The Bond of..? (Chapter 13 Part 1)


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“I am glad you are becoming a lawyer, at least you will be able to defend your crimes in the future,” Sana taunted her sister with sarcasm as she stood there with utter exasperation circulating vividly around her body.

She was leaning against the muscular chest of Aarav’s body, who had one of his hand around her delicate waist while the other in the pocket of his track pants. Sana squirmed under his grip and rubbed her hands rapidly around her arms to prevent the chattering of her teeth. It wasn’t that cold outside, but for some reason, heat seemed to stop emitting from her body, making her more frustrated.

“This was not hard at all, if people knew crimes were this easy, then they would be committing them all around,” Arhaan joked with an innocent face and quickly glanced back into the box after receiving a few death glares from the couple.

Arhaan and Saanvi were both scanning hastily around the boxes and all the other ones to see if they could find another way to get rid of the words on the sky. Sana glanced back at the twinkling sky which was beaming brightly with it’s light from the full moon.

Sana heard Aarav groan deeply and mumble“I can’t believe I am related to this dumbo,”

“And I can’t believe I know you. I mean how can you let these both use your jet and fly all the way and get these specially designed fireworks?” She snapped at him as she turned around to face him and pointed her finger at his chest while he watched her in amusement.

“Don’t blame me, I was just being a nice man and letting them have some fun,” he cried out in defense while Sana rolled her eyes at his bizarre statement. Aarav and fun…NEVER!

“Yea right. Fun. Now when the news will flash this on the TV as breaking news for the next few months you explain the reporters when they come barging in,” she flared with rage as she gazed at him with 0% patience in her body.

“Nothing like that will happen, most of the population doesn’t know German and due to the storm, the Wifi is all not working, so chill,” Aarav smartly retorted with a smirk. He crossed his arms across his torso and his smirk deepened to boast his knowledge.

“What about the people who do know German? What if there is some reporter out there that does know German,” Sana retorted with puffing anger.

“Sana, chill, nothing like that will happen, there is only 1 hour left,” Saanvi attempted to convince Sana.

“Right, why am I even bothering, you are the one who has to answer the crowd, not me,” Sana angrily muttered as she stormed into the mansion while all the 3 looked at her in awe.

“That was a super tight one,” Saanvi said with shock as she shook her head.

“What?” Aarav asked her confused.

“Her anger, it is a tight one, you better you convince her,” she simply said with surety.

“Huh?” He repeated dubiously.

“Jiju, go say sorry or else she would never or else she will never talk to you again,” Saanvi drawled out profusely with a look of uncertainty in her face.

Sorry and him? “I am Aarav, I have my own ways without a sorry,” he chuckled lightly at her words, winked at them and ran inside the mansion.

He watched from behind as Sana’s faint shadow was disappearing into the corridor, leading to their room. A wave of excitement and a pang of electricity blew into him for some reason, he didn’t know why something inside him started to burn as he saw her vanishing into darkness. A feeling of incompleteness washed over him. “Sana, wait up,”

He saw her stop at his words, which blew a grin on his face which immediately faded when she started to walk ahead. He sighed inwardly and jogged up to her, calling “Sanaaaa,”

Woah, she is quite angry. But why? It’s not like she was the one who was talking to the media and most of all they are going to split their ways in 2 and half more months right? As his brain and heart had an internal mega conflict between them, he caught her wrist and yanked them both towards the wall. Her confused body lying in front of his, he cautiously twisted her hand and lunged in behind her, earning a wince from her for these actions. He couldn’t help smile at her cute angry face which was shooting out at him, she was pouting annoyingly with her eyebrows raised and her wrist wiggling out of his grip.

He chuckled at her lightly as he leaned forward and lifted his freely hung hand and brought it up to her horrified face.

“What are you doing-” she trailed out with a frightened stare when he gently rubbed his hand against her lips.

He saw her stiffen under his touch and try harder to escape, he calmly assured her, “Bits and pieces,”

“Ohh..uhh..ummm,” she stuttered as a blush came out on her lips as she looked at his intense gaze on her.

“Why are you blushing so much? What did you think?” He mocked at her lightly as he leaned a little more closer to add the effect.

“I thought..umm..that..” She trailed off as thousands of questions popped up in her head. Why did he do that? Why was her heart beating so impatiently? Why was electricity zapping wildly inside her as soon as his touch landed on her? Why didn’t he close the tiny distance between them already. “Wanna go back and keep playing your teen game,” he mocked huskily as he loosened his grip on her hand which she took the opportunity to break free and rub her arm.

“Didn’t you find that dumb?” She inquired with incertitude as both of them headed towards their room.

“Nothing better to do either,” he said with glowing eyes and a rare genuine smile on his face.

She payed a quick, close glance at him, he had a black tracks on with a bright red hoodie which was slightly too large for him but did add this charming touch on him. His was face was merely unreadable with expression changing every several minutes. His eyes had the shiny, glittery edge to his blue orbs, circling in the middle with thousands of emotions hiding in there, keeping a secret. His magnificent blue eyes was her key to his inner soul. His silky hair was laid out all over the place, dishevelled in all directions possible and- WAIT. What was she doing? She averted her eye contact instantly from his view and zoomed it on the black walls surrounding them.

She could still feel Aarav’s heated gaze on her as he mocked, “Do you want to go or keep checking me out?”

Shit, he saw her? Way to embarrass yourself Sana, she mentally slapped herself, she need to clear out all the rubbish swirling through her mind.

“I wasn’t doing that,” she said defensively with as she snapped her eyes right back into his.Wrong move, very wrong one as she found herself lost in there, again.

“Of course not, you were gawking me, my drooling queen,” he snickered ever so lightly with his signature smirk on his face.

“Shut up,” she scowled at him with her cheeks red with embarrassment.

“My turn first. Tell me why were you there the day before,” she diverted the topic and placed it back on him with her curiosity on the peak. The whole point of this game was to hear why he was there from his own mouth.

“I’m not answering that, shoot me with a dare,” he challenged her as they strolled towards the front of their room.

She groaned with frustration while he simply shrugged at her and she finally said, “Fine, show me your mother’s paintings.”

“They are in this secret room which is locked by this key that dadu has which he doesn’t give to anyone,” he blurted out in extreme speed that it took Sana a few minutes to understand what the hell he just said.

She shook her head with disbelief and commented, “And I am supposed to believe that.”

“Why wouldn’t you?” He asked her innocently, like he knew nothing while she saw the lie right through his face.

“The way you catch my lies, I do in the same way,” she sneered causally as her eyes locked in an intense gaze with hers. He looked a little take aback from this but nevertheless, he still kept his intense gaze on her. Each of them attempting desperately to peek into the secrets of the other.

“Hey love birds, watcha doing?”they heard Arpi Di squeak at them, breaking their staring contest and grinning at her smirking face.

“We were-” Aarav started to explain her the 20 things game.

“Aarav was showing your mother’s paintings to me, do you want to come too?” Sana smartly concluded for him and also getting what she wants. She was determined to know all the secrets from this game.

“Absolutely, they are in the painting room so let’s go,” Arpi Di chirped as she turned around to lead the way to the room.

“Coming,” Sana announced as she smirked at Aarav who was throwing haggard’s at her. If not him, then somebody else will show her the way.
“So, how were they?” Aarav curiously asked her as Sana walked into their room with one of his favourite artwork by his mother.

It was a huge portrait of New York city, neatly ducked up with her own magic touch. Each and every stroke on the painting was truly incredible, it seemed timeless. This painting was dated back when his mother was in her teens, and even today it seems as modern as it was then.

“Outstanding and completely out of the world,” she said slowly with her face drowned with happiness and her orbs glimmering with joy as she ran a hand through the treasured artwork in her hands.

“She was my mother after all,” he swanked himself with pride as she placed it gently over the side table while he jumped into the bed with a tiring face.

“Keep saying whatever will row you boat,” she mocked at him as she sat at the far edge of the bed, acting as if she was scared to come near him.

“What are you afraid of?” He bluntly asked her.

“You are so random. But, okay, I..I am afraid of animals,”

“What?” He said with a gasp and burst out laughing, his eyes watering with images of her running around being chased by a monkey or her screaming in fear to a dog.

“We agreed not to make fun of each other,”

“I am sorry my little sullen cat but we made no such agreement like that which gives me all the rights to laugh my head off at you,”

“I hate you,”

“Glad you feel the same,” he said out his signature line while she scowled at him.

“Tell me what you are afraid of and why?” She asked him casually while his laughter died out.

“I am well, afraid of losing what are mine, I have lost too much stuff in the past which are mine, now I cannot afford to lose some more,” he told her, not wanting to give out more info than needed.

“Now tell me, why are you afraid of animals?” He asked her back as she stared at him blankly, trying to make out his words.

“When I was extremely young, a dog chased me, when I was in grade 3, a sheep bit my dress, when I was in grade 7 a cat walked into my room and I was chased by another dog when I was around grade 10,” she sheepishly told him as he saw her shudder a little and scoot over with disgust all over her face.

“Maybe the animals misinterpreted your bad luck to be your good luck and came chasing after you,” me mocked at her to lighten the situation.

“Very funny. I am going to ask you something and you have to promise to answer me,”

“You can’t ask the same question twice,” he said to her, implying her question to dig into his act from before.

“Don’t worry, it’s not the same question, but I will ask only if you promise to answer it,”


“Aarav, promise,” she said in a warning tone, telling him that she was not going to leave him alone without knowing everything about him no matter what.

“I promise to the crazy girl who hates animal sitting in front of me that I will answer her question,”

“Great! Now, tell me your issue with Neeraj,” she hesitantly asked him.

A wave of anger passed through him and he curtly replied, “That is none of your interest,”

“Aarav, you promised,”

“Crazy women,” he muttered as she moved over next to him.

“Go on, tell me,”

“We went to the same university, he was I think a few years older than me but I saw him a lot. He was always engaged in fights, girls and weird kind of stuff. By the way the university knew him, he was not that great of a person and completely unfit for my sister. Arpi Di was always an extremely patient person, caring and we treated her like the queen of our house. And then suddenly, she falls in love with the most imperfect person in the world. My parents of course wouldn’t believe me because they felt that I was making stories up as I couldn’t let Arpi Di away from me and the sources that they found showed him as a ‘nice’ man when he clearly was not. That blo*dy bastard spoiled the life of my sister and I am never going to forgive him for that. Never,”

“I don’t see her life spoiled in any way, I mean she is extremely happy with him and she has a family now to complete her. I think-” she started to explain which rose even more anger into him.

“You stay out of this, I don’t need your opinion at all. What do you know about getting hurt and losing the people you care about to idiots?” He interrupted curtly.

“Right, I don’t know about it all. But remember one thing, when everything between is over, when my brothers find out how you spoiled my life, they will be raging with same anger as you,”

“Oh please, you agreed to do this too. You could have left me when you knew about this, I told you not enter the fire in my heart, but you didn’t listen, now that you are there you regret it? It was all your choice,” he snapped at her arrogantly as he emphasized on your.

“It certainly was, and I don’t regret any part of it. This is what I am trying to tell you, it was HER choice and like me, she doesn’t regret it at all,” she said back quietly.

“Easy for you to say,” he responded rudely.

“Trust me, it is way harder than you can ever imagine,”she bluntly said with a tight smile and her eyes filled with sparkling tears, he saw the ocean of immense pain and tragedy in her rainy eyes.

A curtain full of undesirable pain and hurt was built in there with no string to make it fall apart. It seemed as if the pain was engraved in her soul, every inch oncing out and screaming for help. He averted his gaze, unable to look at it any longer, or maybe because he didn’t want to. Somebody who said people see only what they want to see was truly correct.
“Aww…look at them, so adorable,” Sana heard a voice in her sleep, she kept her eyes closed and reached for her mind to alert her of the surroundings.

“Let’s wake them up,” she heard another voice, it seemed like….Saanvi`s.

She quickly moved her hand a little to see that she was, as ever morning, tightly in Aarav’s grip. His arm draped on her waist, and her arms hovering on his torso. She sagged back into the bed when she felt a layer of comforter on top of her, covering their hands inside it and way they are positioned on the bed too.

“No way, they must be tired y’day night, let them get some rest,” she heard Nisha di’s voice next.

She tried to hide her embarrassment that was coming out on her cheeks, but it kept popping up and Sana hopped then didn’t see her awake. She wasn’t in a mood to get teased by them all.

“As if? No way I am going to miss such an exciting chance to make her listen to maasi yelling her to wake up,” Sanay popped up with enthusiasm which made her cringe in her place. Not that stupid guy yelling in her ear again. She should wake up, like NOW.

“We got our cameras ready,” she heard Saanvi announce with excitement while she heard Sanay coming forward.

She was going to kill them all for this. She should wake up NOW, she kind of struggled to get off from Aarav’s grip on her waist, steadily holding her back to the bed.

“I thought that will wake her up, but I guess not, she might be really sleeping,” Saanvi stated after a while with disbelief. That was all a plan to see if she was awake or not? How rude.

“Exactly, now let’s leave them to see before you wake them up with your screaming,” Nisha di whispered calmly to her.

“I don’t talk that loud,” Saanvi whined while Sana rolled her eyes underneath.

“Says the dog who keeps barking 24/7,” she heard another voice trail of, probably Arhaan’s.

“You are so dead now,” Saanvi yelled at him and ran out of the room.

“Shit,” Sana heard Sanay bro mumbled and shut the door tight.
As soon as they left, she flung her eyes open and muttered a prayer,“God, please give me better cousins in my next life, who at least let me sleep.”

She begged him with folded hands and jerked Aarav’s hand from her waist and stirred up.

“Go to sleep otherwise they will catch your act,” she heard Aarav catch her wrist and mumble to the pillow.

“You were awake? Then why didn’t you say anything?” She asked him with dismay. Geez, thanks for helping her.

“Same way you didn’t. Now sleep,” he mumbled with frustration as he twisted and turned in a sleepy haze.

“Demanding much,” she whispered to herself as she laid back down on her side of the bed.

“Annoying much,” she heard him mutter back to the pillow.

“Hey, I am not annoying,” she snapped at him with anger.

“At first I thought you were annoying, but you clearly proved me wrong, you are extremely annoying. Now shut up and go to sleep,” he curtly stated without opening his eyes even once.

“Sure sleeping beauty,” she mocked at him with pleasure, and within the next second he was hovering her with annoyance and distaste in his blue ocean of emotions and leaning his face forward as his one hand lingered past her head, onto the pillow while the other trailed over her face.

“If you don’t shut up and let me sleep, I am going to muzzle you for the next day. Do you want me to do something like that?” He huskily threatened her.

She nodded with great difficulty as his finger lightly trailed over her lips, making her motionless. Nothing appeared to work in her body anymore, except the heat radiating from all over when his dark blue orbs melted into hers. Her breathing was extremely hacked and fanned this face while his intense gaze seemed nowhere close to go off her. His finger brushed slowly away from her lips and settled on her right cheek. Ughh…this blushing was getting uncontrollable.

“Now stay like a good girl and sleep,” he whispered one more time and let her wrist free and went back to the other side of the bed and shut his eyes.

Sana watched him in confusion with thousands of questions stirring up her brain, and the warm breath of his still washing over her face, making her blush like crazy with thousands of tingles throughout her body. What is happening to her?
How was that?? What is happening to Sana??

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