The Bond of..? (Chapter 16)


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Sana stirred from side to side, with the darkness of the night radiating it’s way through her room. Her mind was sealed into one big box of confusion. Aarav’s words, ‘your heart is only mine to claim’ were echoing like a built in siren in her head, unwilling to shut down, no matter what. Did he really mean that? Will she ever break his walls and be able to make place for herself in his heart? Her mind was haunted with memories of childhood, as her parents’ death news reeled itself through her mind. What was going on? Her stomach went taut with a crazy knot inside, drop of sweat were lingering on her forehead.

She looked at the figure beside her, his creased forehead, innocent face and silky hair, masking his true nature from her. She sighed defeatedly she attempted hard to calm herself down, his hand was as usual on her waist, gripping her tight as if she would disappear into thin air if he let her go. Sana sucked in a sharp breath, sniffing his homely scent as she finally let go of her fidgeting and rested her head on his broad shoulder. Her had a muscular body, much better than most of the men out there, she heard him shift a little, causing his head to nuzzle into her neck, sending cold shivers down her spine.

Her breathing turned heavy and hacked as he continued to cuddle into her, pulling her more into him, leaving hardly any space between them. His settled comfily at the crook of her neck, hiding his worry from the world. How can he sleep so innocently after putting her in extreme worry? Ughh..

“Has nobody told you that staring in the dark is creepy, Ms.Stalker,” Sana heard Aarav mumbled lazily against her skin on the edge of her neck.

Sana’s eyes flew out in awe, he heard her? Oh shit, she stuttered hesitantly with shock, “I..I was just ehh, cursing you,”

“Un huh and about what?” he muttered as he turned to face her, his alpha male scent rubbing off all over her.

His gleamy eyes sparkled brightly as he locked them with hers, she found layers of amusement and suspicion filled eyes as she gulped down hard.

“Putting me into worry and sleeping peacefully,” she accused with extreme displeasure.

“What worry do you have, your highness?” he snickered ridiculing her worried while she frowned deeply.

She hesitated a quick minute before curiosity stormed over her, “When you said something about that claiming my heart, did you really mean it?”

He froze at her words and she felt his body turn icy cold as he took his free hand and ran it through his hair reluctantly. As he opened his mouth to answer her, they heard some ruffling and harsh whispering out of the door. Sana stirred up anxiously while Aarav waited patiently for the people to come in. Within 2 minutes, they spotted figures entering the room as slyly as thieves as bright light from the hallways radiating the gloomy room.

“What the hell?” Sana shrieked with astonishment as they instantly recognized the silhouette’s as her cousins. She grabbed her phone and flashed it on to reveal it was 12 AM. Now, it was right to say, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING HERE??

Aarav jerked up from his bored posture and raised an eyebrow at her cousin’s while Sanay stood at the door for checking. Saanvi hissed slowly, “Lian’s ice cream bar is open, let’s go,”

“Are you kidding me? Like seriously?” Sana grunted hard and cut her off dismissively, “Not today,”

“We should be saying that after coming home from a party,” Sia said in a hollow and exhausted tone.

“Who told you to go then?” Sana asked her cynically.

“Let’s cherish the old times, come,” Sid waved off her pleas and dragged her out of bed, on the other hand Saanvi succeeded to convince Aarav to join them.

“If all of us leave, maasi will be suspicious, you guys go ahead, I will keep watch,” Sana argued back smartly.

“There is no need to go all selfless, we told the watchman to handle mom,” Nisha di persuaded emotionally.

“And we need to show Jiju our night spot too,” Saanvi buttered her even more while Sana scowled at all of them. These were one pack of people.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she scoffed as she finally gave in and all of them stealthily walked to the elevator.

Before she knew it, Sana was huddling to the elevator where all of them as usual crammed in at one time. Sid was complaining about his foot being on someone’s hand, while Saanvi was hushing them down, “Shshhh…be quiet”

Everyone breathed out as they felt fresh air being washed into their washes as the skies of the twinkling stars set above them. Sana realized where they were and shot angrily at Saanvi, “You idiot, why are we going from the roof when watchman uncle knows we are out.”

“For thrill,” was Saanvi’s simple reply. Wow, how great!

“In your stupid thrill ways, we will end up going to my parents,” Sana snapped hotly as she pointed to the stars above them. Yep, she believed that her parent’s turned into stars which is why she had this constant admiration towards the stars.

“Party popper,” Saanvi retorted grumpily while Sana turned her back in ignorance.

“I am going from the main door, anyone coming?” Sana asked the others who were busy in their own private conversations.

“Let’s leave,” Nisha di quickly jumped to her side and one by one everyone other than Saanvi, Sid, Sanay and Aarav stayed behind to the stunt while Sana led the gang in a safer way to the car.

“Which car are we taking?” Sia asked the million dollar question which made everyone break into a fit of argument as to which car would be the best.

Within minutes after being calmed down, all of them launched into Saman bro’s Benz so that they everyone tried to fit, but it ended with Saanvi’s sitting on Sana’s lap while Sanay adjusted on Sid. Sana groaned as Saanvi fidgeted in her lap, this was soo illegal but who cares at 12 in the night and who risks taking 2 expensive cars out anyways.

“Saman bro, hit the tracks,” all of them cheered from the back and drove out to their destination.
Aarav sighed as all of them finally managed to get off the car and walk into a corner ice cream shop. It had almost no one in there but the homely feeling and the spell of sweet milk was enough to drive him towards it. All of them settled in one of the huge table at the centre with him sitting opposite of Sana and next to Saanvi.

Aarav no doubt loved the company of these crazy cousins, to him the one thing that really stood out was their carefree and loving nature. No matter what he saw them smile, taunt each other and don’t care a shit about the world. He bonded the most with Saavi for her adventure skills, Sanay and Sid were pretty close too.

“What are we getting?” Sid broke the silence as he got up to place the order.

“Our usual order,” Nisha di said warmly with a huge grin as she leaned her head on Saman bro’s shoulder.

“Aarav, wanna come and choose what you want?” Sid flashed them a grin and asked Aarav.

“Get me anything, I am not much of an ice cream anyways,” he stated politely as he shrugged while the others gasped.

“Cool,” Sid said as Sana sagged back in her chair and Aarav payed close attention to her closing eyelids.

“Saanvi, what size?” Sid asked her mockingly with a wide smirk.

“Who is paying?” Saanvi cross questioned him curiously.

‘What does that have to do with anything?” Sana snapped at her with irritation while Aarav could spot the sleepiness in her eyes. He had a small nap before coming here but guess she was too busy admiring his face to fall asleep.

“Tell me,” Saanvi yelped as she almost got off her seat.

“I am, why?” Sid asked her with confusion while all the others glared at her dubiously.

“Extra large it is,” Saanvi declared as she swing sitting on the edge of the chair.

“Cheapo,” Sid passed a sneer comment to her before all the others broke into laughter.

“Hey, do you work here?” Aarav heard Sana loudly ask as she eyed a blond high school girl behind them who was cleaning some tables.

“Yes ma’am,” she replied with a sweet smile and went back to her work.

“Not her act of kindness again,” Saanvi mumbled disapprovingly at Sana as she hid herself under her palms.

“Huh?” Aarav asked her back with uncertainty.

“Just wait and watch,” Saanvi said with mock enthusiasm as she leaned her head towards Sana.

By this time, Sana had reached the girl behind them and gently asked,“How old are you?”

Aarav chuckled inwardly at her creepy nature, she was a stalker after all.

The girl looked confused before she hesitantly answered, “Ma’am 15,”

Sana smiled at her politely and continued which made Aarav drop her jaw, “I am here to buy this restaurant, so is it okay if you can give me some details about it? I promise an increase,”

“Sure,” the girl said back with equal amount of politeness. What was going on?

“So, why are you working so late hours when you need to go to school in the morning?” Sana asked her the first question with seriousness. Aarav saw the others sigh from the corner of his eye like they knew what was going to happen but a strange amount of curiosity built inside him.

“Ma’am, my parents died a few years ago. Me and brother rent this apartment, due to a few issues we are short of money to pay the rent of the room, so..” she chokingly trailed off in a hurt voice.

“How much do you get here?” Sana asked her another question while she frowned.

“$15 per hour,” the girl responded sadly.

“Which school do you study at?”

“Lakeview,” she replied with pride flashing through her eyes. Gosh, she must be extremely smart then, only the gifted kids go there.

“How much do you need for the rent?” Sana asked her randomly as Aarav could tell the she was completely sympathetic to the girl.

“Around $300,” the girl stuttered with a heavy, depressed sigh.

In a flash of a second, Sana pulled out a few notes her side purse and placed it in the girl’s hand without another thought which made Aarav’s jaw drop, “Here, take this, should be enough money for the next month too, a gifted girl should not be working at late hours,”

She did not just do that, she gave that unknown girl $600 without hesitation, Aarav smiled at her generosity as a part of his heart started to make space for her. Boy, she was a very unique little girl, she was not the spoiled princess which she seemed with all her luxuries after all.

“Ma’am, thank you soo very much,” the girl squealed with teary eyes as she gave Sana a big hug.

“Pleasure is all mine, just keep in mind to save money for the future and find yourself a better job,” Sana advised her calmly as she patted her back, grinning widely with joy.

“Thanks a lot,” the girl thanked her gratefully before she ran out of the door with inexpressible happiness.

Sana grinned at her and came back to her place while Aarav still couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Why didn’t you give her money to pay her fees too, gifted schools are expensive,” Sid snickered evilly as he laid back in his chair.

“She needs to learn and see the struggles of life too, and besides I can’t go around doing this to everyone I see. I just want to help them not get them to be lazy like you,” Sana retorted sharply with a shrug as she gave Sid some death glares.

Her muscles were beaming with happiness while a new kind of excitement was running through her body, it was not the first time she did that but she feels some strange joy every time she does that. An image of her proud parents flashed infront of her every single time.

“Hey! I help with the office too you know,” Sid countered back scornfully.

“I have seen that. Interview people and keep rejecting them is not work,” Saman bro barged in tauntingly while Sana rolled her eyes at them.

“They were not good,” Sid defended himself sarcastically.

“Yeah sure,” Sia said back this time while the others chuckled. Sid was the most laziest person on the planet while Sana gave him equal competition on the lady’s side.

“Where did the value of honesty go these days,” Sid commented absurdly with a dramatic sigh as he failed his arms to show the end of honestly. Aarav chuckled and high fived him for his comeback while Sana glared at them with disbelief.

Sana stuck her tongue out at him as she kicked his leg playfully under the table which led him to retort back, “How mature Sana, how mature,”

“Learning from the best after all,” Sana mocked with a wink while the others broke into a laughter as their ice-creams finally came.
“I am here for you,” a voice trailed out to Sana which made her leap in excitement.

She narrowed her gaze as the man’s face began to turn towards her, as the darkness began to fade away and light took over. Black hair, fit figure,seemed familiar o her but nevertheless she was finally on the edge of meeting her prince charming.

“Drrrrinnngggg…” A loud alarm screeched beside Sana which made her groan with irritation

. She squirmed under the heated rays of sunlight while the stupid loud alarm kept on blowing her head off. She grudgingly sat up, unable to comprehend why on earth an alarm is ringing as she flung her eyes open and shut the thing off on her phone.

“What the hell?” she mumbled with annoyance as she ran a hand through her hair to keep it away from her face and get back to her beauty sleep. She was just on the edge of figuring out who her prince charming was, ughh, not she needs to wait a lifetime to figure out who it was.

Sana settled back in her comfy bed when she woke up startled at another alarm clock ringing, “Oh my gosh,”

The only thing Sana could hear was a bunch of alarm clock’s ringin all over. She didn’t know who was the mastermind behind this but it was a TERRIBLE prank. She had no freaking clue as to where these things were coming from, it seemed like they were well hidden. What the hell? She slapped her palms to her ears to break the extremely loud noise which for sure woke the entire country up.

“Which idiot jerk decided to do this?” Sana screamed as she bitterly walked up to her paintings and managed to figure out the main clock, which calmed down all the other ones.

She heard a very familiar evil laugh as Saanvi made her dramatic appearance, “I’ll take that as a cue to get in then,”

“Saanvi ki bachiiii, how dare you?” Sana squealed as she took the pillows off her bed and hit them at her and ran to her stuffies to the do same. She has them for a reason, you know.

Saanvi jumped and dodged most of them and screamed mockingly, “Sana, if I was any other person I would have felt offended with your words for their upcoming children but because I am the one and only Saanvi, who is not going to get married or have children , I am going to let that pass. But, be careful with your words or I might have to inform my mom.”

Sana glared at her with extreme anger burning across her body, she sensed the anger rushing way higher than usual and she seethed with flame in her eyes, “Saanvi, idiot, criminal, stupid, jerk, a*sh*le, you-”

Saanvi took the chance to run out of the room while Sana continued to swear at her, this happened every single day, Sana loved her beauty sleep while Saanvi loved to wake her up with the most stupidest pranks ever.

Suddenly, she felt a cold hand crawl across her waist and in seconds her body slammed against a muscular wall while a warm breath hit her bare shoulder and a husky drawl, “Woah, woah, keep the swearing in check,”

“Shit,” Sana cursed stiffening as she recognized the owner of the voice, the one and only, Aarav Ross.

He quickly turned her around to face his amused blue eyes which were skimming throughout her face as they danced with rich pleasure, “I knew you were crazy and I even booked a spot at the mental asylum for you but I guess we need to consult a psychiatrist too,”

Sana;s jaw dropped at his words and she curiously blurted out, “Why are you so rude to me?”

He smirked his signature smirk again as he leaned in dangerously close to her face and whispered lowly, “It is called sarcasm baby,”

“Of course, your mother tongue I am assuming?” she shot back as her face frowned at his heated gaze on her.

“Well, I guess you learned it pretty well too,” he said amused and astonished while she continued to stare into his eyes. There was something about his eyes that got her to stare at them endlessly, each day there is some sort of a new storm in there, waiting to be put off.

“No shit, sherlock,” Sana bluntly teased while she looked at his blistering and dark gaze which made her change her words instantly, “I mean…great that you discovered it,”

He chuckled sourly and leaned in closer which made her take a step backward but he caught her wrist just in time and pulled her towards him and threatened, “Be careful, I am not always this nice as I am to you,”

“When did I ever say you were nice?” Sana shot back boldly with irritation as soon as she realized that it was her house.

“Trust me, you don’t want to get on my bad side,” he gravelly said to her with a warning eyes.

“What if I say that is what I am aiming for?” Sana said back in mere whisper.

“Why are you throwing yourself in this mystery of solving my life? I seem like some puzzle to you, don’t I?” Aarav asked her, raising his tone with frustration and shadowing his gaze.

Sana skimmed through his eyes to find any hints of mockery before pouring out her thoughts, “I have high security prison walls around myself too, I let people in and every time, I mean every single time I had those people hurt me. I know I can never break mine and stay happily ever after, I guess it just doesn’t exist for me but I want to help others live in peace. The minute those walls break you will live a joy of happiness and joy,”

Aarav watched her with immense awe, her emotional words did have a crazy impact on his body. Her light brown eyes were peeking into his soul for answers, he sighed and delicately stroked her cheek as he stated, “The minute those walls break, we both will find ourselves stuck between things we cannot choose from. We will be in the middle of the fire with no freaking way out, either jump in it or stay patient till we burn, either way the loss is ours,”

“I am ready to do it,” she replied confidently, challenging his words.

“Goddamit, stop with this stubbornness, why don’t you understand what will happen at the end?” he snapped brutally, loosing his cool to make her understand.

Why doesn’t this girl understand anything, the reason they both parted after 3 months and are now in this situation is because of their wall breaking and then slowly going towards love.

“Love has hurt me way too many times to cause a any more effect this time. Also, a heart can’t break again when it is already broken,” she mumbled with various intense emotions running through her eyes as after a long time he saw a vulnerable and broken girl underneath the bubbly and teasing girl she shows herself as.

“This is a good time to spill you know,” he softly encouraged her as guilt raised into him.

“Not today, one day,” she said in whisper as she averted her gaze while he kept his on her, was he the cause for the sorrow he saw in her face?

“Did you have an ex before?” he irrelevantly questioned her while he saw her eyes flick back into his.

“What? Why do you want to know that?” she asked him bewildered.

“I have the right you know,” he dreadly said as he light twisted her hand at her back.

“Maybe, maybe not, that is for you to figure out,” she trailed in a poem while Aarac scowled at her.

“I am not in the mood to solve riddles, so just answer,” he snapped at her as he tightened his grip.

“I am not in a mood to answer then,” she said with no emotion.

“I haven’t given up my intentions of strangling you, you know. SO tell me before I make you,” he threatened her dangerously.

Her eyes widened in shock and she immediately answered, “No, I didn’t have an ex,”

“Then what is with all the heartbreak drama?” he asked her confused while she breathed heavily.

She chocked a little when she gravelly said, “I have a husband who betrayed.”

Aarav let his hand drop back to himself as he looked at her pained expression, shit, shit, so he was the cause for her sorrow and pain. A pang of guilt and extreme helplessness grew inside him, she was still stuck on him not telling her about the wedding. She planned a part of this game too but he knew that she knew he planned each and every move of their life. He couldn’t risk letting all his efforts go to waste by not taking the business over, did he do wrong by hurting this innocent soul? She had a happy life before and as soon as he stepped in, all he gave her was pain, sorrow and tragedy.

He slipped his hands into his pocket and pulled out his phone hastily, “Tell Apri Di, I am coming back tomorrow.”

He saw the pain in her eyes flash brightly as he said those words on the phone to Arhaan, she was trying hard to hold back her tears while the tension brewing between them. The intense eyelock was unbreakable while he shrugged helplessly. There was something more to this story and he was going to figure it out later on.

No matter what he did with her, he was still the heartless Aarav Ross, who would do anything to get what he wants, even if that means leaving her in the dark for the rest of her life. Nothing was going to stop him now from getting to his final goal.

Next: Exclusive Party
SO how was that?? That was sorta a filler in for the next, needed some sad parts in before the bash!! Anyways, ignore the typos, i wrote this on Tuesday late at night and was too lazy to actually go over.

I said Sana will change, so presenting her overly confident and generous personality….how do you like that??

NEXT one will have more romance, keep reading to know who throws a party and for whom? There will also be some juicy revelations of Sana’s past as we don’t really know about her parent’s death, their relation, her change in personality, etc, etc.

Oh and ANDDDDD, BIG NEWSSS, I am planning to start Saanvi’s story sooon. No, that does NOT mean Sana and Aarav’s will end in a month or so, I will start her story nevertheless. Her’s will be VERY different as she is an extremely sarcastic and tomboyish girl, yep, it is going to be a kinda love story but not so intense as this one. It will be connected to this one but will have it’s own other variation and most of the scenes will be different. I already picked her partner 😉 😉 and of course she is not a person to fall in love so it will be more hate than love but it will be FUNNY. So, I am still planning the plot, throw me some ideas and tell me if you will like to read that too?

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