The Bond of..? (Chapter 13 Part 2)

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“Oh puh-lease, nothing like that ever happened,” Sana scowled with embarrassment at Sanay who was laughing heartly at her.

All her siblings were on the roll to embarrass her today, from the morning they decided to fill Aarav with the most craziest and horrific stories of her. Aarav was growing more and more amused by every story while Sana wanted to go and hide her face. They were seated in Sana’s room, Sana and Aarav on the bed, Nisha Di and Arpi Di in the couch, Arhaan and Saanvi were sitting on the cushions below the bed, Sanay and Saman bro were leaning against the windows at the side.

“Yes it did,” Sanay retorted with a gentle mock.

“Do you know what else she did?” Saanvi popped in from nowhere and grinned back at Aarav widely.

“Saaaaaaanvi,” Sana whined at her hastily to shut her up but of course being the girl she is, she never payed any attention.

“Sana, let me explain,” Saanvi retorted and smirked at her while all the others were chuckling at Sana.

“Okay, so basically we were in for our third cousin’s wedding or something. Sana was goofing around wildly as we were heading to the stage to wish our so called cousin. You wife here, who is exceptionally blind decided to walk on the stage without bothering to notice the chunk of wires in front of her. She walked right past that, making them get tangled and the person who was standing with the flash connected to that slipped, rolled over the stage and over a short lady standing at the edge of the stage. Poor women was not married, so she assumed that he was her ‘perfect’ one and for the next 20 minutes we had people discussing another marriage. The bride and groom were so frustrated with people ignoring them that they left the place while Sana was frantically trying to calm down the place,” Saanvi narrated and Sana buried her face in her hands as Aarav looked at her with a raised eyebrow and an awed expression.

“You did that?” Aarav mumbled to her in a mere whisper as he placed circled her waist and tugged her closer, earning a few aww’s from her the others.

She shot him a quick death glare before sagging back into his secured pull and retorted angrily, “Can you guys stop saying the wrong version of the story,”

“Oh really? Then what is the right one?” Saanvi snickered casually while Sana grunted hard.

The only thing that kept her from falling all over Saanvi was Aarav’s intense gaze on her and his hand on her waist which was leaving her breathless.

“I was not goofing around or running around the stage. I walked up the stage and avoided those wires, but right as I was about to get there, Saanvi decided to push through us and wish them first. In that process, I stumbled and pushed that man with the flashlight, then he rolled over and fell on top the women. And besides, the both did get married and are living a happy life now, all thanks to me,” Sana flaunted herself while she earned a few giggles from Nisha Di and Arpi Di.

“Oh hello, it was because of me. As you said I pushed through first, so I an amazing cupid player,” Saanvi barged in for the credit and exclaimed with a glint of pride.

“Where are your bow and arrows then?” Arhaan mocked at her from behind.

“They only appear when I see people who are desperate to find true love,” Saanvi bragged as she acted to pull out an imaginary bow and arrow.

“Yeah right,” Arhaan commented sarcastically which made Saanvi throw a cushion at him while the other chuckled at their childish antics.

“Saanvi, do you have a gun?” Sia asked hastily as she stormed into the room with her face flushed with anger.

Sana stiffened at the mention of the gun, she sucked a sharp breath in and appeared to look normal. She saw Aarav squeeze her waist tightly as he sensed her discomfort at this matter. Sana turned around to look how cool he was staring back at her. It is like he didn’t do anything wrong at all, and on the other side there was her who was panting even though she didn’t do anything.

“Do I look like some sort of a criminal to you? Why would I have a gun?” Saanvi exclaimed, feeling a little offended.

“I figured that you did so many mistakes in life so for protection you might have licensed a gun too,” Sia said sheepishly as she let out a dramatic sigh of desperation.

“Very funny,” Saanvi muttered sarcastically under her breath.

“Why do you need a gun?” Saman asked her in his usual older brother hyper mode which made Nisha di roll her eyes.

“To shoot my brother,” Sia commented with huffing anger as she slipped her hand into her pockets.

“Violent woman, hold your horses right there,” Saman bro said with displeasure and shock.

“I am Sanay, who are you?” Sanay turned on his I-dont-know-you mode which he usually does when the blame is on him or somebody was ready to kill him, in this case.

“Relax, not you both but Sid,” Sia brushed off their worried and shrugged slightly.

“Never mind. Keep your horses going,” Saman bro said back loudly while Sana rolled her eyes, what nice siblings they were.

“Shut up, what did he do to you?” Nisha di interrupted as she walked over to Sia and placed an arm on her shoulder and glanced at her with concern.

“Set me up on a date with his friend,” Sia mumbled with irritation.

“I wanna see the pic of him,” Sana instantly blurt out as she excitedly walked over from the bed and went next to Sia.

Sia groaned annoyed but gave in as she pulled her phone and took out a picture of a muscular man, dark looks, a tight smile, brown hair and eyes and looked….kinda good.

“What is wrong with him?” Sana asked her surprised. He looked completely fine to her.

“Yeah, he looks hot, kind and way better than most of Sid’s other friends. You sure he is Sid’s friend,” Nisha Di asked her humorously after knowing Sid’s weird list of friends.

“He is a gangster,” Sia said back nonchalantly with frustration as she toppled over the cushion.

“He is a what?” Saanvi asked her in dismay.

“What kind of boys is he convincing me baby sis to meet,” Saman bro asked her with shock as she pulled Sia for a side hug.

“Horrific and scary,” Sia said out in a playful voice as she pouted.

“That boy needs to talk,” Saman bro said which made all their faces light up again.

“Ohh…can I pull the card on him this time,” Saanvi begged with an evil glare.

“Here is my phone,” Saman bro tossed his phone as he called their dad.

“He is soo dead now,” Sanay commented as all of them surrounded Saanvi to listen to the convo.

Sana looked at their serious expression and burst out laughing which made everyone give her bored looks, “Why are you laughing?”

“I told you she needs to go to a psychiatrist, I better book an appointment now,” Aarav finally gravelly said as he pulled out his phone and passed a wink to Sana.

“It is funny how nobody is concerned that Sid has a gangster friend but that he made Sia meet him,” Sana explained as she chuckled again while the cousins ignored her out of the blue ideas and back to the call.

“Dad, Sid has a gangster friend and he is setting Sia di up with him,” Saanvi ranted out everything at one go.

They heard some murmuring on the other tone and Saanvi answered, “No, no, yes, maybe, okay!,”

She bid him her regards and hung the phone and glanced at the eager faces of the people staring back at her.

“What did he say?” They all bombarded her at once.

“He is coming here tomorrow to take us all home,” Saanvi exclaimed jovially.

“That’s great! Wait, what?” Sana said as she realized what she just said. Her face fell, leave her with him, “You can’t go like that,

“Of course we can, that is OUR house,” Saanvi knocked the sense into her as she stated that with confusion.

Before Sana could reply, they heard a high pitched yell from the corridor, “Hii Aaru,”

“Is it her?” Arhaan asked Aarav with horror.

Something started to burn in Sana, Aru? Who the hell would call him something cheesy like that?And more over such an arrogant jerk like him would like to be called that?

“Yes it is,” she heard Aarav say with a genuine, rare, charming smile as he waited patiently at the door.

A lean girl with silky brown hair, a formal suit, black orbs and a wide smile come in and hug Aarav.

“How are you Ri?” Aarav asked her with delight while Sana watched them with bored eyes.

“Better than you,” she retorted with smirk.

“Don’t tell me you still wear your shirts inside out,” She commented at Arhaan as she went on to hug Arpi Di.

“Why did you show up?” Arhaan asked her with displeasure and bored expression.

“To meet my best friend,” she declared profusely with a pout.

“Now that you did, the exit is on the left,” Arhaan said as he pointed to the door at the back.

She rolled her eyes at him while Sana secretly wished she would take that option and leave.

“Arhaan,” Aarav warned Arhaan with an alerting voice.

Arhaan cursed under his breath and put on a fake smile, Aarav looked pleased and walked towards Sana and introduced, “Ri, meet my wife, Sana,”

“Hey, so you are the girl Sana,” Ri said with a taunt hidden in her words.

“What do you mean?” Sana asked her confused. No proper greeting, rude much.

“I meant to say about the firework y’day night that read Sana and Aarav are stuck in a forced marriage or something,” Ri said matter of factly.

“It did?” Sana asked her as if she knew nothing as she looked at Saanvi and Arhaan from the tip of her eye, who were pretending not to know anything and whistling.

“Yes, I mean marriage is a very pure bond. You need a lot to have loyalty and trust between you both,”
Sana spent the next 10 minutes hearing out Ri’s rant about loyalty and trust. Aarav was standing next to Ri and biting his lower lip to avoid laughing at Sana’s helpless situation. One of the other, everyone else left after listening to Ri’s boring speech.

This girl was already getting on her to nerves. What was Sana going to do with her?
“That’s so cool,” Sana happily cheered as she put her queen on the spot beside her king. She was learning to play chess as Dadu was getting bored, she thought in that way she could atleast bond with him and also get back the warmth of affection missing from her life.

“We can play everyday if you like,” Dadu offered her with a loud chuckle.

“For sure, no doubt,” Sana instantly replied with a wide grin and sparkling eyes of excitement and genuine happiness washing over her.

Sana took another horse of hers and was about to throw in her move when she heard the door cling open and a staff member walk in, “Ma’am,”

“Is something wrong?” Sana asked him with confusion as she saw his scared eyes.

“Rina and Aarav are locked in the family room,” he whispered to her lowly, so that Dadu wouldn’t be able to hear them.

“What?” Sana shrieked with annoyance. Of course they would be, no wonder she hadn’t seen Aarav all day. The burning flame was back in her body, making her throat dry and nerves fume with rage.

“Do you have an extra key?” He asked her lowly.

“Uhh..yeah. Dadu I will be right back,” she told Dadu with a smile of assurance.

“Take your time dear,” he warmly said to her and got back to his newspaper.

Sana gave him a broad smile and left to her room which was only a few doors away. She motioned the man to stand by the door as she went in and pulled the key from the secret hideout Aarav showed her for emergencies.

“Here, go open the door,” Sana told him with disgust brewing over her body as she shoved the keys into his hands.

“Umm..well, Sir doesn’t really get us to touch the keys or open the doors, so,” he trailed out hesitantly as he eyed the keys in his hand.

She let out a grumpy irked sigh and said, “Take me there, I will do it by myself,”

The waiter patiently nodded at her and led the way while Sana dragged herself behind him even after her mind telling her to just stay with dadu. She walked to the room and forced the key into the door, and slightly twisted the knob to the right to open the door. As soon as she did, she saw Aarav and Rina doing Salsa while chuckling at each other. Seems like somebody was enjoying.

“What the hell?” Sana cursed under her breath as her face leeched with anger and boiled hotly in her throat which was ready to spit out more curses out loud. She saw him straighten at her voice and come back from her their world. Anger, Irritation, disgust, hatred, everything was churning hastily in her stomach to make one big of an emotion throughout her.

“Sana, it is not what you think,” Ri started to explain her while Sana crossed her arms harshly around her chest and raised her eyebrow.

“Yeah right. How do you know what I am thinking?” Sana snapped at her hotly with extreme annoyance.

“Quit shouting at me, and there is nothing like what you think between us,” Ri retorted back which made Sana fume even more and the point where Aarav was just watching them fight expressionless.

“And what were you saying before? Loyalty? Seems like I am not the one who should follow that,” Sana snorted back with rage.

“Stop being so possessive,” Ri sneered back which made patronising anger raise into Sana’s body.

“What?” Sana roared with disbelief. She was being..possessive? Never.

“Sana, calm down. You are being completely ridiculous now,” Aarav stepped into to calm her down with his blue, cold eyes warning her to shut up.

“You too? You know what? Get lost,” Sana snapped brutally and walked out of the room.

She heard Aarav chuckled from behind and retort with a smirk, “Hey hey, are you jealous or something?”

“Jealous and me? No, I am just pissed off,” Sana clarified sarcastically as she walked into their room.

As soon as she was about to grab her dress to change, she felt a heavy weight on her wrist, pulling her towards the wall. Her fragile back crashed hard into the wall, with Aarav’s both hand caging hers, squirming her heavily under his grip. His eyes were dancing around mischievously, his grip was tight and his a smirk was pasted all across his mouth.

“Fine, then why are you being so possessive and violent?” Aarav whispered near her ear as he gently pecked her earlobe, she let out a hiss and jerked his hands away.

“Says the man who makes risks his job just because his wife danced with another man at a party. Says the man who, risks his life and makes a stupid deal with a goon to crash the company of another man who taunted his wife. And you call me possessive?” She snapped back at him with the smirk from his face travelling to hers.

“How did you know?” He asked her deadly as he caught her and slammed her back into the wall again. His eyes were searching frantically across hers for info as his face was not even an inch away from hers, his breath was all over her face, making her chest rise and fall heavily.

“I have my ways for the first one. For the other, I found out when I came to that place,” she finally blurted out with hacked breath.

“Well what’s mine stays mine no matter what. And I take care of it pretty well too,” he replied in a cold and murderous voice as his eyes glanced right into hers.

It took her a minute to realize what he says before taking in a deep breath and wriggling out of his grip, “Let me go, I need to get ready,”

‘Ready? For what?” He asked her confused as he let her fly away freely.

“Party,” she shortly replied.

“I thought you said you didn’t like the parties as they were too gossipy and boring for you,” Aarav mocked humorously as he tossed into the bed.

“Until I realized that Nikhil’s wife is my friend. I didn’t see her for a while, so I thought to drop by and meet her,” Sana explained him as she scattered her jewelry all over for selecting the one for the party.

“Are you sure you want to go?” He asked her seriously as he walked up to her and spinned her around swiftly.

“Huh?” She asked him confused, trying to avoid her hacked breath and her pulse racing through her skin.

“I mean sure that you want other men’s companies to crash down because of you?” He snorted in her ear as he closed the much needed distance between them.

“It is an all girls party,” she replied with a shaky laugh at his threats.

“Take care and don’t dance with random men,” he warned her as he gently placed a wet kiss on her cheek.

“Who do you think I am?” She asked him furiously as she struggled to get out of his grip but failed miserably.

She was in the touch of a strong muscular man who probably worked out every day while she was a lean girl who only knew how to eat popcorn.

“My careless wife,” he sneered jokingly at her as he sent her an alert through his blue eyes with the depth of the ocean.

“ I hate you,” Sana whispered to him as she felt him place another serene kiss on her other cheek.

“Glad you feel the same,” he mouthed against her skin and walked out of the room, leaving her all confused and flustered. His signs were soo unclear.
REVEALED!! I finally revealed why Aarav was there at that place the other day, to crash the Roy company!! Don’t you find that sweet?? i will continue their 20 things game in the next update….

What do you think about Ria/ Ri? Hate her? Love her? Okay, okay?

As I am writing this story, I am falling more and more in love with these characters, esp. Aarav, the mystery man! What about you? Any character who you want to see more of or know more about?? Tell me via YOUR comments and feel free to bug me if I don’t update fast (within 4 days) , maybe due to your rantings, my lazy mind might start working!

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