing me the speciality around here,” Aarav finally said with a mischievous smile as he wriggled his eyebrows at her.

She laughed at him and said sarcastically, “I thought you would never ask,”

She placed her glass on the counter and led the way to the corner of the room and started to explain, “So, starts off with security cameras at every corner of the house and there is somebody there at all times to watch it,”

“Not bad,” he commented while she frowned. Really, not bad?

It should be more like Wow or great idea. Who was she kidding anyways, ladies and gentlemen, talking about Aarav Ross here.

She let out a deep sigh before continuing, “There is tight security all around the mansion, only people with invites are allowed to enter and if there is any chaos then there are police guards outside to take them instantly to jail. People pass through a scanner as they enter the front door which I made you skip for checking stuff like guns, drugs, etc. There are female police officers to handle drunk girls or any girl issues in the party,”

“Impressive,” he blurted out as they walked amongst the crowd to the back of the room.

She grinned brightly and chirped evasively, , “My friends are always watching people so that people don’t do drugs, suicides or anything stupid in the party. The bartenders are strictly ordered to not give too much alcohol to anybody present here unless in extreme measures, all the drinks have 25% less alcohol in them for safety measures. All the doors are locked to all the other room other than the terrace, the waiters make sure that no drink gets spiked or people know what they are eating or drinking. The washrooms also have guards near them to see that only that gender is entering the washroom for safety. Lastly, all the waiters, officers and people watching the cameras keep me informed about suspicious activities or general whereabouts of people for safety,”

“This is pretty well thought off,” he said to her loudly as the music began to bang in her eyes, making her wince.

“Thanks,” she mouthed back as she hurriedly rushed to the complete other corner to avoid the music drumming out her earbuds. Deaf at 20 isn’t on her list as of yet!

“Don’t your maasi and chachu say anything?” Aarav asked her as they both hit the wall at the back.

Sana heart fell right into her stomach when Aarav leaned in close, trapping her between the wall and his muscular chest which was sort of like another wall. His eyes were playing around evilly as he took her hand and started to aimlessly play with her fingers while he traced his other hand began to trace her features of her face, her cheekbones, nose, eyes.

Sana felt extreme heat emitting from her body as soon as he traced her skin with his but she ignored all the tingles in her body and replied, “After seeing all the safety measures I keep in check and the volume of the party is low, they don’t really mind. Besides, they stay in the other side of the mansion and as long as the people don’t go there, they are cool with it,”

He nodded at her in response as he placed his nose on her left cheek, staring directly and extremely closely into her eyes. He turned his head and whispered dangerously in her ear, “Why didn’t you ever dress like this before?”

She gulped down hard as she felt all the air sucked out of her lungs at that fraction of a second before she stuttered, “This is a party,”

She felt his body stiffen a little before his hand stopped at her collarbone and began to rub it in gently as he drawled huskily, “We went to parties before too, why never like this?”

Sana felt the urge to melt under his touch and get lost in those icy blue eyes which told her stories that she could stay all life hearing out.

“They were all business parties, this is just a normal informal party, why can’t keep your eyes off?” Sana confidently shot back as he leaned back a little and smirked.

“Don’t want me to?” he cross questioned her while she narrowed her gaze and scrutinized her nose with grumpiness.

She opened her mouth to say something but someone from behind pushed Aarav slightly which made him jump onto Sana, in that process, his cold lips lightly brushed against her soft ones, freezing both of them at that point. Sana felt her breathing turned hacked while she noticed Aarav’s hands on her waist to steady her. His eyes showed her signs of possessiveness while she deflected her stray as she blushed profusely. His eyes were demanding more as he squeezed her waist, urging her to look into his storm.

“Aarav jiju, is that you?” Saanvi called out to them from behind making them jerk apart and face her cousins grinning at them widely.

“Hey guys,” Aarav said with enthusiasm as he let go of Sana’s waist, resisting the urge to continue on with their moment. Her lips were softer than he expected, wait what?

“Where did you go from morning? Let me show you my friends,” Sid said to him with a smile and dragged him along.

“What happened? Why do you look so flustered?,” Sia snickered at Sana who remained frozen, unsure of what exactly happened at the moment before. Her body was still zapping with electricity and her heart accelerating in a marathon pace.

“Shut up, let’s go, I need to chill,” Sana blurted out and rushed to the terrace for a cool out with her brain swirling with thousands of unsaid emotions.
Sana had her eyes still closed as the winds hit her from all sides, taking out all the heat from her body. She was sitting here from the past 15 minutes, relaxing her body and calming down her speedy mind.
Aarav had been secretly observing her, battling whether he should go ahead and pull her back in his arms or not, she was killing him with her beauty which caught him totally off guard. There was something in her innocent hazels that had this magnetic pull to them.

“Hey, remember me?” he heard a blonde guy ask her in a flirty voice which made Aarav’s face fall.

Sana sighed heavily and she scrubbed him off with agitated, “Mike, go away, I think I made myself clear the last time,”

“Not so soon, darling,” he said in his fruity voice while Aarav yawned at his failed attempts.

“Darling? Who is that?” Sana shot back with extreme arrogance and ego as she stood up from her former sitting posture.

He grinned at her widely and said back harshly, “I love your aggressive nature,”

Sana let out a humorous bitter laugh and advised fiercely, “I am not sure if you will say the same when I am done showing off my karate skills on you,”

Karate? Aarav couldn’t believe his ears as he heard those words, she was trained in karate? Was this girl some sort of a superwomen?

“And your humour still remains, good to know that,” this Mike guy stated with a smirk as he grabbed her wrist.

“Leave me,”she hissed in a dangerous, warning tone as he attempted to break free.

Aarav lost it and opened the door to the terrace without making a noise when he heard, “Try me,”

“You asked for it,” Sana mumbled aggressively as she slipped her heels onto his leather shoes, making a visible hole right through. In a flash of a second before Aarav could walk out out to the terrace he saw Sana’s knee in Mike’s stomach which made him groan in pain while Sana smirked victoriously.

“Violent woman, did you lose it?” Mike spat with pain as he clutched his stomach tightly.

Aarav froze at his steps and went back to his hiding spot to listen further as she barked, “I warned you before, engrave the fact in your brain that I have no interest in you,”

“Oh then who do you have it for then? Your husband?”

“Heck ya,”

“How would you react if I told you he is flirting with girls downstairs,” Aarav stiffened at his words, he saw that?

“Laugh my head off and say that he is nowhere as cheap as you,” she said back with irritation and Aarav felt proud of his girl.

Your girl eh? His mind mocked at him while he frowned at his constant mind and heart battle, he needed to get his priorities and feelings together or he will end up losing both.

“Go and look at it with your own eyes darling,” Mike commented while Sana scowled at him with a leeched face.

“I am going to kill you if I don’t see something like that,”

“I would be honoured,” Mike said behind her shoulder as she ran downstairs only to be hit by a familiar scent of cologne and meet the crazily amazing blue eyes.

“Now, can I say you are jealous?” Aarav taunted her with a smirk plastered across his face which was glowing brightly with the moonlight streaks.

“No but I can say you were eavesdropping,” Sana raged at him wildly as she groaned at this conversation again.

“I was just checking to see if you were alright when I heard you scream ‘leave me’,” Aarav mimicked her voice while she looked at him with bored eyes.

“Yeah it was the annoying Mike,” she told him as she leaned her head on the wall behind her while he ran a finger through her curls.

“I didn’t know that you knew karate,”

“What do you know about me anyways?” she spat with hatred and anger as he continued to play with curls while she stared at him deeply.

“Somebody is still burning with jealousy,” he said huskily as he stifled a laugh at her who was raging with anger.

“I am not jealous,” she argued back in a high toned voice while he placed both of his hand on the wall next to her, blocking her from storming out.

“When did I say it was you?” he asked her warmly as his eyes lingered on hers before examining her closely.

“You are soo full of yourself,” she finally blurted out as she huffed with anger.

“What can I do? People drool on me so much that it is hard to resist that characteristic,” he swanked with pride as he passed Sana a wink.

“Sorry to break your bubble but nobody drools over you,” Sana countered with delight and innocent flaring eyes while his snapped onto hers.

“Wanna bet?” he challenged while she raised her hands and circled his neck to show off while he pulled her closer by her waist.

“Popcorn?” she placed her deal while he tightened his hold and thought for a moment.

“You tell me why you have 2 different personalities then?” he placed his deal while Sana looked a little taken aback, how did he know? Lisa.

She gritted hard and finally accepted, “Deal,”

“Get ready to lose, beautiful,” he drawled out in a bucked up voice in her ear.

“It is hardly bedtime yet and you started to dream already, handsome?” she played along with a wink while he chuckled at her evilly.

He gave her a quick wet kiss on her cheek before leaving for downstairs while she smile idiotically, there was something so wrong with her.

“Sana, look at this,” she heard Nisha di ask her jubilantly as she shoved her a small ring which had sapphire stones in the centre with diamonds all over, it was neither too fancy not too simple.

“Wow, where did you find this?” Sana asked her with royal pleasure as she played with the ring.

“Gift from me to you,” Nisha di said to her energetically in a comical voice.

“Oh di,” she whispered with tears almost coming to her eyes as she gave Nisha di a warm, sisterly hug.

“Hey, hugs without me,” they heard Saanvi and Sia say from behind which made Sana chuckle and motion them to join them for the hug.

“Let’s go, how can the party go on without the 4 queens,” Saanvi stated with a heroic prose while the others bowed at her and left for downstairs.

As Sana laughed at Saanvi’s encounters with people, she was welcomed with a line formed in front of the staircase while all the girls lined up with excitement. “Oh my gosh,”

“Why is there a line here?” Sana scowled a little loudly making a few of her friends turn to her and gasp with a dreamy haze.

“You never told us that you husband was such as sweetheart,” they squealed while Sana looked at them with widened eyes.

Sweetheart and Aarav? Something must be awfully wrong here or Sana heard it wrong, “Huh?”

“He is taking the minute to dance with every girl,” they told her while she cursed him under his breath apathetically.

That explains the line, that smarty pant, what was he upto? He has clearly won the bet, seeing that numerous amount of her friends singing his praises all over to ruin the harmony and melody in her life.

She stormed up to him as he pecked a woman’s hand in a flirty way and mocked at her, “Hey, wife, how are you doing?”

“What’s going on?” she seethed at anger as she indicated the women to get moving and slowly the line began to detach.

“I am winning,” he hastily said with extreme pride and honour.

“You can stop now, I get it,” she roared at him with frustration at this stupid ideas and tactics.

“Jealous?” he asked her evasively.

“Will you stop asking me that, I am NOT jealous,” she retorted emphasizing on the not part so that he could understand her words without a problem.

“Anything that will row your boat, beautiful,” he whispered back huskily in her ear, smiling from ear to ear, if that was even possible.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at him as he glanced at the people around them once more before tugging her with him onto the first floor, besides her room.

He smirked at her and asked her frantically, “So, tell me the mystery between this 2 personality thing,”

She sighed at him as she placed her hands on the side wall to stop her tears from flowing like a waterfall, the last thing she wanted was Aarav to make fun of her on this topic and explained, “What you heard from my friends is right. I am a feisty, arrogant, independent girl, not the sweet, friendly and chirpy one you know. My parents always wanted to have a sweet, emotional daughter and you know more like the obedient type than the fierce type I am. I couldn’t change my personality all of a sudden as soon as they died, but as soon as I met you, I realized it was a new start to my life. While I was going through this new change, why not become the ideal daughter my parents wanted me to become?,”

She finished her rant and finally took the courage to look into this eyes which held various emotions of pain and surprise when he confirmed, “So, basically you changed yourself completely for the sake of your parents?”

“No, I did it for you,” she sarcastically mumbled and scowled, “Didn’t I just mention that,”

“Now I realize why you are still not able to get over their death while I moved on,” he said slowly as if the lightning of realization just hit him.

“What? Moved on, dude, you are the one with the walls, not me,” she informed him with her eyebrow raised and her hands weakly pointing at his chest.

He chuckled at her and explained thoroughly, “I had them ever since I was little, that’s no biggie but yours are newly formed. Did you ever understand that the more you try to become this ‘ideal’ daugher, the more you run away from the real you and the more you miss your parents. Try become the Sana the world knows, you will live a much better life,”

She blinked her eyes twice to digest the fact that she was actually receiving these words from Aarav, the last person she expected to have this conversation with. Was he right? Should she change back into her old self again to keep herself from falling into the path of misery?

She took a deep breath in and mocked, “Will you be able to hand the crazy, violent and arrogant Sana all day?”

“I am the only one who will be able to handle,” he said back in a brittle cold voice. So much for assurity.

“Oh really, what were you saying to the other girl in there, the one who rules my heart is the one who I can handle or something like that,” she snorted back with displeasure while she felt his muscles stiffen and his brain freeze for a quick second.

He leaned in closer to her, making her shut her eyes in fear, predicting his actions from the former demand in his eyes but instead she heard him huskily say, “That ‘one’ is the girl who is the only one, who has the strength to look through the deep ocean in my eyes.”

What? He placed a soft peck on her temple of safety and security before jogging back to the party, leaving her all puzzled. She saw his retreating figure and sighed, what did those words mean? Deep ocean, that was his eyes alright, but what was she supposed to see in them? His broken figure, his devastated soul, his messed up life that he failed to show….ugh..what did he mean? Did that ‘one’ have something to do with her?

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