The Bond of..? Chapter 12

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Sana woke up with the light penetrating brightly over the room as she stuck her head out of the blanket. A pang of emptiness filled her body as she glanced at the empty bed on her side. She sighed heavily and stirred up with dizziness and hunger taking over her. She took a minute to digest all what happened y’day night and shut her eyes, hoping it would vanish like a nightmare.

“I am going to a meeting,” she heard a male gravelly voice which made her snap her eyes open to see Aarav all dressed to go to work.

“This is what you told y’day, but you ended up somewhere else,” she mumbled with anger and signs of frustration in her voice as her twinkling eyes locked with his deadly blue ones.

“Sana, quit overthinking about this and get something to eat, you look thin as a stick,” he said coldly in a robotic voice while he hit himself with cologne.

“Aarav, you are not doing anything wrong right?” She repeated the words again with innocence and anticipation of the truth, preparing herself for the worst.

“Why do you feel that?” He asked her bewildered at her constant suspicion.

“I don’t know, I feel that you are doing something bad and something tells me that it is for me,” she honestly blurted out without thinking twice.

“Why would I do something bad for you?” He sneered with fake confusion as his eyes turned icy cold and brutal.

Sana inwardly sighed and rolled her eyes tiredly as she said, “You know what I meant,”

“I promise I am not doing anything wrong, now how about some breakfast?” He said to her in more softer and comforting tone than before as he locked his assured eyes into hers.

“Sure, but only if I can watch some TV, ” she said as her mouth twitched at the corner of her lips as she remembered his allergy to TV. He hated to even have somebody else watching it around him.

“Drama queen,” he muttered dreadly with a handsome fuss as he reluctantly turned on the TV.

He quietly handed her the plate with pancakes in them after muttering a few curses under his breath while Sana glared at him with victory.

Both of their attention flew to the plasma screen when they heard, “BREAKING NEWS! Rahul Roy, owner of the famous multi dollar dance company just faced a huge loss with signing a contract with a fake company which resulted in the downfall of the company. Keep watching for more information.”

Sana froze at her words, all happened in one day? Her jaw dropped and she blinked her eyes to register the fact. A bloom of happiness blossomed in her, finally the bastard got what he deserved.

Aarav chuckled listening to the news and commented, “Wow, you really prove bad luck to everyone you dance with.”

“What?” Sana asked confused as she took a long munch into the pancake with honey.

“Remember the music company, they had a crash in the market the next day you danced with the owner in the club and now this guy,” Aarav mocked at her in a low, cliche tone.

“Very funny, then how come you didn’t face a loss or a crash?” Sana shot back with high irritation as she chewed the pancake, stuffed in her mouth.

“I must be the next one, I should avoid you in parties then, Ms Bad Luck,” he mumbled to himself while Sana threw death glared to the back of his head.

“You did not just say that. Take that back. Now,” she snapped hotly while he chuckled at her angry tigress avatar.

“What if I don’t?” He snorted back with rich pleasure.

“Then, then, then, I will dadu about your whereabout of y’day,” Sana stood up from the bed and smirked at him with a feel of victory.

“No,. you won’t,”

“Yes, I will,”



“Sana, stop,”

“Try me,” she replied nonchalantly as she took an aim to the door, before she could reach that door, she bumped into a muscular chest, hatling her thoughts and body.

“I should have thought about your physique once before saying that,” she mumbled as Aarav coldly smirked at her and banded his arms on her waist, gently pushing her towards the wall.

“Too bad, too sad,” he mumbled in her ear while she rolled her eyes in displeasure.

His blue eyes showed her all the emotions bundled together in one big ocean, she could stare in there all day, solving the mystery man in front of her as much as possible. He lips curled inwards at the corner when he tightened his grip on her waist, imprisoning her to the wall and slowly leaning in. A light blush crept on her cheeks as his breath mingled with hers and her breathing turned ragged while her pulse raced quickly as their faces were less than an inch apart. Too close to be true.

Aarav smirked deeply as he pulled back a little and tugged her nose a little as he amusingly exclaimed, “You actually look good when you get flustered,”

“You mean I don’t look good every day?” Sana critically cried out offended.

“Nah, I have seen way better ones than you,” he declared with a dark smirk which rose a sharp patronising anger in Sana whose eyes were in flames.

“Why did you bother to get married to me then? Our marriage doesn’t sound more of ‘accidental’ now,” she snapped back holty as she glared back at him with hatred.

“I didn’t have a choice, had to find a girl dadu likes,” he said casually, stretching his neck as he shrugged lightly.

“You regret marrying me?” Sana asked him with a little bit of hope of denial.

“Everyday, my dear,” he snickered with a light chuckle which Sana could make out was a lie. Why didn’t he just say the truth?

“As if I am dying to stay in this bond,” she responded in a disgruntled tone while he looked at her dully and coldly with a clenched jaw.

“People would die if they got to stand in your shoes even for a day and here you are sulking like a cat over it,” he replied flatly yet with extreme seriousness in his voice.

“They probably don’t know the reality of it then,” she stated firmly as she placed her hands on his chest and exerted a little force and pushed him away from her way.

She drifted her gaze and stormed away, huffing with anger as she slammed the washroom door on his face.

Aarav bucked up loudly at Garry who was looking down at the carpet with fear, “Where is my red tie?”

“I don’t know sir, I didn’t-” Garry began to stutter nervously while Aarav eyes flashed seething anger.

They heard the washroom door click and turn open to reveal Sana, walking out wearing a tank top and long flowy skirt and a blank, confused face on her innocent face but Aarav jerk her head towards her.

“You are back,” she asked him with her eyes dazzling her confusion.

“I need my tie, now,” he yelled as his voice pitched up at Garry who nodded with trembling fear.

“Garry, why don’t you go and get me my coffee,” Sana said calmly as Aarav fliched his burning eyes towards her while she payed no heed to him.

“Yes ma’am,” Garry muttered gratefully at her and sprinted out of the room in the next minute.

“Why did you do that? I need to find my red tie damn it or I will be late for my meeting,” Aarav snapped with rage at her while she looked back with patient, innocent eyes and a warm smile plastered on her lips.

“First, stop yelling. Second how would the poor Garry know? Nobody comes here to organize your stuff,” she told him warmly as she raised her tone to match his as she walked over to their closet.

“Then where the hell is my tie?” He asked her back with frustration as he slid his eyes on her as she walked past him. The lavender smell of hers, flared his nostrils and brightened his mood involuntarily.

“In the closet with all your other ones,” she told him as she took out a clip from her chocolate brown hair which made it fall all over her shoulders in natural waves.

“But I checked it, it’s not-” Aarav mumbled scrunching his nose with anger cooling down a bit.

“Here,” she cut him off as she took out the red tie he was looking for from the closet while he stood there amused. How come he didn’t see that.

He walked over with irritation and snatched the tie of her hands while she sarcastically mocked, “Your welcome.”

He sighed with extreme uncomfort as his fingers slipped on his button to undo it, “What the fu-”

“Woah, woah, hold the swears right there. What is wrong now?” Sana cut him off as she walked over alertly and leaned against the wall beside the black dressing table.

“My button broke,” he whined childishly with annoyance while she smiled at his tantrums.

“Of course it will if you play rash soccer with it,” she mumbled under his breath while he attempted to fix the button, failing miserably.

“What?” He shot back at her with anger and extreme frustration cracking into him.

“Never mind, take this,” she said gently as she came back to him with another navy blue coat.

“This is not the same color,” Aarav brushed her off like a child while he saw her pout at him from the corner of his eyes as he watched himself run a hand through his perfectly set hair.

“Aarav, this is navy blue and you are wearing a white shirt ,you will be fine,” she ordered him cautiously as she placed the new coat in his hand.

He gave her a long blank look before finally giving in and sliding out of the black one as she asked him curiously, “What happened? You were all fine just a few minutes ago,”

“Nothing,” he blurted out shortly as he fidgeted with the tie around his neck due to his brain running in gazillions of different directions.

“Let me do that,” she sharply demanded as she swiftly turned him around to face her concerned, angelic look of help.

She stood on her tippy toes to match his height and went immediately to work while Aarav hung his hand leisurely in the side as he looked at her doing everything with ease and patience.

“Tell me, what happened? I am a very good problem solver and a secret keeper so you can trust me,” she snickered with a stern look of determination on her face while Aarav sighed and wrapped his long hands across her waist, he could feel her shiver as soon as his cold touch came in contact with her body.

Nevertheless, he ignored her uneven breaths and tugged her closer to his chest with her warm breath fanning his breath and automatically comforting his nerves.

“Dadu wants me to go to India for the month and sort out the land crisis there. There is a land belonged to my dad. But I have an important deal to work with in this month,” he narrated to her invasively, gritting his teeth and locking his jaw while his eyes showed clear signs of annoyance.

“Why don’t you get the people to come here?” She asked him boggled while she almost finished off his tie.

“Because it is my problem,” he told her back instantly with long groan.

“Well, then send a lawyer from here to talk in a professional manner and to sort it out. Tell dadu that and if it doesn’t go well then you can go or just talk to them via skype,” she advised him as she looked satisfied at his finished tie and stared confidently into his confused eyes.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” he commented with awe as he looked back at her grinning widely.

“Geez, thanks! Who thought about it after all?” She flattered herself as he tiredly hid himself in the crook of her neck, a part of him wishing he could hide in there for the rest of his life.

“My wife,” he mumbled back on her creamy skin as she let out a small moan.

“You give yourself credit to everything don’t you?” She sneered at him with fake anger.

“Absolutely, I can’t believe that you can come up with such idea,” he snickered with a deep laugh of happiness to find a resolution to his problem.

“Wow. You really underestimate me don’t you? Can’t you for once thank me properly without throwing in an insult in there?” She snapped back cutely at him as she pushed him away from her and pouted.

“That’s just the way it rolls, honey,” he coldly said to her with a smirk while she glared back at him with annoyance.

“Stop calling me that, I am not sweet as honey,” she snapped back at him coldly with a frown.

“But you are certainly soft as one,” he mumbled under her breath as he pulled her closer with his arms still on her waist, her warmth and endeavoring smell pulling her towards him.

“Really?” She asked back with hope as her eyes lurked with joy.

“No, just to make you stay longer in the dark light of hope,” he teased back with a wink while her jaw dropped with anger.

“I hate you so much,” she muttered with anger flaming on her nose as she glared back blakely.

“Glad you feel the same,” he said back sternly as he gave her a quick peck on her cheek as a quick thank you gesture and left the place on her confused face.
“What the hell does he think of himself?” Sana mumbled to herself as she touched the spot where his lips came in contact with her cheek.

“Who?” Sana heard a voice from behind, making her gasp as she turned around to find Nisha Di wiggling her eyebrows at her.

“Nothing, forget that, what’s up?” Sana said gently, brushing away all her murder plans.

“I bought 2 of the latest watches last night, wanna see?” Nisha di asked her with enthusiasm.

“Hell yes,” they heard Saanvi exclaim for behind while Sana nodded too. Nisha di chuckled at their excited faces and pulled both the girls to the guest room on the top floor.

“Wow, these are brilliant!!How did you get bro to agree to this?” Sana asked with extreme amazement after Nisha di showed both of them what she bought.

She bought a bracelet type watch which had a platinum band with pink engraved swirly design and the actual watch inside. The other was a light blue watch with jewels on either sides of it, coated with glass frame and silver sterling. Awesome was the only thing written on both of them!

“My charm, kiddo,” Nisha di bragged with a wink at the girls who were busy admiring them.

“No wonder your love is still as fresh as it was 5 years ago,” Sana blurted out dubiously.

“Rubbish. It is all part of the flow, just watch your’s and Aarav’s bond grow more brighter after 5 years,” Nisha di tried to cheer her up but Sana choked when she heard that.

“Only if it will exist till then,” she mumbled and looked at Saanvi for diverting the situation before they go all into lovely marriage talks which Sana evidently wanted to avoid.

“Can you please design something like this for me?” Saanvi begged at Nisha di who was confused at Sana’s upset mood.

“Since when did you start liking overly exotic watches?” Nisha di asked her as she noted it on her phone. She was a world class fashion designer who designs basically anything for them.

“Ok maybe not this much but how about a little more less on the swirls and plainer color and even the weight,” Saanvi started to rant her list of expectations while Nisha di was jotting them down.

“A plain platinum band will remain after removing all that,” Arhaan snickered from behind which made Sana chuckle at their taunting nature.

“Shut up, no one’s asking you so go away,” Saanvi tried to shoo him away.

“That hurts, ouch,” he dramatically said as he placed a hand on his heart.

“Saanvi, he is right tho,” Sana reasoned as she took a close look at the watch.

“Sana, you stay out of this, ever since you came here, the only thing you do is defend this monkey,” Saanvi shot irritated at Sana and Arhaan who were laughing.

“I need to impress my new family after all, and besides you know you are the best,” Sana cheered Sana up with a warm side up.

“Let’s pretend I agree with that,” Saanvi said as she rolled her eyes and a smile cracked up on her lips.

As they were busy in their moment, Sana’s massi ie Saanvi’s mom barged into the room with a horrified expression on her face and yelled abruptly,“Saanvi, why am I getting a call from the university saying that you are unsure of your decision,”

“Crap,” Saanvi said under her breath while everyone stared at her with confusion.

“Did you forget to give my number as the emergency number?” Nisha di whispered to hear while Saanvi shook her head in negative.

Nisha di gasped and so did Sana. Ever since Sia went to university, till now, they made sure to give Nisha di’s number to their teachers or principals so that even if they did get in trouble, Nisha di would manage it before going to their parents.

“You young lady, I am talking to you,” Sana’s maasi snapped at Saanvi again who lowered her gaze to the floor.

“I am just a little confused with my options,” she blurted out honestly which clamped down maasi and she sat next to her.

“Saanvi, we already talked about this didn’t we?” She asked Saanvi gently while Sana and Nisha di shrugged with confusion.

“Why can’t I just do law and become a lawyer? Or I can do law and become a paralegal assistant or a cop or-” Saanvi started to rant profusely and maasi cut her off.

“So you don’t want to do business?”

“Nope,” Saanvi said adamantly.

“Very well then, send the univeristy your new details,” Maasi declared as she patted her cheek with assurance.

“Wait what? Are you serious?” Saanvi exclaimed with joy as she danced with happiness.

“Of course bachha, I wouldn’t want you to do something that you are not interested in,” Maasi said as all the 3 girls went to hug her at the same time and ended up having a group hug.

“Mom, you are the best!” Saanvi exclaimed happily while Maasi smiled gratefully at Sana for informing her on the this.

“Nisha, go fill out all her other details,” Maasi ordered them both while Sana sagged back with the feeling of accomplishment in her chair.

“Yes Ma,” Nisha di said, giving her a mini salute and dragged the overwhelmed Saanvi with her.

“That was such a touchy, emotional reunion,” Arhaan mocked as he rubbed a fake tear from his eyes

Sana rolled her eyes at his dramatic outburst and questioned curiously, “What are courses are you taking?”

“Business,” he said with his eyes gleaming streaks of sadness in them.

“Is Aarav forcing you for this? I can talk to him if you want,” Sana said politely, offering a helping hand.

“Dadu is forcing me, well I don’t really mind. To be honest, I don’t really have a desire to do something like Saanvi so why not business. That’ll at least make someone happy,” Arhaan shrugged and gave her a genuine smile.

“Wow, that’s very sacrificing,” Sana said impressed with his kind nature.

“Not really, all I have to do is pass univeristy and then I can just sit next to bro’s office and chill. Oh and I will appoint a hot chick as my PA and talk to her for the day,” he gave her a quick brief of his life with a dreamy haze.

“You already have a plan, don’t you?” Sana asked as she shook her head in disbelief.

“I guess I do,” Arhaan joked with a smirk. “What is Sanay doing?”

“Shit, I totally forgot about him. Any idea where he is?” Sana asked him quickly as she stood up to find her younger brother.

“I saw him playing soccer a couple of minutes ago in the back lawn,” Arhaan informed her.

“I need to have a chat with that boy then and think about your decision once more, you only have a week before sending in your approval,” Sana said to him as she headed out the door.

“Thanks Sana di,” Arhaan thanked her gratefully while both of them broke out to head to different directions.

“Anything for you,” she screamed warmly over her shoulder and left on her quest to find Sanay.

“What’s with all of you and business?” Sana asked frustration with a grunt when Sanay told her he was about to take business too.

“You tell me, you took business in university too,” Sanay mocked as he hit another ball in the goal while she leaned against the pole of the goal, looking at the grass dancing to the tunes of the wind.

“That’s because I was interested in it and I also had no other option,” Sana simply said with sigh as she looked back Sanay who was giving her the ‘exactly’ look.

“You know that I am a topper, so does it really matter what I take?” Sanay asked her after a while as he shot another goal.

The sun from the top was shining brightly at the 2 of them, making it harder and harder for Sana to look at Sanay without getting her eyes burned. The wind was also in full speed, looked a storm was awaiting them.

“Yes it does, didn’t you want to become a soccer player?” Sana asked him boggled.

“I did and still do but that’s not honestly what is going to happen,”Sanay said in a matured voice.

“You can’t give up like that and besides the world of business is not going to crash down just because Sanay is not entering in it. Even if it does, Saman bro, Sid and me will handle it for you,” Sana assured him.

“Sana, I don’t know,” Sanay said finally after giving her the I-am-confused look.

“Come on little bro, we don’t need another business mind in our family,” Sana said to him in a little bossy tone.

“Insecure are we?” Sanay mocked at her.

“Dreaming are we?” Sana gave back her master reply.

“Let’s see, I will give it a thought,” Sanay said finally giving in to her.

“Fine, just do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy,” Sana told him as she let out a sigh.

“I love you di,” Sanay said back to her warmly as she moved towards him.

“Me too. Who can ignore me after all?” She flattered herself with pride which made Sanay roll her eyes at her.

“I take that back, you suck,” Sanay shot over his shoulder as Sana walked past by. She chuckled at him and left to the mansion to see what was happening for lunch.
Sana walked through the chattering hallways of the mansion, smiling at all the adults of Aarav’s family as they walk by. She was on her way to her room to get her phone and head back to the dining area for dinner and like yesterday Aarav didn’t show up but he did call her several times during the day to make sure she was having food and as always taunting her for eating popcorn. God knows why that guy had this extreme enmity with popcorn.

Sana sighed as she twisted the knob to her room when the light flew out. Like all the light in the mansion flickered and then stopped.

“Shit,” she cursed under her breath and walked into the room.

“OMG, OMG, OMG, what if it never comes back? What if some-” she mumbled to herself as she spotted herself surrounded by immense darkness. Not one thing was clearly visible to her and all she wanted to do was to scream when she heard some ruffling voices in front of her.

Oh no, what if someone was there. Her heart stopped and she purposefully held her breath, her limbs turned motionless and lifeless. She could sense this stranger moving closer to her, this is it Sana, she prepared herself and let out a giant squeal “Agghhhhhh”

“Quite down women, it’s only me,” a husky voice lingered in her ears which calmed her down as she sensed Aarav take his hand away from her mouth.

Her breathing went back to normal and so did the knot in her stomach, back to normal.

“Idiot, you scared me to death,” Sana yelped at Aarav and hit his what she thought was his chest.

“And it was epic,” he mocked as he chuckled inwardly while Sana couldn’t see a damn thing.

“Shut up, when did you come back?” She questioned in his direction as she could feel his breathing fan her face, indicating he was close to her.

“Just a couple of minutes ago, I was booking my lawyer’s ticket to India for the land issue,” he hesitantly said while his hand moved from one place to the other.

“Which means…dadu agreed?” She exclaimed his joy and she also added with a frown, “I need my treat now,”

“Will icecream suffice?” She heard him ask as she moved around a bit to search for her phone.

“What?” She asked him confused. Ice cream, what billionaire gives an ice cream for a treat?

“Fine, what about some flowers?” He said with a perplexed voice while Sana struggled to find her phone on the bed due to the complete darkness around her.

“Did your girlfriend dump you?” She asked her randomly as she stretched her arms out just in case she bumped into something, more like someone.

“WHAT?” He screamed at her in anger. Geez, he gets more angrier than a dog without food.

“I was just curious, I mean any girl would do that when you know nothing about how to impress a girl,” she flatly snickered as she walked up to the couch, or at least that was what she wanted to head to.

“FYI, there are millions of girls drooling over me out there,” he boasting in pride with his jaw clenched tight while Sana grunted hard.

“Yeah, yeah, you keep saying that but I think you need a recount as after you got married the number might be in the hundreds now,” she mocked with richness of pleasure filling her voice.

“How about popcorn?” He asked her. That was not that bad of an offer.

“Never mind. Not everyone is perfect, just let your friend, Nikhil now that I won’t be able to attend his wife’s party since I am sick,” Sana voluntarily told him what to do as she took a seat on the couch when she realized that she couldn’t find her phone at the moment.

“Sure but why am I lying?” He questioned her with confusion.

“I hate kitty parties, too much senseless gossip, arguing and melodrama. I would like to stay out of it thank you,” she sarcastically stated.

“Aarav, Sana? Are you guys in here?” They heard Arpi Di say as she peered through the door with her phone’s flashlight in her hand.

“Yes Di, do you need anything?” Sana offered to help as she found her phone lying on the dressing table and tucked it firmly in back of her skirt.

“Come help us with a few arrangements, the storm blew out the power and it might be a few weeks until it will be back,” she said with helplessness and displeasure. Sana froze by her words, a few weeks?

“Holy shit, but we have a ton of guests in the house,” Aarav yelped horrified with the drastic change in the weather.

“I know, they can’t really fly back against the storm either so we are all stuck here, I guess,” Arpi Di said sadly with a shrug.

“What do we do now?” Sana asked her.

“Well, the weather just cooled out a little now, so let’s see what food we have for all these people,” Arpi Di stated out her plan and Aarav and Sana, both left the room to see what was going on. They were the owners of the mansion after all.
“That was so much work!” Sana exclaimed wearingly as she collapsed herself on the bed, next to Aarav who was working away on his phone.

A few lanterns were lit all all over the bedroom to provide them the basic source of light to see at least see where they were going and what they were doing. For the past few hours, she spent taking food and all the other stuff people need up and down the rooms, serving her guests as much as she can along with her Arpi Di and her other sisters.

“You didn’t even do anything, all you did was talk to a bunch of people sitting on a chair while I was running up and down the stairs,” Sana snapped at Aarav who nodded with her in agreement.

“Sheesh woman, seriously calm down,” he said cooly to her as he placed his phone down and leaned back into the bed.

“Let’s play 20 things,” Sana suggested enthusiastically as she rose her heavy eye lids with energy.

“What now,” he whined at her grumpily as he sat up.

“I was talking to your chachi and I realized that we don’t really know anything about each other except the most basic facts,”

“And your intelligent brain came up with this teen game to play,” Aarav coldly and dully said while Sana nodded vigorously.

“And better idea?”she asked him to which he replied with complete silence, “See, might as well use the time to know each other if we want to live together for the next few months,”

“Alright, ask away,” he mumbled as he rose up a little, enough for her to see his face while she sat, cross legged on the bed.

“Umm..let’s see, what is the first thing on your bucket list?”

“To get you out of my life,” he snorted with chuckle while she dropped her mouth open.

“How rude. Honestly, tell me something that is more sensible,” she said cooly with a fake smile on her lips, keeping her nerves under check.

“Not my fault that it was not sensible to you,” Aarav mocked at her to which she threw a pillow at him, which he caught and laughed at her.

“How about we both put our egos aside and just play this damn game,” Sana snapped bluntly.

“Whatever,” was his plain reply.

“I’ll take that as a yes and ask you the question again, what is the first thing on your bucket list?”

“I want to travel around the world and take lots and lots of pictures of those place. What about you?”

“This might sound crazy but I want to build this orphanage in the middle of island. A place where the kids living there have fun and I can go there whenever I want to escape from this chaotic world, this world of business, this world of ego and hatred into a small, peaceful and loving world of mine,”

“That’s pretty deep, are you sure you made this up and did not plagiarise this from a book or the internet?”he snickered amused at her while she shrugged back lightly.

“You need to know the real Sana to get the answer to that. Moving on, tell me about your first crush,” she questioned him curiously as her eyes sparked with glory.

“You are bold to ask your husband that,” he said frutily with a wink.

“You are talking as if you first crush was your last,”

“Well, honestly I didn’t ever have a crush before. I always made sure girls drool over me than the other way around,” he stated back flatly and simply as if it was no major deal not to have a crush in 22 years of your life.

“God you are so boring, not even one?” She asked back in extreme shock.

“Not really, it was always forced love. What about you?”

“I used to like this guy who I used to meet everyday in the playground when I was like 6 maybe. We used to play on the slides and the swings for almost a year but after that he stopped coming to the playground, and I didn’t ever see him again. So, yeah, that’s my first crush and my first heartbreak,”she said with a dreamy sigh as she pushed herself back into childhood memories.

“Why are you laughing so much?” She snapped at Aarav who broke into an extreme fit of laughter.

“You were such a bad luck and so annoying that a 6 year left you alone, a freaking 6 year old,” he said back in between this laugher which made Sana’s face go pale and she dropped her mouth in anger.

“Shut up, and stop laughing,” she whinned grumpily at him as she tossed a few cushions on him but he seemed to be nowhere close to stop.

“What was that noise?” She questioned alertly as she payed heed to another loud, crackling noise.

“I don’t really hear anything,” he bluntly said as he stood up from laughing his head off.

“That one,” she whispered as another extremely loud, crackling sound rose up to the sky.

“Fireworks,” Sana exclaimed as she ran towards the main door to see a rocket bursting into air, forming a few letters in the sky.

The wind tugged her gently forward as she rubbed her hand on her arms to keep her warm from the chilly breeze of the storm. Everyone was present outside, crowded around the people who blew the firework. Sana couldn’t spot them at the moment, but decided to admire the sky till she figures out who these people were. Aarav walked in from behind her and stood beside her, leaning against the door frame of the backyard door, while he pulled Sana towards him for the warmth that was needed for her body.

A smile curled her lips by his unexpression, caring actions as she sagged back deeply into his chest, to take in the warmth of his body while the crowd in front of them began to scatter, revealing Saanvi and Aarav in the middle. Of course. So typical of them to do something wierd like this.

“Why didn’t I think before that my idiot brother has something to do with this,” Aarav whispered huskily in her ear with disbelief.

“Doesn’t that say Sana and Aarav?” Sana said amused as she kept on looking at the words in the sky.

Aarav stiffened a little and nodded while asking, “Which language is that?”

“Seems like German,” Sana answered with curiosity as to what it says.

“Arhaan doesn’t know German that well and I am sure he is too lazy to use Google Translate,” Aarav snickered while both of them glanced at the words to relate them to English.

“But Saanvi only knows too many inappropriate things in German- Crap,” Sana blurted out in realization and both of ran towards their siblings in the middle who greeted them with a smile.

“My idiot brother, care to explain why our names are up there,” Aarav shot at Arhaan with a raised eyebrow and what-did-you-do look.

“We just said that thanks to Aarav and Sana for letting us stay in this house,” Saanvi cut in with a wide grin on her face.

“ cute,” one of Aarav’s aunts exclaimed.

“That’s so sweet of you two,” Sana heard one of her extended relative say to Saanvi.

“How thoughtful,” Dadu mumbled with pride and walked back into the mansion.

Sana smiled at all of them and slyly grabbed Saanvi by the arm and walked a few steps further and hissed, “Tell me what that actually says,”

“What are you talking about?” She replied innocently with a blank look on her face.

“I know you since 18 years, spit it out already,” Sana snapped at her slowly.

“It says Sana and Aarav are stuck in an unwilling forced marriage,” Saanvi slowly drawled out with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“What? Why would you write that?”Sana hissed back with shock as she threw death glare at Saanvi.

“For fun,” she replied emotionless with a shrug.

“Remove it now,” Sana ordered her as she stared at the sky in disbelief.

“ are such a spoilsport. Arhaan, get the other rocket to burst on top of this,” Saanvi yelled to Arhaan who was talking to Aarav.

“Didn’t you get it,” he asked her confused when he walked up to the girls.

“No,” she said flatly.

“What do you mean no?” Arhaan whispered to her with shock and fear.

“No means No,” Saanvi muttered back, emphasizing on No a little too much.

“Are you guys crazy? Get that stupid thing off the sky,” Sana shrieked in fear as she gulped hard on her saliva. What if someone saw this?She knew she did something wrong in telling everything to Sana.

“It says here the rocket lasts for 2 hours before it vanishes of it’s own,” Saanvi read out the label of the rocket which made Sana gasp in shock and butterflies of nervousness creep in her stomach.

“What? How could you forget to bring another rocket?” She yelped at them as her brain presented with thousands of different ideas on how to get those words out of the sky.

“What happened?” Aarav asked him coolly as he made his way to the freaking out Sana.

“Our dear siblings wrote Sana and Aarav are stuck in an unwilling forced marriage on the sky which won’t vanish off for 2 hours,” Sana sarcastically said as she grit her teeth so hard that they ached.

“What the hell? Are you both nuts?” Aarav snapped at Arhaan and Saanvi who just shot him a smile and went back to reading the box of the rocket.

Aarav’s face leeched of color, turned extremely pale while he furrowed his eyes with dismay. He didn’t even think this was ever possible, to mess up something like this.

“What if someone knows German here or what if someone sees this over London and spreads it in the media?” Sana ranted out all the possibilities which made her mentally slap herself for being related to such an extreme prank player. What now??
How was that?? I thought to finish the 20 things in one big update, but I couldn’t write any longer than this for today 🙁 I will continue the game in the next few updates, so if you guys really have a few questions who want either Sana or Aarav to answer or know, TELL ME NOW!!

Some of you wanted ArSa scenes, was that good?? Or do you want the whole update on them? AS I like to include the cousins and their pranks and funny jokes in there too, but I will be fine if you want an only ArSa for the next one.

How was the prank of Saanvi and Arhaan? Do you think Sana and Aarav might face a problem because of that message in the sky??

DO COMMENT YOUR VIEWS!! I don’t want to make you all waiting for long, so I will try to come back by Thursday!! Keep reading and do tell me how it went!! Loads of love to all of you!!

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