The Bond of..? (Chapter 15)


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Back to Square One?

Aarav watched her freeze the minute she saw him, which built an egoistic pride in him. It took her a moment to compose herself before she spat out with disgust, “Why are you here?”

He raised a challenging eyebrow at her and sternly explained“Well-”

Immediately, Sana’s maasi walked in gracefully with a humble smile on her lips as she hit Sana in the arm and mumbled, “Sana, behave,”

“Owww,” Sana shrieked childishly as she rubbed the place and pouted with anger.

“It is not nice to talk to guests like that,” Sana’s maasi warned her in a threatening tone while Sana continued to roll her eyes.

“It is not nice to hit a 20 year old too,” Sana shot back irritated while Aarav stood there amused at their bickering.

“Enough of your tantrums. Your cousins are somewhere in this country, so go and place your luggage in your room and I am going to prepare mouthwatering popcorn for you,” her maasi said to her as she took long strides across the hall to Sana’s luggage of 2 huge suitcases.

Aarav folded his hands professionally across his chest while his eyes were glistening constantly at Sana, while she jubilantly said, “Now we’re’ talking, ”

“I know, I know, now go,” her maasi warmly said as she shoved him both of the room to go on with the walk.

Aarav noticed that the corridor and the interiors of the room were truly royal, all of them coated in lavish light pink paint with windows all over to lurk the room with beaming rays of light. The entire mansion had a touch of elegance with all the furniture and decor matching the outer exterior of the mansion. He gasped as he came across an elevator which fit exactly 4 people, it had a transparent shell and went to the first floor and the roof. He saw Sana roll out her trolley’s into the elevator, with extreme tension and worry.

A part of him began to wonder if it was because of him or coming back to her house in general. There was an awkward silence in the air as it took them merely 5 seconds to hit the first floor and walk back out. Sana played with her fingers throughout the way while Aarav stood fascinated at the whole thought of an elevator. Who on earth has an elevator to the first floor? Guess these people do.

As he walked out of the elevator, a soothing and relaxing air of peace hit him in his face, calming down his curiosity and soothing his muscle flexes. There was something magical and unique in the air, Sana walked ahead in lead with silence, strolling down the corridor at the right with door at either side.
Aarav couldn’t fail to notice her long dark brown hair bouncing on the her waist as she lunged cautiously towards the room at the beginning of the hallway. Perfect was the only word to match her graceful nature and flawless attitude. Aarav slapped himself out of these thoughts, he was not supposed to let her into his heart.

He saw her take a deep breath in and twist the knob and exert a little bit of pressure to reveal a whole new, mini world of her which was radiating her in every corner.

“What on earth?” he said under his breath as he looked around to find himself standing inside a room which was three times the size of his.

It had well painted and dimmed maroon walls, an extremely huge water bed at the centre. There was a huge door at the end of the room to lead into a balcony, the complete back wall was filled with windows, which were bringing in all the light on earth into this one room. He looked at her to find her eyes twinkling with joy, her face elevated with content, and her lips had a genuine smile. He averted his eyes back to the wall to the left side to see that half of it was filled with pictures, not framed ones, but just plain photographs of family, friends, her childhood.

It was like her timeline, there were pictures from her childhood up till a few month ago, he would say. Beside that were one of the most best paintings he ever saw, hung all the way to the other side. Her room had a light pink huge couch in the corner which was filled with stuffies, and other teddies. Beside that on the other wall, which was the behind him was her baby pink study table along with a book case. In this book case, also hung in the center was a plasma TV with a Wii connected to it from the side. This girl was obsessed with the color pink, how typical!

Just across the TV was her bed, which had a railing with curtains on the top. She was truly raised like a princess, her bed had the most pillows and cushions a person could ever find.

“You are still here, I missed you so much,” he heard her scream from the other side, making him flip his head to see her walk into her walk in closet with the doors open at hugging a BIG teddy bear.

He let out a small gasp as he saw the walk in closet she had, it was like a ramp walk in the centre with red carpet, and hangers and trolleys full of clothes, jewelry onto the side. Was this a room or what? It was like a freaking shop store in there, each of the dresses neatly hung in the shelves in the room. This girl had everything a person could ask for and it was surprising to him that this girl was his wife now.

(Here is the picture of her walk in closet:

She walked out of the closet with the gigantic teddy in her hand and scowled at him with disgust, “So, what are you doing here?”

That was it, Aarav’s controlling anger was out now, he violently raged at her, “First tell me who are you. Billionaire huh? I should have known when you said you know Nikhil’s wife, I should have known when you arranged a very similar kitty party to mom’s. Of course, it runs in your blood doesn’ it? How come I didn’t know anything about you?”

She let out a sour, acidic laugh as she tossed the teddy on her bed, as she walked up the radiating window, and snickered as she leaned against it, “What did you think? You can hide all the information about yourself from me but I can’t? You remember those 2 men who used to hang out with me and you used to wonder who they were. They were not random men, they were my security guards. I moved to downtown a year back when my house was illegally sanctioned by someone else, and I think you know what happened after that. We played the same move, and the same game, we deleted our info and replaced it with what we want each other to know.”

Sparks of realization hit Aarav, they played the same game, he thought he was smart to make sure there was no info about his identity anywhere and so did she. Patronising anger circulated his body while Sana was smirking in victory. No wonder he found very little info when checked on her, how could he be so dumb to not get more info of her.

“And why did you hide it from me then?” Aarav asked hoarsely, trying to keep his rising rush of anger under control.

“Didn’t you at first too?” she shot back bitterly as she narrowed her gaze while Aarav moved hastily towards her.

“I meant after you knew about my past,” he added as he finally landed facing her.

“I was not sure whether I would get my house back or not,” she replied with hesitation as she deflected her stray while Aarav moved closer to her.

“Stop lying,” he snapped brutally as he caught her wrist and twisted it lightly on her back side.

Her eyes snapped back to his, with confusion and anger as he moved deadly close to her face, he could feel her chest heaving up and down while her face was filled with pain and hatred.

“I am not,” she replied sternly as she furrowed her eyebrows, with her chocolate brown eyes submerging into his thick blue ones.

“You wanted something else too,” he mumbled in a critical tone in her ear, as his sharp breath hit her, her pulse grew faster, her breath turned hacked and fanned his shoulder.

“No,” she replied finally in a mere whisper making him tighten his grip and form a hole in her eyes with his blistering gaze of anger and brittleness.

“Yes, tell me, what is running in your mind?” he asked her once again, as he firmly twisted her hand, making her wince but her stubborn nature stopped her from speaking any further.

“Nothing,” she muttered back irritated as her eyes bore into his, begging to let go off the topic while he shot her a few death glares and dug his fingers through her skin.

“Lie,” he said back to her coldly, with extreme furiousness of rejection filling him , bruising his mended ego.

She let out a deep sigh, which made him smirk at her when she finally spat out the venom, “Now that I have my arrogance and you have your freedom, the game is on, Mr. Ross, ”

He instantly let go off her hand when her challenging eyes reached his, she didn’t forget the first day, did she?

“What happened to your, I will break the walls in your heart and all?” he mocked back with rich annoyance.

“By the time I manage to break your arrogance, I will already be right in there,” she confidently remarked as she rubbed her hand against the wounds caused by his nails.

“Overconfidence much,” he snickered back gravelly.

“No, nothing is over in my confidence,” she shot back in a daring tone of victory.

“Back to square one are we?” he whispered in her ear dreadly.

“Yet again,” she voiced back with frustration and her big eyes filled with irritation.

But this time it was different, this time they were going to finish this game, once and for all. Why did he have the feeling that by the end of this, both of them will have broken hearts to fix?

“These are heavenly,” Sana devoured the taste of popcorn melting on top of her tongue, calming her body down and condensing the immense amount of guilt which was flowing through her body.

“Sana, they are plain cheesy popcorn,” her maasi mocked at her as Sana sat at the kitchen island, eating popcorn as she watched it rain like cats and dogs.

Ever since she was little, she admired the rain, she used to go and play in it with her mother every single time, but the moment she lost her parents, she grew completely detached from the rain. To her the rain didn’t wash away her pain, instead it evoked the wounds from deep below.

“Yeah, but they do- What the hell?” Sana joyously started to say when she saw her the others enter from the garage door drowned to the core.

“Sana, we got our house back!” they all cried with happiness as they saw her, sitting in the kitchen while she dropped her jaw looking at their terrible condition of wetness.

“I know, I really want to hug you all right now, but I really don’t want to catch a flu,” Sana snickered sarcastically as she pointed at them to her maasi.

“You sure about that?” Sid mocked as he walked a couple of inches and spread his arms for a hug as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Sana chuckled at his antics while her maasi yelled frantically with displeasure, “Stop ruining the house, go get changed, all of you,”

All of them groaned and dashed to their rooms to get changed. Sana shook her head at their childish behaviour and continued to eat the popcorn hastily before someone else got a chance to.

“Where were you guys? And why did you get drowned again?” Sana questioned curiously as she saw one by one, all her siblings enter the room, after changing into fancy party clothes.

“We didn’t bother to check the weather and left to Neha’s house in the roofless sports car and I think you understand what happened after that,” Saanvi told her dryly as she made herself some hot chocolate.

Sana opened her mouth to counter when 2 hand closed her eyes and she head Saanvi shout, “Guess who…,”

Sana sighed with irritation, this was the most stupid game on earth, she brushed her hand on top of the person’s and tried to figure out who it was. They had long nails, a ring and soft features which was only one person, “Neha and..”

“And?” Saanvi asked her excitedly as Sana ran a hand through the other hand which had a rougher edge, short nails and was definitely a man.

“OMG! Is it you Vi?” Sana enthusiastically exclaimed in awe as both the hand disappeared off her face to finally meet, her best friend Neha and her second cousin, Vinay.

Both of them were grinning widely as Sana squealed as she hugged Neha first while Vi sneered, “Finally, I thought you had alzheimer’s or something,”

“Unfortunately, I don’t,” Sana boasted with pride as she stuck her tongue out at him. Her maturity drowned in the ocean the minute she came back to this house.

“Yep, unfortunately,” he replied shaking his head in a sad, disappointed tone.

“Shut up,” Sana smacked his arm as she went ahead to give him a hug.

“What you both doing here?” Sana asked Neha as Vi went ahead to hug Maasi, who was his aunt too.

“We came to take all these minions and hit the pub, you coming?” Neha asked happily.

Neha was her best friend as long as she could remember, she was the only person who was able to bear her cousins in the same way she did. She was basically a family member as she was the only child and her parents were not that keen to spend time with her, she usually hung out with Sana and her cousins.

“Minions huh? The minute I left, you launched complete over them? She asked with delight as she wriggled her eyebrows mischievously at her.

“Somebody had to take over. Anyways, you coming?” Neha shrieked as she saw all the others went ahead to put on their footwear.

“Sana never goes to the pub, the pub comes to Sana,” Sana boasted with pride as she saw Aarav step into the living room and give everyone a hug.

“You have something cooking in your head, don’t you?” Neha asked her with suspicion while she shrugged casually.

“Hey, before you go, meet my husband, Aarav Ross. And this is my best friend, Neha,” she introduced both of them cautiously.

“So nice to meet you, so you are the lucky guy who stole the person’s heart who never cared a shit about guys,” Neha ranted out, while Sana slapped her head mentally for bothering to even let her meet him. She ALWAYS ended up embarrassing herself in front of him and not everyone else was keen to do that too.

“Huh?” he asked her in shock as he moved his piercing gaze to Sana. Who knew that the melting ocean blue eyes can also be the doors to hell?

“You see your dear wife here used to beat the crap out of boys for asking her out. She was as hopeless as Saanvi at one point in life, but glad to know that she finally doesn’t feel that anymore,” Neha said with a huge grin while Sana passed her a few death glares. Why couldn’t glares kill?

“Nice to meet you too,” Aarav said to her politely while Sana rolled her eyes at his all of a sudden nice behaviour. He never was ever that polite to her before? Such a fake person.

“I would love to chat but we need to get going before the clouds decide to cry again,” Neha ranted out as she eyed the rain with disgust.

“Trust me you are the only one in the whole entire universe who cries so much. Even the clouds can’t match up to you,” Sana teased while the entire room burst out in a laugh.

“What can I say, I am just awesome,” Neha swanked as she did a quick hair flip and gave Sana a last quick good bye.

“Anything that will row your boat dear,” Sana mumbled to her in between the hug with a wink.

“See ya,” she said, pretending not to hear her.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Nisha di asked her one more time with pleading eyes to join them.

“As I said, I get the pub to me, not the other way around,” Sana repeated her new signature line while the others sighed.

“You are so full of yourself,” Sid commented in a high pitched yell.

“Says the guy who has poster of himself all over his room,” Sana shot back coldly while she saw Aarav stand there amused at their bickerings.

“Hey! I was testing my photoshop skills and I printed a few too many,” Sid defensively screamed.

“A few?” Sana asked back sarcastically, the dude has freaking 50 posters of himself around the walls. Not a few to her.

“Sana, You just came here though, come chill and party,” Sia attempted to convince the great wall of China ie Sana.

“I am here after a long time, I need to spend some time with this house and I didn’t even see chachu anywhere,” Sana countered with a grin with a wearing smile on her face.

“Oh god, stick to one name please,” Maasi warmly snapped at her.

Her mother’s sister and father’s brother also decided to get married to each other after a year of their parent’s wedding, which is why she calls her aunt Maasi and uncle chachu, to add her unique touch.

“Hey, it is not my fault you decided to get married in pairs, and besides both are right. I will call you whatever I wish like,” Sana snorted out stubbornly while she her maasi roll her eyes at her.

“Aarav dear, why don’t you go with them?” Her maasi asked Aarav who had a tight smile on his face. Somebody please tell him that smiling is completely normal.

“No thanks, I have a few things to do tonight,” he replied bitterly as he eyed Sana directly with a deadly look while Sana shuddered with his intense looks.

“Cool, see you guys then,” all the others bid their goodbyes and left the house while Sana felt squirmed under his gaze and maasi was staring at both of them with suspicion.

“Sana, come let’s show Aarav the house,” she declared after a while which made Sana flinch from her place.

“Why?” she nonchalantly asked with irritation.

“To navigate around,” her maasi answered with giving her a serious look.

“It’s not like he showed me his house, why should I?” Sana mumbled under her breath while she saw Aarav raise an eyebrow at her.

“What did you say?” her maasi questioned her giving her the behave-properly look.

“Nothing, just nothing. I can show him around, why don’t you go back to your cooking,” Sana changed her words with a fake smile on her lips.

“Do it properly,” she warned her as she gave her a glance before heading towards the kitchen.

“When have I not?” Sana said with a dreamy haze which was immediately destroyed as she met with a pair of frozen eyes staring at her.

“This way,” she grumpily said as she wondered, who ever said that her life was perfect?

He followed her quietly without uttering another word, which she greatly appreciated, she was in no mood for another fight or more heart attacks, “So, you have seen the guest hall already right. This is the living room and adjacent to that is the kitchen,”

She pointed to the door at the complete back of the kitchen, a window one and another closed one, “That door leads to the backyard and the other one leads to the basement,”

He nodded at her while she walked towards the elevator, she loved elevators since she was little, she remembered how her and her cousins would had to stuff themselves in for it to start.

She walked in her huge bedroom hallway as they put it and announced quickly, “This is my bedroom, this one is Saanvi’s, that is Sia’s, next is Sid’s, Sanay and Nisha di’s and the last one is Sanay’s as he wanted more space for his goal post.”

He as usual nodded sharply at her and her scrutinized look told her to move on, she sighed deeply and led him down the other side of the mansion, “Down that other wing are the guest rooms, this is maasi and chachu’s room, and this is-”

She froze as the locked wooden door stared at her, she gulped hard as the tears welled up into her eyes. It was that room again. All the memories roamed in her head like nightmares, making a shiver run down her spine.

“You okay?” she heard Aarav gently ask her, jerking her from her thoughts as she wiped her tears away. He probably noticed her standing here like a statue, staring a brown door.

“Yeah, I’m good. Come let me show you my baby,” she declared happily with a dreamy sigh.

“What?” he finally spat out in a horrified expression.

Sana shook her head, grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs to the garage. “Just come,”

She flung open the door and flicked the lights on, revealing a garage filled with the most expensive cars in the world.

Aarav drawled out a gasp while she rushed over to a baby pink car in the centre of the garage and hugged it like her life depended on it, “Here is our garage with all our cars, and this is my baby. OMG! I missed you so much,” Her eyes lurked up with content and her facial expression turned soft and caring.

“Seriously, a car? You made it seem like you actually had a baby,” Aarav asked her sarcastically with shock running through his body.

“Don’t mind him, he is just jealous,” Sana brushed off his words and caressed her darling car. Her second love of course.

“What’s with so many cars?” Aarav asked her confused as he spotted, an Audi, a couple of trucks in the side, a Ferrari.

“Well, we faced a few car problems when we shared cars, so they got us all separate cars,” she sheepishly said as she bit her lower lip, trying to avoid this topic.

“Few car problems?” he asked her with a raised eyebrow, examining whether it was a lie or not.

God, it was so impossible to lie to his man.

“We kinda crashed into a post while we were fighting on who to drive the car, then the other car went into a dungeon type ditch as we decided to go test who hits the break the fastest, and another one went right into a police truck as we were bickering over which movie to go to,” Sana hastily ranted as she sat on the hood of her car, while Aarav kneeled to Saanvi’s Ferrari.

“After breaking 3 cars is when you guys realized that you all need different cars,” he mocked gravelly with his eyes softening a little and relaxing her.

“Dude, don’t judge. So, this is my baby pink Lamborghini Superleggera. Sia’s got the red Jaguar CX16 , Saanvi’s is the navy blue Ferrari 458, Sid’s got the black Porsche 918 , Sanay bro has the silver Benz SLG AMSO, and Nisha di bought her red Audi R8. All the other ones are security vehicles or cars to drive maasi and chachu around,” she explained the different cars to him while he gawked in awe.

“Not bad, this looks like a pretty good collection,” he added at the end with a smirk.

“I am too tired to argue with you, so I am going to take that as a compliment. Which one do you like?” she asked him with twinkling eyes.

“My personal favourite are the lamborghini’s but since you are the owner, I am going to with the Ferrari,” he sourly snorted as he put a hand at the Ferrari next to him while Sana glared with anger.

“How cruel, there is no point in being nice to you when I don’t get anything back in return,” she angrily replied as she crossed her arms on her chest.

“What do you want back in return?” Aarav asked her with his eyes sliding all across her in pleasure.

Her mind had a minor meltdown as he headed towards her, his minty breath all over her neck, his eyes scanning her thoroughly and his hand settling acorss her waist making her breathing turn hacked with the extreme proximity.

“This? He whispered to her as he pressed his lips against her forehead, emitting extreme heat from her body, her hands absentmindedly slid across his chest while she closed her eyes as a reflex.

He took them away after a few seconds and lowered his gaze to meet hers, as he leaned deadly close and whispered as he lightly pecked her cheek, resulting in a red blush to appear all over her body, “This?”

“Or this?” he asked her huskily as his eyes dance with pleasure with mischief while hers threw back in ear, as he leaned right into her and his eyes trained on her lips.

Her breathing literally hitched in her throat as she watched him reduce the gap between them, her limbs turned numb while she forced herself to speak up, “Umm..never mind. I take back my words, I don’t want anything,”

She pushed him away from her which he chuckled at her flustering behaviour as she bit her lower lip again with embarrassment, “That means I can take your car and popcorn?”

“Ughh..I meant I don’t want anything from you,” Sana shot back with a tone of embarrassment while Aarav was clearly enjoying her expressions.

“So, I don’t need to buy you popcorn for you?” he sneered while her eyes widened with horror.

“No thanks, I am the daughter of a billionaire banker and I can afford popcorn without you,” she retorted with exploding anger.

“You are forgetting that I am the your ruthless husband too, I would not be so sure you can get anything without my consent,” he flatly said to her with a wink.

“Don’t tell me you are going to block popcorn entry into our house,” she asked him in a disgruntled tone, hoping for the best.

“Now that you gave me the idea, I totally will,” he remarked in a bucked up voice.

“No! No, I mean…ughh..go to hell. I am going to stay here if you do that,” she stubbornly declared as she sagged back into her car’s hood.

“Then I am going to gag you as I said before and force you back home,” Aarav said his voice toned up and raising with seething anger and gritted hard till her teeth hurt.

“Home is where heart is and my heart is here.” Sana quoted randomly with confidence.

“Oh really?” he asked her modestly with surprise at her random words and locked his jaw.

“You won’t know all these things as your heart is filled with a crap of darkness, but it will get set as soon as I enter in there,”she said in a challenging and firm voice.

He chuckled at her and cooly whispered, “Trust me, doesn’t matter if you get in there or not, just remember, your heart is only mine to claim.”

Her heart flipped around as she heard those words, the possessive glint was back in his eyes, his jaw was clenched tight and his face told her that he was not joking, he really meant those words. Will she ever give him that consent to have her heart his to claim?

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