The Bond of..? (Chapter 14)


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Sana collapsed down on the couch after a heavy sigh of weariness which came after a long day in the boutique. Aarav’s dad had made sure to give Arpi Di her share of property when she got married, which she turned into a series of extravagant fashion boutiques around the country. They had a huge success rate within the first few months, which made the fashion boutiques a huge hit and eventually turned into Ross’ major profit. Arpi Di who was extremely busy with Amay, decided to let Sana take over the boutiques for a few days after learning her fashion sense which she had picked up from her own stylists Sia and Nisha di. Sana instantly agreed seeing that all her siblings left to their house and Arhaan was going to practice business with Aarav too.

Sana was in charge of handling the charity events, business offers and the general working of these boutiques. Aarav was too occupied with work too as the major season of sales hit the workforce which led to long working hours and less holidays. Both of them hardly had a normal conversations anymore unless it was related to the company which made them both sit and chat about the offer or the profit to spend. Tired evenings and other work around the house took up most of Sana’s evenings while Aarav was busy in his calls or exercising in the gym.

Sana came out of the washroom after a long, warm shower, relaxing her muscles as she set out to the kitchen to get her evening dose of popcorn. Life was a tragedy without popcorn, how can people live without it?

She walked into the kitchen lazily and tossed a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

“Where is Arpi Di?” she asked exhausted to Ms.K, who was ordering the cook for dinner preparations.

“She went shopping with Amay and Neeraj,” she remarked sternly and got back to her instructions while Sana rolled her eyes.

Why was she always so angry?

“It is not like I would eat her if she talked gently to me once in awhile,” she mumbled quietly to herself as she took out the bag of popcorn from the microwave.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover,” she heard a husky drone from behind her, making her flinch her attention to the door frame.

Aarav was standing there, leaning against the door frame, with an amused daze and a smirk filling his face. He was still in his black suit and his blue eyes were drowned with fatigue but nevertheless managed to slide warmly across her body.

“I.I was just…when did you come back?” she enquired with her cheeks burning with embarrassment. He was normally with Ri after he came back and walked into the room after a few hours.

Sana did feel offended at the start but after her busy schedule and tiring days, she didn’t really care what he does anymore.

“Just a few minutes ago,” he answered as he made a slow saunter towards her.

“Do you need anything to eat?” she asked him confused as he settled right near her in the kitchen. He didn’t normally come into the kitchen, so why was he here?

“I was just passing by when I heard you talk to herself, so I was just checking to see if I need to call a physiatrist or not. I mean I was sure you would turn pyscho one day but not so soon,” he shickered deeply at her with amusement and his signature smirk while she moaned to herself.

“After all it is your personality rubbing on me, so I wonder who is more psycho now,” she shot back with daggers in her eyes.

As he opened his mouth to retort, they head Arhaan storming in, “Bro, I need some help,”

“Which police station do I need to come to?” Aarav asked immediately with seriousness.

“What? I am not arrested for anything. Why would think that?” Arhaan whined while Sana let out a faint chuckle.

“I don’t know, the way you asked I thought it was something important and besides it wouldn’t be anything peculiar if you landed in jail one day,” Aarav argued coolly with a shrug.

“Sure, says the guy who decided to daunt a pencil in the girl’s eyes just because she was not giving him attention,”

“You did what?” Sana asked him surprised with immense amazement as she understood those words.

“I was only trying to throw that in her ear but it was her fault that she turned around, it is not my fault I had a good aim,” Aarav defended himself sheepishly while Sana hung her mouth open at his stupid excuses and life threatening ideas.

“Im not sure which one I am more scared of, your thought of hitting girls in the ear and eyes or because I am a girl with you as my husband.” Sana commented lowly with a heavy sigh.

Arhaan chuckled at her and cautiously handed her something from his pocket, “Here is an extra pair of eyepatch and cotton balls just in case,”

“Why is my idiot brother carrying that?” Aarav asked him with suspicion.

“I couldn’t go through the entire meeting of yours without these now can I?” Arhaan bluntly said with a smirk.

“Bastard, you were getting beauty sleep during my presentation?” Aarav furiously spat out with his blue eyes not cool and icy anymore but instead burning with flame.

“Of course not, I was trying to sleep but your annoying voice disturbed me. But don’t, I will get better things to cover my ears and get my beauty sleep tomorrow,” he continued to blurt out innocently while slyly adding more fuel to Aarav’s flamy eyes.

Sana watched the drama with interest when Aarav launched forward for Arhaan“What the hell, you are so dead now,”

Arhaan was too quick and instantly hid behind Sana for protection, “Hey, hey, leave the poor boy. I know how hard it is to listen to your boring and annoying voice everyday, believe me it makes you fall asleep even if you don’t want to,”

Aarav watched her in awe and patronising anger filling all his mighty soul while Arhaan made a leap towards the door, “Sana, darling, you are going to die in my hands today,”

“Finally, I might get some peace,” Sana mumbled to herself as she tried to escape from Aarav’s fuming rage.

“What did you say?” he asked her with fake mockery as he held her wrist, digging his nails right into her skin, making her wince in pain.

“Nothing, I was just kidding,” she added hoarsely as she attempted to wiggle free from his clutch.

“I didn’t hear any sarcasm in your voice,” Aarav responded in a low dangerous whisper as he tightened his grip and slightly pushed her more into his chest.

“Is your mother tongue the language of sarcasm? Then?” Sana invasively replied as she grit her teeth in frustration of not able to pull apart.

“No, but I can make it yours,” Aarav slyly said with a smirk plastering his cunning look as he leaned his closer to her.

“Are you going to..” she trailed off with impeccable fear as Aarav leaned in near her ear. His hot breath lingering over her earlobe, making her hold her breath for him to finish.

“Gag you? Maybe,” he ruthlessly sneered with an evil chuckle in her ear.

She froze at his words and instantly cried with fear, “What? No! You can’t do that, I mean that is illegal,”

“Doesn’t say that anywhere,” Aarav said victoriously as he raised an eyebrow at her helplessness.

Sana pursed her lips shut at his words for a few minutes as her body took awhile to come back into shape and form.

“But when the police finds out they will arrest you and you don’t want that to happen right? Imagine, who will take care of Arpi Di and Arhaan and Dadu,” Sana reasoned, putting all her persuasive skills she ever learned into it.

“Ahh..good point,” he remarked with a thought which washed Sana with relief until he concluded, “But the police will not find out until I leave you in the room to die,”

His face turned even more radiant with pride and the smirk grew deeper and darker, twitching to the corner of his lips.

Having her breath hitched in her throats, Sana complained with irritation, “What? Why would you do that? I am your wife after all,”

“Are you?” he asked her with surprise at her words while she continued to fidget with his hands. Boy, they were strong!

“Huh?” she asked him confused as she didn’t really pay attention to his words at the first place but he was staring at her with awe.

“My wife?” he whispered slowly to her and she looked up in shock. His face was covered with various emotions just like hers, awkwardness was the major one, she gulped down.

“Lawfully yes,” she smartly responded as she managed to take the opportunity to jerk his hand off.

“I am ready to let you go but you need to keep your mouth shut for the rest of the day. I am tired and really need some peace,” he drawled out in caution like she wouldn’t understand if he talked any more faster than that.

“You are so rude,” Sana shot bad curtly as she rolled her eyes at his speed.

“Thanks for stating the obvious. Now let’s go,” he snapped coldly at her and let her wrist free.

“I hate you,” she murmured as both of them rushed to the kitchen for dinner.

“Glad you feel the same,” she heard him mutter back as she walked into Dadu’s room for peace.


Aarav pushed away his phone from his face and glanced at Sana who was reading some magazines while taking some notes. Her dark brown hair was in a messy bun with loose strands all over her face, she was biting a pencil like there was no tomorrow while closely looking at a model in the magazine. Gorgeous, was the first word that came into Aarav’s mind as he saw her sitting on the bed, he cursed himself for his thought and quickly demanded.“Entertain me,”

“What?” she asked him horrified as she narrowed her eyes onto him while his eyes danced with pleasure.

“Ri is not available, I am in no mood for exercising and I am bored,” he whined at her innocently.

“Who do I look like to you?” she shot huffing as she walked up to his couch and placed her hands on her hip, tilting her head to the side as she balanced her weight on one leg.

“My wife,” he instantly replied with a flash of pride and ego as he sagged back deeper in the couch.

“Un huh and who the hell makes their wife into entertainers?” she asked him back with dismay as she raised her eyebrow at Aarav who was grinning back cunningly.

“Me,” he stated rudely with a sigh.

“I can see that,” she murmured pissed of as she threw the magazine on the bed.

“Now hurry up or else you know what I will do,” Aarav threatened her as he leaned back to enjoy the treat he was going to have.

“Ughh…what do you want me to do?” she finally chirped, giving in which made his grin wider and stronger.

“Sing,” he ordered her viciously despite knowing her extreme dislike to singing. This was going to be interesting.

“Sing what?” she scowled at him with anger with desperation and nervousness filling her face.

“I don’t know anything,” Aarav told her with a shrug, which he immediately regretted as soon as he saw a wicked smile making her way up his face.

“Okay. Twinkle twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are-” she started to sing, or more like shout in the most high pitched squealing voice ever.

“Shut up women. I don’t want to go deaf when I am in my 20’s, I have 80 years in front of me to go,” Aarav snapped at her with rage as he demanded her to shut up.

“Who says you are going to live till then, I might end up killing you in the next 3 months,” she shot back with a sly smirk.

His mouth hung open at her words before he remarked as he gained his composure, “Threats huh?”

“You are not the only one who can give them out,” she snapped back with her wicked witch grin back as she tossed herself back into the comfy bed.

“I like this feisty side of yours,” Aarav commented with rich pleasure and extreme awe.

“You hardly know all my sides in the first place,” she replied curtly with a shrug.

That caught him, she just had to say something to ruin the moment. “You can’t take a compliment can you? Come here, let’s finish that 20 things game,”

“Cool, you go first,” she enthusiastically stated as she failed her arms with joy while he chuckled at her.

“What would you name your children?” he asked her randomly, he didn’t even know where this popped up from.

“What? Why?”

“You answer that or I’ll give you a dare,”

“Fine, I would name her Sara,”

“What if it’s a boy, don’t be se*ist,”

“I am not, I just prefer girls and besides I am going to adopt,”

“Really? Why?” he asked her surprised, she was the first women he met her who didn’t want to have children of her own, not that he cared, but still.

“I never wanted to get married and besides after giving you divorce, I am not going to bother to try to get married again,”

“Un huh and why is that?” he asked her with his smirk coming back, did she have feeling for him?

“It is super hard to stay in this bond and if all men are like you then is nearly impossible to survive without dying of boredom,” she replied dramatically with a groan.

“Do you think it is easy to bear an annoying, chatter box like you? Trust me, it’s not,” Aarav snickered as he saw her drop her mouth open.

“You meano,” she mumbled in fierce anger.

“Facts always hurt,”

“What about you?” she asked him with delight.

“I don’t have time for kids. I have a business to take care of,”

“Wait? If you don’t have a hier, then who are you setting this business and money for?” she asked him confused, pointing to the stack of files at the corner of the bed.

“I don’t know, Amay or Arhaan’s kids,” he said to her when they heard Arhaan barge into the room with a wide grin on his face.

He rushed over to Aarav and gave him a big bear hug and pretended to rub an imaginary tear when he beamed with pride, “How sweet, I am so proud of you bro,”

“May I know why you were eavesdropping our conversation, ever heard of the work privacy?” Aarav snorted as Arhaan made a kissy face to which Sana giggled.

“Ever heard of the lock the door when you don’t want any interruptions?” Arhaan shot back seemingly..

“Whatever, what do you want? Don’t tell me you are here to discuss your wedding with my ceiling, she is already taken,” Aarav mocked him as he referred back to their earlier jokes of the ceiling.

“Ouch that hurts, but who had the courage to take my sweetheart away from me?” Arhaan dramatically said with his hands over his heart and his face showing fake signs of hurt.

“There is a long list, let me see,” Aarav played along as he opened his phone to pretend to read a few names.

“No, no! I can’t take that pain to hear those names,” Arhaan said in girly squeal while Sana cracked up in fits of laughter.

“Dramaqueen,” Aarav mumbled at him with a laugh as he watched Sana holding her stomach as Arhaan continued to make funny hurted faces.

“Do you need something?” Sana asked him gently as she finally calmed down her laughter.

“Oh ya! Bro, here is my University forms, can you sign them,” Arhaan asked.

“Bring them here,”

“Why are you taking drama?” Aarav asked him with shock as he scanned the paper for a minute.

“Didn’t you just admire my acting skills?” Arhaan boasted with pride as he enacted a quick scene for them.

“No, I was being sarcastic. But like seriously, why drama?” Aarav asked him with seriousness.

“I forgot that sarcasm is your favourite language, and I needed an extra course so I thought why not this to chill out,” Arhaan commented with sigh.

“No,” Aarav dismissed it instantly and handed the paper back.

“What do you mean no? Give the poor boy a break. He is doing business like you want him to, atleast let him choose this courses,” Sana took his side as she came and argued back with Aarav.

Aarav opened his mouth to ask her not to interfere but Arhaan bet him to it by handing her another piece of paper and excitingly stating, “Sana Di, can you fill in your details here,”

“Why?” she asked him confused while Aarav moved his gaze to both the idiots in front of him.

“I am going to make you my legal guardian from now on and get you enough popcorn for the rest of your year,” he stated with a wide grin while Sana squealed with joy and immediately wrote down her details, the popcorn got her of course.

“Why not her entire life?” Aarav asked him with boredom.

“What are you here for?” Arhaan stated with a wink.

“How sweet, I love you!” Sana said with dreamy haze as she gave Arhaan a side hug.

“So, you love everyone who gets you popcorn?” Aarav asked her with curiosity as her eyes were trained on the paper she was filling out.

“Yes..” she said absentmindedly as she continued to fill the paper in.

“So if I get you popcorn for the rest of your life, then will you love me too?” Aarav blurted out randomly, while he waited eagerly for her reaction.

She stopped writing and immediately snapped her paled eyes onto his. She was frozen a weird kind of tingles swept through her body as she saw Aarav’s intense and amused gaze on her.

Arhaan faked a cough while Sana hid her face in embarrassment, did she have to say that? Awkward much! Why did she always end up making a fool out of her herself when she was with Aarav? Ughh..


“Hello Maasi, is everything alright?” Sana asked with worry as she picked up the call in the middle of the way.

“It will be soon when you hear my news,” she heard her Maasi state with excitement. What now?

“Huh? What is that exciting news? Not like our house is back on my name again,” Sana mindlessly stated as she cringed at her thoughts, her house.

After her parent’s death, her house was supposed to be on her name but some stupid complications came into the picture and it was transferred into somebody else’s name and the whole thing turned dirty.

“Our house is back on your name again,” Maasi screamed with joy while Sana froze at her spot in the middle of the room with the words not being able to digest her words.

“Wait what? This is no joke right?” Sana asked in assurance as happiness pricked into her, filling her heart with extreme joy and her face lit into a light bulb.

“Not at all. I am sending you a jet, get Aarav and both of you get here quick,” Maasi comforted her sweetly to which Sana blew out in happiness.

“OMG! I am soo happy, send it fast, I am coming,” Sana screeched with rich pleasure. Her freedom was back, her house WAS BACK!!

She hung the phone and did her mini happiness dance, she couldn’t believe that the house was finally hers.

Who cares about Aarav? He would probably be busy in his meeting and besides she didn’t want him to come with her and ruin her overly perfect day.


Sana put on her sunglasses and stepped out of her personal jet. The sunlight penetrated widely on top of her head while she mumbled with a wide grin, “So good to be home,”

Her long heels clinged to the smooth, metal road below her while a few guards walked up to her with a warm smile. She smiled back and ordered them, “Take them in,”

Each of her childhood memories flashed greatly in front of her, the moments with her parents, her siblings, her relatives beamed freshly before her. There were huge green bushes and trees in the middle of the huge area with the letter S in the centre. The guards walked behind her with her luggage while she walked ahead with confidence and arrogance circulating around her body.


An inexpressible amount of happiness leaped through her body as she frowned looking at the large mansion in front of her. Her mansion was bigger than Aarav’s palace, light white coloured textured surface with teal roofs on the top. Luxury was written in bold letters all over it as she walked closer to the white shimmering surface.

How nice of her cousins for a warm welcome. They didn’t even show up? Wait, did Maasi tell them she was coming in the first place?

She ran up the stack of stairs and hit the bell with eagerness and restlessness, the feeling of home was coming back to her after many years.

“MMAAASSIII,” she shrieked wildly as she ran over to her Maasi and hugged her tightly.

“Finally my angel is here. Are you finally happy?” her maasi gently asked her as she stroked her hair and patted her glistening eyes.

“Very, very, very, very, very happy! You wouldn’t believe how happy I am,”

“Me too, after facing so much, I am so glad you finally got everything back,” her maasi said warmly as she caressed her cheek. Oh, how she reminded her extremely of her mother.

“Not me, we got everything back,” Sana told her as she flung her hand over her shoulders and led them to the wide opening area.

The heavy chandeliers opened up at the top while the sun light brightened up the modern touch of the exotic mansion. All the furniture was in light pink shade or cream to match the interior walls, everything was hand picked my Maasi who was an experienced interior designer.

“Oh ya, I completely forgot, there is someone waiting for you in the guest hall,” Maasi flinched her out of her thoughts as she began leading her to the guest hall where they usually made guests wait and not bring them to the actual living room.

“Me?” Sana asked her dubiously, was it some sort of a lawyer to get her signatures?

“Yes, go meet him first, till then I will call all the others,” Maasi instructed her sternly, asking her to hurry up or else no popcorn.

“Okay,” Sana mumbled with a tight nod and made her way to the guest hall. She noticed the shadow of a man peering out the room, of about the size of Aarav and was playing with a pile of papers. It was surely a lawyer or someone from the bank for property signatures.

She walked in confidently as she trailed back her eyes to the person in front of her, was none other than her husband, Aarav Ross. “You?”

He had a dark eyes with a tight smile and face which was demanding explanations, she gasped at his shock and gulped down hard.

“Well hello Sana, or should I say Sana Sen. The daughter of the late multi billionaire banker, the owner of one of the biggest companies, The Sen Inc and currently the ambassador of the largest merger group,” he spat out with irritation and hints of mockery as his eyes locked tightly with hers and were bound to not leave till he had clues as to what was going on.

An icy shiver zapped through her body as her knees went weak at his dark, dangerous look, Crap, he knew?

Next: Back to Square One?
Dun dun duuuhhhh. Have you realized all though Aarav is mysterious, you know more about him than Sana?

See the way I set Sana’s character up, it is mysterious and is not at the same time. SOOO…she is the daughter of a billionaire banker, so is way richer than Aarav. So, now the question is did she know about this wedding? Why does Aarav think she is poor? More revelations coming up which will lead them to Square One AGAIN, so stay tuned!! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT??

I am sooo excited to write the next part, I am already planning each and every line out…hopefully atleast that will get me to update soon 😉

Also, Roshni, I checked your comment and sent in the reply a bunch of times but I think the comment was too big, so it was not uploaded properly. I am briefing out the characters here for you! Hope it helps and if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

1. Saman bro:
Saman is the typical overprotective brother, muscular bully type but a total sweetheart underneath. He always treated all of us like heirs to a royal family. He would always ensure that we had the best of everything, even if it meant spending hours arguing with their parents for it or giving up his things to see that we got what they wanted. He has a loving heart but a mischief brain like the rest of us. He is the person we all run to get our problems solved

2. Nisha di (Saman’s wife)
Nisha di on the other side was a total drama queen yet the best older sister I could get. You know I was like 16 when she got married to Saman bro and moved into our house. She’s a chirpy, extremely enthusiastic person whose brain was wired to do pranks just like Saanvi which made her the instant favourite of everyone. She treats me and Sia like her children, pampering us and cuddling us as much as she can. In short, she is exactly the female version of Saman bro, which is probably why they were so much in love with each other. She is the Saanvi’s new partner in crime.

Sia is next. She is the apple of the parents and the perfect girl a family could ask for. She is a little studious, too sporty and extremely girly. She is the gossip queen in the family, any interesting new news will always get to her before anyone else. She is our cover for our pranks, night parties and other mischief we do. She is like our second mom as she keeps yelling at us, scolding us and forcing us to do our chores, assignments. In short, she is our live calendar who keeps reminding us what to do and when to do. The only reason all of us passed high school was because of her.

4. Sid
Sid’s next who is the most lovable brother you can get. He keeps taunting us, joking around and is the biggest flirt in the world. He’s been in love with this mystery girl for almost 2 years now, and is trying to get Sia married off so he could propose her. He is our personal bodyguard. One boy comes near us, Sid will kill him even before the person realizes what the hell just happened. Which is why nobody, I mean nobody has dared to come near Sia and me in school or university,

(next is Sana, so I am going to skip her as her character develops over time, but IMP about her is she is stubborn, loves her cousins, and is ADDICTED to popcorn)

6. Saanvi (Sanay’s twin)
She knows karate, black belt. She is always ready to beat the shit out of people whenever she can. She is a complete tomboy, no make up, no dresses, no fuss over anything, no senti talks. Sanay’s manliness has rubbed on her a little too much. They have been together since birth, both playing video games, boxing, and playing pranks. She is the mastermind in all the pranks on earth. The only reason I wake up early now is due to her. She would do the most craziest stuff to wake me up,

7. Sanay (Saanvi’s twin)
“Sanay on the other hand is extremely caring, a little rude but very quite. He is a world star athlete. He is good at every sport available on Earth. He is super interested in cars and got me into them too. He is born smart, all rounder to be honest. He is a little shy but he is extremely smart since childhood and sporty too. He has won all the best student awards in the school and university. In fact they named an award after him to give out to a student who won all the awards

1. Arpi Di
She is an extremely positive and caring sister who is everything to Aarav. She is married to Neeraj, whom Aarav has extreme enemity with. She also has a son whose name is Amay or Spiderman. She always wanted a sister and has found one in the form of Sana. She made sure that her brothers never felt the need of the motherly love ever since they lost their parents. She loves to crack jokes with them and loved gardening. She has a fashion boutique from her share of property and also is an expertized fashion designer.

(Next is Aarav, who is the other main character, for more about him, read this chapter that briefs his life : )

3. Arhaan
Arhaan on the other hand was extremely excited to get rid of Apri Di. Him and her both never got along as she was the apple of my parents and he would always find ways to annoy me or do something stupid. Arhaan just finished his tour around the world and is getting ready to join the university for business course to help Aarav. He wanted to become a professional soccer player, but let’s see what he picks. But, they loved each other no matter what. Arhaan is kind of the person who is transparent, you get what you see. You can see his personality is already put forward by his words and action. he loved to crack jokes and tease Saanvi for her tomboyish characters.

SO THERE!!….I hope you understood what is going on!! DO COMMENT on the sudden twist and what do you think Sana’s story is and who she really is.
See ya soon and take care 🙂 🙂

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